tagMind ControlCynthia Visits An Adult Theater

Cynthia Visits An Adult Theater


(This story is dedicated to CH, a wonderful friend with a vivid imagination.)

It has been said there is a first time for everything, and Cynthia found that out first hand.

A first date, a first kiss, a first romantic escapade in the tight quarters of the back seat of a car.

Thrilling firsts, but nothing like the first time Cynthia visited an adult movie theater. She probably never would have gone if it were not for a new sense of sexual desire and adventure she had been feeling for the past few weeks. Cynthia had some sort of a new awakening; it was almost as if some force field had taken over her brain. She had no reason why the new attitude had appeared, but it drove her to do some things she never in the past would have thought of doing in her prim and proper past.

The adult movie theatre was not the usual sleazy, run of the mill type usually associates with sex movies. It was located just off the main shopping district, and Cynthia was surprised on several fronts when she got the nerve to enter. She marveled at how clean it was inside, and noticed a number of women with men and a few men and women by themselves.

The older man who sold her a ticket did give her a bit of the shivers as he leered at her, still she relaxed as she found her way into the dark theater. Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness she found a seat in a semi-secluded area. There was no one sitting near her except for a tall muscular, rugged looking guy who looked from the side to her to be in his 30's. Several rows away there were some couples and a few individuals watching the movie.

She noticed the nearby guy was wearing a dark gasoline station shirt and jeans, and had his attention riveted on the screen. He appeared oblivious to his surroundings, focusing his attention on the big screen. Something deep in the recesses of her mind drew her eyes, and her body, toward the man.

The movie started out rather slowly with the characters actually trying to put on a show with a plot. Of course the only plot was dirty, raunchy, hard and sensual sex. And after awhile it started to become gradually more sexually explicit and Cynthia found herself becoming very aroused by what was taking place on the screen.

Her heightened sexual feelings made her realize her surroundings and she happened to look over and see a very large bulge in the younger man's pants. She thought to herself that his cock must be very large to make such a lump in his jeans. She felt herself drawn to this cock near her. She became very aroused by the movie, and by the real life man.

In one fleeting moment, she saw a name stitched on his shirt: Rick.

* * *

Rick came to this movie theatre about once a week for several months. The flicks were a real turn-on, and he always managed to stroke his cock and cum at least once, sometimes twice. He once in a while got lucky and was able to see a couple in the audience messing around. On one such occasion the guy fingered his girlfriend, who later reciprocated by bending her head into her boyfriend's lap and quickly sucking him off. Rick came using his hand almost at the same time the guys shot off in his girlfriend's mouth. It was awesome.

This time he just got settled when a foxy looking older woman took the seat close to him. She was dressed conservatively yet sexy in her own way. Though it was dark in the theater, he could see that her blouse showed off her ample tits and a loose, short skirt made her legs tantalizing, especially when the tops of her nylons and the bottom of her garter belt came into view.

He watched the movie but at time stole glances as the nearby woman. She seemed in a trance, watching the action on the big screen. As the movie went on his arousal escalated. His hand brushed against his jeans, and he felt his cock lengthen. On one occasion he snuck a glance and the girl, and there might have met except for the fact that he caught her looking directly at his crotch.

The fact that she was staring at him added to his arousal. He decided that if she were looking at him, he'd give her a show. So without a look in her direction he slowly undid his zipper and took out his cock. His cock sprang to attention.

* * *

Cynthia saw him pulling his dick out of his pants. She felt like she was watching a very personal moment of sexual expression and this heightened her sexual feelings to a fevered pitch. She squirmed a bit in her seat as he slowly stroked his dick.

Something came over her. The feeling drew her toward the back of the theatre. In an instant she left her seat and headed toward the women's room. There she removed her frilly red panties and then escaped from her lacy red bra and put them in her purse. Naked underneath her street clothes she returned to her seat in the darkened theater.

* * *

Rick was disappointed when he watched the gorgeous blonde leave her seat and thought she was offended and had left because he pulled out his cock. But, eyes watching him or not, he was horny.

With her gone he felt less inhibited and started stroking his long thick cock. Then she returned, and he slowed his pace. Soon though, his excitement returned.

* * *

Cynthia found her new seat --- her mind drew her a bit closer to the guy she knew now as Rick --- and as she sat down she glanced over and saw the young guy rubbing his hand up and down his huge prick. The sight made her weak in the knees. Something told her to be bad. Very bad.

Once sitting her hand reached up under her short pleated skirt and she began caressing her soaked pussy. She immodestly moved her skirt up higher and slid her fingers between her swollen nether lips.

The action on the screen heated up. Two younger men were seducing an older woman. They were naked and the porn star was kissing one man while the other knelt in front of her licking her wet pussy. The man she is kissing reached down and fondled and later sucked on her breasts.

The actress reached down to stroke his thick cock and inadvertently brushed the oozing cock tip against the face of the man eating her out. She took the man's head with her other hand and turns it from her pussy to the cock. She brushed it against his lips and whispered: "Suck this cock for me".

