tagBDSMD Is For Dungeon

D Is For Dungeon


Inspired by Sue Grafton’s alphabetical series.

Paul Collins pressed the elevator button and loosened his tie, his entire body slumping. He was beat. It was Friday night and he was ready for the Foster’s oilcan that was perfectly chilled and awaiting him in the refrigerator. He could almost feel the ice-cold lager sliding past his parched lips, over his sticky tongue and down his heated throat. Oh, it would be so good. He wondered if there was a game on tonight, maybe the Yankees?

He smelled her perfume before he actually noticed her, floral and spicy. Black and tall, her black hair forming a curly frame around her beautiful face, her lips blood- red and shiny. She looked at him and smiled with perfect white teeth, her violet eyes connecting with his, then looked away. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words. She was like no woman he had ever seen before and she stirred something in him that … that …

“Nice night.”

He couldn’t believe that she had spoken to him. She turned that devilish smile on him, batting her eyes coquettishly at him. “Uh, yeah.” He stammered. “Nice night.”

“Not too hot, not too cold.” Her raincoat fell open and he glimpsed the tops of brown breasts in a black corset dress and thigh-high boots. The breath left his lungs in a loud gasp and she just smiled. “Are you all right?”

“Y – Yes. I’m okay.” He shoved his hand into his pocket to adjust his suddenly hard cock. “Just a little tired, I guess.”

“Hard day at the office.”

Was he hallucinating? Did she really just emphasize the word hard? “Uh, yeah.”

“Harder than usual?”

His heart hammered in his chest. “Uh, yeah.”

The ding of the elevator bell startled him and again, she smiled that little knowing smile, as if she was enjoying a private joke at his expense. She stepped into the vehicle, locking eyes with him. “Going down?”

He woodenly entered the elevator and remained silent, pressing the lower level garage button, afraid to trust himself to speak. If she looked down, she could have seen that his dick was doing all the talking for him. He was so hard that it was painful. Just don’t look at her! He couldn’t resist. She was exquisite, something out of a manga video. Another ding and the elevator’s doors opened.

“Have a good night.”

“Yeah, you, too.”

His head started clearing as soon as he left her presence and he laughed to himself. Maybe she was wearing some kind of pheromone perfume. At least his cock was going down. It would have been quite a problem to drive with that monster. He didn’t notice the white van that was edging closer to him or hear the sound of her high heels tapping behind him.

By the time he noticed, it was too late.


“Awaken, sweet slave.”

Paul’s head felt heavy. He tried to lift it but he couldn’t. He felt strange. His mouth was dry but he was unable to lick his lips. Something was in his mouth. He tried to raise his hand to remove the obstruction but he couldn’t. What the hell was going on?

A slash of pain swiftly brought reality into focus, although the edges were still a bit blurry. His Nubian goddess was standing in front of his, wearing the same expression as she had in the elevator; a playful mixture of amusement and disgust. She held a cat-‘o-nine tails in her black-gloved grasp, running her fingers up and down its polished handle.

“Ah, he’s awake.” He moaned in response. “Aw, does my poor slave want to speak?” She reached forward and popped the ball gag out of his mouth. “There. Now you are permitted to speak.”

“Where the fuck am I?”

“My dungeon, sweetie, and you’re just in time for the festivities.”


“Yes. My dungeon’s grand opening.”

Paul shook his head in confusion and tried to stand upright. He couldn’t. That was when he noticed that he was locked in an ancient set of stocks, his head and hands hanging from the holes. “Could you get me out of this?”

Her dazzling smile washed over him like cold water because it didn’t reach her dark eyes. “No.”

“No? What do you mean, no?”

The whip ripped across his legs and he cursed. “I mean, no. And my word is gospel.”

“Who says?”

She lashed him again, twice this time. “Did that answer your question?” He bit back angry words, his face turning red. “Good. Now, the rules. You do not speak unless I allow you to. You do not touch me unless I allow you to. You are always to be on your knees. You do not look at me unless I ask you to. You cannot cum unless I give you permission. You will do everything that I instruct you to without question. If you fail in any of task I give you or break any rules, you will be punished. Severity depends on how badly you’ve transgressed. Do you understand?”

“Do you expect … OW!”

The lash bit into his tender ass flesh again and she grabbed her jaw in one hand. “Do you understand?”

