Dad, I Have a Question Ch. 02


Jamie took her pill, and we got in the shower again. After everything that had happened that day, the act of bathing nude with my daughter seemed pretty innocent. Hah! What does that say about my moral character?

She must have seen the look on my face. "Dad," Jamie said, cupping my face with her sudsy hands, "are you all right?"

"I'm the one who should be asking you that, Jamie. Only I can't bear to hear the answer."

"What do you mean? I'm a little sore, but mainly, I'm just happy," she said.

"Happy? After what I've done to you? Jamie, I'm such a shit! I've ruined you!"

"Stop it right now!" she said. "You didn't do anything TO me. You did things WITH me. You are not a shit. You are a wonderful, kind, gentle man who I will always love as my father. That hasn't changed one bit. I'm happy, because now, I know what it is to love you as a lover. Ruined me? No, you've made me complete. You've made me a woman, Daddy, and I will always love you for that."

She came into my arms and held me, this child, now a woman, close against me under the streaming water. Maybe we would be okay.

We dried each other off, and I helped Jamie with her hair. She always loved to have me do that. Even as a little girl, when her blond curls would tangle, she wanted me to comb them out and dry them. It was a special time of innocent physical closeness, and somehow, I felt that even now as I worked on my nude daughter's mane.

"What do you want to do for dinner, Dad," Jamie asked.

"Let's go out."

"Ooh! Can we go somewhere nice?" she asked. "Some place where we can dress up?"

I thought for a second. "I know just the place. Raphael's."

"Really? I've seen their ad on TV. I always thought it would be a cool place to go on a date."

I kicked myself inside. This wasn't how I was used to doing it. I had always wined and dined a girl, and then hoped to get lucky, not the other way around. And this girl was my daughter.

"What's wrong, Dad?"

"It feels pretty strange to be taking my daughter out on a date."

"Oh, come on. We've done this before. You used to take me on dinner and movie dates all the time."

"Yes, but it wasn't after a day of having sex together," I said.

"Dad, it doesn't matter, at least not to me. Now come on. Take me out for a nice dinner. Low lighting, good food. It's about a half hour drive, right?" she asked.

I said, "Will you help me pick out a tie?"

I guess Jamie isn't that much different from any other woman. I had shaved and gotten completely dressed, shirt, pants, shoes, belt, the works. I picked up my suit jacket and pulled three ties out of my closet. "Jamie?" I called.


"Would you take a look at these ties?"

"Sure," she answered, appearing at my door moments later. She was still naked, except for tiny pale beige panties that almost disappeared against her, and a pair of high-heeled sandals.

"Honey, I'm almost dressed. As soon as you help me find a tie, I'll be ready to go," I said.

"I'm just about ready, Dad. Except for the dress and about five seconds on my hair, I'm set to go, too." She came over to me, her firm pretty breasts hardly bouncing. "This one," she said, holding a tie against my shirt. Then she walked away.

I was still tightening the knot on my tie when Jamie re-appeared in my doorway. She was wearing the dress she had worn for Homecoming at school the previous Fall. It looked different now, somehow, sexier than before. Suddenly, I realized why. "Jamie, didn't that dress have some kind of under-slip or something?"

"Yes, I altered it. The slip was kind of warm against me, and I think it looks fine without it. I also raised the hemline," she said. "Do you like it?"

She turned, slowly at first. Her breasts were proudly displayed in the unlined top, and when she moved between me and the hallway light, I could see the outline of the forbidden place I had visited that afternoon. She spun quickly, then, making the little pleated skirt of the thing fan out and rise, giving me a brief glimpse of those flesh-colored panties.

She was breathtaking. Beautiful, sweet, innocent, and yet sexy and alluring. I was very glad we were going to a restaurant out of town. People were going to wonder what the relationship was between us. I wondered myself.

