tagNonHumanCum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 04

Cum Vamp Book 2 Pt. 04


Ch. 7

Lana lay on her back, enjoying the large cock of TJ, sliding effortlessly in and out of her ass. He was the biggest of the three elite men, biggest cock that is. It was amazing and ever since she first saw it as Lana she had been impressed. Bobby knew very well how endowed he was; she had changed him after all, those many years ago.

As she enjoyed the pleasure, she thought about Ginger making up for breaking Jeff's arm. She met Jeff for the first time as Lana two years earlier on the flight to Austria for her coronation. He was a flight attendant/roamer that saw to the passengers every need. He had earned his place after years of service but Lana remembered changing Mandy instead of Jeff on the flight. Mandy was the human changed right before Ginger, she had mentioned. Jeff was next in line. He had earned the change but so had Ginger. Lana had made her choice, knowing or assuming Jeff would be devastated when he found out. The weird thing was, when he was told today, he didn't seem to care, even when Lana told him to see to Ginger's needs in the shower, he went and did as she ordered with no hesitancy at all.

Then for Ginger to act like she did and break his arm, Lana felt terrible. It was like a slap in the face for Ginger to do that, even though she didn't know what she was doing. Lana intended to appeal to the high council, ask for an advance on changing another human. It was only right that Jeff get what he deserved. She would appeal later, right then she was experiencing another orgasm since TJ sped up his thrusting. Her pussy overflowed with juices, running down over the skin between her vagina and TJ's moving cock to blend with his shaft.

They were alone. She had asked him to attend to her needs in her bedroom. She never tired of his body and especially his mammoth cock. As he sped up, she smelled his semen beginning to rise. She thirsted, hungered for his hot load, knowing full well he would deliver a spectacular amount, since they had been screwing for over two hours. They had started well before they were both thirsty, making the anticipation of climax and feeding all the better.

The thirst was upon both of them now. Lana was fully stimulated as was TJ. She felt his shaft widen, his head engorge and swell to greater width as his orgasm approached. No words needed to be spoken. She knew he knew where she wanted it. Was there even a question? She looked forward to it, her mouth salivated, her nipples stiffened and another flow of juice oozed out of her fully flushed pussy. TJ smiled down at her, she smelled his limit reached. Power, bliss and contentment followed as he pulled his giant tool out and fed his load directly into her open mouth.


My body was floating, I heard sounds, voices around me... losing consciousness again.

Light, blankets, warmth and... semen! Yes, glorious semen was being poured into my mouth; I swallowed, choking on it in my rush. My body hurt everywhere, coughing made it worse. I was given only a little and it was gone. Voices I didn't recognize surrounded me.

"It's going to take days... weeks; her body was drained too severely. Too much too soon will cause shock and excruciating pain."

"Keep me apprised of her progress... she's special, has to be to survive that."

"I will but I can't guarantee anything. She may never be the same."

"Do what you can."

Sleep came, dreams, horrible dreams of pain, of thirst, torture. I woke up with a start, and the dream pain was replaced with real pain. Trying to open my eyes felt like someone had replaced my eyelids with sandpaper. I worked on only one eye, finally forcing it open. I was in a small room with florescent lights above. I looked down and saw my arms, I did not recognize them, they were not mine, couldn't be mine. Nothing but dried skin pulled tight around bone. I could see every vein, joint, and tendon in my arms and hands. Jeff had literally drained my life away and left me empty, nothing but skin and bones, dried up and wasted.

Closing my eye hurt just as bad.

Waking up again, someone was forcing my mouth open. I didn't resist, hearing my jaw grind, bone on bone when I dropped my mouth. More semen was put into my mouth, the flavor was exquisite but the reaction was painful. Instead of the flow of bliss and energy only pain racked my frail body. I knew what they were doing. Trying to bring me back slowly was going to hurt, but all at once would probably kill me all over again. They gave me more this time, but not much.

Days of this turned into weeks. Slowly over time I was getting stronger. I could open my eyes and stay awake for longer periods. The person feeding me was a man, he was one of us but I had never seen him before. My feedings became more regular, with more volume and I notice my body was rehydrating as time went by. Soon I was able to sit up and that was when I had a visitor come. His name was Brody.

