tagIncest/TabooDaddy’s Little Girl Ch. 2

Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Daughters Dream Date Continues

Thanks Sprite for your editing!

* * * * *

Could life get any better than this? I have just experienced the most exciting time of my life. You see, a few minutes ago I had my Daddy’s cock in my mouth. It was better than I had ever imagined. The taste of his seed was better than a fine wine as I savored every last drop. Now; I have plans to move my relationship with Daddy one step further.

Standing naked in the bathroom after a quick shower, I plan what will happen next. I know Daddy really enjoyed what happened in the kitchen but I also know he feels a bit guilty. Well, he will have to get over the guilt because I have big plans for him. Grabbing my white silk robe I open the door only to see Daddy standing there waiting for me.

“Nikki, we have to discuss what happened down stairs,” he says.

My body is still a bit damp from my shower so my robe is clinging to my large breasts. My nipples are hard pebbles begging for attention. Unaware of himself, Daddy’s eyes are riveted on my chest. Grinning, I brush past Daddy and “accidentally” brush my nipples against him.

“Sure Daddy, we can discuss whatever you want. Did you order a pizza?” I head towards my bedroom adding an extra swing to my hips.

“Yes, Nikki. It should be here shortly. Come in the den and we will talk.” Daddy walks away from me so he does not see the smile on my face. You see, I noticed his dick was becoming very erect as he was talking to me. I noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off my chest and I also know he watched my ass swing as I walked to my room. Yeah, Daddy’s little girl was going to get her wish tonight! I decide not to change clothes. The way I figure, I will be naked shortly anyway. Okay, lets get this show on the road. I leave my bedroom knowing in my heart I will be loving my Daddy and he will be loving me in the most intimate way before morning. I can hardly contain the joy I feel . My body responds to my thoughts. If possible, my nipples get even more erect. My pussy begins to clench with excitement. My lips tremble with anticipation. Oh yeah, Daddy will be mine tonight!

Daddy is in the den sitting in his favorite chair, pizza box open on the coffee table. As I sit on the couch, which is across from Daddy, the phone rings.

I reach for the phone, “Hello.” It's Mom. Smiling I answer her questions. Knowing Daddy can only hear my side of the conversation.

“Hi Mom. How is Sally?” I reach for a piece of pizza. The Vee on my robe opens a bit and I know Daddy can see the swell of my breast.

“No I decided to stay in tonight. I thought Daddy and I could spend some quality time together. You know, like old times.” Moving my legs apart I expose my pussy for his pleasure. His eyes are going from my breast to my wet pussy. Poor Daddy, he does not know where to keep his eyes. I laugh, “That’s right my Friday night date with Daddy. You know how I always enjoyed the time I have with him. There will never be a man in my life like my Daddy!” Not really wanting the pizza, I lean forward to put it back in the box, my robe slides off my right shoulder. My right breast is fully exposed, my nipple is puckered tightly. Daddy moves his hand to his slacks and rubs himself through the material. I continue the conversation with Mom. “Yes, Mom, we will. Don’t worry about him. I promise to take special care of him. Love you, too, Mom. Bye” The receiver is replaced with a soft click.

“That was Mom. She said to enjoy ourselves this evening.” I purr to him. My tongue sweeps across my lips, licking as if I could still be tasting his cum.

Watching my tongue, Daddy groans. “Your mother. Oh God! Nikki, please pull your robe together. There is no way in hell I can have this conversation while you are dressed like that.”

“But, Daddy, don’t you like my breasts?” Pouting my lips, I gently blow across my nipple that is exposed. It comes to attention like a good little soldier. I lick my index finger and slowly circle my nipple. It feels so good to be touching myself. I pull and tug at my nipple. Groaning, I look at Daddy with a sweet smile on my face.

“God, Baby. How can you ask me a question like that? You know this is wrong. You have to understand that we can’t do this!” Daddy was trying so hard to fight his attraction to me. The subject of incest is very “taboo” but has always been in the thoughts of men and women at some point in their lives. I almost feel sorry for him, but not sorry enough to give up my most precious dream.

