I'm lying in bed...just crying...and crying...and crying. You walk in the house...and I don't even have enough in me to call out to you...but I do quiet down. I don't want you to hear me like this...especially when I'm crying about you.

But you know something is wrong. You just feel it...sense it. And so you walk around, calling my name, opening doors, becoming worried...until you finally come to my room...and I'm curled up into a ball...clutching a pillow and shaking with sobs.

Oh say, and you come over and lay down beside me, holding me close to you. I try to squirm away, but you only hold me tighter, stroking my hair...whispering in my ear. It's okay baby. Just cry. It's okay. It's okay...

And I can't help it. You smell so good...and you're so real...and I just want to give in...let you take care of me. So I do...and I cry...and then my crying becomes less intense, until finally I'm just sniffling.

You push my face up to yours gently, holding my chin...and I look up at you...and in some corner of my mind the thought comes that I must look horrible...

But I don't shy away from your eyes...because they're warm...smiling...accepting. You use the pad of your thumb to brush the tears from my cheeks and eyes, and you lean down and kiss me gently on the nose.

And suddenly...I want you. I want to make love to you. I want to please you. I want to cum with you. I want to make every inch of your body tingle and vibrate. I want to make you warm inside...just like you make me.

I lift my lips to yours, stroking your cheek with one hand, and your chest with the other...kissing you softly at first...and steadily deepening the kiss...pressing my tongue against your lips...feeling you part them...feeling your tongue stroke mine.

I let out a sigh as you roll me over on top of you, your hands exploring my back...squeezing my ass...making me giggle into your lips. I grind against your hips, pulling my lips from yours just long enough to pull my tank top over my head. I lean back down against you, kissing you harder, moving my chest against the fabric of your shirt, feeling my nipples harden even more.

You surprise me again and flip me back over so I'm beneath you, and I laugh loudly. You sit up, and cock your eyebrow at me...purring softly...making me squirm and groan softly. You take your shirt off, and your hands grab mine and run them across your chest...and I use my nails gently...making you press your hips down into mine...and I feel your hardness against my abdomen.

I mew and moan up to you, looking into your eyes, giving you my best "come and get me big boy" look. You lean down and your lips find my neck...kissing...licking...sucking...and I lean my head so that I can whisper in your ear...

I want bad. I'm dripping for you. I need you. I want to feel you cum inside me...with me. I want you. I want to feel you inside me. Please...I want you so much... Please...

You pull me into a sitting position with you, and your hands go to my pants, pulling them down my legs franticly, pulling my panties down next...and you keep kissing me...hard...trying not to pull your body further from mine than you absolutely have to.

And as your hands fly to my pants, my hands fly to yours, stripping you...feeling your hot skin beneath my fingers...feeling you burn...knowing I burn just as much...for you. All for you.

Finally, we're both stripped...and you lay me back down...kissing me...stroking my breast with one hand...holding your cock at my opening with the other. I bring my hands to your shoulders and I look into your eyes as I sink down on you slowly...hearing our moans mingle...feeling you begin to fill me.

You move your hand up to my face, stroking and caressing my cheek and we begin to set our and out...moaning and gasping...feeling you twitch inside me...feeling my pussy clamp down on you when you pinch my nipples...

And we begin to move faster...feeling your hips move in time with mine...feeling your balls start to slap against my ass as we move ever faster...your strokes become deeper...I lift my legs and wrap them around your waist, both of us groaning loudly as you slip even deeper inside me.

And you're kissing me...hard...and moving faster...and I'm panting...and gasping...moaning and writhing beneath you...and I feel my body start to tense...and I grip you hard with my pussy...and I look into your eyes.

Baby...cum with me...please...please...

I'm there baby, I'm there. Cum with me...

And I feel you tighten and thrust hard inside me, just as I feel my body start to quake as I my body rolls on the waves of my orgasm...and I feel you clutch me tight...feel your cum inside me...mixing with mine.

You collapse to the side of me, pulling my body into yours...your cock still inside me...and I feel the warmth radiate from our bodies...and I smile...and drift on my cloud...feeling you hold me tighter...

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