"Nice to see you again, my dear," he said, sitting next to me after introducing himself.

I remained silent. I knew this man was the one that had kidnapped me all that time ago. He was responsible for tying me up on a daily basis and letting thousands of men fuck me and fuck me. He was the man that had killed Bobby of house Niseen, which I was a member of. He was the enemy of Lana.

"You've made a stunning recovery. We had our doubts but you are almost good as new. How do you feel?"

"Good... Why did you save me and what really happened?" I asked.

"We have been watching your captor, a Mr. Harris, Jeff Harris for some time now. He's had a vendetta against our kind since his wife died after serving so faithfully." I could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

"His next door neighbor is spy...one of us. Until now we had no reason to worry about him. He was trying to infiltrate house Niseen and we saw no reason to stop that."

"I'll bet!" I blurted.

"Yes, well, may I continue?"

I nodded.

"As I was saying, we didn't have any reason to stop him until you let yourself become weakened by him and practically killed. Couldn't have that, not when you have such potential. We moved in after the next door neighbor, Rodney, smelled your secretions all the way from his house. He knew something was wrong and alerted me. We barely saved you in time and have been rehabilitating you ever since."

"What did you do to Jeff?" I asked.

"He's our guest now. I leave it to you to decide his fate."

"And what of my fate? Do you intend to lock me up again! Keep me prisoner so you can harvest the human's cum with all my potential!"

"Of course not, Ginger. I feel foolish for not recognizing your capability. I admit I passed you off as just another acquisition when your first came to us. I see so many young women who can keep track of all of them," he sneered.

I wanted to jump from my bed and kill him with my bare hands but knew it would be futile. I was still not fully healed, not as strong as him. I forced myself to stay calm. I hated this man more than anyone on earth even Jeff who had been so close to killing me. Brody was a monster. His way of living was disgusting and it made me sick to think of others like me, tied up and violated day after day.

"No... your fate is entirely in your hands. You are powerful, your potential is limitless that is a surety after what you have endured... twice. I give you a choice. Join house Valmeer, join me and I'll make you my queen, we'll rule together."

"And if I refuse?" I asked.

"You won't," he said brushing my hair from my eyes. "Not after I saved your life."

"After what you have done to me I'd call us even!" I spat.

"Perhaps... Even is good, we can rule as equals. Power beyond your imagination. You'll be accepted as their queen in a grand coronation the likes of which you cannot imagine."

Power beyond my imagination? My weakness for such things was what put me in this situation. I was at an impasse. If I said no and refused his proposal I was surely dead, but unlimited power included, I could never join him, especially not become his queen! I had to tell him what he wanted to hear, just long enough to regain my full strength and somehow get out of here.

"What exactly do you mean? What power would I have, what does your house have to offer me?" I asked.

He smiled, "Nothing has to be decided now. I suggest a trial period, test run if you will. I will show you my house, my power everything you stand to gain and you can decide then. But now I think you're next feeding is here. Your decision to say yes starts now," he said, just as two human men were forced into the room.

Both of them were naked with their hands tied behind their backs and leashes around their necks. A beautiful woman, one of us, held the other ends, dragging them forward into the room. Brody smiled, told me to enjoy myself and left the room, nodding to the woman. My decision to say yes starts now? What did he mean? What choice did I have? If I refused to use these men for semen I would never gain the strength I needed. They did look yummy, and I was famished.

"I'm here to assist you with these two if you lack the energy to manipulate them to climax. I'm told a fresh feeding is all you need to regain your radiance. Two should be more than sufficient," the woman said.

She wore black leather, boots laced to her knees, and had her black hair tied tight in a ponytail. She was everything I've come to expect in a cum vamp, bright green eyes, voluptuous breasts and curvy toned body capped off with a gorgeous face. She hung the leashes onto brackets in the wall, effectively restraining the men and began to fondle them, running her hands over their bodies, chest, arms and finally to their cocks. With both dicks in each hand she began stroking them. I was slightly surprised to see and smell them enlarge in her hands. Even tied and bound the human's cocks got hard and began to ooze. I couldn't resist, my thirst and weakness overcame me and I threw the blanket off my naked body and climbed out of my bed.

