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Dangerous Sex


From peeking through the doorknob, Nick watched his little sister chat on a phone in her pink bedroom while laying on the bed. One of her hands was rubbing across her stomach, like a bitch in heat.

He stuck his hand in his sweatpants, grabbing the girth of his cock, and started watching some more, studying the perfect curve of her complexional slim outline. She was an eighteen years old who looked to be a sixteen years old, younger-looking because of her petite size, weighting around at least a hundred pounds with a height no more than five feet.

Nick felt an erection forming as he observed her a little more, yearning for the impossible. Her wild brunette hair was thrown down her back as she rolled over on her bed, bright blue eyes gleaming with sparkles, revealing a bod of a professional gymnast. Muscular across the thighs, blessed with a bun of steel, slender down to the waist, but somewhat tender in appearance. She was wearing just her black silk underwear with a large T-shirt as a pajama, resting flat on her stomach as she gossiped on the phone.

Her name was Sophia.

Nick jerked his rod harder, stifling his groan to a quiet moan, and panted. He fantasized fucking her from behind, bringing her to a screaming climax. This was the third time this week he ever done this, spying on his little sister while masturbating like a sex-crazed psycho.

It had started as an accident two nights ago when he caught the door ajar and found Sophia undressing, exposing just a little of her nakedness to his whim. But since their parent were home, Nick had to run into his own bedroom and jerk the urges off his system. Last night he took the risk while his parent were sound asleep across the hall, pumping his cock while staring at his own sibling.

But tonight was special.

Fuck it, he thought, jacking harder. If I can't have her, I might as well daydream about fucking her. His cock was a hot weapon right now, crying for a fix. And both mom and dad were out to a cocktail event, leaving the entire night to his own. He watched her giggled, sprawling her legs apart as she rolled again. This was it. He felt a tinkling sensation running down his spine as a spurt of cum splattered the door. But the impact hit the door so hard that it squealed opened, revealing Nick with his pant down.

Sophia caught him standing there, wide-eyed, wet cock gripped in his hand, and gasped. She dropped the phone and stared, mesmerized.


"Oh, shit. It's not what it look like!"

She still watched his cock like it was something from outer space, amazed and enthralled at the size. "Were you . . . watching me?"

"No, I wasn't!"

Sophia stood from the bed, her long dark hair dropping down her waistline, her eyes appearing unconvinced from his denial.

"No? But there's cum all over you." Through the haze of confusion, Nick couldn't think of anymore excuses. You got me, he thought, and he was proud she was goggling at his well-hung cock. He knew he was busted in a worst, most embarrassing scenario possible. But his little sister displayed no disgust except there was a kind of strange curious excitement written on her face. She walked over to the door of her room, examined the stains on the wall, and shut the door.

Then she locked it.

Nick felt his heart paced as Sophia turned around in her seductive movement, an unusual thoughtful smile cresting on her angelic face. "So you like watching me?" she said, stepping back in amusement, admiring her own brother. "What a pervert you are. I like that."

Nick was speechless, too stunned and confused to respond. The phone rang but Sophia paid no attention to it. Then, after it died, she stepped forward and shoved him to the floor. Nick fell on his back against the carpet, feeling it was a painless fall, and watched his sister dropped on her knees on his side, her delightful eyes on his well-hung cock. Total lust was driven in her blue eyes.

"I have a confession to make," she said, leaning over him, breathing to his ear. " I'm a virgin and I'm sick of being one. But I'd do anything to have you fuck me. Anything. And I know you want to. "

"Cripes, you're fucking with me."

"No, but you'll know when I'm fucking with you." She straddled him, allowing her ass to press against Nick's cock but with a subtle weight on him. "Because if you don't fuck me tonight, then I'll tell momma what you did tonight."

"Bullshit, Sophia, you're full of-"

"It's no bullshit, big brother. I'm eighteen years old, still a virgin because Dad never let me go out, and I want you to fuck me." She started to ride him with a moaning sound, deliberate in her motion.

"But, Nick, I want you to fuck me hard. Hurt me. Rape me, if you like. I read about it in books. I've seen those rated-X movies. I want you to do me in all sort of positions, just like those porn stars. I want a man like you to make me into a woman. I need the experience."

