Darla's Games Day 12


"Carrie, you missed the first couple of times, so why don't you go first." She smiled and I wanted to slap the grin right off her face. I looked at the girl dressed in black leather, her ass pressed out as she knelt there, her hair covered in tape, mouth exposed. She was roughly my height and I guess her ass looked about the same as mine. I exhaled deeply as I pushed myself forward. Nothing clearly identifiable on the ass and lips. If I did not know it wasn't me, I guess I wouldn't know the difference.

Her breasts were not hanging out like mine had been the first two times. I could only assume that something about them would have stood out as different, so they kept them encased in the leather. Courtney was standing to the girl's left, Rebecca to her right and they eyed me up with a smile that seemed to be holding back a flow of cruel laughter.

As I nervously approached, and hoped my reluctance was chalked up to first time jitters to the other girls in attendance, Rebecca handed me a pencil. The confusion must have been obvious on my face as I took the offered writing utensil, noting that it wasn't even sharpened.

Courtney giggled and Rebecca laughed. "It was your pal Julie's idea. We are going to see how wide we can stretch her ass since she enjoyed the fucking yesterday so much."

I cringed, wondering how this was going to pay me back. I think my hand actually shook a little as I knelt behind the girl. Her anus was closed and I figured it should be lubricated somewhat or this could be painful. Not that these girls seemed concerned about the delivery of pain, but if I could ease the poor girl's discomfort, I wanted to do it. I looked up to Rebecca who was smirking down at me. "Problem?" she asked.

"Umm... yeah." I murmured. "Do you have anything to, you know, lubricate it?"

A good many of the cheerleaders laughed. "Just spit on her ass." Addison laughed.

"It's just a pencil Carrie." Rebecca laughed. "But yeah, there will be a LOT more before we are done." She handed me a bottle of gel with a nozzle on it. I shook visibly as I placed the nozzle to her asshole and pushed in slowly. The girl moaned lightly and everyone laughed. I turned bright red with embarrassment. But thinking about it, I knew this girl needed to shut the fuck up or I'd have to learn to mimic her sounds.

Once the tip of the nozzle had broken through the tight ring of her anus, I squeezed, expelling the lubricating gel into her anal passage and slowly withdrew the bottle until it extracted fully. Gel was on her anus, so I took the eraser end and rubbed it around and added more gel to ease the passage of the first of what I guessed would be many pencils.

I took my pencil and slowly pushed it into her ass. She moaned softly again to the laughter of the rest of the girls. It wasn't difficult. It was after all only a pencil. I pushed until it was half way inside her then stood up and weaved my way into the crowd again.

"Okay," Rebecca smiled. She opened her book bag and stuck it on the sink so we could see dozens of pencils inside. "Make a line and let's see how many this panty sniffing cunt can take."

I fell to the back of the line that formed. Julie joined me back there and was giggling and laughing. We had to keep the noise down, so it was a lot of hushed tones echoing in the bathroom, making it difficult to understand any one sound in particular. Somehow, everything seemed so much clearer when it had been me on the floor.

"Isn't this incredible?" Julie laughed. She was plainly overjoyed to be doing this. I tried my best to look sincere as I smiled back.

The woman in the suit moaned with each added intrusion to her rectal cavity. I shuddered at the thought that I had ever appeared to be such a wanton slut while playing these games. It wasn't too long before it was Julie's turn and she took pleasure in slidng her pencil in the midst of the now ten pencils that protruded from the exposed ass.

I gasped as I had the first second turn as well. I couldn't believe the combined width of these pencils. I guessed that by sliding in one at a time, it eased the entry because I was sure that there was no way I could get anything that wide up my ass. But, the girl moaned again as I added an eleventh pencil to the protrusion and I rejoined Julie in the back of the line.

"I kinda like this stretching idea." Julie smiled as if proud of her idea. "But it isn't quite as thrilling as actually driving a strap on into her ass with my hips." She giggled.

I had to agree, from her point of view. The ass was definitely stretching wider than the dildos from yesterday, but without the thrusting, it was probably a good deal easier to take.

Rebecca interrupted the whispers and quiet laughter. "If anyone is interested, her mouth is open for a reason." Julie grabbed my arm tightly. "Carrie, you have to try it."

