Daisy Dreams


"Oh! I am so sorry. Did you see which way she went?" She helped the man to his feet, looking about in every direction for the little girl.

"I'm sorry, Lady Carmen, I didn't see anyone. Who were you looking for?" Back on his feet, the man before her was tall, slender, with somewhat rugged, yet handsome features.

"A little girl, about this tall, in a white dress. She was carrying a yellow daisy." It was as she said these words that she realized the man was holding in his hands, a yellow daisy, wrapped in a pink ribbon.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see her, but I do have a daisy for you. My little girl always loved to come and watch you dance, and she always left you a daisy. This week was the anniversary of her and her mother's death, so, in her memory, all I could think to do was bring you a daisy, just as she had done. I hope you don't mind." A small tear welled up in the corner of his eye as he remembered his wife and little girl, and Carman began to wonder about the girl with the flower.

"No, I don't mind at all. I think the gesture is lovely. Tell me, was your little girl called Tammy?" She hoped he would say no, but in her heart, she already knew the answer.

"Yes. She was one of your biggest fans, her and her mother both. How did you know that?" His eyes became bright with curiosity, and Carmen knew in her heart that Tammy had brought her father to her for a reason. A reason she was not going to question.

"Would you like to go for coffee someplace? I really don't feel like going to another post-performance party."

He smiled softly. "I would like that. I would like that very much."

Carmen came to realize, in that one brief instant, that life was filled with things she had yet to understand and opportunities that she was yet to experience. Tammy had just given her the greatest gift she was ever to receive. With that single yellow daisy in her hand, she walked from the theatre, away from her prison, her pain, and all, of the restrictions her life had placed upon her. That daisy was the beginning of a whole new life. A life that would see each new day begin and end with dreams of yellow daisies.

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