Crystal Gets a Makeover


She was ready to agree, but didn't have a clue as to how she'd pay for the damn thing.

"Oh, I forgot," he said, "Here's the mail," and handed it her.

On top was an envelope from her ex-husband, she ripped it open and along with her monthly support check, which was three times its normal size, was a short note.

"Crystal, I know you no longer love me. GOD knows I have done enough to you that I am surprised you don't hate me, but I still love you and always will. Please accept my monthly support check as a small token of the love for the family I destroyed. If you can make the time, seeing you again would be my fondest wish, with undying love, Tom."

Crystal was speechless; she didn't know how to react to this note or the numbers on the face of the check. It didn't make any sense to her. She looked at the check again and tried to put the two together.

Matt read his mother's face and said, "Is dad still trying to get back in your good graces? I guess he misses the celebrity spot light, huh? Then getting impatient he asked, "Can we go now?"

Crystal didn't understand what her son was talking about, but there was definitely enough money in this check to pay for the phone and have a lot left over to handle the bills.

"Sure, let's go, just let me get my purse." she told her young son, who responded by jumping up and down.

"No, I'll get it," he said before she could react, and came back and handed her a leather fuchsia COACH "Crossbody bag".

She accepted the strange hand bag and was about to protest, but decided to inspect the bag's contents first. Inside she saw her personal belonging and many things she'd have selected if she had the money. She fished out her keys, all but a few looked familiar as Matt pulled her outside. She looked around and didn't see her Chevy Citation, but instead saw Matt standing at the passenger side of a black luxury car asking her to unlock the door with her fob. Finding the fob she clicked the button and Matt jumped quickly into the car.

Crystal blinked, shrugged and followed her son and slithered behind the wheel of the Lexus IS 250, as did she couldn't help inhale the pleasant smell of the leather seats. She started the engine and Matt adjusted the radio to his favorite station, while Crystal pulled the car into traffic. He asked her to go to the mall location of their cell carrier and not the one downtown. The girls were cuter at the mall, he told her and they both laughed. As she drove she couldn't believe the makeover that the funny little man had promised would include making over her life as well. She began to relax and engaged her son in their normal mother son banter. She was surprised to learn how well he was doing in school, so unlike her Matt in her other life, who was constantly in trouble and close to getting expelled.

As they walked through the busy mall, Crystal noticed two things, the first, how much her body bounced and jiggled with the slightest movement, and secondly how easy it was to attract attention of the almost every shoppers she past. At first she thought it was due to the attractive new her, but she began to believe it was something else. The male sales clerks pounced on them as they entered the cell store. One clerk even asked Crystal for an autograph, which she quickly scribbled on the back of his business card. After the transaction was completed, she and Matt walked through the mall on the way to the food court among the stares of both the men and women. Matt asked her if she was working tonight and when she looked at him with the puzzled look on her face, then he reminded her about the club.

She smiled and asked, "Matt, honey. What is it that I do at the club?"

"Are you kidding, mom! You're the headliner! It's still early, can we drive by and see what kind of crowd is gathering tonight," he asked in a manner that made her think that she rarely allowed it.

She agreed, reluctantly, if for no other reason than to keep up appearances, and asked him the best route to take as she rarely drove there from the mall, but in reality she hadn't a clue where they were going. She found them traveling to the commercial side of Modesto near the airport. She pulled into a large parking lot next to a theater; the marquee read "Pure Passion".

Getting out of the car, they walked to the front and looked up at the sign which read, Crystal "Boom Boom" Harper! Held Over 3rd Week!

"I'm a stripper," she shrieked, covering her mouth surprised at the outburst, and not wanting to let on that she was unaware of what was going on.

"Not a stripper, exotic dancer," Matt corrected her. "And you are just doing that to promote your DVDs, remember. They begged you to do it."

"That's a relief," she said, sighing heavily.

"You're an adult film star! You've made about a hundred films, you're bigger than Jenna Jameson," he said and hugged his mom pulling himself into her large breasts. "We are so proud of you!"

Crystal was in shock, but hid it well, not wanting to alarm her son; after all, she was supposed to know all this. Just then her cell phone rang.

She pulled her pink iPhone 5 from her bag and answered it hesitantly, "Hello?"

"Crystal, baby! You're going to thank me," he hesitated, "because I did it! I got the deal! And I got more money than we thought they'd offer! What do you have to say? Am I good or am I the best!" The excited voice booming from the phone said.

Crystal knew that the guy on the other end had to be her agent, or manager, but she didn't have a clue as to his name. She looked at her son, who could read her expressions pretty well by now.

"Don't tell me, your agent Barry Goldman. Did you get the big deal," he asked not sure he understood if he heard the loud voice correctly.

Crystal smiled and nodded her head, while Barry held on at the other end of the phone call waiting for his star's reaction.

"Barry, that's great! You are the best! How much did we get?" She asked hoping she wasn't out of character.

"Are you sitting down, never mind! 1.2," he said with a bit of satisfaction in his voice.

