tagLoving WivesCruise with Momma Ch. 05

Cruise with Momma Ch. 05


Chapter V

Late the next day after checking my email and IM sites numerous times for any interesting stories or in my wildest dreams pics of what had gone on after my wife and Eric left the computer room the night before. Not wanting to get my hopes up I tried to get involved in other things without much luck. I really wanted to hear and/or see what had gone on. So one more time I pulled up my IM and sent my darling wife an IM. Almost immediately I got a response. Excitedly, I responded, "Hi my darling. How are you today?"

"Tired and sleepy." She writes.

"And just why are you tired and sleepy, my dear?"

"Primarily I didn't get much sleep last night and I have been spending time with Mom all day while we were in the port."

"Oh really! Just why did you not get much sleep last night?"

Just at that time my computer notified me of a new email with attachments. When I pulled it up it was apparent it was from Eric on the ship. I hesitated and went back to the IM screen awaiting for my wife's answer about why she did not get much sleep.

"Eric and I went dancing and stayed up late.

"Did you enjoy your self?

"I guess. But I'm very tired and I have to go take a nap so I can take Mom to dinner and the show."

"OK, why don't you get back on the puter again tonight so I can hear how it went last night. Think you might get that done?"

"I'll try if I can get to the computer room before it closes."

"Maybe you can find Eric and get him to let you in again."

"We'll see. Catch you later."

With that she signed off. I smiled in wonderful antisipation of what Eric's email might have to share. I turned to my email inbox and pulled up Eric's email. The subject simply said, "Thank you for your slut wife."

My heart leaped for joy.

The text shared that my darling wife had been a wonderful slut for him and his friends (see pics attached). You should be proud of her willingness to be a good slut for all concerned. We hope to see her tonight. I will spend some time after the cruise sharing a narrative with you concerning all that went on last night and early into the morning. Oh by the way unless the slut lied she had her first girl/girl experience. Catch the pics and let me know what you think.

I was like a kid who still believed in Santa Claus as I reached for the button to pull up the pics in the attachment. My cock was rock hard, my heart was thumping in my chest and my mind was spinning around with all sorts of antisipation.

Slowly the first pic came into focus. It is a pic of you, a Blonde lady and a large black man standing on a dance floor talking.

Next, came a pic of you and the Blonde in the first pic. You were backed up against her front with your head leaning back on her shoulder. It appears she is either whispering in your ear or kissing and tonguing your ear. Your hands are wrapped around behind you erotically grasping the blonde's ass cheeks pulling her into you ass. The Blonde's hands appear to be caressing your breasts. Others on the dance floor appear to be more interested in watching the two of you than they are in their own dance. I knew I would not last long so I tried to savor these photos and not explode.

Next, came a pic of again you and the Blonde. This time there is no doubt about the intense passion you guys are generating. You have both your arms around the Blonde's head and neck, pulling her lips and tongue hard into you mouth. The top of your dress appears to have slid down and your bare breasts are pressed hard against the Blonde's body. The Blonde's hands have pulled the hem of your dress up and are on your base ass cheeks pulling you bare cunt against her thigh. You appear un-aware of any and all on-lookers, who now are apparently just ogling the two of you and not even pretending to dance anymore.

I am absolutely going wonderfully nuts.

Next is a pic of you standing in what appears to be an elevator with your dress pulled down to your waist and up to you waist. Eric and the black gentleman both have their hands in your crotch. Your eyes appear to be rolled back into her head and your nipples are sticking straight out. You have apparently given yourself to the moment, allowing the people to enjoy you so that you might be enjoyed. I know I am growing more and more excited with every pick.

Next is a pic of you with your dress bunched at your waist, your half-cup bra holding your beautiful breasts out and up, your thigh highs and heels creating a wonderful slut like image? But that was only half of it. You were leaning over with your hands cupping the Blonde's breasts up so you can suck on her nipple.

