tagGroup SexCvsN 13: Amie and Robin

CvsN 13: Amie and Robin

byTx Tall Tales©

A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *

Amie submits her 'resume', and the sister situation becomes more of an issue.

* * * *

Jim and Joe both decided to stay and help for the morning, so we headed back to what used to be the shop, and was now starting to shape up into a half-way decent place to put the daycare. We had some door-hanging to do, as well as some wiring and carpeting. The tasks around the place seemed endless.

I couldn't resist asking Jim what happened with him.

"Karen made it VERY clear. Robin was 100% off limits." He admitted.

"But I saw Robin head up there, what happened? I didn't hear any screaming, and everyone was alive this morning." I teased.

"This whole thing is so fucked up. Karen had already asked me if I'd fucked Robin. I told her of course not. I was with her, not her sister. I guess that was the right answer. She asked me what Robin had been up to, and I told her, and while I was doing that she took it on herself to try to fuck my brains out. She rode me like a cowgirl at the rodeo.

"Right at the end of it Robin walked in, and then apologized for busting in on us. Karen just told her to sit, then she finished getting me off, while Robin sat in a chair in the room. It was so hot, her watching us, I didn't last another minute." He sounded as incredulous as it seemed.

"Then they had an almost normal chat. Karen suggested I might want to take a shower, and while I did, I heard them getting a little louder, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. By the time I was done Robin was gone."

"So that didn't seem too weird, except for the part of Robin watching you guys." Joe chimed in, reminding us he was there.

"No, that wasn't too weird. But Karen started asking me if I wanted to do her sister."

"Not enough to mess up what we've got going," I told her.

"And what exactly do we have going?" She asked me.

"I'm not sure." I confessed, "But, God, please don't let it stop!"

"She laughed again, and got me worked up again. She likes to be on top a lot, and she rode me a long while, warning me not to screw with Robin, or she'd never touch me again."

I gave him a shot in the arm. "I warned you, didn't I? You got lucky on that one."

"No, that still wasn't the weird part," he answered. "This morning, I woke up and Robin was in bed on the other side of Karen and they were whispering. Then Karen got up to go to the bathroom, and Robin scooted over close to me and cuddled up next to me."

"Oh shit," I laughed at his predicament.

"I tried to pretend I was still half-asleep, but she started nibbling on my shoulder, and then when she reached for my cock, I had to get out of that bed before I was in hot water. I mean boiling water. I stood there beside the bed, hard, with a half-naked girl in the bed, and scared. Then Karen was beside me, and she led me back to bed."

"It's Ok," she told me, and then Robin stroked my cock up and down. Like after just a couple of strokes I was almost ready to come. Then Karen said enough, and she climbed on top of me, and started to fuck me, but shit, I was so worked up, if I didn't have to take a wicked piss, I would have come immediately. As it was I only lasted a little while, and as soon as I came, I had to hurry and take a leak - I swear I almost pissed in her."

"What did Robin do?" Joe asked.

"Nothing. She just stroked me, and then Karen did me, and Robin watched. Didn't say nothing. Didn't touch either of us. What do you think it means?" He asked us.

I laughed. "I have no idea. Welcome to the world of women. Who can figure out what the fuck is going on inside their heads? If you want to, you might just ask Karen. Or just wait and see. But I wouldn't do anything with Robin, without Karen's direct say-so. Capiche?"

"Shit," he mumbled, and we just laughed. He couldn't help it and pretty soon we were all laughing at his plight.

Joe had to leave before lunch, and we never really did talk much about the night before. Jim and I broke for lunch, and we decided to call it a day for the garage. We gave the girls a tour of our 90% complete job before we had our sandwiches. It really was starting to shape up.

After lunch things got weird again. Beth headed out to her parent's house and reminded me that I was to join them around 5:30pm. Like I was looking forward to that. Then Jim headed home, and Karen took her sister across town to get the last of her things. It was just me and Debbie, and I was thinking of having a little playtime to ourselves, but she was headed out to do some shopping, and was taking the little ones for some ice-cream and a play-date with some friends from school.

Just like that it went from a house full, to just me.

So I decided to kick back, and watch the Orioles on TV. It was a treat.