“Okay Daddy, we won’t do anything that you don’t want. But you have understand something - I want you. I have always wanted you; and I will do anything in this world to have you.”

“Nikki,” he groans, “stop saying that. What about your Mom? What about this being wrong? What about...God, Nikki, this is not right!” The whole time he is talking, his hand is massaging his dick. I don’t even think he realizes what he was doing. The zipper in his slacks is going to bust wide open if the pressure isn’t released.

Standing, I remove my robe completely. Daddy sees his little girl all grown up and fully nude. He sees her 38D breasts, a tiny waist, flat stomach, a trimmed pussy, and long, tanned legs. It's more than he can handle. I see his dick straining to be release. I walk to him; he can smell my arousal, he sees my puckered nipples begging for his touch. He hasn’t got a chance in hell!

“Okay, Daddy, I will do what ever you want if you will do me one favor”.

“Oh God, Nikki, I’m afraid to even ask what that favor is.” Daddy is looking at my body like a man who has not had water in a week and I am a cool mountain stream.

I move his hands on my breasts and sit on his lap straddling his legs. His hands automatically begin to fondle my breasts. I feel his erection pulse against my wet pussy. Easy; slow and easy. “Daddy, just this once, I want you touch me. I want to feel your hands all over my body. Please, will you do this for me?” With every word I seductively whisper, his hands stroke my breasts. His dick swells against my hot pussy.

“Nikki, if I do this, will you promise me that will be as far as it goes? Honey, this has to stop before we go too far. Baby, listen to me. ”

I lean closer to Daddy and kiss his lips letting my tongue slide over the seem on his lips. Once. Twice. Three times I lick his lips. His tongue reaches out to tangle with mine. His hands fondle my breasts, his dick is hard as a rock under my pussy. He groans deeply in his throat.

I reach for his shirt letting my fingers tease his nipples. I want to feel my breasts against his chest. Removing his shirt I kiss him deeply letting my hands caress his broad shoulders. I feel his tongue tangle with mine as he tastes me. My nipples brush against his chest and I feel his chest hair arousing me even more.

“Nikki, stop baby. Stop. Come on baby. Listen to Daddy. If I touch you the way you want, will you promise me that will be enough? We can’t do what happened earlier. Baby, do you understand me?”

Yes, I understood him, better than he understood himself. I knew there would be no way Daddy would be able to stop. He would be with me, he would have his cock inside me, and he would shoot his hot load inside my pussy. It would just take some time to relax him enough that the thought of incest would be gone from his mind. Society has always preached that incest was wrong. I would have to work my magic and convince him that THIS was right. Hey, I have all night. I have already had his dick inside my mouth. I have savored from him the seed that had created me.

“Sure, Daddy, I promise. But please, I want you naked when you are touching me. I want to be able to touch you, too.”

Daddy gently removes his hands from my aroused body and kisses each knuckle. Beginning to stand, my nipple brushes his lips. I feel his tongue take a quick taste of my nipple. Standing completely places my pussy at his eye level. He leans into me and places a gentle kiss on my trimmed pussy. I know he can smell my arousal and feel the heat that he has generated from me.

“Nikki, I will do as you ask but you do understand there will be no intercourse. We can’t have sex. You understand that, right?” Oh, I understand perfectly. His nose is rubbing my little pebble on my pussy, his tongue is lightly brushing my outer lips. I place my hands on his head and pull his head closer. Spreading my legs a litter wider, so he can have better access to my most private part. He takes one finger and slowly enters my pussy. Oh man. I had waited years for my Daddy to touch me like this.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so good. Yes. God, yes. Deeper. Yeah, push harder.” He pushes his finger as deep as he can go. I feel him move his finger faster and faster inside me. “Yes, Daddy, that’s it.” He inserts another finger into me. My hot pussy stretches to accommodate his large fingers. I rock my hips faster and faster. I watch as his hand moves faster inside my pussy. It's a beautiful sight. His tongue reaches out and with a quick flick touches my clit. I push my pussy towards Daddy’s face. “OH Daddy, I am going to cum!” His fingers work even deeper and faster inside of my clenching pussy finding my G-spot.

