Curing the Break Up Blues


Christine's pussy was driving me insane. Between the grinding motions and the deep, bouncing strokes, her very hot, very wet cunt was stimulating every square inch of my cock. I wanted to hold out until she reached her climax, I figured it would be the gentlemanly thing to do, but my cock wasn't going to be able much more of this treatment before I unloaded another large round of cum. Luckily, I didn't have to wait too long. I suppose the multiple sensations of feeling one person beneath her, driving a hard 8 inch cock into her, and having another person behind her, rubbing her clit and nibbling on her neck provided her with enough to reach her zenith. Again, I heard short, gasping breaths and rhythmic cries of "YES! YES! YES!" every time I hit bottom, and before long, I felt her pussy clamp down hard on me. She clenched me so tight that on the down strokes, my cock almost bent. My cock felt like it was pushing its way through a pinhole every time I drove inside of her, and that was all I could take. I felt fingernails digging into the flesh of my chest as Christine reached her climax and suddenly my cock was twitching as it unleashed its second round of cum for the night.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I began driving my hips up into the air, trying to ride out my orgasm. Our bodies crashed together repeatedly as shot after shot of cum exploded inside of the blonde vixen that was riding my cock.

This is where things get blurry. Either Christine fucked me so hard that the space-time continuum leapt forward a few minutes or I passed out from pleasure. Either way, the next thing I remember when my eyes finally readjusted and I re-gathered my senses, was seeing a mass of red hair buried in between two well-toned creamy thighs. I stared blankly for a few moments, trying to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing. Sure enough, Kendra was eating my cum from inside Christine's pussy.

I couldn't believe my luck. Where the hell had these women been all of my life? Was all of this actually happening or did someone put something in my drink at the bar making all of this just some very realistic hallucination? I rubbed my eyes and reached out a solitary hand to grab Kendra's ass. It felt firm and yet soft at the same time. Yes, this was definitely happening.

Not only was this actually happening, but also I looked down to notice that my cock was half-hard again and picking up steam. Never before or since have I been so proud of him.

I didn't waste any time. I still had one pussy left to fuck and I wasn't going to let this night end without experiencing all Kendra had to offer. I positioned myself behind the redhead as she continued to eat her friend's pussy and pulled her hips into the air and lined up my cock for penetration. As the head of my cock touched her lips, I looked up to see two sets of eyes gazing at me with lust and anticipation. I knew I was really going to enjoy this.

Now, I suppose the kind, thoughtful thing to do would be to slowly insert my cock and allow both of us to enjoy the sensations, but I wasn't really thinking about kindness or thoughtfulness at this point. All I was thinking about was fucking the living hell out of this woman. I quickly shoved everything I have inside of Kendra and heard a yelp as her hips involuntarily moved forward. I wasn't having any of that. I grabbed her hips and held them in place, and just as quickly as I had entered her, I pulled out leaving just the head in before plunging it back inside to the hilt. I was going to fuck this woman and I was going to fuck her hard. I had a feeling she could handle all I could give her. I began pounding my hips against her ass and very quickly realized that although she didn't quite have the control of her vaginal muscles that Christine did, her pussy gripped my cock much more tightly. I was in heaven. I reached forward and grabbed Kendra's shoulders and began pulling her entire body back against me as I thrust my hips forward. Our bodies were colliding together so loudly, it even muffled the sounds of our mutual cries and groans. I loved the feeling of my cock stretching her cunt open. I could feel her pussy being pushed open by the head of my cock with each forward thrust. She was even tighter than most of the coeds I fucked in college and was taking a hard fucking much better than any of them. Before long, I didn't have to pull her back against me, once I had set the rhythm, she took over and thrust her hips back at me without any further encouragement. I looked down at her perfect apple-shaped ass and enjoyed the wonderful sight of my cock disappearing inside of her. As a matter of fact, her ass was so nice to look at, as it rippled slightly from the force of our mutual thrusts, that I just had to give it some extra attention.

I raised a hand up and brought it crashing down across her right cheek. I heard a squeal that quickly turned into a lusty, guttural groan as her pussy involuntarily gave me a quick squeeze from the surprise smack. Not wanting to leave anyone out, I gave her pussy a few more thrusts before bringing my palm down across her left cheek. Again, a squeal and a groan but she didn't miss a beat. Her backward thrusts against my hips stayed in perfect rhythm. I was completely falling in lust with this woman.

I grabbed her hips and continued plowing my way into her tight pussy as fast and as hard as I could while I closed my eyes and let the sensations consume me. I got completely lost in my own little dream world for a few moments where nothing but the sensations of a tight, wet pussy firmly gripping my cock even existed. I was brought back to reality sometime later when I felt a hand on my face, wiping the sweat from my brow, and I opened my eyes to see Christine smiling at me. Each one of these women was commanding so much of my attention individually, I was repeatedly forgetting about one while I was interacting with the other. After wiping the sweat from my forehead, Christine spoke up.

"You shouldn't stop smacking her ass. She loves it when her ass is spanked until it's as red as her hair."

And with that, Christine brought an open palm down across Kendra's ass that again caught the redhead off guard and made her pussy momentarily clamp down upon me involuntarily. The sensation surprised me as well, and I had to quickly regain my composure, as I wasn't quite ready to release my third, and most likely, final orgasm of the night. As more of Christine's smacks landed on Kendra's ass, it seemed to drive the redhead crazy. I guess she did like to have her ass spanked as much as Christine said.

Kendra reached her hands out and grabbed two fists full of sheets as she groaned loudly between clenched teeth. Her backwards thrusts began coming at me so fast I just stopped and let her do all the work. It appeared her orgasm was approaching rapidly and Christine quickly laid down on her back, inched her way under her friends body and stuck out her tongue so that on every forward and backward thrust, Kendra's clit would graze across the extended tip. I just watched in amazement as one beautiful woman fucked me, taking my cock balls deep on every thrust, while her blonde friend stimulated her clit with her tongue.

At this point, I felt the familiar feelings of an approaching orgasm and since Kendra's was arriving very soon, I didn't fight the urge. A few strokes later and I was unloading another round of cum inside of another pussy. My orgasm reached me just moments before Kendra's apparently because she began howling as her pussy clenched my cock even tighter than before. I felt my entire body become weak and I had to lean forward and support myself on the bed with my arms as Kendra rode out the last of her orgasm. When her thrusts stopped, I collapsed backwards in total exhaustion. Oh, and I guess total satisfaction as well. The last thing I felt before drifting off to sleep was a soft, warm body curling up next to me as I drifted off to sleep.

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