When the humans saw me nude their arousal jumped, telling me I was beautiful again and almost completely healed. Falling to my knees I shoved her hand away and started sucking the first man, closest to me. She laughed saying something I didn't really hear. The cock tasted wonderful, my body flushed, I felt the power and desire again. I sucked, stroked and manipulated his penis rapidly, hungry for his semen to boil over into my mouth. The woman continued stroking the other man, keeping him hard and ready for when I finished with the first.

It didn't take long. I was obsessed, performing the fastest and most aggressive blowjob of my life. The man began to moan, his scent peaked and his cock burst forth into my mouth, filling it with the nectar of life. Fuck, I had missed the sweet, hot, live load of a man over all these weeks of recovering. It was ambrosia to my mouth and filled me with unsurpassed energy after being so weak. I drank, sucking, swallowing everything the human had to offer, tugging, stroking and became angry when it stopped. I was still hungry and pushed the wasted limp man away from me in disgust, moving on to the next.

"Very good... yes, feel the power, notice the difference between the willing and non-willing. Do you feel it?" the woman asked as I was already sucking the next man with the same urgency.

I did feel the difference... the power was... was stronger? No, not stronger just different, it had a diverse effect on me, made me feel... malevolent. I knew this way catered to my evil side but I didn't care I just wanted more of the power, dominance, supremacy and I got it. The next human came almost immediately. The woman had him on the verge before I even started sucking. He filled my mouth more than the last, strengthening me to my limits. I was something new, something different than I was with Lana and Levi. There was a variance in the way Brody lived, something Lana never told me. A reason Brody chose to live this way. I understood now what he meant and why I would say yes.


"Have you located her?" Lana asked.

"Yes, Brody has her," Zack answered.

"How... why?"

"From what we have learned Jeff was not who we thought he was. Years ago Brody killed his wife, he's been trying to kill us ever since," explained Mike.

"What? Are you sure?" Lana exclaimed.

"Positive. We let Ginger go with a nut job who wants us dead. She submitted to him to make up for what she had done to his arm and he practically killed her. Brody saved her life. She'd be dead if it wasn't for him and his house," TJ added.

"Why? Why would he save her? Unless he finally saw her potential. That's it... he's staked a claim on her. He wants her for his own."

"Afraid so. From what we know he's rehabilitating her since she was so far gone. He has just as much right to her now as we do, maybe more."

"The choice will be Gingers'. Let's hope she makes the right one."


I stood before Jeff, ten minutes later still naked. He looked terrible, malnourished, dirty and tied to a wall with chains. His arm no longer had the cast on it and his eyes widened in fear as I entered the small cell. He looked pathetic, weak, and not worth my time. Walking up to him, he struggled to his feet and backed against the wall, terror in his eyes.

"You brought this on yourself. All you had to do was take me back to your house, fuck my ass for a few hours and let me go. Instead you tried to kill me. You failed... I survived. You won't," I said, reaching forward, grabbing him by the head and ripping it off his body.

Blood sprayed my face as his lifeless corpse dropped to the ground. I tossed his staring head next to it with a loud thud. Walking out, Brody was waiting from me in the hall.

"That didn't take long. I thought you'd play with him more," Brody said.

"Why bother, he's just a human and a pathetic one at that!"

"Quite. Shall we?" he said, offering his arm.

I placed mine in his and he escorted me down the hall, past door after door of human prisoners. There were male and female alike all being used for one purpose. It was different than what I remembered. I wasn't chained to a wall when I wasn't being fucked. I turned to Brody and inquired why.

"I said I didn't recognize your potential, not that I didn't recognize your beauty. I knew you would be of more use to us in collecting semen then harvesting your own juices. Not only did you supply us with copious amounts of human semen from all the men wanting you, you supplied us with a fortune in money. Both were very useful."

"That makes sense. So are there others like me?"

"Of course. Would you like to see?" he asked.

"Yes, I believe I would."

He was giving me the tour of his compound, one of many I guess. Showing me the things I would inherit and the power I would share with him. I felt alive again, unstoppable walking around with him naked and not caring who saw me. The blood on my face and breasts from Jeff got more inquiring looks from the house members than me walking around naked. They all knew who I was, especially with my arm locked with Brody.

