tagIncest/TabooDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 05

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 05


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Jack couldn't believe his eyes when Danielle and Billy got home: her T-shirt was still damp from the huge amount of cum she'd had sprayed over her tits by both the Captain and Billy. One look at the big grins on her face and his brother's and he knew what had happened.

"I'm going to get cleaned up, boys." Their mom said. "Why don't you watch the film that's in the video while I do and I'll be back in ten minutes." She kissed them both, long, open mouthed kisses before walking upstairs. The brothers looked at each other, not believing their luck.

"What do you think is in the video?" Billy asked as they both sat on the sofa.

"One way to find out." Jack said, pressing play on the remote. The TV screen came to life and in moments they were watching their mother – a few years younger, but definitely her – sucking on a black guy's cock.

"Oh wow." Billy said quietly. "Mom's done porno."

They watched the screen as the guy moved behind Danielle and slid his cock into her pussy as she urged him to fuck her hard. As she was on her hands and knees, her huge tits were moving back and fore beneath her as the man fucked her.

"Fuck my ass." Danielle said on screen. "I want your big black cock in my ass."

The guy pulled his dick free of her pussy and slowly inched it inside her butt, the camera zooming in as he gently began fucking her asshole.

"Sorry, bro, but I gotta do this." Jack said, unzipping his jeans and pulling his hard cock out, wanking it as he watched the TV. Billy followed suit and, as Danielle walked down the stairs a few minutes later, she found both her sons jerking off while watching her get fucked up the ass on screen.

"I take it you boys like what you see?" she said. They turned to look at her and almost came there and then. She'd changed into stockings and suspenders, a g-string and a half cup bra that barely held her big tits, all in black. She stepped over to the sofa and sat between them, knocking their hands away from their cocks and taking hold of them. "I've blown both of you for the first time tonight. Now it's your choice: we can either stop this, or you can both fuck me here and now and whenever you want."

Jack leapt up on to his knees and thrust his cock into Danielle's mouth, almost making her choke. Billy pulled her g-string to one side and slid two fingers into her sopping pussy while he leaned forward and sucked on his mom's tit.

"No way we're passing you up, mom." Jack grunted as he fucked her face. "I've been jerking off thinking about you for years."

Billy leaned sideways and pulled her back on to him, spreading her legs and pushing his cock into her cunt.

"Yeah, mom." He said. "We're gonna fuck you as often as you want." His huge cock speared into Danielle's pussy, filling her up in one thrust before he started fucking her. Jack leaned back, pulling his dick free of her mouth for a moment.

"Oh God! Oh fuck me, Billy . . . fuck your mommy!" Danielle cried before returning to Jack's cock, sucking as much of it as she could into her mouth. Her two sons fucked from either end making her moan and shiver. Two of the biggest cocks she'd ever had and they belonged to her own boys – she could hardly believe her luck.

"Wait up, Billy." Jack said. "I wanna change positions." Danielle moaned as Jack moved away from her. "Sit on him, mom, facing him." He said. Danielle slid herself off Billy's cock, turned around and eased back down on it, making her son groan in pleasure.

"Mmm . . . fuck that feels good." She sighed. Jack watched for a moment as their mother moved up and down Billy's dick, her g-string still pulled over to one side, her suspenders framing her ass. "You like that, baby? You like . . . ahhh . . . like fucking your mommy?" she asked him.

"Fuck yeah!" Billy said, grabbing her huge tits and sucking on her nipples.

Jack moved forward and guided his cock to his mom's tight asshole, inching inside her.

"Oh Jesus!" Danielle cried as she felt the head of his cock slip inside her butt. "Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me! Both of you!" Her sons obliged her, Billy and Jack stuffing their cocks inside her, Billy in her pussy, Jack in her ass. It had been years since she'd been double fucked and it triggered the first of many orgasms. Both boys fucked their mother hard and fast as she screamed and mouthed obscenities they'd never heard her say before. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass . . . ohhh, fuck . . . fuck my cunt!"

It wasn't long before Billy groaned he was close to coming.

"Me too!" Jack grunted.

"Cum over me! Now!" Danielle demanded. Both boys moved, standing up so their mother could kneel between them. They jerked their cocks for a moment before both unleashing a torrent of spunk all over her face. Thick ropes of cum shot out time and again, plastering Danielle's face and tits with jism. She grabbed Billy's dick and thrust it in her mouth, swallowing some of his load before doing the same with Jack's. Eventually, the boys ran dry and watched as Danielle sucked and licked their cocks clean.

She sat back on her heels and scooped up their spunk and licked her fingers. Both boys were still fisting their cocks, keeping them hard.

"I think it's time you two were in bed. Mine."

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