tagNovels and NovellasCruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 01

Cruise Ship Cuckold Ch. 01


We were married in the Skywalker Lounge, on the top deck of the Golden Princess Cruise Ship. We hadn't sailed yet and were still moored to the dock in San Pedro. Twenty-five of our friends came on board to attend the ceremony. We all dressed in Hawaiian shirts or sarongs. The view of the harbor was spectacular; the lounge décor was like something from outer space. It was magical!

After a beautiful ceremony, hors d'oeuvres and drinks, our friends departed, wishing us well. Angel and I started for our cabin to drink some Champagne, relax and watch the sunset while we sailed out of the harbor on our way to Hawaii.

For the next fifteen days we would make love, watch the sunrises and sunsets from our private balcony, enjoy all the fine amenities aboard the luxury cruise ship and visit four of the Hawaiian Islands for a day each before sailing back to San Pedro. It was perfect!

As we approached our cabin we noticed the door was open. Inside our Stewart was putting our bags in the room. As we entered, Angel tripped over the threshold of the door and our Stewart, who we later got to know as Dan, caught her in his arms and lifted her up, carrying her to effortlessly into the cabin, and then gently depositing her on the bed.

I was relieved that Angel didn't fall or hurt herself, but I couldn't help but be annoyed that another man had carried my bride over the threshold. That's supposed to be my job! Oh well. I thanked Dan for catching her and started to reach for a tip.

"Oh no sir, a tip is not necessary. It was a pleasure holding such a lovely women in my arms, even, if only for a moment!" He said in his soft, deep Jamaican accent.

I could see Angel blush at his words.

He was about six feet tall, 200 lbs, well built, dark-skinned with steel, blue eyes and extremely handsome.

He continued. "My name is Daniel. I will be your Stewart for the next two weeks mon. I am available day or night if you need anything. Here is my personal cell phone number." He handed the card to Angel. "Please call me for anything, anything at all." And then after shaking my hand, quite hard, lifted Angels small white had to his lips and kissed it gently, European style, taking a little too long and making me feel very uncomfortable.

Angel seemed to enjoy it and once again blushed bright red, smiled, looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you Daniel. Not only did you save me from falling, but you know how to treat a woman. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!"

I couldn't believe this. She was flirting outrageously with him, right in front of me! "No, no, calm down," I thought to myself, "Angel is a very outgoing, friendly person! Don't let this upset you; after all, tonight's your wedding night!"

Daniel smiled or shall I say smirked at me, hung the "Do not disturb" sign outside the door, gave Angel a quick wink, and left.

Not wanting to be upstaged by a crew member, I took Angel in my arms and kissed her as passionately as I could. She seemed a bit distant and distracted. "Oh well" I thought to myself," a little of the bubbly will warmed us up."

After a few drinks of Champagne, I started to feel a little nauseous. Not being use to drinking plus the rocking of the ship was really starting to affect me. I knew I was going to hurl! I made a mad dash to the sink, just in time.

"Poor baby," Angel said. "I told you to take the Dramamine before we left. Now it's too late!"

"But that stuff makes me so sleepy", I replied. "I will be OK honey, just give me a minute to...mmmfffff", I could feel the wedding cake back up from my stomach to my throat; I threw up in the sink again.

I'll call Dan and see if he has something for motion sickness." Angel responded.

Although, I wasn't crazy about having Dan come back, I was really sick and anything that he had that might help was welcome.

"Hello Dan? This is Angel, Room 701. I hate to bother you but my little hubby is feeling very seasick and I was wondering if you had anything that might help? You do! Oh thank you Dan, once again, you are a real lifesaver! OK, see you soon."

"He's on his way darling, coming to our rescue, such a nice man!"

I wanted to tell her to watch out for the "nice man", I was pretty sure he had ulterior motives, but I was feeling so sick, I could barely talk.

In a flash, Dan was at the door. Angel let him in and I could swear that he brushed up against her as he passed her and came over to me. He had a syringe in his hand.

"Here, this will make the sickness go away quick, it's Compazine.

"I hate needles!" I said, "Don't you have some pills?"

Pills won't work now mon, because you will just throw them up!" He said reassuringly.

I felt a little embarrassed as I slipped my pants down, baring a buttock and laid down the bed. "Ouch!" I said as he stuck the needle in.

"Don't be such a baby. It's just a little prick!" He said, smiling at my obvious discomfort.

It was very humiliating, laying there on the bed, my pants down, with this big, black, man teasing me about my low pain tolerance and possibly making an innuendo about my penis size!

Angel came over behind Dan, put her hand on his back and said "We can't thank you enough Dan, you really are our hero! If you won't let us tip you, I will have to find some other type of reward for your kindness!" She then gave him a little kiss on the cheek!

I was furious! I started say something to her but suddenly, I felt very dizzy. Must have been the effects of the Champagne and the Compazine, The room started spinning. I flopped down on the bed and was out like a light.

I don't know how long I was out but when I awoke, it was night and the room was dark. No Angel! Where could she possibly be? I tried to get up but the room started spinning again.

I lay in the bed feeling very helpless, weak and lonely. After a few minutes, the cabin phone rang. I answered it, still feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

"Hello Darling, it's me, your bride, remember? I'm with Dan. He was nice enough to accompany me to dinner after you passed out. Wasn't that sweet, taking care of a lady, all alone on a big ship, her first night out? You shouldn't drink so much you know. You can't hold you liquor very well. Are you feeling better?"

I answered her groggily. "I guess so. I'm not sure. How long have I been sleeping? Are you coming back soon?"

"You have been out for two or three hours. I will be back in a little while," Angel replied. "You still sound a little out of it and I don't want to spend my wedding night lying beside a passed out, groggy husband. Dan promised to give me a personal tour of the ship! Isn't that nice of him? Feel better honey, don't wait up, bye."

Great! Not only was I sick, dizzy and incapacitated, but my wife was out living it up with one of the ships crew! Could this night get any worse? I dozed off to sleep again, unable to stay awake from the effects of the Compazine.

It must have been about four or five in the morning when I heard the key turn in the door.

I could barely hear Angel's voices whispering. "I was wonderful Dan! You really know how to show a girl a good time!"

"Oh the pleasure is all mine Baby! I loved holding you close, dancing with you and later on... well, you know!" He answered softly.

"Baby...later on...you know? You know... what?" I wondered. "What the hell did they do... later on?" Just knowing he had been holding my bride close and dancing was bad enough but how far had this gone?

"Goodnight Dan and thank you for everything!" Angel whispered. There was a long pause before she came in. I thought I heard the sound of two people kissing but I couldn't be sure. She finally came inside and quietly got undressed and climbed in bed and snuggled up beside me.

I could feel her moist cunt and thighs press up against my buttocks as she spooned me. She seemed unusually wet this morning. Was it just her secretions or something more?

I couldn't get back to sleep. A dozens of question, not to mention, dirty pictures, were going through my mind. I wanted to wake her and confront her, but she was sleeping so sweetly, so soundly," in the morning", I thought," we'll talk about it over breakfast when I'm feeling a little better."

As I lay beside her, I could hear her softly moaning and sighing in her sleep. "Dan, did she just whisper the name Dan?" I couldn't be sure, and why was my little prick tingling?

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