Cynthia was breathless at the red hot action on the screen. It aroused something deep within her that she had never felt before. Why she didn't know, it was as if she had lost control of her emotions and to some extent her will.

Her hand slowly massaged her very wet, very swollen pussy. She heard a noise from beside her and looks to see the young Rick stroking his huge cock and giving the odd moan of pleasure. Before she realized what she was doing she moved to the seat beside him and lowered her head on his massive prick. He was so surprised that her mouth closed over the bulbous head and thick shaft before he could react.

Rick couldn't believe what was happening. The gorgeous blonde woman had moved to sit beside him in a dark movie theater and she had his cock in her mouth, sucking and slurping on it like an old friend. "God," he thought, "it feels so good." Her lips and mouth were soft and wet. He reached out to grab the back of her head and moved it slowly up and down on his rigid prick. He felt her reach a hand down between his legs to fondle his heavy sac. One of his hands caressed her face as she mouth fucked him.

He could not stand any more excitement, he was very close to shooting in the Cynthia's mouth. And while he wanted to, he also didn't want the excitement to end so quickly. Soon he lifted her head off of his penis. He leaned forward to kiss luscious mouth, tasting the residue of his pre-cum. Then he whispered in her ear, "Meet me in the men's washroom in two minutes".

Cynthia could not believe her ears. He wanted her to meet him in the washroom. She didn't even know his name.

Despite her nervousness, she nodded yes as he tucked his cock back in his pants and stood up. She moved her legs sideways to let him pass, and sat feeling wetness between her legs. She knew she would go to him. She needed to feel him inside her, taking her with that nice big cock.

She looked around, got up, and strode slowly toward the back of the theater without looking back. Still, she felt the eyes of several men on her as she left the dark room. She emerged from darkness and noticed the sign just at the end of the foyer area. While she had visited the women's room, she hadn't seen the men's room. Finally she noticed a red curtain which covered the hallway leading to the men's room. She was relieved that the foyer was deserted and there was at least no risk of anyone from the foyer seeing her enter the men's room.

She stood for a moment in the darkened hallway just outside the men's room. Torn but knowing for sure she what waited inside for her. She entered the bathroom and walks past the urinals to the stall door where he stood. He led her into the small toilet area, closing the door behind. They embraced and kissed passionately. Tongues met and explored. His hands squeezed and fondled her sensitive breasts, sending shivers of delight through her body. She reached down and freed his big cock from his jeans. Running her hand along its length, her need for him reaches a fevered pitch. She turned and raised her skirt to show him her bare ass, adorned only by the black straps of her garter belt, and when she bent over further, a dripping wet pussy came into view.

He needed no further urging. Moving behind her, he thrust once and buried his straining penis deep into her waiting pussy doggie style. It felt marvelous. She thrust her hips back to meet his pushes and encouraged him to really fuck her. Her hands were firmly on the wall in front of her, and he responded to her movements by grabbing her hips and pumping his thickness deep into her hot wet hole faster and faster. His hands gripped her hips and he pulled her back onto his cock with wild abandon.

Cynthia thought to herself that she had never been fucked like this before. She matched his penetrating rhythm stroke for stroke, getting hotter and wetter with the naughty action. It wasn't long before she felt herself getting ready to explode.

She reached between her legs to massage and fondle his heavy, hanging ball sac. No sooner did she start to milk him for his load of cum when she felt his cock head swell inside her. Her orgasm was upon her and just as he rose on his toes to release his thick white cum inside her she exploded on his cock. Her juices soaked him and her thighs and slowly dripped to the toilet and floor to be mixed with his oozing strands of cock juice.

He collapsed over her back and they leaned against the stall wall trying to recover from their incredible moment of passion. Suddenly Cynthia realized where she was and what nasty thing she had just done with a total stranger. She stood, pulled her skirt down and slid around the man. Without saying a word, she quickly opened the stall door and rushed from the men's room, directly past a man on his way inside.

She went into the woman's room, standing in front of the sink to see her flushed cheeks in the mirror. She straightened her blouse and skirt, and then brushed her hair to make herself presentable.

As she left the adult movie theatre Cynthia wondered how she could have acted the way she did, so wanton, such a slut. But she felt a deep sense of sexual satisfaction from her unusual tryst.

While walking to her car she heard a familiar voice.

"Hi Cynthia! Did you enjoy the movie?" exclaimed a chuckling voice.

Oh my god, she thought, it was Rob, the guy who sells computer equipment to her company. He lived in another state, but his territory brought him to her building a couple times a month. What was he doing here?

"Uh, well, hi Rob, maybe I should ask you the same thing!" she finally replied, her face flush in embarrassment.

"Well, I won't be getting home until late, and my wife hasn't been in the mood much lately, so I figured I would stop off and watch some porno and take matters into my own hands," he matter of factly said, but knowing that the pills he slipped her on his last visit to her office had done the intender trick. "Boy was I surprised to see you here."

"It was my first time," blurted out the blushing woman.