"Hey handsome," a voice nudged me out of my dreams. The sudden earthquake evaporated and I looked up not recognizing what I was seeing. A big pair of glasses. Brown eyes. Reddish brown hair.

"Where is everyone?" she asked.

Amie. That was her name.

"Hi Amie. Nobody here. I guess I must have napped watching the game." I suddenly started, wondering what time it was. I looked around almost frantically. "Shit, what time is it?"

"About 3:30 I guess," Amie said.

"Oh! Ok, thanks," I breathed a sigh of relief.

Amie was sitting next to me. Close. Real close.

"This is the first time I've seen you that you weren't surrounded by your harem," she said, laughingly.

"No kidding. This place is Grand Central Station, although I wouldn't call it a harem." I told her, turning off the TV with the remote. "Hell, looks like Karen got herself a boyfriend, which I guess it probably for the best, and her sister is certainly not part of my 'harem'."

"Cool. Sounds like you might have an opening." She edged closer, turning a bit towards me. "Are you interviewing?"

She said it teasingly, but her offer seemed to be genuine. I looked her over. So slender; she was wearing a short skirt, almost a mini-skirt, and a tight scoop-neck shirt. She looked tasty.

While I was looking her over, she leaned into me, her hand on my chest. I was at a loss for words.

"I know. I'm a skinny boy compared to Beth and Debbie." She sounded almost forlorn.

"No. You're beautiful. But I'm sort of committed to them right now." I told her.

"Beth thinks it would be cool. Us, I mean. It would be cool." She said leaning into me even more, much of her weight on my shoulders, and she was half-way into my lap.

"You're kidding, right?" I told her, my arms wrapping around her of their own volition.

"Nope. She asked me if I was going to sleep with you when we were all doing the daycare. She thought I should." She leaned forward and let her lips brush mine. Strawberry. "Should I?"

My answer was a long warm kiss, that raised a passion inside of me I would have thought was taken care of the night before. Her ass felt great in my hands. Then she was straddling me, and she pulled her shirt off over her head. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra, and the smallish mounds were topped with the most picture perfect nipples, hard as diamonds against my tongue. She smelled wonderful, my nose buried in the valley of her breasts, and I breathed deep.

She pulled away and I raised my hips while she pulled my shorts down, taking my boxers with them. Without warning or hesitation, she put her mouth over the top of my cock, and tongued the head, while her slender cool hands toyed with my balls, caressing them, feeling their heft. I don't know how much experience she had with men, but I know she was pretty damn comfortable sucking my cock. She went at it with a frenzied zest, pleasuring me shamelessly. It was only the third or fourth time I'd ever talked to this girl, and I was about to empty a load in her warm and inviting mouth. Hell, I'd been half-asleep 10 minutes ago.

I considered warning her, but instead just held her face, while I gave up her well-earned reward. She took every drop I offered, and never even slowed down. I was a little sensitive, but now she was gentle, using her tongue and lips to keep me from getting soft. First sucking me clean, then laving my shaft with her tongue and gently coaxing the steel back into my rod. I was soon as hard as ever, and I watched in amazement as she stood up and reached under her skirt, pulling off her panties. She pulled her skirt up just enough to straddle me comfortably, and lowered her tight little twat onto my awaiting staff. She just eased herself down, oh so slowly. When I was buried inside her, she closed her eyes and breathed a sigh.

We hadn't spoken a word since our first kiss.

"I just had to see if I could take it. You're so much bigger than my boyfriend was."

"Seems like a perfect fit." I told her.

"Doesn't it? Made for each other." She said with a satisfied tone to her voice.

Slowly, so slowly, she worked her way up and down my shaft, fucking herself deeply and thoroughly. She seemed content with that, but it wasn't long before I needed more, needed to assert myself. She allowed me to place her on her back, and fuck her hard and deep. Pulling out, to the sound of her saddened moan, I reached down and slid her skirt off of her, leaving her naked except for her Keds. Her eyes burned with need as she spread her legs wider, holding them just behind the knees. I took my stiff rod in hand, and introduced him back to that sweet young twat. She responded eagerly, thrusting back against my thrusts, taking as much of me as she possibly could.

