tagMind ControlDancing with the Hypnotist

Dancing with the Hypnotist


"I am now going to place my penis in your mouth."

Annabel was appalled but she could not move so much as a muscle without his command.

She had watched as the man had quietly undressed, neatly folding his clothes on the chair, and been so relieved to see his penis flaccid. She had thought he intended her for sex but the physical evidence showed otherwise: how wrong she had been!

"You need to open your mouth, yes, that is just right."

He had come closer and closer to her, his hand reaching down to lift his soft penis just as if he was about to urinate. Her fear grew; surely he was not really going to put that in her mouth?

How had she come to be here in a stranger's hotel room sitting on a bed still in her beautiful long blue silk dress with this naked man before her? The evening had started so well. She was at the annual company dinner dance at the Hilton in ________ and Michael Barnes had finally asked her to dance. They had danced the whole evening but before that there had been the wonderful dinner and the brilliant entertainment. She had thought the little man in the white tuxedo had been a conjurer but, no, he was a stage hypnotist and had picked her from the audience. Annabel was not surprised - she was quite pretty, she knew that as a fact, if too tall and she was aware the MD had a soft spot for her. She hadn't of course expected the hypnosis to work and it was only the proof of the mobile phone videos afterwards that had convinced her. Everyone had been so complimentary about her that she had not minded. The stage hypnotist hadn't got her to do anything embarrassing like bark like a dog, pretend to be a baby, get her boobs out or something crass like that. He had got her to sing and dance and, well it was hardly embarrassing, forget where her seat was and sit down on the MD's lap by mistake - and that was how she knew who had set her up. Not that she minded. He was a sweet old duffer.

She had thought the hypnotist long gone but caught sight of him just as they got to the last dance, the last slow dance when Michael had finally kissed her. They had kissed the whole dance just slowly twirling on the darkened dance floor. Of course after that first contact - after such hoping on her part and perhaps on his - they had wanted to be alone together but that was not the easiest thing at a company party with everyone seeming to be watching them. They stood holding hands away from the bar, declining the occasional offer of drinks, chatting away for some long time absorbed in each other. Their plan was for Annabel to go up to her room first on the pretext of being tired and for Michael to come up later to his room and she would join him at 11.30 for a nightcap, though whether either of them really believed that was all is open to question - certainly nobody else was fooled by their subterfuge but it did not leave them open to such obvious comments the next morning.

Annabel slipped off, her head a whirl. The lift came and just as she was pressing the button for the seventh floor the hypnotist from earlier in the evening stepped in with her. She rather felt she had to make conversation or at least say something

"You were very good this evening, I'm told, I don't really remember much!" She had laughed.

She could remember him saying, "No, Annabel, you wouldn't" but as she stood outside the lift on the seventh floor and the doors closed behind her she really couldn't remember what else he had said, the doors opening or anything. She shrugged her shoulders and walked down to room 714 and opened the door. She showered and slipped the blue silk dress on again and smoothed it down herself. She glanced at her watch, still ten minutes to go - she hardly wanted to hang about outside Michael's door waiting for him. She'd feel awful if someone came past. She made herself wait until 11.35 before hurrying out again down to his room, a quick knock and she was in his arms. They sat on the bed sipping brandy from the same glass, kissing and cuddling.

The touch of Michael's hand on her breast, cupping it through the silk had surprised Annabel as a bit forward but the closeness of the touch revealed to Annabel that she had forgotten to put her bra back on after showering. An odd mistake to make and with the thinness of the silk her breasts must have been shown to Michael almost as if she had not been wearing the dress at all, the thin silk clinging to the curves, moulding the shape of her nipples - an invitation issued to him. Not an invitation she had really meant to give, she thought, but not a signal he could miss. She was puzzled - why had she not put her bra back on? It was nice though, having Michael holding her there and she did not stop him. She did not stop him when he squeezed or later ran his fingers over her nipples drawing them to attention. Annabel had glanced down and in the limited light cast by the bedside lamp had seen how very clearly they showed standing proud. Michael's hand slipped into her dress to hold a breast, feeling the naked skin directly rather than through the thin blue silk. She shivered and her legs instinctively rubbed together. A thought came to her mind - had she actually put any panties on?