“That’s it baby, cum for Daddy. Yes, baby, rock those hips. Cum for Daddy. Cum for Daddy!”

I cum long and hard. My juices flow over his hand. He moves his face to my pussy and dives deep. His tongue is lapping at me like a dog laps water. I love the feel of his tongue on my dripping pussy. Seeing my father eating my pussy is the most beautiful sight I have ever witnessed.

Breathing hard, I answer Daddy’s last question. “Yes, Daddy, your little girl understands perfectly. We won’t have sex.” I know in my heart there would be no sex. We would be making love. Sweet and pure. Or it would be fucking. Hot and nasty.

Daddy stands and removes his pants. I see him sniff his finger that had been in my wet pussy. His tongue sneaks out for a quick taste of my cum. After removing all of his clothes, he stands there and I admire his body. His body is beautiful. Wide chest, flat stomach, narrow hips, long hairy legs. His cock is proudly showing itself against his dark pubic hair. I can see that it's already leaking precum. I want to kiss it away like I had done earlier this evening. I reach for my Daddy’s cock.

Seeing what my intentions are he shakes his head in a negative movement. “No baby, you can’t do that again. Lay down and let me touch you. This time is just for you.”

Faster than lightning I am on the floor, with my legs spread. I know he can see my wet pussy lips. I know there's cum on my swollen lips. He groans at the invitation I offer him. Knowing he is a breast man, I begin to fondle my nipples. I pinch, pull, and twist my nipples. Daddy drops to his knees on the floor beside me. He pushes my hand away from one nipple and he begins to lick and suck it deeply in his mouth. I am in heaven. Daddy's mouth feels so damn good on my body. He bites my nipple then rolls his tongue around the tight pebble making it wet.

“Oh, Daddy, that feels so damn good. Yes, Daddy, bite my nipple. Yes, that’s it. I love your mouth on me.” He moves over to my other breast and repeats the same treatment. It is wonderful, what I've always wanted. Daddy and me. No, this could not be wrong when it feels so right. I pull his head closer as he licks, bites and sucks me into his mouth. I gaze at him, his mouth is on his little girl, he is naked, his ass is up in the air and his dick is begging for attention. I feel him blow cool air on my nipple. God, I am in pure heaven. This is what I have always wanted.

“Oh, Baby, you have the best titties. I love them.” He sucks harder taking more of my breast into his mouth. “I knew they would be perfect. I love to bite and suck you. I love the feel of your nipple expanding as I suck. Does Daddy’s little girl like this?” His teeth are nibbling on one nipple while he pinches and pulls the other. He stretches one nipple at least ½” long and then bites it really hard! The pain is pure pleasure to me.

“Oh God! Oh, Daddy, your little girl loves it. Yeah, Daddy, that is. Bite me. Oh damn!. Harder! Harder! Bite me harder.” I beg. As Daddy does what I ask I find begin to finger my pussy. I am so damn hot and wet my finger slides in with no trouble. I reach for his dick with my other hand. I feel his precum on the head of his dick. I remove the droplet with my finger and bring it to my mouth. His eyes absorb every movement of my finger as I inhale my finger deep in my mouth. “Oh Daddy, I love the taste of you.” I move my hand up and down his dick with the same motion I’m moving my finger inside my pussy. I know I am close to another climax. I can feel the tension within my body. I rub my swollen clit fast and hard. “Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum. God, I need to cum!”

“Oh, Baby, yes! Cum for Daddy. Show Daddy what his little girl looks like while she cums. Yes, Baby, move that finger. Faster Baby. Finger fuck yourself faster. That’s it, Baby. Cum for Daddy! Cum for Daddy!” I pump my finger faster and faster within my pussy. My body reacts to my actions and to the force of Daddy tugging at my nipples. I can’t hold back!

“Oh Daaaaddddddyyyyyyy!” I scream. My juices flow from my pussy covering my fingers. I cum harder than I ever had in my life. My cum is running between my ass cheeks towards my puckered hole.

Daddy cannot stand it any longer. He removes my hand from my pussy and his dark head descends to my drenched pussy. Spreading my outer lips wide, he drinks my cum. His tongue goes deeply within my passage. He pushes my legs even further apart for better access. I feel his mouth on my clit. He finds my aroused clit and gently bites. Inserting two fingers he begins to finger fuck me as he savors my flowing pussy. His tongue takes long, loving stokes.

