Cynthia's Submission Ch. 02


There are few adult stores to choose from in the city, and I simply decided on the one that seemed the most classy and least dingy. I had also been inside this store before, only once or twice however, but I hardly knew my way around. Because of the amount of items I had to purchase, and the specific details Sage gave me, I knew it would take me a while to find everything that was left on the list. Upon entering the shop, I did as I had in the hardware store, and began to wonder the aisles of the store in search of exactly what I was looking for. The first item I came across was the blindfold, and not too much further I was able to locate the ball gag and the lube. I made sure that the gag I grabbed was the largest, red gag they had in stock; I did not want to disappoint my mistress, even if it did look mighty large and wouldn't fit in my mouth. Continuing on, I made my way over to the selection of dildos and vibrators the store had displayed on the back wall. I strolled back and forth in front of the wall making sure to take my time to find the dildo that best fit the description given by Sage. It was sort of overwhelming to see the wide variety of choices, but within moments I found the perfect match. The item I chose was a jelly style dildo and was indeed hot pink. The packaging listed it at eight inches long, and to make it more realistic it even had a pair of balls attached to it; my pussy just dripped from looking at it, and I could not wait to find out what Sage's plans were for it.

With two items left to pick up I strolled further down the wall finding the anal toys. The selection of butt plugs wasn't as vast as the dildo selection, so it took me no time at all to locate the right plug for the job. Even though I have never used a butt plug before, let alone done anything remotely close to anal sex, I was aware of the different sizes of plugs available and made a choice of a basic black plug with a relative wide flare; it definitely wasn't the largest, but was far from being the smallest. The remaining item on my list was the strap-on harness, and selecting it took me some time. Due to the many different varieties and styles, I made sure to peruse through them in an attempt to pick out the one that best fit with the rest of my previous purchases. After a couple of minutes studying the different harnesses, I finally decided on one with thin black, leather straps with metal button clasps. Satisfied, I proceeded to the checkout counter and paid for my purchases.

The clerk ringing me up was a middle aged man who seemed to care less about what I was buying, and even looked bored to be there. Only if he knew that I was a teacher and buying these items under the orders of my mistress, who happened to also be my student. Oh well, his loss; if only he asked, I may have told him.

Finishing my transaction at 6:15 pm, I grabbed my new bag full of goodies, and headed out of the store while pulling out my phone to call Sage. After two rings, and as I was pushing the shop door open to the parking lot, she answered.

"Hello, my little sub slut. How did your shopping go?"

"Hello mistress, my shopping went very well; I was able to purchase everything on the list, and only had to go to three stores to get them."

"Very good, this pleases me to hear. Now I have one last task for you to complete tonight before you get home and print out you report card for your fridge. I order you to remove your clothes while standing outside of your car in whichever of the store parking lots you currently are in and then drive to the nearest gas station. Once there you will use your cell phone to snap a picture of you pumping gas in the nude, making sure to get the pump handle in the picture. When you finish filling up your tank you are then to get back into your car, send me the picture, and make your way home while remaining naked for the rest of the night. Do you understand slut?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, have a great night, and I will be waiting to see your gas station photo. Oh, and remember you are not to pleasure yourself without my permission."

Sage hung up the phone after her last statement and left me to ponder how to best complete my new task for the night. It did not take me long to just shrug my shoulders and place my bag inside my car, before quickly stripping down and hopping inside. I pulled out of the lot and headed towards the first gas station on my way home. In only two minutes I reached the gas station, and it was then when I realized just how lit up the gas station actually was. Though the sun had set the entire lot was bright and very open to the street, and because it was only six twenty, there were plenty of people out and about. I nervously pulled up to a gas pump that faced away from the street and was situated on the backside of the main shop, providing at least a bit of privacy. I reached over to the passenger seat to grab my debit card and phone before taking a few deep breathes to clam my nerves and exiting the safety of my car. I immediately became aware of just how exposed I was and I almost backed out, but was able to battle through my nerves and proceeded with my task. Trying to get done as quickly as possible, I swiped my card at the pump and soon began pumping gas into my tank. Watching the gallons turn on the pump I remembered what my main task was and flipped open my phone to capture a picture of me pumping gas to send to Sage. Luckily, I was able to get a good picture on my first attempt and not to soon after my tank was full. The whole time I was completely focused on the task and didn't even bother to look around. I figured it would be best for me not to know how many people saw me and not to linger to long.

