tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 02

Crystal Clear Ch. 02


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this one. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

Synopsis of This Story So Far: After a cross-country road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim now lives with Crystal Lee and her sister in Tennessee. Jim and Crystal are both top stars in country music, a major change in life for Jim. Crystal has been asked to pose for Playboy; the trio and Crystal's manager have traveled to Minnesota for a photo session with world-renowned photographer Brite Reber.

Crystal Clear -- Ch. 02

The photo shoot continues plus a surprise from Ellen

The next morning Brite woke the four of us with aromas of fresh coffee, cinnamon, and bacon. I awoke vaguely aware in my morning stupor of how sexually sated I'd been the night before. Brite had kissed me softly as she slipped from the bed I shared with Crystal and her the night before. I watched her luscious nude body leave the bedroom before I went back to sleep in Crystal's arms.

Crystal awoke just long enough to smile at me and say, "I truly love you. You are so much fun to be with." She nodded off again.

Brite's breakfast spread pleased us all, and she was all business -- outlining to each of us the roles we needed to play in the day's photo shoot. She also explained that a friend named Nikki Wallace would arrive shortly to work on makeup and skin tones for Crystal and me. "It'll make the results better if I don't have to Photoshop stuff like freckles and tan lines."

After helping Brite clean up the dishes, we headed to the barn and studio. Nikki arrived and seconds later she was examining Crystal's skin with a magnifying glass and a color chart. Nikki was a trim thirty-year-old that knew exactly what she was doing; she'd turned the practice of cosmetology into an art form. A trim brunette, she wore cutoffs despite the morning chill much as Crystal did. I kept ogling her long legs.

Brite had Crystal and Ellen strip; an easy task given how little clothing they wore. Nikki went to work, first on Crystal. She trimmed Crystal's pubic hair, shaved away some stubble, made the edges of her small runway sharper, and applied some oil that darkened the hair without tinting the skin. Ellen got the same treatment to her heart-shaped pubic hair. Nikki checked with Brite about Ellen's clitoral hood piercing, and Brite allowed as how she wanted it in the pictures.

Nikki did some hair trimming and fluffing, and then went to work on each girl's skin. Crystal went first; getting her areolas carefully darkened slightly. She applied a slightly darker tone of powder under her breasts to 'add definition'. In fact, the makeup made Crystal's generous breasts look larger, and we all loved the effect.

I also got the makeup treatment since Brite planned for each of us to appear in some of the pictures with Crystal. Nikki took many notes in a spiral bound notebook about our skin tones, lotions, and shades of makeup she used. Nikki also turned out to understand hair in a way few barbers or beauty shop operators do. I watched her work on Crystal and Ellen, not out of boredom, but because she was so superb at her job.

Nikki also had Crystal sit in a chair with her legs pulled back, providing maximum exposure of her pussy. I had never dreamed about makeup for a pussy, but Nikki carefully dusted and painted various skin tone tints to the area. Crystal closed her eyes and really got into the experience. Nikki even admonished her at one point to stop excreting sex juices, as though she could control it. Crystal just laughed. The two already had a good rapport. Lastly, Crystal's entire body got a careful dusting of powder to soften any reflections from body oils.

As Nikki turned back to Ellen and me, Brite led Crystal to the studio bed we had messed around in the evening before. She coached Crystal into a long series of shots as Terry followed her instructions and moved various lights and reflectors around the bed to get the lighting just right. Crystal moved around the bed and the bedroom set to the constant click of Brite's shutter.

Ellen came out from her makeup session. She definitely looked a little sluttier than her sister, and I think she liked the look. I assessed Crystal and her to see the difference: a bluer shade of eye shadow; more pronounced breasts, areolas and nipples; and a pussy area than was darker and wetter looking than her sisters. Some of Ellen's sexy tan lines had also been left to show.

Ellen also got on the bed with her sister, not in lesbian poses, but in the kind of situations two sisters who were comfortable with their bodies might produce. Several props were added here and there: a book, a magazine, hairbrush, makeup kit, telephone, photo album; for each Brite took a series of shots from different angles, instructing the women how to pose and interact.