God, she felt great. But I still wanted more. I positioned her again, kneeling on the couch, her arms and head over the back. I stood behind her and found the position ideal. Her long legs provided just enough rise; I didn't have to bend down too much to enter her. I looked down at her long slender torso stretching away from me. I could see where her skin had rubbed against the edge of the cushions, leaving red marks streaking across her shoulders and lower back, just where her hips swelled out.

Holding her lean hips, her hip-bones like handles in my hands, I pulled her forward and back countering my thrusts, as I revelled in the feeling of fucking this pretty teen. I closed my eyes, losing myself in my senses, my entire being distilled down to the length of meat drilling her slippery tunnel. My sensitivity was increasing, I could feel the tug of her nether-lips holding me, resisting each outward pull. I was long-stroking her, pulling out until my head was barely nestled in her warmth, her walls pressing against the sensitive crest. I'd push steadily, burying my meat, letting the tightness slide up my shaft up to within an inch of my balls.

I had to stop, or come, and I didn't want to come yet.

I pulled out and when she turned around, seemingly ready for anything, I helped her up. She stood there, tall, skinny, her skin gleaming, her nipples bright red and amazingly hard. The hollow of her belly, the little pooch at the bottom, and the ridges of her ribs showing just got me hotter and hotter. Her eyes were bright, curious, her lips inviting. I had to taste her lips again, and kissed her briefly, just teasing myself.

I sat, out on the edge of the couch, and invited her aboard. She smiled beautifully, and straddled me again. She felt so warm, against my cooling flesh, as I was engulfed by her young, lightly furred pussy. I gazed into her youthful face, so smooth and open. I pulled her face to mine, kissing her deeply. She rocked back and forth on my cock. My hands explored her body, slowly caressing her, toying with her tits, squeezing her delicious ass cheeks.

I stretched out under her and let her fuck me again. I was getting close once more, and was ready to finish with her. She was breathing heavily, working hard to get me off. She was moaning for me, screwing me wonderfully. I wanted it. I wanted her to feel my hot cum bathing her insides.

I grabbed her ass, holding it tight, as I thrust viciously, closer and closer. She hunched over, her moans cut off as her mouth bit down on my shoulder. She bit hard as she came on my cock, flooding me with her juices. I'd never known a girl to get so wet when she came. The wetness and the new sound of my slamming into her soaking pussy was enough to send me over the edge, and I followed within moments, my hips thrusting halfway to the ceiling, almost tossing her.

I came down from my sexual high, holding her close, while I caught my breath, and allowed my heart to gradually ease back to a more human speed.

"That was amazing," she whispered to me.

Her voice cut through my lust clouded mind.

What the hell was I doing? Fucking this kid in my house? I could barely keep up with Beth and Debbie, never mind the occasional toss with Karen and Cathy. Yet the first cutie to offer herself to me, I roll over for like a dog.

"I'm sorry," I told her releasing her and easing her off me. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Why not? That was great!" She argued, her hand fluttering across my chest.

"It was wonderful, you were wonderful, but I'm in a relationship," I confessed.

"I don't mind. Really. I share nice too." She teased, reaching lower, her finger toying with my wet, limp cock.

I reluctantly dragged myself away from her, before her soft touch had me going again. "It's not my call to make. I mean that was incredible, really, but I shouldn't have done that."

"Yes, you should have. And Beth wanted me to get with you."

"Let's get you dressed. Anyone could be here any moment. And Beth and Debbie and I need to have a long talk, long before they see you naked around here."

"So you think you might see me naked around here again?" she asked, as she tugged her panties back up her legs, trapping my dripping cum.

"You are a gorgeous, sweet girl, and it must be obvious how much I enjoyed that. If it's alright with Beth and Debbie, I'd certainly love a repeat, but I don't want to be doing this behind their back. Doing it today was wrong. Not because of you, but because of me, and my commitments to them." I was almost fully dressed by the time I got it all out.

I sat down to put my shoes back on, which I had kicked off at some point, and she sat next to me, cuddling up. She had her skirt back on but was still naked from the waist up.

"I won't push it," she told me, while applying kisses to my shoulders and neck that contradicted her words. "But the offer is open. That was really nice, and I get wet and tingly all over thinking of doing you with Beth along to watch and help."

