Cum Club


Kathy Smith's mind was a million miles away as she rode the elevator to the level where she'd parked her brand-new silver Lexus.

She was going over in her mind the final details of the Solange deal, which was almost in the bag. If she nailed it down, and she was certain she would, it would mean a fat commission, plus another feather in her cap. All that was left was to meet the Solange Corporation's CEO later that evening for dinner, drinks and who knows what else, and the deal would be signed, sealed and delivered to her boss's desk bright and early the next morning.

At 34, Kathy was on the fast track in her industry. She had used every trick at her disposal to move rapidly up the corporate ladder since starting out after graduating from college. That especially included her succulent body, which was made to discombobulate men. She was a little taller than average, about 5-9, slender, with perfectly proportioned tits, about a 34C, and a butt with enough meat to grab onto without a hint of flab.

She had used sex to her advantage at every turn, especially two years ago, when she'd seduced a top vice president at her company, then blackmailed him into giving her a key promotion. Then she'd betrayed him anyway, and the resulting scandal had cost Richard Greene his job - which went to Kathy - and his marriage. She chuckled when she recalled his final words to her, when he'd confronted her with what she'd done.

"Kathy, you haven't learned the most important rule of corporate politics," Richard had said, giving her a disconcerting look.

"Which is?" she'd asked haughtily.

"The toes you step on while climbing the corporate ladder may be attached to the ass you'll have to kiss on the way down," he'd said. "Keep that in mind."

Kathy dismissed the memory with a swish of her wavy shoulder-length blonde hair. Fuck him, she thought, that's just business. Just then, she heard the ding that denoted her stop. The doors opened, she picked up her briefcase, got a firm grip on her purse and strutted to where she'd parked.

She frowned as she noticed a nondescript white van parked one spot to the left of her car. At least, they didn't park too close, she thought. She had already pressed the button to unlock the driver's side door and was just starting to open the door when she felt rather than saw two figures come up rapidly behind her. One large man garbed all in black grabbed her around the shoulders and covered her mouth tightly, another grabbed her by her ankles, then a third man grabbed her briefcase and purse from her startled grasp as she was hustled into the open side door of the van.

Kathy felt wild terror grip her as she was laid on her stomach, and she tried to scream, but all that came out was a brief squeak before a strip of duct tape was slapped over her mouth. A tight elastic band was fitted snugly over her eyes, blindfolding her, then her ankles were tightly bound with duct tape, as well as her hands, which were secured behind her back. In less than 30 seconds, Kathy had been snatched up, effectively bound, gagged and blinded. With their subject immobilized, the van pulled out of its parking spot and eased toward the street.

Panic gripped Kathy, but she fought it down in order to bring her sharp mind and keen instincts into play. She tried to concentrate on the turns the van made to see if she could figure out where she was being taken, but the van made so many turns over the next hour that she couldn't keep up with them. And she strained her ears to pick up any voices, but none of the men in the van spoke a word, and the silence quickly unnerved her.

Then she thought about her dinner date with the Solange president, and her anxiety level grew again. She had been entrusted with bringing that account into her firm at all costs, and it would be a severe blow to her reputation as a can-do, get-it-done executive if the account was lost because she'd missed their date. Then, slowly, Kathy began to get a sick feeling in her stomach that perhaps the account and her career were the least of her worries. Her very life could be in danger, and she felt her emotions falling apart, something that hadn't happened since her first boyfriend had broken up with her in high school.

After driving for about an hour, the van came to a stop. The sounds of the city seemed far off as the door of the van was opened and Kathy was carried a short distance. She heard what seemed like a large metal door open and close, then she sensed that she was in a large room. There was a musty odor about the place that wasn't foul, but wasn't pleasant either. And there was the subtle hint of some other smell that she couldn't place, but was vaguely familiar.

Kathy was set down on her feet, which were without her high heels, lost somewhere in the van. The duct tape around her ankles was cut off, shredding her pantyhose in the process. Then the blindfold was removed, and Kathy winced as she was confronted with a blinding spotlight shining right in her eyes from the otherwise pitch-dark room. Then the duct tape was ripped off her mouth, causing her to squeal in pain.