Crystal repeated it to her son, who was had a look of astonishment on his face. Crystal too was taken back when she realized that they were talking about 1.2 million dollars and unheard of payday for an adult film star of any caliber. Barry gave her the highlights and made sure that she was going to continue do the strip shows, because it added to her publicity and the more popular she was the more money they would make.

This was a lot for Crystal to process. She hung up with Barry and asked Matt if he wanted to drive them home. Matt jumped at the chance; he had just gotten his learner's permit and needed the hours, although he was already very good driver. He navigated the streets like a pro while Crystal sat in the passenger seat where she used her phone to "Google" herself. She was listed on Wikipedia and had her own website. She was floored. She was already the highest paid "adult film star" in history and had made nearly one hundred films and DVDs to her credit. She read her likes and don't likes, she learned wasn't a fan of anal sex, but had done it a few times when it led to double penetration, but she especially liked working with men with large cocks and doing girl/girl scenes. Suddenly Crystal got a flashback of one of her recent movies; the one with the actor Lexington Steele. She saw a vision in her mind of her attempting to suck on a monstrous cock, then tittie fucking it, the contrast of the large cock and her Double EE tits were amazing. And then she saw herself taking it from behind, "doggy style". It all was beginning to get her excited and that wasn't what she needed at this time, so, she shut down her search and took several deep breaths while fanning herself. Now things were starting to make a little more sense, particular why they no longer seemed to have money problems. Matt expertly pulled the car into the driveway, as she got out the car Crystal looked at how her home had changed. It was no longer in a bad neighborhood and the landscape was different. There were many more plants and bushes. As she entered the house noticed the cheap furnishing had been replaced with much more expensive pieces and she began to feel pride in the pieces she had selected. Then a moment of doubt, she could have hired an interior designer, but the hose looked and felt like she had decorated it herself. She wished she had the memories to go with this new life, it sure would make things easier, she thought.

Matt kissed her on the cheek, thanking her again for his new iPhone and headed off to his room to study and play with his new toy.

Crystal's phone chirped, alerting that there was a reminder from her calendar. Opening the alert she saw that it was a reminder that the limo would be there to pick her up at seven. Suddenly she remembered that she would need to wax or shave before tonight's performance, so she'd better get going. She still couldn't believe what she was about to do. What did her performance include? She assumed that she would be naked among hundreds of horny men. She needed to find out, she didn't know how to dance, least of all naked or while taking off clothes. All this worrying had made her hungry so she went to the kitchen and opening the frig she found there were all sorts of good health foods to choose and instinctively prepared herself a light salad, she skipped the soda and had a glass of cold water with her meal.

She was about to clean up the mess she had made when she heard a voice from the other room tell her to leave it alone she would be there to clean up the kitchen next.

She was startled, what now she wondered. Just then the housekeeper peered into the kitchen and scolded Crystal that she was serious, and that she needed to let her earn her wages.

Crystal took the few steps to the den and saw the most beautiful young Latin woman she had ever laid eyes upon. Lupe, the name seemed to come out of nowhere, Lupe Fernandez, she had won the bid to clean for her, twice a week. But there was something else, another service or something associated with the woman, but she wasn't able to call it to mind. She didn't worry about it. Lupe was beautiful in a simple sort of way and bore a close resemblance to Penelope Cruz. Crystal had to steady herself; she was staring at her and began imagining what it would be like to see the young woman naked.

Lupe broke the spell, by reminding Crystal that she needed to prepare for tonight's performance, and she didn't want to keep the limo waiting. Furthermore, she informed Crystal that she had laid her clothes out for the night as she requested and was prepared to help her with her special grooming needs.

"Special grooming needs", as soon as Crystal heard that she felt herself becoming wet, was her body craving this Latin beauty's touch?

"Of course, if it isn't too much trouble," Crystal said.

"No trouble at all, Ms. Harper. She we begin now," she asked looking in the direction of Crystal's bedroom and waiting for Crystal to lead the way. As she entered her bedroom, she overcome by the simple elegances of the furnishings and how the window coverings were just like the ones she had always envisioned for this room. She was very pleased to see that she had her own bathroom. No more sharing with the boys.

She pulled her jersey over her head revealing her ample bosom barely contained within the large bra and tossed it on the overstuffed chair near her king size four post bed. Stepping out of her heels, she peeled her jeans down her long legs and tossed them to the chair on top of her jersey. Then she strolled into the bathroom and took a seat at her vanity, and trying to decide what to do with her hair. Lupe came up behind her and took the silky tresses in her hands braiding them into a single long pony tail, wrapped it around the top of Crystal's head, pinning it in place and then tying a silk scarf around her head. Satisfied with that Lupe then went to the sunken tub to prepare it for Crystal's bath. As the water filled the tub, Lupe returned to Crystal, unsnapped her large bra and pulled it from her breasts. Crystal was surprised by this but didn't protest, it felt good to be released from the confines of her bra and she reached up to massage the soft flesh only to meet Lupe's small dainty hands as they arrived first. Crystal kept her hand upon Lupe's and guided her where it felt the best. She was becoming more aroused, but she didn't know where this was leading. Was this their regular routine, part of Lupe's duties, something she could depend on or was this the actions of a lover? Crystal tried to steer her clear of her over sensitive nipples, knowing it would cause her to climax, but Lupe had other ideas. She took the long buds between her thumb and forefingers pulled and twisted them.

