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Cupid's Arrow


There is nothing hotter than Nikko standing naked before me as I sit on the bed, waiting. I nibbled my lower lip and crossed my legs at the sight of those emerald eyes and his lovely chocolate skin. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

"Come here," I said. He walked toward me and my mind filled with all of the wonderful things I wanted to do to him.

I stood from the bed, danced my fingers across his chest, and pressed my lips to his neck. He smelled and tasted like the cinnamon flavored body oil that we had massaged each other with earlier. I hated myself for taking advantage of him.

It had only been two weeks since Nikko walked back into my life. I was sitting in the cafeteria at work with my best friend, Sarah. We were chemists at a company that manufactures hunting and fishing products. It wasn't what I had imagined I'd be doing with my life when I was an undergrad, but I was making a living.

"So what are you doing for Valentine's Day?" Sarah asked. She took a long sip of her banana smoothie.

"I will be hanging out at home and hating all of you bitches that have a man."

"Ha! You need to get out more."

"Please Sara, don't start that again."

"Seriously," she punched my shoulder. "You need to get out and find a man that will treat you like a princess."

"Whatever," I laughed. "My life is far from a fairy tale."

"I mean it! You need a guy who will grab a handful of that red hair of yours, take you from behind, and fuck you like it was your last day on Earth."

"Ok, now you are being crazy. We both know that is never going to happen.

I wished that she would have dropped the conversation because I wanted to eat my burger in peace. Besides, I didn't need the constant reminder that my sex life was lonelier than an inmate in solitary confinement. And then, he walked into the cafeteria.

"Kelly," Sarah said. "Are you alright?"

"What?" I sat in my chair and watched Nikko walk to a table across the cafeteria. He was as fine as the day I last saw him, back in college.

"You are sitting there with a blank look on your face." Sarah followed my eyes across the room and nodded. "Oh he is hot. Do you know him?"

"I hung out with him in college. He majored in chemistry and played football."

"Did you date?"

"No. He was into cheerleaders and I was not one. But we were friends for a while. I always had a crush on him though."

"Go talk to him!"

"No. I couldn't"

Sara reached into her bag and fumbled around for a moment. She waved red lipstick in front of my face and said, "Yes you can. Put this on."

"What? No. I don't wear lipstick."

"You don't understand. This isn't lipstick; it is a side project that I have been working on for months. I call it Cupid's Arrow."

"What are you talking about?" Before I could protest, Sara reached across the table and painted my lips. The balm was sweet and had the taste of cherry bubblegum.

"It works just like the hunting scents we design for the company, but it works on humans. When you kiss him, it will set off a chain of chemical reactions throughout his body and melt him like butter. The poor guy won't know what hit him and he will do anything you say."

"Bullshit," I said. I had to admit, I liked the idea. I even wished it were true, but there was no way.

"I've already tested it. Don't believe me? Give it a try" Sarah placed a one hundred dollar bill on the table and crossed her arms.

"Fuck it. I am about to take your money." I headed in Nikko's direction.

My nerves were on edge as I got closer. He was eating a salad with dressing on the side and I guessed he had water in his glass. Nikko was always a health nut. And he still looked good; I could see the outline of his lean muscles through his shirt.

"Kelly?" Nikko said as I arrived. "Oh wow, I have not seen you in years."

"Hi Nikko," I said. I accepted his hug and we held each other for a long moment. He felt so good with his body pressed to mine. But my nerves failed me. I didn't know what else to say, so I placed a quick kiss on his neck and stepped away. "Hey, I am late and need to bet back to my office-"

"Wait, Kelly. We should do lunch, or dinner, or whatever you want."

"What did you just say?"

"I said, we can do whatever you want, Kelly"

I nodded and walked back to my friend; shock and disbelief crowded my mind.

Cupid's Arrow was the real thing. I tested it slowly by asking for lunch one day, chocolates the next, and a single rose later that week. Nikko agreed to each request and he was eager to please. I stepped up the game by asking for an expensive dinner at a popular suburban steakhouse. It was a great dinner followed by a movie and a sweet kiss goodnight. And of course, I kissed him with Cupid's Arrow. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, I got the nerve to ask him for what I was too afraid to ask back in college.

I wrapped my arms around his muscular shoulders and kissed those sexy full lips. His body was tense and he held me tight. His strong hands gripped my ass as we kissed for what seemed like forever. "Lick me," I said.

Nikko dropped to his knees and worked a special magic that sent heat throughout my body. I placed my hands on his shoulders and dug my nails into his flesh. He held me in place by my hips as his tongue danced in my privates and it felt so good that I swore my knees buckled. But the blissful rainbows of pleasures were tainted by imposing clouds of guilt. "Nikko, wait."

He paused for a moment, looked up into my eyes, and flashed a devilish grin. Before I knew what was happening, I was face down on the bed. My ass stung from a quick slap and Nikko placed his dick deep within me.

I rested on my elbows and matched his quick thrusts. God he felt so damn good and I almost forgot the guilt that was rushing over me. "Nikko wait," I struggled to say. "Oh God! Nikko wait, you don't know what you are doing."

He put one hand on my shoulder and the grabbed a handful of hair with the other. My head snapped back in his primal grip. "What, are you worried about Cupid's Arrow?" His breath was quick, matching his thrusts.

"How did you know about that?" I screamed as I began to explode from within.

"I know because I made that bullshit up," he pulled my hair even harder and I screamed again. "I saw you at work two weeks before you approached me."

"Oh God!"

"I told your little friend about knowing you from back in the day. I knew you had a thing for me, and I was definitely feeling you."

"What?" I could hardly breathe. His dick felt so good.

"We just figured you needed a little boost to make it happen," He moaned and lost his breath for a moment as he gripped my ass tighter. He rode harder and harder; his body spoke to me and let me know that I was his.

"There is no such thing as Cupid's Arrow?"

"No! He rode harder and his rhythm became erratic as he climaxed in lustful victory. Nikko's masterful manipulation and control excited me to death and I struggled to keep my senses.

I exploded from within and he held me tighter as I screamed and groaned before finally falling limp on the bed.

I rolled over onto my back and looked into those green eyes. I matched his smile and ran my hands across his chest. "Oh, I am going to kill that bitch."

Nikko and I spent the night wrapped in each other's arms.

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