After about an hour, Brite led all of us outside. The morning chill had just left, yet the day was cool enough to perk up Crystal's tits. She started another series of shots around the farm. In some, she had Crystal wear western boots -- that's all. Brite said, "This is a country music star; so some of these pictures have to carry the country theme." Terry again held reflectors and moved lights around for Brite.

With the sisters wearing western boots, Brite posed them with her one horse, and then at various angles along the corral fence. She had them sit side by side on the top rail of the fence as she moved around, commanding more directions to Terry.

Suddenly, without warning she said, "Jim, you get over to where they're sitting. Act nonchalant about it. Be looking off at that corner of the house with the girls." I walked up and leaned on the rail between a very naked Crystal and a very naked Ellen. I wore jeans, boots, and my western hat -- no shirt.

"Nikki," Brite yelled. "The girls need western hats ... and Jim's shoulders need to be dusted. His face is fine."

Nikki reappeared from inside the barn seconds later with two tattered western hats for Crystal and Ellen. She also dusted my exposed skin. Brite's shutter clicked away madly. When she stood in front of the three of us she said, "Flash those pussies my way. Look sexy and think of last night." The shutter rapidly fired as the girls flashed their pussy lips at Brite. Everyone laughed, but I knew Brite would do something really sexy with those shots.

Nikki reappeared with her kit, and proceeded to dust my chest and further darken my unshaven face. As she worked, Nikki said, "This'll make you look even more hunky than you are, Darling. You really are a woman's wet dream you know." Nikki leaned in a planted a very sensuous kiss on my lips, and I kissed back. After half-a-minute when she pulled away, she fanned her face excitedly with one hand. "Wow. Whew. You sure know how to make a girl heat up super fast."

I moved back to the corral railing and Brite did a series of outdoor shots with just Crystal and me. I smiled at the unusual behavior of Terry and a very nude Ellen, both moving the lights and reflectors for Brite -- one fully clothed and the other completely naked and looking sexy as all fuck. I felt myself harden.

"Spice it up, you two. Kiss. Make-out."

Her commands were easy to follow. Crystal and I started to kiss and erotically fondle one another. I moved a hand up to a breast. Crystal stroked my chest, even rubbing my masculine nipples. We made gaga eyes at each other and meant it. I picked up a naked Crystal, still in her boots, and made to carry her to the house. More photos taken. Crystal wrapped both legs around me as I held her up so we could kiss. More photos.

Occasionally, Brite would have Nikki race in and tweak the makeup on one or both of us. She had Ellen join us in a new round of sexy 'threesome' shots.

A little after one o'clock, a pickup truck started up the long driveway to the house. Brite announced, "Ah, lunch is arriving. Everyone OK in what they're wearing?"

Ellen and Crystal just shrugged at each other as they stood by stark naked.

The truck stopped, and a young man about twenty got out carrying two large shopping bags of food. I watched with fascination to see what would happen when he realized some of the people standing around were nude.

"Hi, Mizz Reber. Here's all the sandwiches and such you ord ..." His voice stopped mid word. His eyes bugged out of his head. Crystal and Ellen were talking and gesturing to the horse that had moved near where they stood.

Brite knew the effect the nude women were having on the young man. "Jason, thank you for bringing these all the way out here. I believe they're all paid for, and I told Hank to put a big tip on there for you." She paused, but clearly nothing she said had penetrated the dream zone Jason had apparently entered.

"A HEM," Brite said loudly. JASON, thank you. You can go now."

Jason started to back up to his pickup truck, yet he never took his eyes off the nude women. "Oh ... yea ... thank you ... for the order ... for letting me ... watch ... be here for a minute."

Before he got to the truck, Crystal decided she'd tease the delivery boy a little. She walked over in his direction, her naked breasts swaying in the sunlight. Soon, she stood right in front of him. Jason had frozen in his retreat to his truck. "Jason, is it? I just wanted to add my thank you for coming sooooo far out here with our lunches." She put out her hand on his chest and kissed his cheek.

Terry stood next to me. He whispered, "If he hasn't already cum in his pants, after that he'll be jerking off the moment he's out of sight. Maybe both." We both laughed.

Jason eventually got in his truck and drove away. When he was out of earshot, we all broke up laughing.