Her breast was now out of the dress, showing white in the subdued light of the bedside lamp. "May I?" he'd asked and before she had responded he had kissed the nipple.

Slowly they had lain down on the bed and now, lying side by side, clasped to each other, she could feel his hardness against her, a hardness she knew she wanted inside.

"Shall we get in?" It had surprised her a bit that she'd said it but she stood and let the dress flow off her onto the floor. She was naked underneath, the light from the bedside lamp catching her curves and accentuating them with shadow.

Michael was quickly off the bed and pulling the bedspread and duvet aside before pulling off his own clothes so that he too was naked, his hard cock revealed.

"Well here we are then," said Annabel, suddenly a little less sure. She tried levity. "I don't remember seeing you quite like this before."

He kissed her and she felt his hardness naked against her tummy.

"You are so lovely, Anna."

They got into bed.

It was nice to be so close to Michael, to feel him naked against her skin. Annabel would have liked to have lain like that for a little while, just cuddling and kissing but there was the feel of his hand already on the smooth inner skin of her thigh, just resting - not touching anything - just resting on the soft skin. The imminent prospect of movement caused her to flow. In the nature of men Michael was unlikely to lie still for long and, Annabel knew, with the slightest encouragement his hardness would be slipping into her.

She did want that. She made the move. Her hand reached out and held him, feeling the warmth of his hardness in her hand. She squeezed and moved her hand upwards gently pushing the foreskin up and over the head and down again. Michael's hand slid upwards, his fingers just touching her wetness. Annabel shivered. She wanted him. They kissed and explored each other a little longer and then Annabel whispered as she spread her thighs wider, "Please, inside me."

Michael had eased himself up and gently onto her, for a moment letting himself rest between her thighs before she felt a touch and it was she, pushing upwards, who caused the first joining of the young couple. The day before they had been friends: now they were lovers and so happy in it. Intercourse was tender, gentle and rewarding and it was not just Michael who reached a climax.

Sleep did not come to Annabel. There was a nagging feeling she had to do something. Perhaps she would sleep better in her own room - though she did not want to leave Michael. It was so good being with him, but a single bed is not so easy when you cannot sleep. She got up and pulled on her dress, thinking to walk a bit, perhaps go back to her room for a time, and slipped out of Michael's door.

It was a surprise to her to find herself on the wrong floor, turning the handle of the wrong room door and opening it. The lighting inside was not subdued and standing just a little inside the door in silhouette was a man she recognised - the hypnotist. He had moved back into the room at the same time motioning for her to sit on the bed and she found she could not do anything but obey. Annabel had watched wide eyed as he had begun to undress, neatly folding his clothes but saying little. She could not understand what was happening - why she was here.

The door had opened just as the hypnotist had lifted his flaccid penis and, yes, he had held it in his hand and carefully placed it in her mouth. She had felt it lying on her tongue.

"Alphonso, really! What do you think you are doing? How dare you!"

Annabel was relieved; the MD was going to save her.

"Starting without me! You know I do not approve of that."

Her hopes were dashed. The MD was in league with the hypnotist.

"I was just doing a little warming up, Maurice."

"You know I do not like that. I have said as much before but... you've done well tonight, brought our quarry to us, yes you have done very well and how is our willowy Annabel?"

She could not say anything, could not move.

"Annabel, so good tonight, such a sweet voice and looking so pretty in that dress - I am glad to see you have not touched that Alphonso." His hand reached out and stroked the blue material, worse still his hand moved to cup a breast, just as Michael had done not long before.

"Perhaps it would look a little better off the shoulder, Annabel?" He lifted a strap and let it fall down her arm half exposing a breast. "Perhaps a little lower?" A tug and the roundness was fully revealed. "Yes, yes so much better. It would have made your dancing even more delightful this evening. Perhaps you would care to dance now - after all you didn't ask me to dance earlier." He put on a rather hurt face. "Alphonso, some music. Annabel stand up and dance with me."

To her surprise Annabel found she could move but not to run, not run to escape from the room but to dance, dance to some music the hypnotist had found on the television, dance with the MD. Round and round the room they went watched by the naked hypnotist, his penis still completely flaccid.

