tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Little Prom Queen

Daddy's Little Prom Queen


I DO NOT CONDONE INCEST OR ANY KIND OF SEXUAL INVOLVEMENT WITH A CHILD IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. This is just a fantasy for those who enjoy age play. The key word here is fantasy.

Lindsey was slightly embarrassed as her Dad made her pose with him for a picture before she left for the prom. But she was truly beautiful in her long tight fitting white dress that was spilt up the side and tiny little straps that held the bodice up. It was her senior prom just a week past her eighteenth birthday. She was going with Joe, a strapping young jock who had already signed a letter of intent to play football at Penn State. They were the quintessential couple. The prettiest girl in school dating the most popular guy.

“Lindsey, you don’t have a curfew, but you better be home by the time I wake up. And Joe, you get her and yourself home safely,” said Mike, her dad.

“Don’t worry Mr. Curtis, I’ll take good care of her.”

Lindsey made it home that night at three in the morning. She fumbled with the lock for while. She had a bit too much to drink. She tried to be quiet as she staggered to her room. Once inside, she slipped out of her dress and white cotton panties, pulled on a large T-shirt and drifted off to sleep.

Daddy came in her room at noon the next day with strawberry Poptarts and orange juice. She was still asleep. He noticed her panties in the middle of the floor and picked them up to toss in the hamper. But once in his hand, he noticed that they were soaking wet. He stuffed them in his pocket and gently shook her leg.

“Wake up, Princess. I brought you some breakfast.”

“Thank you Daddy,” she grumbled, “I’m going to sleep a little longer.”

“OK, but don’t sleep the whole day away.”

About an hour Lindsey showered and got dressed and brought the tray back downstairs to the kitchen. Daddy was there sitting at the table which he rarely did unless he was going to give her a lecture. She thought for moment that he found out about her drinking. But no, this was much worse. “Lindsey, follow me to my room. I have something I want you to explain.”

Now she was really scared. What could he have found? They left all the bottles at the motel room. Was he angry about how late she got in? She walked in the room and saw the bunched up panties on his bed. This was getting more bizarre. "What are my panties doing on your bed, Daddy?"

"You left them in the middle of your room when you got home. I thought we agreed that you would remain a virgin until you got married. They are soaking wet, Lindsey. Either you went swimming in them or you had a better time at the prom than you want to admit."

"But I am a virgin, Daddy. We fooled around a little bit. All the kids do it. I'm the only cheerleader besides Amy who is a virgin. And she spends her weekends at the church."

"So if all the kids get a tattoo does that mean you have to get one too? You leave me no choice but to punish you. You are getting a spanking," he said.

"But Daddy, I'm too old for a spanking. I haven't had one in eight years."

"No more backtalk. Take off your shorts and panties and crawl over my lap. Now!"

Lindsey turned a bright red but complied. She was trembling as she braced for the first lick.

"Now, you slut, put your hands on your head. If they come off, I'll have to start over." Mike was a powerful man. She felt his strength as his hand found the sweet spot of her ass. She cried out more from the shock than the pain. Another found the mark and her clit started to throb.

"Did you suck his cock, Lindsey?"

"Yes Sir."

His hand came down hard on her left cheek leaving an imprint.

"Just how many cocks have you sucked?"

"Three Daddy," she replied.

Two more blows stung her ass.

"Are you a good little cock sucker?"

"Yes Daddy. They always cum quickly."

"Are you going to suck my cock when we are done?"

"Oh yes Daddy, Please let me."

You are getting so wet. Did he put his finger inside you?"

"Yes Daddy, his finger and tongue. But not his penis."

"Did it feel as good as this?"

Mike forced two of his thick fingers up her cunt. She came immediately.

"Yes, you are very tight even though your hymen has been broken. It will hurt a little when I fuck you. Do you want to fuck Daddy?" "I will do whatever pleases you, Daddy."

“You can start by sucking my cock.”

Daddy pulled off his shorts and briefs and sat at the edge of the bed. Lindsey got into position and slowly licked around the head of his cock, then took him in all the way. His hand tangled in her hair as he guided her motions. She paused at the tip and sucked out the precum. She wanted his cum so bad. He laid down and had her straddle his face in a sixty-nine. She squirmed when his tongue ran over her clit, across her wet sweet pussy and all the up her tight little ass. “Oh Daddy, I can’t concentrate with you eating me.”

“Ok babies. I’ll just enjoy the view and the smell. When I’m ready to cum, you’ll feel my tongue inside you.”

She was using her hand on the base while sucking on the top half of his cock with her month. She was working it hard, wanting him to cum so bad. He felt her finger gently slip an inch into his ass. Her pussy dripped on his face. It was more than he could handle. She felt his cock grow harder and hotter. His tongue went deep in her sex as he started to cum. She swallowed every drop until he pulled her head off her prize.

“Damn, baby, no wonder you haven’t been home on a Saturday night in the last two years. Come here and cuddle for a while.”

She snuggled up to his chest and felt his strong arms wrap around her. She drifted off to a comfortable spot between sleep and consciousness. She was jolted back to reality when she felt his fingers strumming her pussy. They danced over her clit and wet slit. He seemed to know just how to touch her.

“You are really wet. Go in the drawer and get out the KY gel. It might help ease the way for your first time. Put a good coating on my cock. Then I want you to slowly sit on my cock till it is all the way inside.”

She placed the lips of her virgin pussy over his cock. But it was too big to go in.

“It hurts, Daddy.”

“Yes, it will hurt but only for a little while. Use the weight of your body to force it in. Once you get the head in it will be easy.” It hurt a lot, but she didn’t care. She took his entire cock easily. It felt good to be so filled. His fingers were pinching both nipples as she began to ride his cock. The pain dissipated and all she felt was pleasure. She felt a strange pressure of wanting release, and as she started to cum fluid squirted out all over Daddy and the bed.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s ok baby, some women squirt and I guess you are one of the lucky ones. Keep going.”

She put her arms around Daddy’s neck and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He cupped her sweet cheeks in his hands and guided her movements.

“Oh Daddy, Daddy, fuck my pussy Daddy.”

“Yeah, I’m going to cum deep inside your tight pussy. Damn, you are so tight.”

“Oh Daddy, may I cum again?”

“No. Not yet, I want to cum with you.”

“Please hurry, Daddy, shoot you hot cum in my pussy.”

Daddy rolled her over and put her knees over his shoulders. He began fucking her unmercifully. Her face was flushed with excitement. His thrusts were unrelenting, like some mechanical fucking machine.

“Ok, you can cum,” he growled.

They came together filling the room with moans and groans. Then he collapsed on top of her dying instantly from a massive heart attack.

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