Fingering her mouth, Sophia didn't express a single sign of regret about her confession. Not a hint at all. Instead she leaned forward and sank deeper into his crotch. From just seeing this, Nick dick was surging again, full-flank and hard. The veins started to pulse and it was obvious he was turned on again. He could feel his erection, his eight-inch cock growing against the surface of her cunt, breathing faster, not able to believe this.

Sophia sensed this and pressed down just a little more, wanting to feel her brother in her. But it was her underwear that safeguarded their path to a world that could result pure madness of unnatural breeding. After a moment of tension, Nick couldn't take it anymore.

"Then you're going to get your wish, tonight," he said at last, thrusting his cock right into Sophia's vagina, ripping through the black fabric and surging into a wet, tight hole. She gasped, her eyes an arousal shock of pain, and cried out. He was looking in the eyes of a girl who was about to become a woman and lose her innocence from an incestuous fuck.

Pulling her hair back, Nick penetrated her with everything he got, feeling the head of his dick tearing into her unprotected cunt, reeking with aroma that can drive a mind insane with desire. The surrounding of her vagina gripped his cock like a hot bud vase. The more deeper he pushed into her beaver, the more her bright eyes widened.

She looked at him back in the eyes and sighed her tongue to his throat, groaning from a sudden fuck. Nick responded with sheer hunger, kissing her while forcing his cock to go in even deeper. Little Sophia broke the kiss with a loud moan and her hands clasped on Nick's chest, her nails digging far into the flesh of his skin.

Groaning in pain, he rammed more of his monster inside of her, feeling half of it going in there, and, before he could finish entering, Sophia bucked her vulva down in a wild fall. She squealed as she became deflowered, crying out in both pain and pleasure.

Nick was in a state that was beyond conception, feeling his little sister thrashing on him for more, sweating and gasping, twisting back and forth, as if she was in a seizure.

"Oo, yeah, fuck me, harder, you cute stud," she moaned, her hands sliding down to the bottom of her shirt. Then she stripped it off her head. He gawked as her beautiful melon-shaped breasts was revealed at last, her round nipples as pink and hard as her own bedroom. The exposure of her true petite form for the first time brought an uncontrollable urge to fuck her senseless.

"You like that, don't you, bitch? Tell me how this feel?" He thrust deeper, feeling his dick surging in a hot spot.

"Urgh, uh, I love it. It's feels so good. Harder, baby! Oh, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me. Urp, just pump it in me." She squealed and slammed her pelvis down, shutting her eyes, and started pumping him like a human sledgehammer, creating series of loud slapping noises. "Oh, oh, oh! This feel so odd! How could this be so bad when it feel so, so good? I've never . . . felt such sensation before! Oh, Nick, baby, here I come!"

Holding his stamina, Nick embraced her as she convulsed, shuddering, both of them hugging each other. It was such a carnal feeling to have. She trembled harder with a moan and climaxed one last time. "Ahhhhhh." Then she fainted to the ground as her orgasm subsided. Nick watched her collapsed there, realizing she passed out from her own climax.

Her entire skin was overwhelmed with sweat, the bright light on the side reflecting it with a kind of sparkle toward it. More moist of sweat dripping down her naked chest and his heaving was the sole sound in the midst of the silence. The sex aroma hung in the air, thicker than fog, and the scent of her own special juice was smelled. He watched her beautiful face, adorable eyes closed in a soundless dream, and noticed her plump mouth was slight opened.

Then Nick had an idea.

Grinning with excitement, he crawled forward and knelled before her face, directing the head of his erected cock into the welcoming entrance of her mouth. He felt a twinge of exotic exhilaration as he pushed further into her soft mouth, feeling the heat of her breath, causing her lips to form into an appetizing "O". He groaned, crouching over her, grasping her head in a tight clutch, humping her face in a slow rhythm. He could feel his raging cock massaging over her tongue, and after an extra push, felt his shaft straining down her throat.

"Arrrggh! Oh, shit!" He watched her sweet face as he fuck it in tense, laggard motion, feeling the incredible warmth of her breath. Then her eyes flung opened and a gutteral moan escaped her stuffed mouth. He panicked and withdrew his shaft, his cock flinging out with a wet POP! "Fuck, I was . . . I didn't mean to . . ."

She watched him, strangely calm, breathing hard and rapid, a trail of salvia dripping down her chin. Then she pushed him on his back, climbed over him, and reached out for his cock and snatched it. The edge of his beast bounced off her chin as she leaned forward, closer, her eyes never leaving his, intensifying their desire. She craned down and licked the head a little, cock-teasing him as she eyed him.