I looked into her eyes. Who was this girl? "I don't know Jules." I whispered, "I'm not really comfortable with that."

The look in her eyes went from wide eyed excitement to disappointment in a flash and I felt like I had just gone back on her cheerleader dreams again. "I..." Julie started and hesitated as if searching for he right words so as to not betray her true opinion. "Yeah, I guess that would be weird." She turned away towards the excitement of our fellow cheerleaders. I felt about two feet tall.

"Well,..." I could do this, if for no other reason to recapture my best friend. Things had been going so good the last couple days. I didn't want to push our progress back. And if baring my pussy and faking an orgasm, faking because I knew I wasn't allowed to cum, would keep me in her good graces, it was a small price to pay. "If you do, I will." I gulped.

She turned back bright eyed again, smiling widely. "Thanks Carrie, I don't want to be the only one." And she stepped towards the other end to be first in line.

I watched as she pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down and off over her shoes, stepping out of them with such grace, you'd never know it was a difficult thing to balance on one foot. The other girls all giggled at her eagerness and I stepped up behind her to wait my turn.

I couldn't help but to take notice of Julie's ass. It was so gorgeous and firm. I glanced around to see if anyone saw me looking. Sure enough, I made eye contact with Farin and she was looking furious. Nothing new there I guess.

Not only was the gimped girl making all kinds of sloppy slurping sounds with her mouth as Julie held her pussy up to her face, but she through in a grunt now and then to replace the moans from earlier as the pencils continued to be added to her ass. I watched my best friend humping against the face in front of her, no build up, just pure and unadulterated lust being fulfilled at the expense of the 'lesbian fucktoy.'

Pretty soon, I'd guess in about five minutes, Julie came hard on the girl's mouth and rubbed her pussy on the leather to get some of the excess off. I watched in awe. I would eat her. I knew then I would if I had the chance.

Before Julie completely dismounted, Farin stepped behind me and whispered "Don't forget the tattoos".

She was a life saver, I had forgotten about them and now I had to think of a way not to show my ass or my pubic region while exposing my pussy to the girl on the floor. "Thank you" I whispered, looking Farin in the eyes. I couldn't see the love there anymore and it broke my heart.

"Fuck you Carrie." She whispered and got back in line with the other cheerleaders to continue the pencil experiment.

I sobbed to myself. I felt so alone, so very alone here in the midst of nine girls who, for the most part, professed themselves my friends. Sure, for everyone but Julie it was just because I was a cheerleader or, in the case of Farin and Courtney, for my tongue, but I should have felt a part of this. Or have never been here at all, which would have been preferable to me.

I had, in the meantime, determined how to perform the upcoming show and, not having any panties on, simply walked up and draped my short skirt over the gimp girl's head. She wasted no time in starting to devour my sex and I wasted no time in skyrocketing towards a much needed orgasm. In record time, I had to start my act or the real thing would take over. I wasn't sure if it was that the girl eating me was that talented, or I was just that long denied and horny, probably a combination of the two, but I was fighting hard not to fuck up and get Darla pissed at me again.

I moaned out loud, trying to replicate my actual orgasmic sounds and grabbed the girls head and actually tried to push some distance between her mouth and my cunt, though I hoped it looked like I was holding her head tight against me under my skirt. I threw my head back for added effect and rolled my hips as if I were rubbing against her face. I then stepped back, being sure to pull my skirt down.

"You nasty ho!" Julie laughed. "You're not wearing any panties!"

I blushed bright red, but I think I was already pretty red from the near orgasm I just suffered. "It's nice to air out sometimes." I laughed, hoping I sounded sincere.

The other girls mostly laughed along with us and threw a few comments of their own into the mix as Julie added the 20th pencil to the grunting girl's ass.

"Wow!" Julie exclaimed. "Look at this slut!"

I pressed forward with the other girls as Courtney took a turn on the gimp girl's mouth. Her ass was so spread, it looked ready to rip.

"Come on Carrie. Round Three." Rebecca laughed as I approached and stuck pencil 21 up the poor girl's abused ass.

I was thinking how happy I was that it wasn't me with an asshole stretched that wide as I made my way back next to Julie again. "Damn that girl can eat some pussy though." Julie whispered. "You came in like two minutes!"

