tagLoving WivesDarin's Fantasy

Darin's Fantasy


Jamie was home alone that day, bored while her husband was at work. She had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed for the errands she had to run. Dropping the towel, she took a quick glance at herself in the mirror. Her gaze saw her nice slim body, her long brown hair, and her still perky 34B breasts. A smile crossed her lips. Jamie knew she was good looking and was proud of that fact. Running her hands down her stomach, she brushed upon her now shaved pussy. She had decided to do this on a whim, thinking her husband Darin would enjoy it.

After tearing her eyes away from her beautiful body, Jamie got dressed. She chose simple clothes, nothing fancier than a basic blouse and jeans, not needing anything else for errands. Walking through the house, she sat down at the computer, wanting to check on some things before she went out. Looking at the monitor, her expression became puzzled. What is this?

She noticed a window that was still open, but minimized. Jamie figured it was something Darin had been looking at and couldn't help herself. She decided to take a peek. A gasp of surprise escaped her lips when she saw what the window was. On the screen, pictures of women wearing strap-ons were everywhere. Finding this not strange enough, Jamie decided to scroll down further. Seeing a video icon, she clicked on it, wondering what would come up.

The video clip loaded and suddenly images of men being fucked in the ass by women with strap-ons filled the screen. The men were clearing enjoying what was being done to them, moaning loudly (which Jamie could hear through the speakers) and their cocks at full attention. She shook her head, unable to believe that Darin had been looking at this. Both of them were rather tame when it came to sex, never doing much more than your basic positions. Jamie couldn't help but to admit to herself however that these images were extremely exciting to her. The thought of dominating her husband, instead of the other way around, seemed very fun. Her body tingled slightly, responding to the fantasies.

Remembering what she needed to do, Jamie closed the window and proceeded with her task. A few minutes later, she left the house, ready to do her errands. However, the images she had seen were still in her mind and she could not get rid of them. During each of her errands, her mind filled with thoughts of her doing this to Darin. By the time she was done with them, Jamie's pussy had gotten very wet. She started to speed home, hoping to take care of the problem.

On the way, she drove by a local sex shop she had seen many times. Thinking for a moment, Jamie decided she had to take a look. Turning into the parking lot, she got out of the car and walked inside. A lovely young woman was working the counter and smiled at her as she came in. Shakily, Jamie returned the smile and blushed, walking towards the back of the store. After looking around for awhile, she was unable to find any strap-ons. Just when she was about to give up, the salesperson surprised her. "Can I help you find anything?"

Jamie visibly jumped at this question, hand to her chest. The salesperson looked concerned and asked, "Are you ok? I didn't mean to scare you."

Jamie nodded and smiled again. "Um, I think I could use a hand." She paused for a few moments, unable to bring herself to say the words. The salesperson waited patiently, knowing how shy people were sometimes in the store. Finally, Jamie managed to squeak out, "Do you have any...strap-ons?"

"Yep, we do. They are over here." Turning around, the salesperson began to lead the way to the right aisle. A grin spread on her face as she walked, wondering who this woman wanted to fuck with a rubber cock. Gesturing as they arrived, she added, "Do you know what you're doing here? Or would you like some more help?"

Jamie was only able to nod slightly, unable to summon the courage to say anything. The salesperson went off into a full explanation of all the differences and prices. After she finished, Jamie was able to ask, "Umm...which one would be best for a beginner?"

The salesperson didn't miss a beat. She had been waiting for a question like this. "Depends. Is this for use on a man or a woman?" she responded, barely able to keep a straight face.

A deep blush spread across Jamie's face. Her nervousness almost prevented her from answering. Finally, she just decided to come out and say it. "It's for my husband. I just found out he has a fetish for being fucked in the ass." Jamie's hand clapped over her mouth. She couldn't believe what she had just said.

Giggling, the salesperson said, "Ok, then this would probably be the best idea. Your basic harness and dildo, not too long and not too big. A bottle of lube would also be a good idea. Sound good?" The woman offered the two items to the other.

With a nod, Jamie said, "Yes, that sounds great. Thank you." They walked to the counter and Jamie paid for the items. She walked out of the store, hearing "Have fun!" come from the salesperson. The bag went into the back with the rest of her items and Jamie drove the rest of the way home.

At home, Jamie put away all the groceries she had bought while she was out, leaving the sex shop bag on the bed in her room. Some chores were in order at that point and she finally returned to her room an hour later. The pink bag was still sitting there, just where she left it. The bag had nearly slipped her mind. Curiosity overtook her and she took the box out of the bag. Opening it, the contents were dumped onto the bed. Inside the box was the harness, very simple, with a spot to attach a dildo. A skinny 6-inch dildo was also found inside the box.

Jamie looked at the strap-on and put the dildo in the right spot. Shaking, she knew she had to put it on and see how it looked. She quickly pulled her pants down and tried to put it on. It took her a few minutes to figure it out but finally it was done. Looking down, she could see the dildo protruding from her crotch area. Jamie turned to look in the mirror and gasped as she saw her image. Her hot body, with a new 6-inch friend, was looking back at her. Grinning, she knew that she had to get Darin to let her try it out!

An idea suddenly occurred to her. Pulling off the harness, Jamie quickly shed her panties. She reattached the harness, bare underneath. She then put her pants back on and looked in the mirror. If she adjusted the dildo in this way, you couldn't see it. The grin crept back onto her face and she decided to stay this way until Darin got home. Hiding the rest of the stuff from the store, Jamie went out into the living room to kill time. Her body ached for stimulation, feeling immensely turned on just from the feel of the strap-on.