"Please, what are..." she began, but got no further.

"SILENCE!" came a loud, distorted voice from a loudspeaker. Kathy shivered in fear, but there was also indignation beginning to build. Did these clowns not know who she was? Did they not know that no one, not even her own father, treated her this way? She started to speak again, this time to bitch, when a masked man in a long cloak emerged from the shadows brandishing a large knife.

"You were told to be quiet," the voice boomed again. "Another sound out of you, and we'll start cutting."

Kathy was shocked into silence this time, afraid of being seriously harmed. She was beginning to think that she wasn't going to live to see tomorrow, and the man's next actions reaffirmed that belief. He stepped close to her and pressed the flat of the blade to her cheek. He softly caressed her face with the flat part of the knife, then lightly ran the tip of the knife down her regal neck, just enough to scratch, but not enough to break the skin.

Kathy trembled in fear, but the man then walked around behind her, suddenly pulled the jacket of her business suit away from her body and slashed it all the way from top to bottom with what appeared to be sewing shears. The two sides of the open jacket began to fall away, but before it did, the man cut the sleeves lengthwise so that it came completely off her body. Then she watched in dismay as the man systematically cut the jacket into a half-dozen smaller pieces. He did the same to her skirt, slicing it from bottom to top, then cutting it to pieces. Her blouse was next, and was cut from her body in the same manner her jacket had been. The man bent down and cut her pantyhose off, then sliced her bra from her body, finishing with her thong panties. Everything was cut so that it was unwearable and left in a pile of useless scraps.

Naked now, Kathy was beginning to form an idea of what was about to happen to her. She was going to be raped, then killed. Fear numbed her brain as she digested that idea. When the remnants of her clothes were taken away, the man took her elbow and led her a few feet forward, and she could see two metal posts about four feet tall standing up from the cold tile floor about five feet apart. Two-thirds of the way up each post was a leather shackle and Kathy knew what was coming.

Sure enough, she was led to a position between the posts and her shoulders were pushed down so that she was forced to kneel. Her hands were freed momentarily, then her wrists were secured with the shackles. As she had walked up to the posts, she had noticed that the floor was a little sticky in this area, and when she knelt, that peculiar smell that she'd noticed when she first entered the room was more pronounced.

Suddenly, it hit her, and her stomach turned in revulsion. Several times over the course of her career, she'd accompanied boyfriends and business associates to adult movie arcades. She'd found them distasteful in the extreme, but she had endured them because the sex she'd enjoyed afterwards, and the business deals that resulted, had made it worth it. The first time she'd gone with a client into one of the booths, she'd picked up that scent, and the man she'd been with had laughed and told her it was the smell of semen from men who had gone into the booths to masturbate and shoot their cum on the floor.

That was the smell she was getting now, and the realization nearly made her sick.

Just then, a gong sounded from the back of the room, and before the echo had died, the distorted voice blasted from the loudspeaker.

"Kathy Smith! You have been tried and found guilty," the voice boomed.

"What?" she couldn't help blurting out. She'd been tried? By whom? And for what? But again came the angry admonision.


Once again, the gong sounded, and the voice intoned, "It is time."

The bimonthly meeting of the Cum Club was now in session.

Robert Jacobson looked out from the darkness at their latest subject, and he smiled. He was especially looking forward to this one, because it was personal. He turned to the man standing next to him and nodded.

"I can see why it was so hard for you to resist," Robert said in a low tone of voice. "She's quite a piece of work."

"Yeah, but I still should have kept her away," Richard Greene said. "I knew she was bad news before I ever got involved with her. Ah well, she'll learn tonight that what goes around, comes around."

Richard and Robert had been best friends since meeting as freshmen at college, and when Richard had been canned from his job after his enconter with Kathy, Robert had quietly brought Richard into his financial empire. Robert had made millions on top of millions, in a variety of industries, and had the money to do whatever he wanted.