"Yeah, she is pretty good." I agreed. And in spite of my having faked my orgasm, I meant it.

The girl had finished Courtney off and was now working on one of the twins, I had trouble telling them apart to be honest. She grunted louder as another pencil was added and her ass lunged forward. This drove her face into the twin, who moaned excitedly.

"Add another!" She exclaimed, "That was great!"

Rebecca slapped the girl's bare ass hard enough to send the sound echoing off the walls. "Back in position slut!" She laughed. The gimp girl reluctantly obeyed and soon squealed as another pencil was added, causing her to thrust into the now orgasming twin.

Another slap and she was back in position. Another pencil was pushed in, this one by Karen and she actually struggled to get it in. The girl opened her mouth to beg and whispered, "No more, please no more."

"Oh come on now, it's just a pencil, surely you can take one more." Rebecca taunted. Julie was next and she pushed and shoved to get that next pencil in as the girl wiggled, trying to get away. As hard as Julie pushed, it seemed stuck at the entrance to the girl's ass, there just wasn't room for another one.

SMACK came Rebecca's hand on the bare ass again. "Twenty-Nine is the limit I guess." She laughed and the other girls laughed with her. "Okay girls, get on out and I'll clean her up." The girls all moaned their disapproval and Rebecca said. "Everyone get me another idea by practice tonight." The girls all laughed and started discussing ideas and getting "Ew" or "Yes" or "Great idea!" from the girls closest to them.

Courtney checked the door, the coast clear, we all snuck into the hall to hide out until the bell rang in a few minutes. Julie stuck right with me. "Twenty-nine pencils." She giggled. "That is a lot of Number 2 lead."

I laughed, it was mostly forced, but that was a kind of funny joke.

"So do you have an idea what you would like to do to that lesbo slut?" Julie asked.

"Umm." I realized then I was probably going to have to put in an idea too. "Not really."

"Well, you better come up with something before the end of the day. You know Rebecca just wants any excuse to work you harder than the rest of us."

Didn't I know that! "Yeah, I'll think of something." I replied.

And Julie and I headed off to Spanish as if we were once again the best of friends, which I guess we always were. Even the best of friends have fights now and then. Well, that is what I told myself.

Spanish went well. Julie and I slid into our normal banter in her nearly fluid Spanish and my broken search for words. We paid attention. We laughed quietly. And then it was over and we headed off to gym together.

I had been wearing the uncomfortable jacket all day to hide the tattoos. Now, with a required change of clothes, I had to go into modest mode again and I excused myself from Julie to change in the bathroom, pleading a necessary trip there so she would understand me not changing in front of her. In the stall, I looked at the disgusting barrage of tattoos and frowned as I slipped into my gym uniform. I enjoyed the temporary solace and looked forward to making it to class on time for a change.

When I went to put my clothes in my locker, my heart caught in my throat. There stood Rebecca and Courtney, chatting quietly with Julie about the lunch time adventure. They were all dressed for gym and I put my clothes in my locker quietly and headed out to avoid detection if possible. It wasn't, of course. We all headed out to gym together, somehow I ended up behind the three of them like I didn't belong.

But, once inside, Julie reluctantly left the cheerleaders to join Gina, Sarah, Cat, Jen and I. We went through the required stretches and exercises and took turns trying to emulate Julie on the varying apparatus on the 'girls' side of the gym. At one point, we noted one of the boys going up for a jump shot at the boys side and getting pantzed. We all laughed and before the poor boy could get his shorts back up over his red boxers, he had the attention of every girl in the gym at the bulge in his underwear.

Well, at least I had company for detention.

Gym class ended and we parted company. I feigned a cramp and excused myself to the bathroom as everyone else jumped in for a quick shower. I took a quick wash in the sink before changing back into my skirt, tank and jacket.

I went to my favorite class and drew a bowl of fruit. No idea why. It was very far from my normal standards, but the fruit did look lovely.

Detention was over too soon and I was on my way to cheerleader practice. Inside the locker room, I changed back to gym clothes and met the rest of the squad. We worked on a new routine and then headed back for a meeting in the locker room. Everyone took out a piece of paper and wrote down their idea and handed them to Rebecca. I guess this had been decided before I got there. I really couldn't think of anything to write down. Well, since it might be me performing it, perhaps it was more that there was nothing I wanted to write down.