Finally, Darin was home. He shouted a greeting and came into the living room. Jamie rushed up to kiss him, maybe a little more forceful than she usually was. Darin didn't notice however, simply happy to see her. Jamie giggled, unable to hide her excitement. Grabbing Darin's hand, she asked, "Wanna go the bedroom, baby? I'm in the mood tonight."

Darin grinned back at Jamie, not needing to be asked twice. He let himself be led into their bedroom and sat down on the bed. Jamie walked in front of him and slowly began to strip. Swaying slightly, she pulled her top over her head, revealing her bare skin underneath. Slowly reaching back, she next grabbed her bra clasp, unhooking it and brandishing her beautiful breasts. "I love your tits so much, honey," Darrin added, getting very turned on by his wife.

"I have a surprise for you tonight, Darin." Jamie turned around, not wanting to give the surprise away too early. Unbuttoning her pants, she slid them down and kicked them off. Turning slowly, she let the dildo stand at full attention.

Darin's jaw dropped as he saw his wife standing there, a strap-on at her crotch. He was only able to stare for a few moments, words escaping him. Jamie decided to explain. "I saw what you were looking at last night, baby. I was so turned on by the pictures that I went out and bought this. Do you like it?"

Darin nodded, words still too much effort for him to form. Jamie inched closer, her "cock" jiggling. Taking his hand, she put it onto the rubber cock. Finally, he was able to say, "It feels amazing..." Overcome with desire, he dropped to his knees in front of her and takes it into his mouth, wanting to do so for such a long time.

Now, it's Jamie's turn to be shocked. Her husband is happily sucking away at her rubber toy and looks to be having an amazing time doing so. A smile crosses her lips as she says, "Oooh, baby. That's right. Suck on my cock."

The dirty talk only excites Darin more, his cock rock hard in his pants. After another minute of sucking, he looks up into Jamie's eyes. "Do you wanna fuck my ass?" Jamie helps him up and undresses him slowly, freeing his cock. She motions for him to get onto the bed, in whatever position he likes. Knowing exactly what he wants, he gets on his hands and knees, puckered hole up in the air.

Jamie walks over and grabs the lube from the hiding place. She walks back and opens the lube container, squeezing a copious amount onto her hand. Spreading Darin's cheeks, she lathers his anxious hole, lubing it up nice and slick for her cock. A few of her fingers go into his hole, making sure he is nice and ready. A moan escapes Darin's lips, his cock twitching at the feeling of his wife's fingers in his ass.

Jamie then takes some more lube and rubs it up and down her rubber cock, slicking it up too. Finally, she is ready to take her husband's anal cherry. Lining up the cock with his hole, she asks, "Are you ready, baby?"

"Yes, please, Jamie. Fuck my ass."

She pushes slowly, the head popping into his ass. Another moan rings from Darin's mouth. "Oh, god..." he whispers. Jamie continues to slowly insert the cock into Darin's ass, stretching him wide. After a minute of slow pushing, the cock rests nicely in his butt, the harness touching his cheeks. Jamie stays that way for a minute, letting Darin's ass adjust to the new friend.

Finally, she begins to thrust. She starts very slowly, not wanting to hurt her husband. Before long, she can tell he wants more and picks up the pace. Jamie's breasts flop up and down as she thrusts, making her giggle. Her pussy is getting slight simulation from the thrusting and she can feel her juices trickling down her leg. Before long, both people are moaning loudly from the simulation.

Darin can't believe how good these feelings are. Each thrust into his ass from his wife makes his cock tingle with immense pleasure. Moans flow freely from his mouth, something he has never experienced before. He knows he can't take much more of this, his cock oozing pre-cum all over the bed. Another loud moan erupts from his mouth, this one higher pitched. Darin is so close to orgasm now, he can practically taste it.

Jamie hears this moan and senses that her husband is almost there. Picking up the pace a bit more, she also reaches under and strokes Darin's cock. Her mouth also forms the words, "Cum for me, baby." She feels his body tense and knows the orgasm has hit him.

The best orgasm of Darin's life hits him like a truck, drawing the breath from his lungs. His cock spurts 5, 6, 7 massive jets of cum, coating the bed with his seed. He can still feel the pounding of the rubber cock in his ass and hears his wife talking dirty. The orgasm seems to last forever but finally Darin collapsed onto the bed, face first.

Jamie stops thrusting, seeing that Darin's orgasm is over. She pulls the cock from his ass and lies down next to him on the bed, exhausted from all the thrusting. Turning her head, she notices her husband staring at her with more love in his eyes than she has seen in awhile. He manages to say, "Thank you, honey. That was so amazing."

She smiles and rubs his cheek. "You're welcome. You sure looked like you enjoyed it." Suddenly, Jamie remembered how aroused she was by now. Pulling the harness away from her pussy, she plunged three fingers into her sopping hole. After a few thrusts, she added some rubbing to her clit and pushed herself over the edge. Shaking with her orgasm, she moaned and collapsed back onto the bed.

The couple stared at each other for awhile, not wanting to move and barely able to. Looking into each other's eyes, they came to the same thought at the same time. Both of them say, "We have to do this again!" They giggle together and cuddle, falling asleep after their amazing experience.

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