The Cum Club was his creation, begun 12 years earlier as a secret society of men whose job it was to administer rough justice on businesswomen who violated his personal code of ethics. The club now had over 250 members around the country and met every other month at various locations. At each meeting, a woman was brought in for what they called, "the treatment."

It wasn't that Robert and his cohorts were chauvinist pigs who hated women in the corporate setting. Far from it. Robert and his companies had been in the forefront of hiring and promoting qualified women and paying them equal salaries to males. He had been a tough, hard-nosed businessman, but those who knew him and worked for him had always found him to be fair in his dealings and compassionate when called for.

What he could not abide were business people who used sex to get ahead. He enjoyed sex as much, if not more, than the next man. But he believed that sex was too beautiful to be used in such a way, likening such action tantamount to prostitution. When a man violated this ethic, Robert dealt with them in a harsh way, usually involving legal action. When a woman committed such a transgression, however, it called for special measures, in his view. Thus the Cum Club.

The club had its origins in Robert's thirst for revenge against a female executive who had hit him where it hurt most, in his own home. Robert's only child was a daughter, Rita, and she had had a promising future in business. She had graduated from business school with high honors and had gotten in with a Fortune 500 company right out of college.

Rita had done well after five years, and was up for a critical promotion. It came down to Rita and another woman, who was similar in age to Rita but somewhat less qualified. But the other woman had been a vamp who had seduced the company president, and when she was hired over Rita, it devastated his daughter. So much so that she had gone to her suburban home and hung herself in the garage. She had called Robert just before she did it, weeping and hysterical, and Robert, got a premonition. He had called 911 in her city and the police had arrived in time to save her life. But she had gone too long without oxygen and suffered irreversible brain damage.

With great effort and at huge expense, Rita had progressed to where she could walk, use the toilet, feed, dress and bathe herself. But other than that, Robert's beautiful, talented daughter was basically non-functioning, with the mind of a child.

Robert had tried to figure out a way to make the woman pay for what she'd done, and on a trip to Japan, he'd found one. He'd had a conversation with a Japanese businessman who told him of the legend of bukkake, where an adulterous wife was tied naked to a stake in the middle of a village and all of the men in the village were allowed to use her in any way they saw fit, finishing by shooting their seed all over her body until she was covered in semen.

Robert had returned home and set about contacting close friends and associates, inviting them to a meeting where he outlined his plan. It seemed like everyone had a story about a ball-breaking female who had slept her way to the top, and the club quickly took shape. Robert established some ironclad rules from the start. Admission and dues were expensive, new members had to be recommended by current members and pass an exhaustive background check, and everyone, himself included, had to keep a current health record on file. And other than mental trauma, and the damage to her career, the subject was not to be harmed in any way.

The first woman to receive the treatment was the woman who had caused his daughter's downfall. After that, members recommended subjects from a variety of companies from coast to coast. As was the case with new members, potential subjects were investigated thoroughly to determine if they were truly worthy of the treatment. So when his friend Richard told Robert about Kathy Smith, she went to the top of the list.

Kathy felt a trickle of sweat roll down her back as she wondered what was going to happen. She didn't have long to wait. With a nod from Robert, a young man wearing nothing but a mask stepped into the light. He walked up to Kathy, took her face in one hand and guided his hard cock to her mouth with the other. Kathy tried to shy away, but the man pressed in on her cheeks and forced her mouth open. Kathy felt a wave of shame and revulsion wash over her as the man pushed his cock roughly into her mouth and into her throat. She coughed and gagged as the man fucked her mouth with hard, deep strokes, but he seemed oblivious to her distress.

Meanwhile, Richard, his face also obscured by a mask, slipped up behind Kathy, knelt on the floor and ran his fingers between her legs. Kathy felt a hot flash as the unseen man began to subtly finger her pussy and roll her clit around with his thumb. Although she tried to fight it, she could feel her pussy swelling and moistening at Richard's touch.