After replacing the nozzle, I opened my car door and slid into my seat were I immediately noticed how aroused I had became. I could feel the slickness of my juices on the leather upholstery of the seat and it took all I had to not just bring myself off right then and there. With the restraint of a nun, I sped out of the gas station and made my way home. As I drove, I sent over the picture I had taken to Sage, but unfortunately did not receive a response back. On my drive home I began to think back on the day's events and soon found that I had reached my drive way before I knew it.

Opening my garage, I pulled my car inside and began to gather my new purchases as well as my clothes. Not wanting to expose myself in public again, I chose to close the garage door before I exited the car and made my way inside my house with bags in hand. Inside I sat my bags down on the kitchen counter, and eagerly made my way to my computer to print out my report card. To my dismay my computer was turned off so and I had to reboot it. As I waited for my computer to load up I threw my clothes into the hamper and began to unpack my new items. With everything opened and laid out on my bed, I went back to my computer and logged on to my e-mail. I had one new message and it was the one I was hoping to see. Opening it up, I saw a brief message from Sage as well as three attachments; I was only expecting the one picture, so the other attachments spurred my curiosity. I read the message first to gather any information, it was as follows:


I am pleased to see that all went well at the gas station, and I'm sure that it took a lot of courage to complete such a difficult task. As you may have noticed there are three attachments with this e-mail; the first is your report card which you must print out and post on your fridge, the second is your cell phone picture which I thought you would like to have as your desktop wallpaper, and the final attachment is my instructions for you tomorrow. Have a good night my slut, I will see you in the morning.

Mistress Sage"

Excited to read Sage's instructions of me for the following day I quickly opened the first attachment containing my report card and printed it out. I must say that seeing myself on top of my desk at school nude, and with letter grades on each cheek I was impressed with how slutty I looked. With my report card finished printing I downloaded the next attachment which was the picture I sent to Sage from the gas station. Upon opening the attachment, I realized I never actually looked at it close enough to see how it looked. With it blown up to cover my computer's desktop, I could easily make out that there was a very shocked looking lady standing two gas pumps down from me. I can't believe someone actually saw me; god that makes me so wet to think about. Once I got over that thought and successfully made the picture my wallpaper, I finally opened the last attachment with my mistress' instructions; which I carefully read through multiple times.

"Well my little sub slut, it seems that you are progressing rather quickly into my complete submissive; and if I am not mistaken I do believe you are enjoying yourself. As for tomorrow, you are to wear your newly acquired skirt, heels, and thigh highs to school without panties of course. You are to also wear a dark blue blouse tucked into the skirt with the top three buttons unfastened, and if you hadn't guessed already you are not wear a bra. Also, you are to bring along with you, inside of a duffel bag of some sort, the rest of the items you purchased tonight minus the rope, chains, and locks. I expect you to arrive at school by 5:45am, and meet me at the front entrance way were I will give you further instructions.

P.S. You are not to play with yourself until I have specifically told you to. Sleep well my slut."

I was shocked to read that Sage wanted me to wear my newly acquired skirt and stockings to school tomorrow; the skirt was a good three inches shorter than the one I wore to school today and would by far catch the eyes of everyone. Just walking in that skirt would cause the tops of the stockings to show, especially in those four inch heels. Luckily, it is a pencil skirt, which means I won't have to worry about it riding up when I walk. Thinking about how naughty and slutty I will look already started to cause my pussy to flood. Even though I was a bit scared at the thought of having to be at school all day wearing so little, I knew that there was no way I would not do as Sage commanded.

Knowing that I was not permitted to pleasure myself, I thought it best to get my things together for the morning, and get a good night's sleep; being a good sub slut tires you out, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I grabbed my gym bag out of the hall closet and proceeded to put in the supplies that Sage requested I bring with me tomorrow. Carefully, I took each item out of its original case and placed them into the bag; each time I opened a new item I would become further aroused. With the bag packed I set it by the door to the garage and went back to my bedroom to set out my clothes for school. Since the outfit only consisted of four items, three of which were already together, I was able to manage it in no time at all. Satisfied that I was prepared and anxious to find out what Sage had planned for the next day, I set my alarm, and then got showered. I took my time making sure to wash every inch of my body since the heat from the water felt so amazing on my skin. As I washed my buttocks, my grades began to disappear until only a faint trace of them was left. Shutting of the water and grasping my towel, I began to dry off stopping momentarily to tease my slit. I had anxious feelings for the coming day and decided it would be best if I went to bed early and rested up to better prepare for whatever Sage had in store for me.

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