Annabel did not like the MD's hand on her back, touching her - she did not like where she was at all. She did not like her breast exposed to their view. She did not like the MD so close to her. Why had she left Michael's room and come here? Round and round they went - she could not stop.

"Alphonso, why don't you dance whilst I get myself ready?"

The naked hypnotist took the MD's place and Annabel found herself in the absurd situation of waltzing around a hotel bedroom with a naked man. The MD had disappeared into the bathroom. What was he doing? What had he meant by 'getting ready?' She could not stop dancing; her legs seemed to be out of her control. It was so very different from how it had been at the dinner dance. Yes, the hypnotist danced well but it was all so absurd, so horrid, so not what she wanted.

The reappearance of the MD completely naked should not have surprised her. Divested of his well-cut clothes he looked faintly ridiculous with his sizeable paunch and a hint of man-breasts. He sat on the bed and watched the couple.

"Very good Alphonso. Shall we now see a little more of our guest?"

The hypnotist stood back from Annabel, made a short bow, lifted her right hand and kissed it, as if to thank her for the dance but then his head moved and he kissed her exposed nipple lightly. She shivered.

"Annabel," went on the MD, "stand just there would you, yes that's right. Your dress is really lovely, such fine silk; you made an excellent choice; such fine material, such a beautiful blue, it just glides on your skin; indeed if you let it go, I think, it would slip down your body just like water and pool at your feet; I'd like to see that, I'd like to see that very much."

He reached out and stroked the silk across her tummy. "Let it drop, Annabel, but ever so slowly."

Annabel found her hand moving to take the other strap off her shoulder, her hand moving haltingly - she could neither speed its progress nor slow it. She was not in control. As her hand touched the strap she could see a movement between the MD's thighs. She was giving him an erection.

The silk rustled down just as it had done in Michael's room but in the brighter light of the full room lights she was much more revealed and, moreover had a very different audience. Two men she did not at all want to see her body, two men who should not have been naked watched the silk slip from her breasts, cascade down across her tummy with its dimple of a tummy button, to reveal her curls before tumbling to the floor. The MD was as appreciative as Michael, his hands went to her hips and he stroked.

"Wonderful, wonderful. I have looked forward to this." He was stroking her mons now, moving the fine curling hairs with his fingers, moving the hairs first one way, then the other and touching the little valley half hidden beneath. "So soft, so wonderfully soft. May I?"

He turned her around as if examining goods. His hands were on her bottom, touching, stroking, seeking, feeling the cheeks, sliding his fingers in the crack.

"Alphonso, what fine buttocks, don't you think. Comparable to young Julia we enjoyed so much last year. Yes, very comparable indeed." His fingers explored - and all Annabel could do was stand and allow it. "A bottom for spanking but we don't want to hurt our Annabel do we?"

She was turned around again.

"Could you bend forward please Annabel? Yes, towards me so I can hold your breasts. Oh firm, yes firm and what nice big nipples."

Annabel's breasts were hanging downwards from her and the MD was balancing them in his hand as if weighing them. He pinched and squeezed as if they were fruit to be assessed for ripeness. Annabel was so very conscious of the indignity, the liberty, the assault being made on her - and even more conscious of the MD's penis now standing hard and pointing up at her. Leaning forward, as she was, towards the seated MD his penis was not that many inches from her face. Its eye seemed to be looking at her. It would only take a little pressure on the back of her head and...

"I think, Annabel, I should now feel between your thighs. If we are to have sexual intercourse, and I would really like that pleasure, I need to do that. I have wanted to feel there ever since you joined the company though perhaps that has not been in your mind, eh? You may answer."

"No, no, not at all." Annabel found herself answering the question.

"I thought not, never mind. Alphonso is so very good at arranging these things. I need to feel to see if you are sufficiently lubricated, you understand - I wouldn't want to hurt you. Now let's see. My finger seems to be sliding up your little crack here. Very nice Annabel, this really is very nice. So soft and, yes, here it is, your little bump. Let me roll it a little for you between my finger and thumb. Legs a little wider please. Yes, this feels very good, ready for, yes, even surprisingly slippery as if...what is this! Alphonso, what have you been doing? Look, look!"

