tagIncest/TabooDaddy and Me

Daddy and Me


My name is Jemma and I am proud to admit that I fuck my daddy.

It all started two months ago, on my twenty second birthday. I've always, always got very excited on my birthdays. On this birthday, my excitement was doubled, as my daddy was due to come home from the army. He had been away for six months and I'd missed him desperately. We've always been close, and even though I have two sisters, I've always been his favourite. I've shared everything with him, telling him about the boys I liked, and my first kiss. I've even told him about the night I lost my virginity.

At eight o' clock sharp the doorbell rang, and I raced down the stairs so I could be the first one to greet daddy. As usual, on opening the door to daddy, I was immediately engulfed in his big strong arms as he lifted me up and hugged me tight to his chest. Six months is a long time for a dad to be away from his favourite daughter, and he held on to me for at least two minutes, until my sisters started clearing their throats, and I could hear my mother sighing.

"Oh for God's sake, Garrick," my mother sighed, "there are other people here who want to see you, you know." Daddy reluctantly released me. He patted my ass lightly as I disentangled myself from his embrace, and then proceeded to hug my sisters, before planting a big kiss on my mother's lips, gathering her up in his arms, and tickling her slightly. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the sight of my dad showing affection to someone other than me.

Dad sipped a coffee in the kitchen and told us some tales of army life for half an hour before yawning, and saying he was going to go for a nap. I looked up at him as he left the table, feeling a slight stab of hurt in my heart. He hadn't wished me a happy birthday yet and that wasn't like my dad. He usually made a big fuss of all his daughters on their birthdays. I put it down to him being tired from the journey home, and knew that he would make it up to me at the party.

By ten thirty, I'd had more than a few drinks, spurred on by the pain I was feeling because my dad seemingly didn't care about my special day. He had eventually arrived down the stairs, bleary eyed, and in bad form, ignoring me and my sisters and heading straight to the fridge, where he took out a bottle of vodka, poured a quarter of the bottle into a glass, and threw it down his throat. I was a little shocked, I had never seen my dad act this way.

At midnight, all my guests had gone home, and now it was just my sisters, me, and my mum and dad that were left. My sisters were so drunk that they passed out on the couch. My dad seemed very tipsy as he stumbled up the stairs, dragging my mum behind him, loudly whispering how horny he was for her.

I sat at the kitchen table, feeling completely alone, and downed what was left of a bottle of vodka. I couldn't understand why my dad had ignored me the whole night, it hurt so badly. I felt let down, and worse than that, I felt rejected. My precious daddy, instead of treating me like a princess, had cast me off.

I made my way up the stairs, holding on to the banister for support. Closing my bedroom door behind me, I peeled off my dress, the one I had chosen so carefully, hoping for dad to tell me I was his pretty little girl when he saw me in it, and threw it on the floor.

Feeling slightly woozy now, after all the alcohol, I made my way to the bay window in my room, and sat on the sill, loving the moonlight shining on my bare skin. Curled up with my favourite teddy bear, I let the fresh air invade the room, enjoying the cool breeze, feeling it start to clear my fuzzy head.

A loud banging noise started to pound from the wall I shared with my parent's bedroom. I instantly closed my eyes and stuck a finger in each ear, as I had done hundreds of times before. I knew that banging sound well. My parents were having sex and while in the throes of passion tended to forget that their daughters could hear them.

No matter how hard I tried to block them out, their panting and grunting always seeped through to me. And as usual, no matter how hard I tried to resist, I got turned on by the sounds of sex and had to touch myself. I'd been doing it for as long as I could remember. Hearing my dad fuck my mother made me wetter than anything else and over the years I had practiced masturbating to their rhythm, so that now I could cum when they did, biting into my teddy bear, muffling my screams of ecstasy as my mum and dad came loudly next door. After I had recovered from my orgasm, I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over my head.

I was awoken some time later by the sensation of something brushing against my face. As I opened my eyes I could make out a vague shadow sitting on my bed and my heart froze until I heard my father's reassuring voice. "Don't worry angel, it's just your dad."

"Where's my birthday kiss then, Daddy?" I asked. My dad stopped brushing my face and I was surprised to hear a hardness in his voice as he said, "You're too big for that now, Jemma."