"Ahhhh, ooohhhhhh!" Crystal cried out, she was helpless as she came at the young woman's hands.

"She knows, how she could know," Crystal thought as coherent thought fled her mind replaced by pure pleasure.

Lupe continued play with Crystal's long nipples. Crystal leaned back into Lupe's arms, mouth opened moaning loudly, and Lupe leaned down and covered Crystal's mouth with her own. Their tongues dances together for several moments, Crystal was unable to process thoughts as she came again and again overwhelmed by the sensations. When she was finally able to process thought again, Lupe was in front of her between her legs holding a pair of very wet panties in her hand. When did she take off my panties, Crystal thought? She watched Lupe tossed them aside with a slight smile on her face. Then before she could brace herself she took Crystal's left breast in her mouth and pulled the long hard nipple into her mouth, slowly licking and sucking.

Fireworks went off in Crystal's head as she came again, much stronger than before. Crying out and gasped for breath as the pleasure seemed to grow exponentially.

When her mind returned she found herself reclining in the warm waters of her large sunken tub. Lupe was gently washing her, as she sat naked just outside the tub. She gently poured warm water over Crystal's body washing the soap away, while the sweet scent of lilac permeated throughout the bathroom. Crystal lazily lifted one long leg after the other, as Lupe gently washing and rinsing each one.

Before Crystal could object, Lupe began washing her pussy. Crystal's body jolted as intense pleasure struck again. She was so relaxed and the feeling so intense she wanted to scream herself hoarse, but all she could manage was a long series of long moans that ended in higher pitches as she gulped in air.

When Crystal opened her eyes she was lying on her back on her bed. Her ass propped on a pillow while Lupe just finished grooming her landing strip of any stray hair. She was applying a lotion and Crystal watched as her labia reminded her of an opening rose and was certainly as pretty, she thought. Lupe turned to her to tell her that she had about an hour before the limo would be there to take her to the venue and that she was almost ready.

"Yes," Crystal thought, she was very relaxed as she watched the naked woman tending to her; she was still feeling very horny, despite having come at least three times.

Lupe lightly tapped dry Crystal's pubic area, careful not to stimulate her by mistake, but removing the excess lotion. After she put away her grooming tools, and Crystal's breathing seemed to return to normal Lupe climbing into the bed and lowered her own shaved pussy to Crystal's mouth. As she adjusted her position over the oversized tits she pulled on one nipple before lower her mouth to Crystal's newly groomed snatch and licked at her large lips just as she lowered her pussy until it was sitting on Crystal's face.

It was like cracking a whip on a horse; Crystal felt the combined lust, pleasure and desire and began to licking Lupe's pussy like a woman possessed. She was unable to think clearly. Had she done this before? She began to settle into what seemed like a normal pattern of licking around the lips and darting her tongue in and out several times before rapidly flickering her tongue on the more sensitive parts. It was beginning to feel like a practiced routine. She felt Lupe slowly stab her tongue into her while she used her fingers. Then once again she came, but this time she remained focused on the task at hand and she was rewarded with tangy sweet juices, which she lapped up like a woman dying of thirst. It seemed so natural for her to be there between the legs of a woman, this was her first time, or was it? She concentrated on making Lupe feel as good as Lupe had made her feel, licking and sucking, sucking and licking, moving her tongue around, up and down and rapid flicking of her tongue. She was beginning to tire when she finally found Lupe's clit; she circled it with her tongue before finally flicking her tongue on the sensitive flesh. Lupe went off, just as Crystal; too surrender to the utter passion.

Crystal couldn't remember ever coming so hard or so long. It was as if all the other orgasms of the day had simply been a warm up for the main event. She would have screamed if not for Lupe's pussy covering her face rubbing itself deliciously over her nose and mouth until she lost consciousness, again.

When she awoke she was sitting in the overstuffed chair, dress seductively in her sexy evening wear. She stood and balanced on her four inch emerald green stilettoes, she looked as if she were going to the academy awards, her gown looked stunning on her, leaving little to the imagination as it left her beautiful back completely bare right down to where it hugged her heart shaped ass.

Lupe was dressed again as she had been in the beginning and handed Crystal her clutch purse as both Matt and Kevin walked their mother to the waiting limousine.

Crystal was finally happy. She wasn't just a stripper; she wasn't just an adult film actress. No, she was the highest paid adult film actress, adored by millions of people around the world. Her boys were proud of her and doing well. She was wealthy and was getting enough sex to keep her happy for a very long time.

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