Paul glared at her, realizing how untenable his situation was. This tantalizing black bitch was in total control and one word stood between an exciting journey and return to his lackluster life. He knew that if he played his cards right, he’d get to fuck her and that made it all worthwhile.


“Good.” She pushed the gag back into his mouth. “I think we should get started with a little discipline, just to get you in the groove.”

Paul didn’t know what she was talking about so when the first slap of the paddle hit his left ass cheek, his muffled shout was filled with indignation. She moved around to the front of the stocks and looked at his face. He was rapidly nodding his head ‘no’. She moved back and slapped him again, twice in succession, then rubbed her hand over the reddened area. Her leather-encased hand felt good on the hot skin and he shivered in anticipation. His entire body jerked when her hand slid between his legs and briefly cupped and stroked his balls and rigid cock.

“Ah, yes, you do like it.” He hated the smile in her voice. Bitch! But she was right. He did like it. He liked giving someone else the control. He hadn’t realized it until now. “I knew you would.” Another slap, then another, this time on his right cheek. The burn spread across his skin and his dick seemed to harden even more in response. A deep moan escaped him. A few more whacks on each cheek, then her cool hand, gently massaging, sliding over his hard tool and balls again.

She gave him a small smile, standing in front of him. “You will address me Mistress Jasmyyn. Is that understood?” He nodded. “Good. Now let’s get you into something more comfortable.”

Paul’s body sagged in relief. His legs were sore from standing so long and his wrists were going numb. Oh, how wonderful a nice, soft bed would be now!

She moved underneath him and he groaned, feeling her hot mouth and teeth on his nipples. His cock leaped in response, a groan humming through his entire body. The excruciating pain that next followed was a surprise. Jasmyyn applied the other nipple clamp and sat back to observe her work. They were rubber-encased because she didn’t want to hurt him. Yet.

“Like those, slave?”

He moaned. The pain had subsided greatly and was replaced with a dull throb of delicious pleasure. He felt so weak. He wasn’t ready for the super-tight cock ring that she slid onto his stalk and couldn’t contain himself. Thick ropes of his jizz flew across the room, splashing on the floor. She was absolutely livid.

“What did I tell you?” He trembled at the fury in her voice. She ripped the gag from his mouth. “What did I tell you were the rules?”

“To wait for your permission, mistress.”

“And you did not!”

“I’m sorry, mistress. It’s just that when you touched me … “

“SILENCE!” Her shout was punctuated with a lash from her whip. He whimpered. “You have broken a rule and you must be punished.”

“I said I was sorry, mistress.”

“Sorry does not cut it, especially when I did not give you permission!” She angrily slapped the whip’s handle across her palm. “I have something to make you remember your place.”

She stepped out of his line of sight and he heard her moving behind him. The thick leather of a cuff surrounded his right wrist and after a loud click, the top block of the stock lifted. She pulled his right wrist behind his back, yanked the left one back and quickly cuffed it before he had a chance to react. The spreader’s bar restricted his movement, keeping his arms apart.

“Drop to your knees.” That wasn’t a problem for him. His legs were already weak from standing so long and he sagged to the floor. “Now, clean the floor.”


“Clean up your mess. I don’t want your cum on my clean floors so clean it.”

“What am I supposed to clean it with?”

“Your tongue, of course.”

“What? No way, bitch.”

The whip’s lash bit into his ass flesh and he hissed in pain. “Do as I say. Any further dissention will bring more punishment.” She flicked the whip again and again, red welts rising on his pristine skin. “Now clean.”

Paul’s eyes watered as he bent over his cum slick. God, this was horrible! Not only did he have to clean the floor with his tongue, but he had to eat his own cum. His eyes glanced at the shadow over his shoulder and he knew he’d feel the whip again if he didn’t move. His tongue stretched out and licked a gob from the floor. The slightly salty taste spread across his mouth and he took a moment. It wasn’t too bad, he decided and eagerly bent to his work. She gave him a couple more lashes for good measure and sternly supervised his actions.

“Good.” She watched him rise, then bent to attach the cock ring. He stood patiently, grimacing at the pain, surprised that he was getting hard again so quickly. She slapped the head with her hand, laughing. “You are turning out to be such a slut.”

Paul quivered, his blood pounding. “Thank you, mistress.”

“Well, I think that’s enough punishment for one session.” She uncuffed him from the spreader bar. “I require you to service me.”

From his knees, he looked up at her, lust lighting his eyes. “What would you have me do, mistress?”