He got up off the bed then and walked over to the window. I could just make out his face in the moonlight, a worried expression creasing his features. I had no idea what was troubling my dad but I hated to see him upset. I threw the bed-covers off me and walked over to my dad, hugging him from behind, and squeezing him gently. "Daddy, what's wrong?" I whispered.

Dad shrugged me away from him and started pacing round the room. He looked panicked, and it startled me to see my usually calm dad act like this. Whatever was bothering him, it was something big.

After a few moments of walking in circles around my small room, Dad flopped on to my bed. Worried about him now, I crossed the room, and lay down on the bed beside him. He was shirtless, and a pair of tight black boxers was all that covered his nakedness from me. I was dressed only in my bra and panties, and as I cuddled up to him, wrapping my arms around his chest, he pulled away and in a gruff whisper he said, "Put some damn clothes on."

I was hurt by his sudden anger at me and extremely puzzled to the source of it. I jumped up from the bed, stood with my hands on my hips, and defiantly said to him, "No daddy, this is my room, I'll walk around half naked if I want and if you don't like it you can leave."

Daddy was silent for a second and then let out a huge sigh. "I do like it baby, and that's the problem."

I had no idea what my daddy was talking about for a second, I just looked at him lying on my bed, chest rising up and down from his deep breaths, his handsome profile faced away from me, and something else; something that I never thought I would see so starkly and never ever in my bedroom; my daddy's hard cock, standing up so proudly, the huge bulge straining the fabric of his boxers.

"Daddy?" that was all I could say. My eyes couldn't leave the sight of his cock. I had heard it being used on my mother many times, but I had never seen it, and even in the dark shadows of my bedroom, it looked impressive.

Daddy made no movement or effort to speak so I quietly tip-toed my way to the bed, thinking maybe he had fallen asleep, his previous utterance just a drunken ramble that didn't mean anything. Moving closer to him, I could see that his eyes were closed tight, and that he was breathing heavily, I thought he must surely be asleep, and I thought I would wake up in a fun way, a way I had done lots of times before.

Carefully avoiding touching my daddy's erection I climbed on to my bed, and straddled his chest. Still no movement from him, so I began to slide my fingers over his waist, his smooth skin felt warm to my touch. I knew that this was where he was most ticklish, and that me tickling him was bound to wake him up. He would laugh at me and then tell me to get some sleep and that would be it. Everything would be back to normal.

But it didn't turn out that way. I continued trailing my fingers over my dad's body. When he didn't wake up from the tickling on his waist, I slid my fingers up further, using the most gentle of movements, the lightest touch I could manage, to try and wake him from his slumber. As I got to my dad's nipples, taking care not to pinch just graze, the unmistakeable feeling of a hard cock hitting against the bottom of my ass cheek drew an alarmed gasp from me and made me freeze in my efforts to tickle daddy awake.

"Oh god, Jemma" my daddy said in a pained whisper. "I'm so sorry, but I need to take you." Before I could even think of a reply to that, I felt my dad move and all of a sudden I was lying on my back, on my bed, my daddy on top of me and my legs still wrapped around his chest. I lay in stunned silence as my daddy's lips found mine and he began to kiss me passionately. I instinctively kissed back, the feeling of a hot tongue sliding against mine instantly getting me excited and the knowledge that this was my dad's tongue and my dad's body grinding against me not immediately registering in my mind.

As I felt my dad's erection press into my stomach, I became fully aware of what was happening and called out; "Dad, what the hell are you doing?" At the sound of my voice, my dad stopped kissing me and looked deep into my eyes. I could see raw longing in those dark brown eyes I knew so well, and at the sight of this, my panties became wet.

"Jemma baby, I'm so sorry, when I hugged you tonight and saw how grown up and beautiful you've become...it's all I've been able to think about baby. That's why I've been avoiding you all night, to try and get rid of thoughts of your naked body laying under mine, and my hard cock buried deep in your little wet pussy."

Dad was breathing hard when he finished speaking, and at that moment I wanted him just as much as he wanted me. I wasn't sure if I had always wanted my dad, but I knew I did now, I wanted exactly what he had just said. I wanted him to spread my legs and bury his cock inside me. I wanted my daddy to fuck me.