Brite said with a big smile, "You just made his year, plus given him a story that he'll remember the rest of his life -- and around here, probably no one will believe him, and he knows it." She laughed, "And now whenever I order something down at Hank's, I know he'll be racing to get it out here."

* * * * *

In the afternoon, we changed scenes about ten times. I think Brite took ten or twenty thousand pictures. Crystal wore various skimpy cowgirl costumes, for instance, her western boots and only an unbuttoned leather vest. The shots ranged from arty and unrevealing to down right pornographic. Crystal loved the latter, and even hammed it up for the camera by using her fingers in imaginative ways on and in her pussy. I had a perpetual hard-on all afternoon.

Brite would whisk Ellen into some of the pictures, posing the two back to back, or in some sort of close encounter. In one series, she had the two of them frolicking in her hayloft; and in another they both rode bareback and naked on Brite's palomino -- several series of shots reminiscent of some sketches I'd seen in my youth about Lady Godiva.

Inside, Brite involved me again in some of the photos, this time using deep shadows to highlight the muscles and contours of each of our bodies, often with back lighting. Nikki kept appearing beside one of us to add some shading or soften our skin tones in some way. Brite continued to use props around us -- western hats, a wagon wheel, an old rifle, various drapes, and even a saddle I held over my erect penis as a naked Crystal entwined around my upper body. Ellen joined us for a few shots too, some that we knew we'd never use except for our own memories and private enjoyment. Terry made fun of my erections although he admittedly was in the same condition.

Saturday night, the six of us dressed in a minimum of nice clothes and went to Anton's in Waite Park for dinner, a pleasant upper-mid scale restaurant with a wide assortment of great food on the menu. Ellen and Brite sat snugly on either side of me. I could tell the two were horny, and accurately predict who my partners would be when we returned to Brite's farm and studio. Crystal and Nikki took a fancy to Terry.

Brite and Ellen each pulled one of my hands into their laps. Each had pulled up their thin cotton dress, and neither wore anything under. Beneath their napkins, I cautiously diddled each woman, even sneaking in kisses, while making sure my moves were invisible to other restaurant patrons. They both kept pawing me, rubbing my leg, letting a stray hand touch the lump I developed in my pants. Ellen would have crawled under the table and given me a blowjob, and I would have let her had the restaurant not been so crowded and the activity so obvious.

As we finished up, one older gentleman paused at the table and made eye contact with me. He said, "You are one helluva lucky guy, what with these women hanging over you. It's a pleasure to have someone of your talent and caliber in St. Cloud," he turned to Crystal, "and you too Miss Lee. I am a big fan of your music. Keep it up. And, I must say, I am eagerly awaiting whatever photos of you that Miss Reber concocts. Maybe she'll even show you some of ours." He gestured to the woman ahead and beyond him, smiled, waved a cheery hello at Brite, and walked on to catch up to his party as they left the restaurant.

After he was out of earshot, Brite said, "That's Walter Hampscot. He's a local philanthropist, and he's quite eccentric. He's lived with his sister, the younger blond he left with, for over twenty years. They ... well, they really live together. She's twenty years his junior -- I think from a second marriage of his mother."

I asked, "Incest?"

"Yes. Second serious relationship for each of them. She has an adult daughter somewhere out west. They have a relationship with her too."


"Of course, silly," Brite said and ran a fingernail up my thigh to my groin.

"Now, how do you know that's all not just a bunch of rumors someone cooked up?"

Brite lowered her voice, "I know for sure. I don't know how others got wind of it, but it was a gossip item before I heard about it. Walter came to me a few years back to do some discrete and confidential photographs of him and his family. I agreed."

Ellen leaned in and asked, "Sexual photos -- I mean you're hinting at it by the tone of your voice."

"Exactly," Brite said in a low voice. Nikki, Terry, and Crystal leaned in from across the table. "I photographed the three of them much as I did you, Crystal, and Ellen today -- nude and cavorting around the place. The only difference is they quickly moved to various sex shots -- pornography actually. Walt having sex with his sister and her daughter -- his niece. The women in a Sapphic relationship. Some of the shots he wanted were graphic -- not overly kinky, mind you, but very explicit."

Crystal and Ellen said in unison, "Sounds like fun."

Terry joined in, "I don't see what the problem is?" He actually looked puzzled. Nikki laughed.