During the drive, Jamie managed to move around in her seat enough that I was able to see her panties peeking out from under her outrageously short skirt. Driving was difficult enough for me without that, since every few minutes she would put her hand on my thigh as we talked. It was something she had done many times before, but now, it didn't feel like an innocent gesture. I hoped my boner wouldn't be obvious when we went into the restaurant.

"I'm going to go get a shot on Monday, Dad," she said, as I was parking the car.

"A shot?"

"Yes, a contraceptive shot. I want to be able to make love with you whenever we want. I don't like the idea of condoms, and I can't just keep taking morning-after pills. I did a little research while you were at the drugstore this afternoon, and the shot can be effective immediately, if it's given within five days after a girl's last period. I was done with mine yesterday, so we should be fine."

Somehow, I had managed to convince myself that what we had done earlier was a fluke, a one-time thing. Now, she was talking about going on birth control so we could fuck all the time! "Jamie," I said, "I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"Why not?"

By this time, I had taken the key from the ignition. "Well, because we shouldn't,... I mean, we can't,... what I'm trying to say is,..."

"I know, I know, Dad. 'Father and daughters don't do that sort of thing.' Well, guess what? We did, I loved it, you certainly seemed to love it, and I don't want to stop. In fact, I plan to sleep with you tonight and do it again. Please, Dad?" She leaned over and kissed me, taking my one hand and putting it on her breast, and using her other hand to fondle me through my pants.

My God. My daughter is acting like a nymphomaniac. I should be thrilled that a beautiful young woman like her wants more sex with me. But it's Jamie! How did this happen? She had questions, and I thought I was going to struggle through a lecture on human sexuality. Instead, she was playing with the cock that just de-flowered her, and making what sounded like long-terms plans for a sexual relationship with me.

I pushed her gently away from me and made eye-contact. "Jamie, we have to sort out a lot of stuff here and talk very seriously about what this means. I love you and I am scared shitless of hurting you. You should be learning about your sexuality with someone closer to your age."

"You mean the boys I know? I don't think so. All guys my age want is sex. That's fine. I understand that. I want sex too. But I want it with a guy who loves me. That's you. Don't worry, I'm not going to want to marry you or something. I'm sure you'll help me understand about the kind of man who will be right for me for the rest of my life when I'm ready, but right now, I want you. How can it be wrong to love my father?"

"It just feels wrong. Everyone says it's wrong," I said.

"Did it feel right at the moment?" she asked. "Did it feel right when we did all those things today? It sure felt right to me!"

"We have to be careful. We have to be sure we don't get caught. It doesn't matter that you're old enough to have sex, honey. What we are doing is incest."

Jamie took my hand in hers. "Dad," she said, "I'm not stupid. I can behave. Now let's go have dinner as father and daughter." She turned, and opened her door.

As we walked across the parking lot, she took my hand. "I'm not misbehaving. Fathers and daughters do this sort of thing," she said.

During dinner, we talked about Jamie's up-coming graduation.

"Do people still have graduation parties?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I'm not interested in those. There's going to be a lot of drinking and drugs at every one I know of, and I'm sure there will be people having sex who don't even like each other. Not my scene."

"So, do you want to do something else?" I asked.

"I don't know. It's Melody's birthday that weekend, but she's not having a party. Maybe she and I will just hang out," Jamie said.

"Why no party?"

"Her parents gave her a choice of them spending money on a big party, since it's her eighteenth, or helping her buy a car. She's getting the car."

"You could invite her over to our place. We could throw a party for her," I said.

"Could we? Really? Thanks!" Jamie smiled.

When we got home that night, we went to our rooms to get changed. I was already down in the living room in a t-shirt and shorts when Jamie appeared. She was wearing the old shirt of mine that she loves to sleep in and texting on her phone. She went to the chair across from me and sat on it "Indian-style." No panties. Her tender, warm pussy was completely exposed.

"Honey, you're showing more than you should," I said.

She glanced up at me with a smirk. "I said I could behave in public. I never said anything about here at home."