“First, you shall bathe and then you shall bathe me.” She tossed him a towel and a razor. “And make sure you shave every bit of hair off your body.”

He started to complain but decided not to. Being completely shaved wouldn’t be a bad thing. She showed him where the shower was and he scrubbed thoroughly, trying to shave as quickly as possible without cutting himself. Jasmyyn looked pleased when he stepped out and closely inspected his balls and ass cleft.

“You did a good job, slave. I will give you a small reward.” She gave his cock a few hard strokes, then quickly released him. “Now, bathe me.”

Paul watched in awe as his mistress undressed, devouring each inch of her chocolate skin with his eyes. Her shoulders were broad, her breasts slightly sloped and capped with huge dark chocolate nipples and her pussy completely shaved. He wanted to run his hands over her slender hips and down those muscular legs. Better yet, he wanted to clean her with his tongue. He stood behind her in the shower, washing her with the soapy washcloth. She turned to face him and pushed him to his knees.

Without warning, she started to pee on him. He flinched, trying to move away, but she wouldn’t let him. The warm fluid flowed over his face and dripped down his chest, swirling down the drain. Her eyes met his, daring him to object but he did not. He rinsed himself off, then reached up to clean her pussy. He felt the heat rise to his ears as he watched her rub against his cloth-covered fingers, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the friction. She stepped back into the spray of the water and rinsed.

Paul had a towel ready when she stepped out and rubbed her dry. She smiled at him, warming his blood. “Stay here.” She returned with a thick leather collar and a leash. She snapped it around his neck, attaching the leash then jerked him forward. “You’re mine.” She whispered silkily, her lips just inches from his. “Every part of you belongs to me. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And you will do everything I ask?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Without question?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Paul felt as if she was hypnotizing him. He was falling into the fathomless brown eyes, losing himself bit by bit. “You may kiss me.”

He leaned forward and pressed his mouth against hers. When his tongue slipped out to touch her, she recoiled.

“What are you doing?”

“Kissing you, mistress.”

“I did not say that you could French me, slave. You have not yet earned that privilege.”

“I’m sorry, mistress.”

“Drop to your knees and lick my feet.” Paul did as he was asked, painting her feet with his saliva until she told him to stop. She yanked on the leash and led him into another part of the dungeon. A huge four-poster bed sat in this room, the sheets clean and inviting. “If you please me, you can sleep on the floor next to my bed. If not, you’ll sleep in the cage.” His eyes slid over to a black cage in the far corner. “Lie down and close your eyes.”

Paul lay absolutely still as she attached the wrist and ankle cuffs to him, leaving him spread-eagled and vulnerable. His rock hard cock pointed to the ceiling and his nipples throbbed from the clamps but he was excited beyond belief. He felt her weight on the bed, moving toward his body, then straddling his chest.

“Open your eyes, slave.” The bulbous end of a strap-on dildo rested inches from his lips. She moved up, placing the head on his chin. “Suck me.” He opened his mouth and accepted her thrust, closing his eyes. It was obvious that Jasmyyn was pleased with his actions because she began to stroke his painfully hard prick. “Mmmm, you’re doing a great job, slave. You really know how to suck a cock.” His tongue traveled all over the plastic phallus, his lips sucking the wide head. He was more than a little upset when she removed it from his mouth.

Jasmyyn reached behind his head and pulled a tube of lube from under the pillow. His eyes widened.


“Quiet, slave.” Paul watched as she moved down his body, kneeling between his legs and rubbing the lube on his asshole. He tried to tighten his sphincter muscle but her finger powered past his resistance. “You don’t know yet, slave, but you’ll learn to like this.”

“Oh, shit!” She pressed the head to his anal opening and gave a little shove. His body jerked but the restraints held him still. She applied more pressure, licking her lips as she watched the bright orange dildo disappear in his ass. He moaned when she reached bottom, his entire body shaking with pleasure. “Oh, mistress!”

“I knew you’d like it and if I do this … “ She rotated her hips upward, letting the head graze his prostate and stars burst in his eyes, the pleasure intense. He whimpered. “Mmm, yes. You felt that, didn’t you?”

“Yes, mistress. Please, mistress. Again!”

Jasmyyn obliged her slave, thrusting in again and adding the rotation. Paul couldn’t stop himself but he whimpered again, breathless with the sensations. “I think that’s enough, slave. I don’t want you to cum. Not just yet at least.”