I lost it. Could not stand any more. I sprayed cum all over my chest and stomach.

I save Eric's email and pics. Not wanting to waste them after having already cum. Anticipating your getting back on the puter and again pulling up Eric's choice of pics at a later time. I could not keep my mind off of your letting go and being a sex toy. I am ecstatic beyond my wildest dreams. Loving every second of you adventure.

Later that night as I continue to enjoy the sexual anticipation that is building I get back on the computer. There are still all the pics I had not looked at yet and hopes of catching my Child Bride on line. Really wanting her to share all the juicy details of her "being naughty". I pull up my email and there is an email from my Child Bride. I quickly open it and am blown away.

She shares, "Sorry, I did not have time to tell you about last nite. Maybe Eric shared some of the pics they, yes I mean they, took of our evening. I was scared, excited, ravenous, fucked, sucked, licked, sticked and dicked well into the nite. I have never been so satisfied sexually or erotically in my whole/hole life. (He he he he) I have to go take Mom to dinner and the show. I am still not sure what I might or might not do after that. Guess you will just have sit, wait and dream your erotic scenarios. You are gonna live my adventure from last nite. I was, finally, able to let go and let the slut out, just as you have been trying to get me to be for so long. So you better not have been lying about what you wanted because now you have it. Later, my darling. I love you. Child Bride.

The second night of Being Naughty:

After taking Mom back to the room I again shared with her that I was going to try and get on the computer for a while. She was fine with that, as I knew she would be. What she did not know was that under my simple black dress all I had on was thigh high stockings, and my black half-cup bra (that you love so much). My cunt was already moist and I had not made up my mind what I was going to do if anything. So I set out toward the computer room, getting on the elevator and as I began to push the button to the Computer room floor I changed my mind and pushed the floor where the Blonde's room was.

Quickly stepping off the elevator so I would not chicken out, I briskly walked up to the Blonde's cabin door, knock briskly and make myself not run away. In a moment the door opens and an older looking gentleman is standing there smiling at what he sees. I am taken back, fearing I might have gone to the wrong door. "Excuse me, I was looking for a lady friend of mine."

"Oh wow! he blurts out as he reaches out his hand to take mine. "You must be the Child Bride Slut?"

Taken back by his frankness and unsure just who he is I step back and ask, "May I ask who you are?"

"Sure you can. I'm Glenn the loving husband of the Blonde that you are looking for I think."

"Oh...ok is she here? I did not let her know I was coming by here tonite and I don't want to interrupt."

About that time the door is pulled further open and my Blonde friend from last nite was standing there looking totally erotic and sexy. With her hair all done, make up applied and wearing nothing by a half-cup bra, garter belt with hose and high heels she was a jolt to my sexual awareness. I almost had to stop myself from reaching out to the beautiful woman who had given me last nite my first girl/girl experience. Her smile gave me confidence that it was ok for me to have stopped by.

"Well, well, this really makes our night easier doesn't it Glenn? She cooed as she step forward into the doorway, not caring if anyone say her dressed in this erotic manner, slowly taking my face in her hands and gently kisses me on the lips gradually sliding her tongue deep into my mouth. At first I almost resist but then remember how wonderful it was last nite and give in to her warm loving advances by twirling my tongue around hers.

Glenn smiles and steps back into the stateroom he shares with this beautiful sexual woman. Watching us he sits in an easy chair enjoying the near public show of wanton sex.

When we finally break the kiss, the Blonde takes my hand and pulls me into the room. "So you came back for more? She asks is confident manner.

I hesitate then say, "Yes."

"Are you still a sub/slut?"

Knowing the answer you would want me to give I answer, "Yes, Mom I am a sub/slut."

"Has your husband decided who would be your master/dom tonite?"

"No, mam."

"And he is not here, right?"


"So how do we know who is to direct your actions tonite?"

"Well, we could maybe catch him on the Internet and ask him."