The MD held up sticky fingers, fingers sticky with another man's semen. The hypnotist shook his head slowly,

"Annabel. Is this Michael Barnes' doing? Have you been intimate with him?" The MD looked at her hard - he was really cross.

"Yes," she said, her eyes on the MD's penis. It had not shrunk. "We made love."

There was a pause. "What do we do with bad girls, Alphonso?"

It happened in an instant. Annabel was whipped around and over the MD's knee before she knew what had happened and a heavy hand descended again and again until she was allowed to stand once more.

"I did not think I would have to chastise you so soon. And it is not just you I am angry with. I think I shall have to dismiss Michael Barnes, I cannot have my favourite employee being tampered with in this fashion by him. Yes, Monday morning..."

Her bottom stung.

"No, please..." Annabel was frightened, frightened for Michael. "I'll do anything..."

"Anything?" Both the MD and hypnotist were smiling at her.

Annabel knew what she had said.

The hypnotist lifted his flaccid penis and looked at her. Annabel nodded and once more the soft object was placed on her tongue.

"Suck," he said.

The MD just sat there, smiling and watching as Annabel was forced to suck the hypnotist. There was no abatement of the MD's erection - he was clearly enjoying what he saw.

The coolness of the penis surprised Annabel but she began to suck, pulling the limp skin into her mouth, stroking it with her tongue. It was almost entirely in her mouth, wobbly and insubstantial, the hypnotist's scrotum hanging on her chin. For a while nothing happened then, as the hypnotist moved and his hands came up to hold her bottom cheeks, gradually there was a hardening, a lengthening.

"You are doing well," remarked the MD. Annabel was indeed - getting a response she really did not want. The idea of her mouth suddenly being filled with semen appalled her. She would do that, would do that with pleasure, for Michael, and indeed would love to do it for Michael. She would, too, when she had the chance, insist he didn't move as she undid his fly and, kneeling, suck him to conclusion and then keep sucking lightly as it shrank in her mouth. Oh she did love him so much. She wanted to do that so much for him: not this Alphonso or the MD. Annabel could not, though, see herself avoiding this with one or other... or both of them.

The penis was erect now, pulling her upwards. Its soft, formerly cold head was now shiny hard and warm. Having gone this far Annabel thought it better to get things over with, better this than intercourse. She worked now with purpose not just reluctance; sucking wetly, tongue fast at work. Could she do it? Come, come, come!

The MD stood, "I think Annabel, I should like a turn." He pulled her away, the hypnotist's penis at one moment in her mouth, the next standing wetly in the air.

"Now little Annabel, I shall direct you, let me get myself seated, lying down is comfortable but I would like to watch you. Now see this, bigger than my brother's isn't it. Perhaps too big for your pretty little mouth. Well, we'll see - I'm sure it will fit somewhere else! First I would like you to suck my right ball, yes Annabel take the nut in its wrinkly coat into your pretty little mouth and roll it round, gently, gently, yes that is good. I like that. Now stick your little pink tongue out and let me watch you lick slowly up the ridge of my cock, right from the bottom, slowly like you are licking a lolly, slowly, slower, slower, stop just there below the head, oh yes, just keep licking there, little Annabel, oh dear how pretty you look there just licking my cock. Now slowly up the smooth dome right to the top, yes and look what's bubbled up for you, a little oozing of pre-cum, I think they call it, just touch it with your tongue and then move a little away. Oh yes, oh yes Alphonso, look she's drawn it out as a thread. Now Annabel lick it away and then burrow into my little hole with your tongue, oh what a funny little fluttering feeling that gives. Now Annabel, suck properly as you were doing my brother, yes in it goes. What pure delight to watch my cock slipping between your lips." He was loquacious, evidently enjoying the control and hearing his own voice saying such things.

Annabel tried again to bring this penis in her mouth to conclusion but again the MD thwarted her. Breathing heavily he pushed Annabel away and stood up to look down at her, his penis now wet from Annabel's mouth. He fondled her breasts pulling at her nipples.

Now he lay down on the bed.

"I wish you to mount me Annabel."

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