I was finally able to shoo Amie out of the house, and I was feeling immensely guilty. What had I been thinking?

Not too much time for that though, I still had to clean up and head over to Beth's house for the evening.

* * *

The less said about that ordeal the better.

I wasn't really sure what she had told her parents, but over appetizers, I came to understand that they believed she was living in my house platonically, and that we had two other room-mates.

They were interested in finding out more about this notion of hers of leaving her job and starting a day-care on my property. What did I know about the business? Who was this "Debbie" that was going to be her partner? How were we going to come up with the start-up capital? Was I trying to stop her from going to college in the fall? How would this affect her swimming aspirations?

Damn. A lot of questions. But at least ones I could answer for the most part.

The conversation carried over to a good, if not inspired dinner. Of course, I was getting spoiled by Debbie's unreasonably outstanding culinary arts. We talked about the separate building, the business plan, the financing by subdividing and taking out a mortgage on the business part of the property. Talking numbers seemed to make Beth's father, George, feel better. The more numbers the better. I even invited him over to take a look at the place.

Beth's mother on the other hand wasn't so easy to take care of. She wasn't a bad looking woman, carrying a few extra pounds but wearing them pretty well. I could see where Beth had gotten some of her looks from. The rest must have been from the mailman, her old man was down right butt-ugly.

Susan grilled me on the living arrangements. I explained about my room downstairs, and the rooms upstairs for the women. She wanted to know more about the kids. Beth volunteered some information, but Susan wanted to hear it from me, so I expanded on what she had said.

"So, are you dating?" she asked me. "Or are one of these women your girlfriend?"

"I'm not really in a single, serious relationship," I answered, not quite lying. I was actually in at least two. "We do go out some, and I feel a little weird acting like the man about the house for two six-year olds, but we've only been in the house a few weeks now, and life is too hectic to be running around getting involved in dating now."

Of course, they had to know that Beth and I had gone out several times before this whole house-thing had started, but blessedly that didn't come up at the table.

Dinner was mercifully short, and George and I retired to the den while the women cleaned up.

He offered me a drink, and as I sipped on the Scotch and water, he broke the ice again.

"Three women under one roof, and two of them divorced. I don't know whether to envy you, or feel sorry for you." His laugh sounded a bit forced.

"Well, one of them is dating right now, and that may help a bit, but her sister wants to move in for the summer, as if I didn't have enough estrogen in the building." I answered, smiling.

"Once they've been in there a while, and they all get on the same cycle, you may want to move out to that daycare building for one week out of the month."

We both got a chuckle out of that one.

"She's going to college in the fall." He told me abruptly.

"I know she'd applied," I told him.

"Applied, hell! She's got two scholarships for swimming. She turned down Florida for GW. Now George Washington is a great school, and their program is excellent - but Florida? A top 5 school, and a full ride at that? Did you have anything to do with that?" He seemed a little agitated.

"God's honest truth, George, I never heard a word about it until now." I told him honestly. "George Washington is supposed to be a terrific school, though. Maybe it's the academics." I answered.

"That's what she said," he muttered. "How can she turn down a $20,000 dollar a year scholarship, where she'll be the top dog, to move to Florida, and be lucky to swim until her junior year?"

"I don't know much about the swimming world. I think you'll just have to trust her on this one." I told him.

"Yeah, but it's hard. She's our baby. Only child. I only want the best for her," he told me.

"Can't do much better than that, school wise." I answered.

"There is that. She's talking about a Masters in Education. I certainly couldn't afford it on my own."

The women broke in around then, and Beth reminded them that we both had to work the next day. She had swimming at 5:30 am. It was time to move on.

George seemed reasonably calm about the whole thing, but on the way out the door Susan tugged me aside for just a second, and whispered in my ear, "Don't you dare break her heart."

She didn't say it in a joking or even friendly manner.


* * *

When I got home, there was an almost palpable chill in the air. The living room was empty. Beth's car wasn't there yet, so the talk I was hoping to have with her would have to wait.

I found Debbie in the kitchen. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Don't tell me what you guys had for dinner, I'll probably end up crying." I teased her.

"Survived the event, did you?" She asked concernedly.

"Barely, but the Mom has her claws out."

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