Finally, I made up something lame about making the panty sniffer kiss our feet and asses and handed it to Rebecca who smiled maliciously. Darla was waiting outside. Since I had been there in the open this time, I could join Julie in the retelling of the lunch adventure when she excitedly relayed it to Darla. The ride was over too soon and we dropped Julie off first.

"Well little girl." Darla started in as soon as Julie was out of the car. "What are we going to do now?"

I had no idea what she was talking about so I just gave her a questioning look.

"We obviously can't keep up the gimp girl. That poor girl's asshole is probably permanently stretched out." Darla laughed. "You should have seen it Carrie. It wouldn't close."

Was Darla trying to get me to laugh about that with her? I looked at her dumbly, but offered a forced smile.

Darla then pulled into the parking lot and turned to look directly at me. "It should have been you." The laugh was gone from her voice, but she didn't look angry either. "So, Farin tells me there is another party this Friday night."

I gulped heavily. Her sudden change in demeanor did not bode well for me. I could see the malicious wheels turning in Darla's head. "I... yes Mistress." She was all business now that she, Farin and I were alone.

"You're excuse to Julie is that you are being punished for a bad grade and have to miss the party." Darla told me. I felt relief that I wouldn't have to go and do something dangerous to my reputation. She saw the relief on my face.

"Of course, you are going to the party. It seems that Brad's parents are going away for the weekend and the party is at his house. I'm sure you wouldn't want to disappoint your old boyfriend. He actually called me to let me know about the party. I'm not sure Rebecca even knows he called. I think he wants to get his cock into you again."

I started to tremble all over. I did not like the way this conversation was going.

"So, I have decided to accommodate him." I let out a sob at the words, even though I had a nauseous feeling that they were coming before they left Darla's lips.

"NO!" Farin yelled. "Darla please!"

"Want to tell Jill Farin?" Darla snapped. "Go ahead. I already have discussed it with her."

I started to cry. Every time I thought I knew the rules of the game, they changed. Hadn't they wanted me to be a lesbian? Wasn't I a lesbian? I had to admit, I wasn't repulsed by boys, I still looked at the attractive ones in the hallways. I still liked to watch them playing football or rough housing each other around. But, I was a lesbian. I was sure of it. And even if I wasn't, how much worse would things get with Rebecca if I did something with Brad?

Darla watched me taking it all in and the tear that trickled down my right cheek. She smiled and wiped it away with her thumb. "Nobody will know that you are there Carrie. Well, no one that isn't already in the loop anyway. And, it's a game, you want to win more time off?"

I clinched my eyes. Her games were never fun, at least not for me. But whittling down the thirty-two days left on my 'sentence' was definitely something I had just hoped for yesterday.

"Darla, this is so fucked. She is a lesbian. How can you be so cruel?" Farin broke the prolonged silence while Darla waited for my answer.

I fought back the urge to vomit. "What are the rules? What are the stakes?" I whispered.

Farin looked at me like I was from another planet. "Fuck this!" she shouted and got out of the car to go for a walk. Whether she planned to walk home or just not be a part of this, I wasn't sure. But, I could tell I was losing her. And while I truly thought I loved Farin, why couldn't I admit it publicly? Would that make all the difference? Farin certainly seemed to think so. I wasn't so sure. The thought in my head was, I have to get out of this bet as soon as possible and then maybe I could come out of the closet and Farin and I would have a real chance.

"You ever hear of a glory hole?" Darla asked.

I think I had heard the term, but I wasn't sure what it was. "Not really." I answered.

"You will be in a very dark room, pitch black and nobody will be able to see inside. There will be a hole in the wall where guys will put their cocks through and you will give the offered cock a blowjob. Or you can fuck them for all I care. But handjobs do not count. Your quota is five. Five cocks. Any less and you owe me a week for each shortfall. From the sixth up, you get a day for every one you finish off."

I thought it didn't seem fair, a week for a shortage, a day for an extra. "How about a week for every additional one?" I pushed, hell I could be out on Friday night with nine blowjobs. What the fuck was I thinking?

"No. The terms are as stated. If you don't want to play, you can just suck Brad off before the party and go as yourself and I'll find another game or maybe just other punishments without any payoff." Darla answered with a grin.

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