She played with her phone for a while, and made a few calls. I couldn't keep me eyes off her. Every movement of her hands, the way she held her head when she slipped the phone under her hair to talk to someone, her facial expressions, and that lovely pussy. I was hard as a rock.

Finally putting her phone down, she looked at me. She broke into a big grin when she saw the bulge in my pants. "Okay, here's what's happening. Melody and Kiersten are the only ones who aren't going to some crazy party that weekend. Graduation is Friday night, and Melody's birthday is Saturday, so could I have them sleep over Friday night, and then hang out the next day?"

"You can't give them any indication of what we've done," I cautioned her.

"Duh! Don't worry, Dad, I won't say anything about what we did today."

"So you want to have a slumber party for your graduation party? Why not have them come over Friday, and stay Saturday night too?"

"Oh, good. I'll talk to them about it tomorrow," Jamie said. "Now it looks to me like you're ready for bed."

"I'm not all that sleepy just yet."

She came over to me and put her hand on my cock. "I wasn't talking about sleep."

When we got to my room, Jamie stripped off her shirt and mine and then knelt, naked, in front of me to pull off my shorts. This time, she didn't say a thing. She simply held me by the root and began bathing me with her tongue, looking at me, smiling at me the whole time.

"Oh, God, Jamie," I moaned.

"You like this, don't you," she asked.

"God help me, yes, baby, I do."

"Good. I like it too," she said, before opening her pretty mouth wide and moving me inside. She went to work, sucking, stroking, and licking my cock, looking at me and smiling the whole time.

When I saw her one hand begin to rub her little pussy, I said, "Let's get in bed."

My daughter climbed up onto the bed and stopped with her tight little ass in front of me. "Dad, do I have a nice ass? Be honest. My girlfriends tell me I do, but I want a guy's opinion."

"It's beautiful. Not too big, not too small, firm, smooth – I think it's perfect," I said. I ran my hands over her smooth cheeks, parting them slightly so I could look at her tight, moist lips and her tiny pink pucker.

"Why did you lick my butthole?"

"I just wanted to. Some girls like it. Didn't you?"

"I liked it. It just caught me off guard. You can do it again some time if you want," she said. She lay down near the center of the bed, and I climbed in beside her.

"Honey, aren't you sore? Are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to do anything, you know. I'll enjoy just having you sleep in my arms," I said.

Rolling on top of me, Jamie said, "Let's just try things, and I'll tell you if I'm too sore."

I pulled her to me and began to kiss her. She started rubbing her wet pussy lips against my cock, masturbating herself on it. Every time the head of it passed over her clit, she would kiss me a little harder. If she kept this up, I would probably cum, and I wanted to be inside her when that happened.

"I want your breasts," I said, pulling her up into position. She cooed and moaned as I kissed them, tweaking her little nipples with my tongue, licking her proud flesh, nibbling gently on the tender skin below them.

"I'm wet, Dad. You're driving me crazy."

"Good." I gave each breast one more long, deep suck, pulling as much of it into my mouth as I could. Then I lifted her and pulled her sex to me. She tasted a little different this time – still sweet and new, but maybe, now, more ready than ever. She was right about being wet, and it didn't take her all that long to get wetter.

As she came, she arched her back, supporting herself with her hands on my hips, and throwing her head back and forth. I had to steady her as she sank down on my face. When it was over, I moved her down to sit on my chest.

"Oh, my God, that feels so good when you do that," she said. "I want you inside me now."

"Don't you think you might be too sore?

"I sure as hell hope not," she answered.

"Let's try something different this time," I said. "You stay on top, kneel over me, and lower yourself onto my cock. If it's too much for you, just lift yourself up."

"So I'll sort of ride you?" she asked.

"Yes. Some people call it "riding cowgirl," I said.