"Daddy, please fuck me." I whispered the words so quietly I wasn't sure he even heard them but then I felt his mouth press on mine again, and that was it. Me and daddy were kissing each other, our tongues invading each other's mouth, hungrily looking to explore as much as we could. Daddy started to grind his body on mine again, his hardness pressed into me, making me want to touch it and play with it.

Daddy withdrew his tongue from my mouth and slid it down my neck, sending delicious thrills through my whole body. I fumbled for his cock as he licked my neck, desperately wanting to touch it and feel how hard it was, but daddy reached down and took my hands in his.

"Jemma, baby, I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, be patient, trust me you'll get to feel all my cock has to offer you." With that, my dad reached over to my bed stand and grabbed a headband I kept there for when I was applying makeup. He held both my hands in one of his as he did this, then he brought my arms up over my head and used the headband to tie me to the rails of my bed frame.

Now that I was unable to grab for daddy, he kissed me on the lips quickly, and with a wicked little smile he went back to licking my neck. He licked me gently and slowly, using just the tip of his tongue, starting at the bottom of my neck and working his way up to my chin. His tongue never leaving my skin, he moved to my ear where he nibbled it, and then slowly whispered, in a hot breathless voice, " Jemma, you're so fucking beautiful, I'm going to make you cum so hard all over your daddy's big cock."

This sent a fire trail directly down to my pussy, and I could feel my panties begin to soak through. My legs were still wrapped around my dad and there was no way he would not be able to feel just how much he had turned me on. Daddy was still rock hard too but didn't give into the temptation to just tear my clothes off and fuck me.

Daddy began to move his tongue down my neck, sliding his body down me as he went. His mouth stopped over my breasts, and while I expected him to rip off my bra and suck my nipples he just stopped moving. I looked at him, looking at me. He had a look of almost animal desire about him, as his eyes roved my body, taking in every inch of me. I'd always loved my curves, they made me feel so feminine, and now it appeared my daddy loved my curves too.

"Baby, what size are your breasts?" Daddy looked into my eyes waiting for my answer. "Emm, they're 36F, daddy, is that ok?" For a second I was worried that I was too curvy for him. My mum was so skinny and flat chested, and he had been fucking her for a long time so maybe that was what he really liked. When daddy laid a hand on my left breast, and his cock bounced against me, I was reassured; daddy wanted me because I was curvy.

Daddy cupped my breast in his hand, using his fingers to tweak my hard nipple. He held it for a little while, just enjoying the feeling of it, and then he lowered his mouth to my nipple. Without taking my breasts from my bra, he licked my nipple through the fabric, then blew gently on it. I never thought indirect contact could feel so good, but I loved it. Daddy repeated this with my other breast and then the longing to see his little girl's big breasts overcame him, and he pulled my bra down, exposing my tits, their nipples pink and hard, and waiting for daddy's tongue.

He didn't leave me waiting for long. Starting with my left breast, he licked the nipple, then moved his way all over the skin, leaving a wet trail as he did. He returned to my nipple and took it in his mouth. He sucked hard on it, drawing it in deep, and then released it. Then he stuck his tongue out a sliver and licked my nipple, running the tip of his tongue over and over it, making me wetter and wetter, then daddy took my nipple in his mouth, and instead of sucking it deep again, he held it between his teeth and bit gently, moving his teeth across it as he did so.

"Oh fuck daddy", I moaned. My breath was getting shorter the entire time daddy played with my nipple and I began to think that he might make me cum without even touching my pussy. Daddy moved to my right nipple and repeated the whole thing, moving his body down mine so that his cock was now lying on my still clothed pussy. Every time I moaned from his actions, his cock bobbed against my clit, which just made me gasp more. I wanted to touch that cock, I wanted to lick it and taste it, and stroke it and I wanted it inside me, but daddy still had me tied up and he was fully in charge. I just hoped it wouldn't be too long before he fucked me.

Daddy was getting more and more turned on by my moaning, and trying to move my body against his. I wanted him to know just how much I needed him now. As much as his tongue was sending me to heaven I needed daddy's cock to bring me right there.