"OK, then. Get your slutty ass in here and get on line and let us talk to him for a while."

I looked around and their computer was already on line. I moved over to the stool in front of the computer and sat down. The Blonde comes over behind me and whispers in my ear. "Glenn deserves a better show than that. Stand back up and ask him if he would like for you to dress like his wife. While on the computer"

"Sir, would it be ok if I took my dress off to be dressed as your wife, so you could see my nakedness?"

"That would be nice, I understand you have great tits and a bald cunt that gets very juicy."

So I slowly stand and face Glenn. I reach down to the hem of my short dress thinking to my self, here we go again. I slowly pull my dress up and up over my head until I as standing in front of them totally open and available before I even ask you if they can be my doms for the nite. I feel the moisture growing between my legs and my nipples growing more erect. I slowly turn around and raise my hands over my head to show my willingness. The level of sexual need like last nite begins to overcome my whole body. It's wonderful.

I slowly sit back down on the stool in front of the computer. I go thru the process of finding your IM. And of course you are on line, just hoping I might some how get back on line tonite.

Glenn stands up and sets a camera on top of the dresser while pointing it at me and his wife, who is sitting on the bed. He then reaches over my shoulder and turns on the camera and the record button at the same time. As he leans back he lets his hand grasp my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Gently pinching my nipple with more and more pressure, causing me to shudder in joy and delight.

I send you an IM saying, "Hi Honey, I guess I need to ask you some questions."

"OK." you chime in almost immediately.

I ask, "Can you see me?"

"Are you on camera again?"

"Yes, very much so!"

After a few minutes of waiting, all the time Glenn is kneading my nipple you come back on and say, "Oh my, how nice. Are you going to introduce me to your friends? I think I remember the beautiful lady from the pics Eric sent me today."

"Yes she is Glenn's wife and Glenn is the gentleman who is making me so horny by pinching my nipple for the last few minutes."

"Hello guys. I see you have already kinda taken over my wife."

"To a point." Glenn responds. "We wanted to ask you if you might be willing to give her to us for the nite? My wife, the Blonde, is my slut/sub and knows you gave your slut to Eric last nite."

"Yes, I was fortunate enough to have had that opportunity last nite. And if the pics I am receiving are any indication then I am very happy I did."

Glenn smiles into the camera and says, "Thank you my man. I'll owe you one."

"What a wonderful thought."

"Well if she is as good as Blondie says then I'll thank you before we even go any further."

"Honey, you will be Glenn's slut until he lets you go back to your room in time for you to be there before your Mom wakes up. Are you Ok with that?'"

I look at you on camera and both your hands are holding up your right breast, squeezing up and out for Glenn to continue his work on the nipple. You gulp and almost silently say, "Yes Sir. I will be Glenn's slut for the rest of the nite."

"And just what are you willing to do for Glenn?"

"Whatever he tells me to do. OOOOHHHH he is making me so hot right now with what he is doing to my nipple I can hardly stand it."

"OK then you have direction so go and enjoy. Glenn, are you going to take her out or are you going to stay in the stateroom?"

He responds sharing it was all kinda unexpected so he had not thought is out yet. Thinking out loud he says I guess we will make sure Blondie and me both get off and then stroll around and see what we can get in to. But when we get back I'll turn the camera back on for you to enjoy whatever we decide to do. I insured him that was great and that he was in charge to use you as he saw fit.

With that he turns you nipple loose and I could see how red it was from his ministrations.

He then unfastens his trousers and lets them drop to the floor. Stepping out of then he drops his boxer shorts as he turns and sits in an easy chair well in view of the camera. He has a semi-hard cock of larger than average size dangling between his legs. He asks you in a stern but friendly voice, "OK, slut, why don't you see how quickly you can make me cum so I can get the first one out of the way."