Jamie moved over me, notched the head of my penis into her moisture, and began to bear down. Again, I was almost overwhelmed by the sensation of sliding inside her. I was supporting her ass on my hands, fearful that she would go too fast. Slowly, she moved down onto me, rocking and swiveling her hips to help me to fit. Her beautiful face showed some discomfort, but when she finally reached bottom and relaxed, she broke into a smile.

"You're deeper than you were before, Dad," she said.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, I'm okay," she grinned. "I'm pretty sore, but I'm great! I'm so full! You feel like you're into my lungs or something."

She stayed still, breathing to relax. She had clenched her fists, but now her hands opened and began to play with the hair on my chest.

"Can you move?" I asked.

"Dunno yet. I think I can bend down for a kiss, though."

She did. It was a soft kiss, one of affection rather than lust. "Thank you, Dad," she said. "Thank you for this. I'm so happy we're together, so happy you're my first. You've always been the only man I loved, and now, you're my lover." She kissed me again, and gingerly moved herself so that she was only half-impaled. "We're lovers," she whispered, kissing me more hungrily and sliding herself back onto me.

After a few minutes of luxurious, slow love-making, Jamie murmured, "Would you please play with my butthole again?"

I reached behind her, and moistened my finger in the juice leaking from her lips around my cock. Tracing a line from her pussy, I eased back and began to fondle her pucker.

Jamie sucked in her breath quickly, almost whistling. "Ooooh, that feels good!" her voice quavered. She immediately increased the speed and depth of her movement on my cock.

She sat more upright and began purposefully fucking me. This allowed me to rub around her clit with one hand, while I pressed the tip of my other index finger against her anus. Eventually, the force of her thrusts caused my finger to begin to penetrate her.

"Oh my God!" she squealed. "Oh my God! I'm gonna cum so hard! Ohhh! Aaaaiiyyeeee!"

I thrust both my cock and my finger into her as far as I could, and held her by her hip as she rode out her orgasm. When she was more-or-less done, she eased herself down on top of me, her hair fanned out across my chest and her sweet mouth nuzzled near my ear. She made little moans every time her well-used pussy spasmed on me. Finally, she whispered, "You're still so hard."


"It feels so good inside me. I'm sore, and tired, but even though it still hurts a little, you feel so damn good inside me," she said. She moved to kiss me. "You didn't cum, did you?"


"Can you?"

"I don't know."

"I bet you can." She pulled herself off me and moved down to look at my cock. "He's still real hard," she said, stroking my wet shaft with her fingertip. "He sure twitches when I touch him. I wonder how he'll taste with me all over him." Her tongue made a slow circle around the base of my helmet. "Wow, I really made you wet." She licked all around my shaft, cleaning me of her cum, teasing me. "I think I'll like the taste better when my mouth is full of cum."

She started bobbing on me, tugging me, licking. I brushed her hair off her face so I could watch her, and her eyes smiled at mine. I could feel the pressure building, and her lusty expression told me she knew.

"Cum for me, Dad," she said, enveloping me again. She sucked, urging me onward.

I erupted, pulsing into her mouth. When I was done, she lifted her face from me. A drop drooled from her lower lip, but she quickly caught it with her finger and fed it back into her mouth. After a few swallows, she smiled. Then she lay down next to me and put her head on my chest. I pulled the sheet over us, and we slept.

* * * * * * * * * *

To be continued....

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by Marshalla11/28/17

It would be a lot better ...

... to read Part 1 before any of following chapters. Checked both places listed by other commentors, but no go.

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by charliebill10/30/17

Sexy, sexy daughter!

What man wouldn’t like to be seduced by a nympho daughter like his? Is pregnancy coming up?

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by Anonymous07/30/17

love my girl

This is a great read and so's is number 3. My youngest daughter loved reading them as well and got her so stirred up she came to me in the shower one evening and asked to to asked me if I would do hermore...

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by Anonymous07/30/17


Iwish my daughter was like this one . Always fantasized about laying beside her with me cock buried inside

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