Daddy's Little Girl


On the Friday of the next week, we organised for a first in-house insertion, expecting the man to come at 8pm to deploy the fluid in our daughter. At about 8.20pm a knock brought us both to the door, finding a well-built black man standing at the door. He looked like a businessman in his suit, crinkled from a hard day's work. We invited him inside and he complemented my wife's looks. She is quite pretty and I agreed with him.

Emily came downstairs in some old pyjamas, barely containing her little rump inside her shorts, and plenty of belly showing beneath her pink t-shirt. The practitioner became nervous, but decided he must get to business, as he was already late. He asked if there was a place for her to lie down, and we suggested her bedroom. "That would be great," he said, and followed us all into the bedroom. He then said that would be all, and asked us to leave him to it.

"Have fun baby!" her mother said before the door closed, the last thing I saw was Emily falling back onto the bed with a big smile on her face.

We went back downstairs and waited while the insertion took place. We heard some movements going on, assuming the practitioner had begun, and after about 5 minutes, we heard Emily's voice. She was making moaning noises, which stopped and started and sometimes heard some screaming. I was tempted to go inside, but remembered that disturbing the insertion could lead to a loss of the fluid completely.

After about 40 minutes, the man re-emerged and came downstairs. He looked tired and told us the charge. We paid in cash, saving 15%, and he left. We went upstairs to find our girl sound asleep in her bed. I shagged my wife that night.

The routine continued for a couple of weeks, with two clinical insertions and the Friday home insertion. Emily seemed happier than ever. At school in the following weeks, Emily had her first lesson of history with the new teacher, replacing the one who had taken leave. Emily immediately recognised the man as one of the practitioners who had visited her house, and after class, went to talk to him. Mr Lee, as all the students called him, was nervous as she approached him, and asked her to wait until all the students had left the room. He then disclosed to Emily that as a doctor for Dr Ray, he was not allowed to teach one of his patients, saying he would get in big trouble by the school and the doctor's agency. Not knowing what to do, Emily said that he would have to quit one of his jobs then, as it was not right, and she was brought up to go by the rules.

The big, black Mr Lee was reduced to his knees, making their faces about level, as he pleaded with her not to tell, and then gave her a proposition. He offered to give her a weekly injection for free. This did not convince Emily until he reminded her of the costs her family was paying and the amount that could be saved just by keeping her cute little mouth shut. Finally she agreed and was made to promise not to tell anyone, not her parents or even Dr Ray, that the fluid deployment was taking place. Emily agreed, but only if he gave her an injection of fluid that afternoon. So the black teacher told her to meet him in his office after classes, and gave her a thorough deployment while she lay goggled on his desk.

The routine was going swimmingly, until one day I went to pick Emily up from school and saw her kissing a boy. She got in the car upset at being caught, and I scolded her. What upset my wife and I most though is that she didn't tell the boy to go away straight away and she had confessed to actually enjoying the experience.

We booked an appointment for that night and both my wife and I went with her to see the doctor. She told Dr Ray about the event. Ray talked her through it and settled me and my wife down. He suggested that if the current amount of fluid was not working, there was another option to increase the strength. He said that was through insertion into her anus.

He paused as we were all stunned. It would not only allow more fluid to be injected at insertions, but would increase the strength of each one. The entire goal of reducing sexual desire would be achieved in less time, meaning less money spent on coming to insertions in the long term. I was unsure, but my wife seemed to think it was the only option. Perhaps driven to repel further events like the one I witnessed in the afternoon, I agreed that it was best for Emily in the long run, so we agreed.

Dr Ray said he could give the secondary insertion a trial run that night, firstly inserting in the vagina before the additional deployment in the anus, and Emily said she thought she needed it. So my wife and I waited out in the waiting room. As it was quite late, we only saw two men come in to receive their fluid refills. 50 minutes later, our daughter emerged, walking a bit funny again, but all with a smile on her face. She looked so small next to the big doctor, who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt because it was so late. I noticed him looking at my wife a few times as we exited the clinic. Emily seemed to be very happy with the secondary insertion method, so we went ahead with a new regime of both primary and secondary insertions occurring each time. Also, we agreed to add another home insertion during the week.

The next time the home insertion came, we were surprised to find two bulky men at the door. It made sense though, as they were each only trained at primary or secondary insertions. My wife warmly invited them into our house and I showed them both into Emma's room where she sat on her bed doing her homework, "darling, put your books away, these kind men have come to give you your insertion this late at night. Where are your manners?" With that I left them, closing the door behind me as my daughter cleared her bed. This insertion was the first of many that lasted quite late into the night, and it soon became routine for me to pay the two men on arrival and be in bed asleep before they had finished.

All visits to and from "Daddy's Little Girl" took longer than before, and as Emily became more comfortable with the treatment, I no longer needed to stay. I dropped her off, watched her walk in her skimpy clothes past the black men in the waiting room and into the insertion room, and came back to pick her up usually three hours later. Also worth taking note of was the increase in the price as we now paid for double the fluid.