"You like that, you pervert? You like fucking me when I'm unconscious? You like that, huh?" She cooed and started jacking him off, her slender arm shaking in wild motion. She spat a large ball of salvia on his cock and grazed the moist around his shaft, tonguing down to his balls.

Nick couldn't believe his eyes. One look made his heart staggered. "Sophia, slow down. I don't wanna cum yet!"

She ignored him, licking his organ as if she was trying to taste the flavor out of a popsicle. Oh, man, Nick thought, she's killing me! Then, like a charging bull, she tightened his private and mouthed down on his entire cock, sucking it all in like a vacuum.

Groaning and moaning, Nick strained as he held the seeds in him, shutting his eyes. Then he opened it again, watching in amazement and delight. It was an unbelievable sight.

He gawked with fascination as his little sister brought all eight-inch of his cock into the deepest part of her throat. Then he felt his penis jammed through her soft palate and beyond the uvula section. She threw back her head and a loud smack was heard. She looked at him with a smile and urged forward a little, allowing the head of his dick to rub across her chest, touching one of her hard nipples. Then she grabbed two of her melons and squeezed against his cock, and started breast-fucking her older brother.

"This is one of your favorite positions, isn't it?" she said with a moan. "I've seen you watch adult movies before and I've seen what's part you watch the most. Oo, yeah, you like that? That and anal, huh? But I bet you've never thought you'd be fucking your little sister's breasts."

The head of his monster surged upward and slapped against Sophia's chin, but she responded with a quick lick on his shaft. Then she recommenced with a harder breast squeeze, drudging back and forth, repeating it again and again, quickening her grinding rhythm.

Nick swallowed, watching her work one hand to hold the cock into her boobies while the other hand was fingering her wet cunt, furious in her progression. Then she switched position from titties-fucking to an unexpected resurrection of a final blowjob.

Oh, fuck, he thought, here's come the dragon attack!

Dragon attack indeed. She impaled all of his cock with a shove and jammed three fingers into his crack of his ass at the same time, digging far into his anus. He was looking at a transformation from an innocent naïve child to an insane teenage slut starving for a drink of cum. This act made all Hustler movies looked like a bunch of PG-13 flicks.

"Fuck, I can't hold on anymore! Fuck!"

Sophia responded from sucking harder and faster, penetrating her fingers deeper into his shithole. She looked into his eyes and smiled, finger-fucking him harder.

"Ack!" Nick tensed with a short scream, unable to hold his growing ejaculation, and went cross-eyed as he felt gallon and gallon of hot, brackish semen pumping down Sophia's tepid throat. The blast overflowed the inside of her mouth, causing it explode like a firecracker explosion. Most of his cum disappeared as she swallowed a whole bunch with one loud gulp, yet she kept pumping and sucking him like her life depended on it.

"Mmmmm." She swallowed more of it, still stroking his tentacles, leaving a trail of white substance dripping down her chin. After swallowing a handful, she whipped his dick out, jets of cum still gushing out of his prepuce, and let out a devious smile.

He felt his whole sexual development on the edge of impairment as more semen still squirted everywhere, spraying across her nose and across her neck and onto her chest. More splashed on her forehead, and down on the carpet, forming a pool of her brother love juice, a kind of substance that'll leave a disastrous stain.

"Fuck, you came so much, Nick," she murmured, kissing his dick as if she was in love with it. She looked at him, her face full of white semen, and hinted a smile. Her eyes was still full of lust and wonder, her tension heightening as she bit her bottom mouth.

Nick was gasping for air. His heart was pounding. He fell on his back and his eyes became clearer through the haze of cloud. His sister was licking the cum off her fingers, swallowing the rest of his juice like regular milk. She grazed more of his semen off her drenched chest and her stomach, and then slurped it in her mouth.

"How do you feel, cutie?" she asked

"Good, but tired." Nick was laying on his back, staring into the ceiling, breathing still.

"But we're not done yet. I want to do something else. While you're recuperating, would you like a taste my pussy? Suck it?"

Nick nodded, feeling his hormones on fire again, and started rubbing his cock. Sophia stood over his head and crouched down on his face, almost as if he was about to sit on him but she was able to maintain her position just an inch from his mouth.