“Oh Daddy. I’m going to cum again!” My hips buck upwards from the floor pushing my pussy even closer to him.

“Yes, Baby! Cum for me! Let me feel you cum in my mouth! Cum for me, Nikki! Cum for Daaaaaddddddyyyy!”

My body explodes with pure pleasure. I cum into his waiting mouth and his tongue licks me deeply, capturing my essence. His tongue pulls more of my essence into his awaiting mouth. He groans deeply in his throat.

“Oh, Baby, you taste so damn good! God, Baby, you are so sweet tasting! I knew you would taste like heaven but I never dreamed you would taste this good!” He spreads my pussy wide and licks me deeply. I quiver from the inside out.

I'm spent from cumming so long and hard. “Oh, Daddy, please make love to me! I need you inside my body! Please Daddy!”

“No, Nikki, we can’t! I want you so damn much but you know we can’t!”

“Please, Daddy!” My hand seeks his straining cock. The weight of his heavy balls in my hands in unbelievable.

He straddles my chest and pushes my titties together. His cock is sandwiched between them as he pumps his hips back and forth. I feel his balls sliding against my sweat cover body. I feel his ass on my stomach. I see his precum leaking out of the purple head. I lick the precum off the head of his cock on his forward motion. I finger my pussy. One finger is not enough so I push another, then another. I lick the head of his cock. Again and again I lap at his magnificent cock while finger fucking my dripping pussy.

“That’s it Baby, lick Daddy. Lick my cock. God, baby, I’m tittie fucking you. Yes, Baby, that’s it. Oh, Baby, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back.” He pumps his hips faster and faster as I move my fingers faster and faster inside my drenched pussy. Our bodies explode at the same moment in time.

“Oh, Nikki! I’m cuuuuummmming! Oh, Baby, you feel sooooooo goooooooood!” he screams. His head falls back and he eyes close tightly as he starts his release.

“Oh, Daaaaaaaaadddddddy!” I echo as I flood my hand.

Daddy’s cock starts its release all over my titties. I feel his warm seed splattering on my chest. I open my mouth and am able to catch a few squirts. I swallow his sperm and wait for more to come my way. Most of his creamy fluid splashes over my titties as he pumps his hips back and forth. My hands grab his moving ass and my nails bite into the flesh. Licking my lips to savor every drop of his creamy cum, I am amazed how much cum he releases all over my chest. He’s panting, his breath is loud and heavy as he drops his forehead to mine.

“Oh, Daddy, that was wonderful.” I whisper. I bring my cum covered fingers to his mouth. He licks my cum off and then I lick them. I can taste my own spicy scent. He groans as I taste my own flavor.

“Oh, Baby. What am I going to do with you? How did this happen again? God, I wasn’t supposed to let this happen again.”

I gently push at his chest until he is again straddling my flushed body. I lean forward and gently take his semi hard dick in my mouth.

Daddy rubs some of his cooling cum off one of my nipples. It is about to drip off his finger when he places it close to my mouth. I let his dick fall from my mouth and open my mouth wide.

“Does Daddy’s little girl want this?” he asks.

Smiling, “Daddy, I want that and so much more.” I take his finger into my mouth and suck it clean rolling my tongue over his knuckles. He leans down and kisses me deeply. Our tongues flick over each other’s and I taste his cum mingle with my own. We both moan at this new experience.

I know that our next scene will be the final act. I know that Daddy will have his cock in my pussy. I know I will be cradling his seed within my body instead of my mouth. I could hardly wait!

I smile, “Oh, Daddy, I love you so much.” I deepen our kiss. Daddy rolls our bodies until I am lying on his chest with his semi hard cock cradled between our bodies. Yes, the night was getting better and better and it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet! I feel his hands caress my back as we kiss and hold each other. I love the feel of his hands gliding over my aroused body. I relax and enjoy the pleasure I am having with my Daddy.

More to come...

Let me know how you enjoy Nikki's Dream Date.

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