Brite went on to address Terry's question: "Incest among adults is more common than people think. Some studies put the prevalence as high as twenty percent, but from what I've read it's more likely to be in the five percent range -- so one out of twenty people you meet is or has been involved in incest. Brother-sister incest is the most common, and then father-daughter. Surprisingly, most of it is consensual. Lots of dark stuff has been written about it, and the medical side is well documented -- impaired children a possibility. Nonetheless, many people keep it in the family. Most people think incest as some vile sin. It doesn't bother me if it's consensual, between adults, and no one is mind dominant over someone else."

Our conversation took several turns at that point until we were all talking at once about various combinations of people who riled the media, and different government groups that feel they have to protect a consenting adult population from themselves.

As we talked, Crystal caught my eye and winked at me. Not only was I in the midst of an incestuous relationship with Crystal and her sister Ellen. I now had an ongoing loving and sexual relationship with my own sister Anna, and the Lauren, my sister-in-law -- or she was up until my wife passed away over a year earlier.

Brite actually knew all this. She stopped, and punched me. "I forgot. You're the expert about this. You've tapped everyone in your family and Crystal's family."

"Not quite."

"Just don't get in the media with it."

"I almost did." I quickly recalled the lurid photographs of Terry, Crystal, Ellen, and me having a swap party on the back of a friend's boat in Branson about a year earlier. I had told Brite, knowing early in our relationship that she could be trusted not to tell anyone.

Terry had a memory for strange laws in the U.S. dealing with sex, and had us rolling with laughter as he told us about them with his theatrical touch: places in Virginia you can't engage in sexual activity with the lights on; you have to wear a condom for sex in Nevada and a member from the legislature of that state must not conduct official business while wearing a penis costume; in about two-dozen states a man's erection must not show through his clothing; in a couple of others no man may make love to his wife smelling of garlic, onions, or sardines; in Wyoming you can't have sex while standing in a walk-in freezer; and in South Dakota you aren't allowed to make love on the floor between two twin beds -- that have to be at least three feet apart.

* * * * *

Brite had pushed together two king-size beds in her studio for our evening's festivities. The way they were draped and covered no one could see the slight seam between the beds; they formed one huge bed for our sexual frolicking. With our permission, she'd also set up three cameras in 'movie mode' to film our activities. She promised us a highly erotic DVD in a few weeks.

Ellen came up beside me and said in a low voice, "Can you and I please be together; I know we fucked last night, but I really need to be with you tonight too." She slipped an arm around me, and laid her pretty head against my chest. My heart melted. I could tell she needed me in some way I didn't understand at that instant, yet I did love her and felt glad to comply. I gave her a tender kiss as I agreed.

Terry, Nikki, and Crystal paired off in a threesome as Ellen and I watched from the side of the bed. The three seductively removed each other's clothing. Since none of the women had worn underwear to dinner, their nudity appeared instantly after their gingham dresses were pulled over their heads. Crystal's dress had been one of the outfits she'd worn in the afternoon photo shoot, often with the top pulled down to reveal her full breasts or the lower half-being flounced around to reveal her pussy or her tight ass cheeks. Terry had gone commando too, so he proved ready to play after losing his shirt and jeans.

Ellen whispered, "Let's just watch them for a little." She led me to a sofa adjacent to the oversized bed. Brite joined us after she positioned and started the cameras.

Nikki lay in a sixty-nine position with Terry, her tongue joining Crystal's as they started to bring Terry's cock to a fully ripe stage ready for another round of screwing. We heard Terry say, "I've had a hard-on all day long watching the photo shoot. I don't care whether they're never published; I think they're the hottest thing I've ever seen. You did everything from sedately sexy to outright pornography."

Nikki said loudly, "Terry stop talking and eat my pussy." She dropped her mouth over Terry's rod, swallowing the shaft, and wiggling her head until his entire sex disappeared and her face pushed tightly against his pubic area. She held the position for many seconds, and then slowly pulled up and away to reveal his cock to Crystal. A long strand of shiny and gooey spittle stretched from the cock head to her mouth, obviously consisting of Terry's pre-cum and Nikki's saliva. The drooping connector between mouth and cock provided a highly erotic sight picture. I could feel my own cock harden at the sight.

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