When Kathy was reasonably wet, Richard stepped aside and let Robert kneel behind her. Robert always went first, and he lined up his throbbing-hard 7-inch dick to the opening of Kathy's fur-lined cunt and rammed it in with as much force as he could muster. Kathy grunted around the dick pistoning in her mouth as she felt the unknown dick slam into her from behind. Watching Robert fuck the beautiful blonde was too much for the man, and he grabbed the sides of Kathy's head working her viciously back and forth on his cock until he spewed a thick, hot load of cum into her mouth.

"Swallow it all, bitch," the man said, as he buried his spurting cock as far in her mouth as possible. Kathy swallowed as if her life depended on it, letting just a little bit of cum dribble out from the corners of her mouth. The man then wrenched his cock from her mouth and rubbed the juicy member all over her face, smearing what was left of her makeup. His place was immediately taken by another man who slid a modest-sized cock as far as he could in Kathy's mouth.

Robert worked his cock hard in Kathy's cunt as he watched her oral work, and as usual, the subject began to groove on the feeling, humping her hips back on his cock. Robert took some of the slimy liquid that oozed from around his cock on a finger and began to rub the lubricant all over Kathy's asshole. He could feel his control slipping, and saw no reason to hold back.

With a gasp, he pounded Kathy's pussy with several extra-hard thrusts, then sent a volcano of cum deep in when he could tell was a ravenous pussy. Kathy gave a muffled gasp as she felt an orgasm begin to peak, but Robert was finished before she could get over the top. He slid his cock from Kathy's cunt and watched as a flow of his cum dripped from her open hole onto the floor.

Robert stood up and waved Richard in. Richard knelt behind Kathy's dripping cunt, but instead of following Robert in her cunt, he aimed a good-sized cock to her ass and rammed it in with only the minimum of lubrication.

Kathy gave a muffled scream at the pain of her ass being entered so abruptly, and tears fell from her eyes. She didn't much like anal sex any way, something Richard was well aware of, and certainly not like this. But she didn't scream long as the cock in her mouth forced its way as deep in her throat and spewed a convulsive cumload into her stomach.

As soon as the cock was removed from her mouth, Kathy began wailing.

"Oh please, God, it hurts!" she cried, as Richard rammed his cock back and forth in her ass. "Pleeease! Why are you doing this to me?"

That was as far as she got, for just then two men, each with a long, fat cock, stepped out of the shadows and took up position in front of her. The one on her right grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock forcefully into her mouth and down her throat. Kathy struggled noisily, but the huge cock just kept fucking her throat. Thick streams of drool poured from her mouth onto her chest as she tried to accept the big cock. Just when she thought she would choke, the man pulled out. Kathy was allowed time to take two huge, gasping breaths before the other man rammed his cock into her mouth.

All the while, Richard was steadily fucking Kathy's buttery ass. Once he'd gotten going good, and built up some lube, his progress was much easier, and Kathy began to forget about the pain in her butt.

Besides, she was having enough trouble handling the two cocks that were taking turns battering her throat. They seemed to be looking back at Richard for a cue, and when he nodded, they each pressed their cocks to Kathy's lips and tried to both force their way in at the same time. Of course, all they could manage was the heads, but that was enough to stretch her mouth open to an almost impossible size.

Meanwhile, Richard was beginning to pick up steam as he watched the two big-cocked studs try to stuff their sausage in Kathy's mouth, and he could tell that despite her pain and revulsion that she was starting to get into it.

Kathy couldn't believe the pain and humiliation she was being subjected to. Her mouth was obscenely stretched and her ass was being fucked, and all of it was totally against her will. All she could do was kneel there and take it. And yet, she could feel twinges of pleasure from the cock that was fucking her ass, and in other circumstances, she thought it might not feel so bad.

But her reverie was shattered when the two men pulled their cocks from her mouth and began to jack off furiously. Kathy was concentrating so hard on getting oxygen back in her lungs that it didn't dawn on her what the men were about to do until she suddenly felt the hot splatter of cum jetting onto her face. She gave a disgusted croak as the two men hosed her face with immense loads of cum. They shot ropes of cum that criss-crossed her eyes, over her nose, all over her cheeks and down her chin. Then, one by one, they fed the oozing heads back to her mouth to get the final drops of cum.

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