“Oh, mistress, please!” He could hardly believe that the whiny voice was coming from his own mouth. “Please let me cum!”

“You’re begging me to let you cum?”

“Yes, mistress. Please!”

“Even though your begging is pleasing to me, I must say no.” He felt the dildo sliding out his asshole and he almost felt like crying. “You have yet to service me and I cum first.” The tension of his stretched arms and legs lessened and he realized that she had freed him. He rolled onto his knees, watching her crawl onto the bed and lie back. She spread those luscious dark thighs, her two-toned pussy open to his view, her eyes meeting his. “Are you waiting for an invitation, slave?”

“No, mistress. I am just thanking my lucky stars that I get the privilege of servicing your pussy.”

She smiled, sending a bolt of warmth through his thighs. “You’ve learned pretty quickly, slave. I am very impressed with you.” Mistress Jasmyyn laid back, her hands folded behind her head. “I’ll make you a deal. I want you to eat me and I want you to lick every bit of my cum until I’m clean. If you can make me beg you to stop, then I’ll let you fuck me.” She turned onto her stomach, raising just enough for Paul to see her fat pussy lips squeezed between those tasty thighs. “Think you can do that?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And if I allow you to fuck me, “ She raised onto her knees, her heavy nipples swaying beneath her. “I want to be fucked. Understand?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You think you can fuck me?”

“I think I could make you happy, mistress.” Paul moved behind her, his mouth watering at the sight of her glistening slit. “I also think that you could train me to better service you.”

Jasmyyn turned her head to look at him. “And you would accept this training?”

“Oh, yes, mistress.”

“Without question?”

“Without question and with every bit of my heart.”

Paul waited behind her, his jaw aching in anticipation. Her voice was soft. “Then you may begin.” He slid in behind her and just took a deep whiff of her sex smell. Her scent was musky and sweet. He trembled, hoping that he was good enough to satisfy her. He flipped onto his back and slid between her legs, pulling her hips and pussy down to his waiting mouth. She moaned at the contact, pressing down on his face. He moved his head up and down so that his mouth and nose were rubbing her opening and her hidden clit and was quickly rewarded with her loud intake of breath.

“Fuck my face, mistress.” He pulled her back down onto his mouth, looping his arms around her hips to keep her from rising up. She looked down into his eyes and moved again, shuddering as his tongue slid deep into her hole and his nose pressed against her clit. It took a moment for her to find a steady rhythm and she fucked his face for everything that she was worth, screaming aloud as she came hard.

Once she’d recovered, he flipped her over and began to ravage her pussy all over again, forming his tongue into a spear and ramming it viciously into her sodden snatch. Her body writhed beneath him, her throat releasing strange noises as she hurtled toward another orgasm. He grinned and pushed her onto her side, moving between the scissors of her legs and burying his face in her snatch once again.

This time, he was the aggressor, grasping her hips in his hands and driving her to yet another climax, his flat tongue licking her clean.

“Please!” She gasped, releasing him from her legs. “Please, stop!”

Paul did as she asked, making sure that she was clean with feathery licks and tantalizing sucks. His dick ached to sink into her chocolate pudding. He hoped that she remembered her promise.

“You may claim your reward.”

Paul gently maneuvered her onto her knees and sank his stiff cock into her weeping hole. She groaned, pushing her shoulders down so he could assault her pussy. He slammed himself into her, grunting every time the cock ring met her skin. He was harder than granite, than ebony, than any diamond known to man, but he couldn’t cum. The ring held him hostage, deliciously prolonging his torment while he hammered her to another gasping orgasm.

Now, he wanted to cum. He flipped her onto her back and pushed only the fat head of his cock into her pussy. She whimpered, shivering. He reached down and placed her hand on the slippery cock ring. Jasmyyn unsnapped the ring.

“Thank you, mistress.”

Paul gritted his teeth and moved into her again, stroking those cum-drenched walls with his engorged prick, enjoying every sensation that spread through his body. She responded to his touch like a wildcat, meeting him thrust for thrust, grinding her pussy into him. He felt it coming. It started at the base of his spine, working its way upward, moving in waves through his legs and stomach and making his skin tingle.

They both exploded together, her legs clasped around his back, his hands gripping her hips. Paul thought he was going to pass out. Her rippling muscles kept milking him over and over and he collapsed next to her, moaning in the sweet aftermath.

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