Didn't he know it! Cynthia had always been the picture of perfection, a sweet, innocent secretary. Rob had gotten to know her and had even bought her coffee on his monthly trips to sell equipment to her boss. When a friend had told him about the "special" pills he had brought back from Paris, he quietly calculated that Cynthia would be the perfect recipient of them.

His friend had told him of the pill's power. Once taken, a subliminal suggestion was planted in the person's brain. They went into a parallel state of sorts. They would seem normal to even the closest of friends. But when the special phrase was uttered by the "mentor" --- Rob in this case --- the victim would be under their spell for about two hours. Best yet, they wouldn't remember a thing about what they had done!

In the parking lot Rob knew the pills and his suggestions had been effective. She was on her way home when he called her cell phone and suggested she go to the adult movie theater. That she sit near a young man and become a wonton woman with him. She had, and the bathroom rendezvous was exciting to hear. He heard them getting it on and he knew she enjoyed it. Just as he had programmed. Just as the pills were designed. By consuming the pills, she had become under his spell, almost in a hypnotic trance. He still couldn't believe his magic words prompted such lewd behavior.

The two looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Finally, Rob asked Cynthia to go for a walk. She nodded yes, and they strolled around Main Street, talking about this and that but feeling a sort of tension between them. She knew he was married, he knew she was engaged, but nothing mattered as they walked.

Near the coffee shop he pulled her toward him and gently kissed her. Her kiss back was intense. "I am so hot for you. I know what you did back there, and it was awesome."

Cynthia was speechless. She was still on fire from her recent romp, and her thighs tingled, her breasts heaved.

He looked her in the eyes, and then quietly said. "I want you, now".

She smiled. "Where?" No question, she was still under the spell of the pills.

He looked around the street and led her toward an alley behind the local clothing store. There, with a small dumpster somewhat guarding a full few from the street, he leaned her again the building. At once he began fondling her tits, massaging them slowly, while he intensely kissed her.

The two began grinding midsections and their desire overcame any thought of modesty or discovery. Cynthia moaned as he opened two buttons of her blouse and reached inside to get a passionate grip on her heaving breasts.

She felt so wanton in the alley, cum slipping out of her hot wet pussy from Rick while Rob was rubbing her tits. Soon, he hand left her tits and made it's way under her skirt and slowly, tantalizingly, up her creamily wet, sticky thighs. Soon it reached her wet pussy, and began stroking it.

It didn't take much, and soon Cynthia came...again. Two men in two unusual locations in view of others, all in less than an hour and a half. She hadn't been with two men all year and now in a matter of 90 minutes she had.

Rob wasn't done with the woman, and despite their location he wanted more.

Once her breathing got somewhat back to normal, her mind told her to drop to her knees. She unzipped his fly, pulled his hard dick out of his pants, and began to suck the tip of the long, slim cock. He oohed as she licked it, and moaned as she began sucking it. It wasn't as big as Rick's, but it was longer.

Her head bobbed slowly up and down on his dick. Her mouth was intent on satisfying him, but he had other ideas. He lifted the girl off her knees and kissed her mouth, lifting her skirt. Leaning her back against the wall, he rubbed his hard dick against her pussy, up and down slowly, and then inserted his cock into her.

He lifted her a bit for a better angle, and then began taking sloppy seconds from the woman against the wall.

"Take that, Cynthia, I'm fucking you!" was all he could muster in words. She didn't mind, moaning that his cock felt wonderful. The grinding continued just yards from holiday shoppers walking by for several minutes before the girl said she was cumming. One couple caught them in the act and watched the debauchery.

Rob saw them and waved, much to their embarrassment. He continued to rut in and out of the woman, harder and harder. He knew her time under his spell was nearing an end, so he worked to fuck her while he could.

"Here I cum too" added the man, who lifted the girl off her feet while fucking her wet slot. He pushed up into her pussy, and soon ejaculated a steady stream of cum. Her pussy was filled with Rob's new sperm and the residue of Rick's load.

The two collapsed again the wall, holding each other tight. After a bit, she slid off his shrunken dick, and again smoothed down her skirt before buttoning her blouse. He zipped up, they kissed, and then they walked hand in hand to her car.

"That was fantastic, Cynthia. I'm so glad I caught you in the theater!"

"Yes, that was great! It will be our little secret, right Rob?" she asked. "I'm so glad you caught me here."

"Uh huh." The pills had worked better than he could have imagined. He knew he had to leave quickly, because the effects of the pills would soon wear off. His only disappointment was that the pills only worked on an individual once before their immune system rejected them. She thanked him now, but soon she would have no knowledge of the actions of the night.

Still, it sparked him into thinking about his next conquest.

The two left in separate automobiles. He with a big smile on his face, while she was smiling too. Cindy headed for home to make dinner and a quiet evening.

As she drove, she was distracted by the soreness of her pussy. She wondered why it tingled and was so sticky for no apparent reason.

He was thinking of who might next sample his pills.

Ah, the wonders of modern medicine.

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