He took me into another building and I instantly smelled the men and semen. Lots of it, buckets it seemed, from the aroma. Brody took a side hallway and ushered me into a room. At least fifty separate video screens were set up. My mouth dropped open when I saw what was displayed. Women all tied up and being fucked, showed on the screens. I was back where it all started.

Every room was identical and I knew it so well, having spent hundreds of hours tied up similarly to all the women I was now watching. They were all very beautiful, with incredible bodies for humans and taken care of as I was. They weren't like me, though, none of them and I looked at every monitor to try and find one that wasn't crying, fighting or too far gone to even consider conscious. None of them were loving it, none of them were begging for the men to fuck them harder and do their asses or cum in their mouths. None of them were like me. What I saw on the screens was deplorable but the cum from the unwilling men I had devoured earlier only made me smile.

"Very nice, I can see why the place smells so lovely," I said, viewing several men cumming into their cups as I watched.

"Yes, we harvest several gallons a day, depending on customers."

"I have only one question. The men are willing, doesn't that defeat the purpose? Doesn't that taint the sample from what you want?"

"It's not just the willingness. It's the fear that gives us the quality we desire. The men are afraid, they fear us, this place, and they fear missing the cup," he said, grinning.

"I see and I recall that now. When they did miss they were horrified I seemed to remember."

"Yes, they were severely punished for wasting even a drop."

"So it's the fear that gives me this feeling I have now?"

"Yes, don't you just love it?" he said.

"I do, I want more," I said taking his hand.

"Of course, a sample you shall have."

We left the monitoring room and headed deeper into the building where the smell increased exponentially. It was so potent that my body was highly aroused. My nipples became rock hard and cum was oozing down my leg as I walked with Brody. He had a smile on his face and kept glancing at me and my aroused body. I knew he could smell me. I'm sure he wanted to catch the drips running down my leg and lick them off.

He opened a door, letting a gush of aroma into my face the like I have never experienced before, even with a spurting cock directly in my face. Before me were hundreds of plastic cups, each with a load of semen from fearful men. It was overwhelming and I began to climax just standing there among all of that semen. He steadied me as the convulsions rocked my frame and my climax dripped on the floor beneath me.

"My my... only a few women have experienced this kind or response in here. You are indeed special," he said, placing his hand between my legs.

He cupped my pussy, pulling his hand up across my sex, digging his fingers in. I convulsed again from the sensation. He brought his hand away, up to his mouth and drank my essences as I watched, sucking it off his hand.

"Exquisite, my dear," he said surging with power.

He leaned over and picked up a cup of semen and handed it to me. I took it eagerly, stuck my nose in the container and took a deep breath before dripping the thick load into my mouth. My body experienced the same reaction. This semen, though cold, filled me with the malevolent power I received from the two men just hours before. It was glorious!

"See? Perfect, isn't it?" he asked.

"Indeed, it has the same effect."

He suddenly picked me up and laid me down on the counter surrounded by semen filled cups and began eating me. My fingers found his thick hair, pulling him into my gushing pussy. Pleasure erupted between my legs. I was already cumming and wet from the aroma but it intensified as he licked, sucked and drank my juices. Most of me loved it, pulling him further into me and clawing his hair as I came anew, but there was a tiny part, way back in my head that was revolted, disgusted and very disappointed in the rest of me for letting this man do this to me. It was easy to turn it off, to shove that tiny part away and relish in the sweet bliss of Brody's mouth. I didn't care or think twice about it again as I screamed in pleasure.

Ch. 8

In the days that followed I was introduced to Brody's high echelon of house members. It was impressive, just as impressive as Lana's house. The big difference was they didn't partake with each other, that's not to say they didn't have sex between them they just didn't consume fluids. That was reserved for the countless human prisoners to provide. It kept them strong, powerful and evil. The one exception was Brody. He managed to eat anyone and still remain as corrupt as ever, including me. He liked eating me. He liked fucking me more and didn't share me with the others. Another difference was his group of elite was smaller than Lana. Only two men and one woman, the same woman that brought me the men and shared with me the big difference in semen.

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