"Man, Sophia, you have a cute ass."

"Oo, my, thank you." She wiggled her buns on his face and giggled." Then prove you like it, Nick. Come on, you fucking little pervert. Do it before I sit on you!"

Then Nick did it. He raised his head, feeling a little dazed, and started licking her clits. And it tasted like something he had never tasted with a smell he had never smelt. Again he licked her clitoris, slurping the cram-like creation, sucking the juices out of her. She moaned, clenching her teeth. The entire process was electrifying, bringing sudden lust into his balls. He couldn't believe it. Now he was tongue-fucking her own eighteen-year-old sister. All so sweet and wet and smelly.

So this is what a pussy smells like, he realized, taking a good whiff at it. No one can really describe it except for the fact that it's sweet and addicting. And it's my own fucking sister!

He licked some more, swirling his tongue deeper into her cunt. She moaned a little louder, grasping on her hair, and, without a warning, convulsed. She gasped, heaving louder than ever, and groaned a guttural sound. Then she took an intake of breath. Nick felt a gesticulate of sparkle came shooting into his mouth, with a special taste that force him to suck some more, slobbering all over her.

"Mmm, Nick, I'm cumming again! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Suck it harder." She tensed and shuddered, closing her eyes.

Nick felt he was drinking from a faucet because his little sister was producing a floodgate of strange substance. She whimpered, grabbing her hair in rapture, and squealed. "Ah, ah, oh, fuck! I can't believe we're doing this! Oh, fuck, this feels so gooooood! Oh, mmrph!"

As if ready to fall, she started bucking her ass, faltering with her weight a bit, almost sitting on him. She screamed higher and higher but then the magic all cease when Nick went over the edge. He grabbed her and carried her to the king-sized bed, throwing her on the center. She gasped and lift her head, crawling on all four, watching her brother approach him like a lion preparing for a brutal mating. Nick forced her to lie on her back, kissing her across the cheek while he edged the large swollen head of his cock to find the entrance of her beaver.

"I'm going to fuck you," Nick warned. "Missionary style. I think it might hurt a little more, so expect it."

"Give it to me, motherfucker. Give it to me hard."

Nick couldn't believe his little sister was talking like this but then again, he couldn't believe the two of them were fucking like craving animals. "Then here I come, bitch."

The dick surged through the tunnel of her cunt, causing Sophia to let out an animalistic groan. Sinking deeper and deeper like the Titanic, Nick held her down from the shoulders as he fell deeper into the well of Sophia's love gate. As soon as his balls touch her anus, he pulled back almost to the edge and slammed back in her. Then he repeated it, fucking her in a motion that she couldn't handle.

Her wistful hazel eyes never parted from his. It was bright with hard lust. "Give it to me. Give it to your sister. Ooh, you like that, huh? Even though we're going to hell for this, let this be our last wish! I rather do this than go to paradise! Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Then she arched her back and screamed out.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Nick kept on pounding her cute ass, fucking her harder than she was begging for.

Then she let out a groan and something unnatural happened. Everything of her inner muscles tightened and she plunged forward, her legs wrapping around her brother's waist and locking him against her.

Nick was on the verge of eruption, watching her sister straining under his arms in the middle of a powerful orgasm, and felt her shudder hard as a machine.

"Oh, God, Nick. Oh, ah . . . ah . . . ahhh."

"That's right, Sophia," Nick said, pressing his cock further inside. He actually couldn't believe she was really coming. It felt like a wet hand grasping harder and becoming even wetter! "Come for me, bitch!" But, even against the impossible, Nick held it in. It was a miracle. Not from the fear of impregnating her but from the fear of allowing this special moment to be over. So he uncocked her sopping cunt, his swollen member dripping wet, and decided to give it to her in the ass. He grappled one of her leg and lifted it in the air. The anal opening of her hole was small, but he still determined to get it done.

To fuck the shit out of her . . .

She stared at him, breathing, and gasped as her brother pushed his cock into her rectum. Sophia couldn't handle it. She felt her shit being push in as Nick went in even farther, and then she felt her gut move. The sphincter muscle of anus enthused and the intestine shot apart. Then, through the pain and the God-awful smell, she closed her eyes and let out some guttural moans. She was whispering something that sounded like "How dare you could do this to me, you motherfucker, how dare you."

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