A couple of weeks later, Emily came up to her exam period at school, and decided insertions were taking too much time out of her week for study. We consulted Dr Ray about the issue, and he again had a solution. They could deploy the fluid into her vagina and anal cavity at the same time. While this would take away from the time, it would mean a little more discomfort for Emsie. My little girl looked so brave when she said she would do it. And from then on, she was able to study, and simultaneous primary and secondary insertions became standard.

Meanwhile at school, Emily had informed Mr Lee of her new methods of intake, and the following day, Mr Lee had one of the boys from the basketball team (Mr Lee was the coach) help him as an untrained practitioner. Emily found that each time Mr Lee was to give his free-of-charge insertions, a new member of the basketball team was there to help. Also changing were the destination of the insertion, sometimes in the boys locker-room, in the classroom, and often obscure places around the school. But Emily received her two fluid deployments simultaneously, so was happy to keep her mouth shut.

About a week later on a Wednesday night, four black men turned up on our front porch for the home insertion. They explained at the door that "Daddy's Little Girl" was expanding and required more practitioners, so they were partaking in on-job training. The two younger men volunteered their hands, saying "it will be a pleasure to deploy in your daughter." Always on home insertions, they carried a big bag that looked quite heavy, and I assumed it was all the equipment.

On that night, my wife and I were in a bit of a fight, and started an argument about our very infrequent sex life. We were in the kitchen when one of the men appeared in the room. "I hope I'm not being nosy, but I heard what you two were arguing about."

We could still hear the yelps of our daughter upstairs receiving her insertion, and realised that the two trainees were taking control of the situation.

"I am Dr Ray's second in command," he said, "and I don't think Dr Ray has mentioned this to you, but before we took on this business, we often looked at situations of marital sexual frustration. Even now, we occasionally provide sex therapy to couples through the use of a different type of fluid. While the one being used on your daughter at this very moment helps to lessen sexual desire, we have developed one that increases it."

We listened to the man carefully, taking consideration for what he offered. We told him we may talk to Dr Ray about it next therapy session, which is what we did.

My petite, latina wife started on the fluid insertion in much the same way as my daughter. As my penis had done little to prepare her for the much larger insertion tools, she said it gave a completely new sensation that invigorated her sexual desire. Eventually, she too found the sessions thoroughly enjoyable, and went on a regular basis. Her progression through the stages was rapid and was soon at the same level as Emsie, with both primary and secondary insertions taking place at the same time.

It became a nice part of the week for our family as my wife and daughter went one after the other on some afternoons and I would meet them straight after to go out to dinner. They would often compare the feelings of the fluid inside them, and I could often see the fluid dribbling down their legs at the restaurant.

The results were great, as when we arrived home, my wife went straight into bed with me. Dr Ray advised that I use oral techniques to remove as much of the liquid from the opening as I could before having sex. Our sex life was propelled upwards as I became used to licking the fluid from her pussy and asshole. Often the holes were too loose for my penis, but this wasn't an issue as I usually got off on just eating her out.

Our bills increased substantially, meaning we were spending most of my income on the insertion sessions of my two treasured ladies. I asked my petite wife what it was like one night, and she said that the insertions had become more and more rough of late, which my daughter concurred with. They agreed however that as Ray increased the power and speed of the insertions, it seemed to increase the effect, releasing sexual energy for my daughter, or fuelling it for my wife.

Also, the practitioners were feeling different parts of her body throughout the treatment, but Emsie assure her that this was normal, they did it all the time with her and said it was required to stimulate the sexual desire so the fluid could take full effect. Emily didn't tell us that at school it was now almost a daily routine that Mr Lee and four or more ballers would provide a double deployment either at lunch, after practice, or after school.

One night when both my daughter and wife had booked home insertions for the same time, eight big, black men rocked up to my front door. They looked down at me as they walked past, getting straight up to their rooms and into business. I waited downstairs reading, and I thought I could hear footsteps between the rooms, behind the screaming of my wife and daughter. Perhaps the four interns were just comparing the two deployments. The men left with smile on their faces when I paid them $800 for their time. I had recently closed the term deposit I had set up for my daughter, needing the cash to pay for some deployments. But the fluid was worth it as I slurped lots of it up that night.

The next day I was working with the young black guy who had first recommended Dr Ray. I made sure to thank him profusely, which the young guy accepted with a big smile on his face. On our lunch break, I saw the guy on his smart phone looking at something. Suddenly his face went shocked and he started laughing. He walked away to his two mates, showing them what was on the screen, and all three were shocked and hysterical from what they saw. They seemed to be directing their laughter a bit my way, but I took no notice.

If I had been able to see what they were seeing, I would have seen a website called "daddys little girl", a section of the website titled 'The Roberts' opened, with the latest 2 hour video playing, showing both my daughter and my wife being double banged roughly and to much enjoyment for both the men and ladies. They were then internally creamed by two groups of black men, in the same house that their daddy and husband was waiting to pay the black men for fucking the shit out of his loved ones. They flicked back to the Roberts file and noted the many, many listed videos, from "the Teacher", to "the Gardeners", to "The basketball team", and countless dates for clinical visits. As the year went on, my wife and daughter became happier and happier, and as long as it was like this, I saw no reason at all to stop their therapy. That was about to change when I would soon find that I was going to be the father, and a grandfather to two black babies.

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