You slide off the stool and crawl over to Glenn. Without using your hands you begin to kiss around Glenn's cock. First kissing and licking up one side then down the other. Lowering your head you slide your mouth down under his cock and begin to lick his swollen balls. Gradually taking each of his ball into your mouth going from one to the other as his cock begins to grow harder and harder, now pointing almost straight up. You, still not using your hands, begin to lick you way up his now throbbing cock until you smile as you see pre-cum oozing from his cock head. Again with no hands, you slowly run your tongue out and into the pool of pre-cum on the head of his cock. This is too much for you and you follow the licks with an totally open mouth thrust of your head taking as much of Glenn's cock down you throat as you can stand. Holding that you begin to slowly open and suck the rest of his cock into you mouth. You back off to catch you breath and go right back to attempting to take it all.

Glenn asks, "Good Slut, do you want some help getting it all in?"

Without releasing his cock from you mouth you nod in the affirmative.

Glenn gently takes you head in his hands and lowers you to the floor, never taking his cock out of your sucking mouth. He positions himself over your face and slowly starts pressing his cock into you mouth until he gets to the back of your throat. Holding that for a few seconds for you to get used to it. He slowly pulls his cock out of your mouth with a pop, as you never stop sucking. He then tells you to get ready to take it all past your mouth into your throat. Your eyes get as big as saucers and as you start to say something, Glenn slides his now soaking wet cock into you mouth without missing a beat he lowers his lower body over your face gently but with authority you feel the cock head hit the back of your throat. Without stopping to let you get ready he continues to push down until with out gagging you feel his long and hard cock go past your mouth into your throat. He pushes until his balls are lying on your nose and eyes and you can feel his pubic hairs on your chin. He slowly and gently with short firm strokes begins to fuck you face. This is not a blowjob or the sucking of a dick it is without a doubt in your mind a serious face fucking. You begin to feel Glenn's cock and ball swell. You know what is coming and then for the first time you reach up and grab Glenn's ass cheeks. You pull him in a far as possible, which creates no chance of him holding back any longer. The first blast of cum seems to go straight to you stomach. He continues to spurt and spurt until he collapses over on his side pulling his now flaccid cock from your mouth. You smile, rise up, look into the camera and share a wonderfully erotic site with me. You open you mouth to show me what is left of the cum. Then you make a production of swallowing it. Then you move back over to Glenn and begin to lick all the cum and pussy juice off his cock, balls and pubic hair. He smiles broadly and give me the thumbs up sign.

When you are done you look at the Blonde and ask, "Did I understand I was to make both of you cum before we go out?"

The Blonde responds by wiggling her finger for my wife to come over to the bed.

You stand up and walk over to the bed where the Blonde has moved up to rest her head on the headboard while pulling a pillow under her lower back to make herself more available to you.

With out a word you climb on the bed and begin kissing the Blonde with deep probing kisses. This goes on for what seems like an eternity before you begin to fondle her breasts. After getting both her nipples hard as rocks you slide down and take turns sucking and biting her nipples, using your hands to squeeze her breast further into you mouth. Growing impatient the Blonde then pushes your head down her body until your ass is hanging off the end of the bed and your face is in the Y of her crotch. The Blondes pussy is so wet it has leaked down her crack through her asshole onto the sheets. You immediately begin licking the outside of her cunt lips, licking up one side and then down the other. The more you lick the wider she opens her legs until she can't stand it any longer. She grabs her knees and pulls her legs up and open as far as possible. This causes her cunt lips to open up for your tongue to start working on her clit and inner cunt. You suck her clit into you mouth and begin to nibble gently with your teeth. At the same time you position you thumb against her now moist and spread asshole. As you feel her beginning to climax you stuff your thumb as far up her ass as you could reach. Her orgasm was a physical shudder that racked her body causing her to scream in an orgasmic moaning groan. You continue to lick and suck until she pushes you away spent.

You look into the camera and smile wantonly at me. Knowing I am loving every minute of this wonderful exhibition.

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