"Daddy, please, I really need you to fuck me now". My whisper was a plea, I could hardly believe it but I was actually begging my own father for sex. Daddy kept sucking my nipples, then ran his tongue down my navel towards my trimmed pussy. I knew he wanted to lick me there, probably wanted me to cum in his mouth so he could taste and drink up his little girls juices, but I couldn't wait to have his cock inside me. Anything else would be a form of torture.

I started to buck against the restraint of the headband daddy had tied me with. I wiggled underneath daddy, trying to make him feel my wetness, understand my need. "Daddy, please...please fuck me, I need your cock inside me now daddy."

Daddy seemed to hear me then, he brought his lips up from their intended route and clamped them down on mine. Kissing me roughly, he ran his hands all over my body, squeezing my breasts, then with one swift movement, he tore my soaking panties off, and threw them across the room. Leaving me tied up, he got off the bed, and pulled his boxers off, giving my first proper view of his magnificent cock. It was hard, about seven or eight inches, and from what I could tell in the light from the moon, absolutely delicious looking.

He brought it to my mouth and even though he knew that I needed him to slide it into me now or I would go insane, he whispered, "Taste it baby, taste your daddy's cock." I couldn't say no. I wanted to taste it, and besides he was my daddy, all I wanted to do was please him. I licked my lips, and nodded, my eyes never leaving daddy's face as he gently gave me the head of his cock.

I licked just a little to start with; scared I wouldn't be good enough for my dad. Then as I heard him gasp and moan at the feel of my tongue, I grew more confident and soon I had the whole head of daddy's cock in my mouth. It was hot and smooth, and daddy's precum trickled on to my tongue, the taste of it was sweet. I flicked my tongue over the head, and rolled it around so that I could lick the precum that was increasing the more daddy's cock stayed in my mouth. I started to open my mouth more so that I could swallow some more of my daddy's cock, but he placed his hands on my head and took his cock away from me.

"I'll come if I let u swallow me baby, just the sight of that little mouth stretching to take my cock in is enough to make me want to blow everything I have down your throat." Hearing daddy talk so dirty was a major turn on, I could have listened to that for hours and cum again and again without even touching myself, but I knew that we were both needy for something else now. For each other's bodies, to make each other cum, to make each other breathless after fucking each other's brains outs.

Daddy climbed back on to the bed. My pussy was now exposed, and I knew that even in the dim light, daddy would be able to see my wetness seeping out of me and sliding down my ass crack, making a little puddle on the bed sheet. My bra was still on but my tits were hanging out, sitting just as daddy had left them. I was sure I looked like a slut, but I didn't care. Daddy had made me like this and I wanted him to fuck his little princess better than any slut he'd ever had before.

Now that we were finally at the moment of no turning back, daddy seemed hesitant. He kneeled in front of my open legs, his hard cock glistening with precum and he just stared at me. "Are you sure about this, Jemma? Once my cock is inside you, that's it, I'll always be your daddy, but after that I'll be the man who fucked you like you've never been fucked before. Do you really want your daddy to slide his big hard cock in that little pussy, stretch you, pound into you, fuck you and make you cum?"

I knew then that he wasn't hesitant at all; he was just teasing me, talking dirty to me because he could see I loved it. I looked up at my daddy and just nodded, I was ready, and I knew he was too.

Daddy used one hand to spread my legs wide open, the other held his hard cock. He seemed to forget that I was still tied to the bed, and I was glad. With my hands out of use I was free to just lie there and take a good hard fucking. I could be completely exposed and cum like I'd always wanted to but had been too shy too before.

I closed my eyes as daddy lowered himself from his knees and I could sense that his cock was right in front of my opening now. I could feel the heat begin to build in my pussy, as I waited for him. My clit was throbbing. I would have loved to have rubbed it as he fucked me but it was out of bounds, my hands couldn't reach it. All I could do was wait for the fucking that daddy had promised me.

I let out a loud gasp as I felt daddy's cock slide inside me for the first time. Daddy quickly placed a finger on my lips, reminding me that we were not alone in the house. He kept his cock still inside me for a few moments, letting my pussy relax around him, letting me get used to the pleasure of him being there. We looked into each other's eyes, as he held himself in my pussy. This should feel wrong and dirty, maybe even disgusting, instead it felt like the biggest thrill in the world. It felt like my daddy's cock should always be inside me, it felt like my pussy belonged to him.

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