tagIncest/TabooDaughter Do Right

Daughter Do Right


My daughter Angela's red hairs were splayed like fiery ribbons on the white sheet as I slammed my cock inside her tight pussy. Beside her my wife slept soundly thanks to the sleeping meds she took every night.

'Baby, you look so beautiful,' I complimented her breathlessly as I pulled out my cock, the tip just barely inside.

Angela desperately grabbed at my ass. 'Not yet, Daddy; please don't pull out!' she pleaded. 'I want to feel you shooting your cum inside me!'

'I was going to, baby,' I informed her as I leaned down for a kiss. As our lips met, Angela kissed me with the desperation of a mad woman. She pried my lips open and stuck her tongue inside. But far from making it into just another frantic kiss; she languidly massaged my tongue before letting me massage hers... Drinking in the sweet yet faint scent of hers...

I should've known, my daughter was anything but inexperienced.

I drew back, grabbing her underneath the thighs, and preparing myself to shove in and out of her as hard and as fast as possible.

Angela's hands with their long, elegant fingers and equally elegant red nails grabbed and pinched at her nipples. Her massive 34DD's were one of her best assets. She moaned and bit her red, red lips to keep herself quiet at the feel of my sliding prick.

'Oh baby, you don't need to hide your fuck cries,' I reassured her as I pounded inside her. 'You know your Mom won't wake up no matter how much you cried.'

Angela stopped for a second to look at her snoring mother as I kept on jacking my cock in and out of her. 'That's right,' she said in a suddenly harsh tone. 'That bitch can sure sleep like a pig,' she slapped her mothers hand hard to show her disapproval of the woman. That woman didn't even bother to stir, even slightly, and continued snoring loudly; clearly the meds were doing their job.

I smiled and slammed my cock back inside my daughters heavenly cunt, making sure the veins rubbed coarsely along her pussy walls.

She threw her head back and moaned. 'Oh Daddy, why does you cock feel so good?'

''Cause I'm your father, baby,' I informed her. 'And, only a father knows what's best for his daughter!'

Angela squealed. 'You're so right, Daddy. Now, would you please ram your prick back inside me again?' she pouted like a little girl.

'With pleasure, baby,' I smiled.

Angela rested both her hands on either side so that as I pounded into her, her enormous melons jiggled in tune to my rhythm.

'Oh god, yes,' she screamed as loud as she could. 'Fuck me Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuuuccccccck meeeeeee!' she screamed so loud I was sure the entire neighbor heard. Indeed, the dog next door started barking...

But still, my bitch wife remained fast asleep.

I was shoving my 7 inch pecker in and out of my sweet princess so much that my hips we just a blur. Her pussy juices had coated my balls and inner thighs nicely and I was sure my pre-cum had lubricated her just as well. That got me thinking...

'Baby, you're not on the pill are you?' I asked, still keeping my brutal fuck rhythm.

Her eyes were screwed tightly shut, clearly enjoying the battering that I was dishing out to her. 'Wha --?' she asked, confused as she opened her eyes; her voice was really jerky as her tiny body was shaking from the force my huge, muscular bulk provided.

It felt wonderful as I pounded inside her. Before I would've never thought possible that such a petite frame could take so much battering. I was over 6 feet tall and she was below the average height for women.

'Oh, of course not!' she clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes. 'Ha, as if! I want you to pour your seed inside me Daddy, and make me pregnant so that I can show that, that bitch,' she spat; she was having trouble calling her "mother". 'That you're my baby-daddy, Daddy!' she grinned sweetly from ear to ear.

Love filled my heart and I swooped down for another kiss; dutifully shooting my load inside my sexy daughter. Angela moaned as the fresh dump coated her pussy walls, washing over her fertile, teenage womb...

Beside our naked, tangled, hot father-daughter bodies, my wife, the mother of my child, slept soundly; oblivious to the going ons around her. Not knowing that her husband was knocking up their own flesh and blood daughter on purpose right on their marriage bed...

To say that my wife was not very popular in this household would be an understatement. She was a lousy mother and an equally abysmal wife. When my daughter was young, not a day went by when her mother didn't hit her. Angela had to wear long sleeves to school just to hide all the cuts and bruises her mother gave her. To this day, not a moment goes by when my wife doesn't disapprove of her.

My daughter was an excellent athlete at school. Every time she participated in a swimming competition, it was I who was always there, cheering her on. Her mother, as usual, had missed it because she was too busy shopping for clothes, or chatting with her friends.

As a wife she was equally horrible. She would regularly demean me in front our friends over for barbeque. I was the sole breadwinner and even though I gave her a healthy allowance, she would always want more to feed her shoe addiction. At one point it got so bad that all our utility supplies were cut off because she hadn't been paying them for 8 months, splurging them on her friends instead. Even though I had urged her repeatedly to get a job, she would refuse, always citing some incoherent excuses. The only thing that prevented her from hitting me was my sheer size. Not that she didn't try...

At one point she got so angry because I refused to pay her the allowance for the month following the utility bill incident, she hit me squarely in the back of the head with her $300 shoe; the whole pair cost $600. I turned my muscular bulk at her and gave her a look that clearly meant "back off, or else".

She sulked at a corner after that for one whole hour and I ignored her. And that was the end of that. She never tried to hit me again, but she did, however, took it all out on our sweet daughter. Things got so bad that Angela had to stay in her friend's house for one whole week before I went to fetch her.

My wife was a lousy fuck as well. Having spent all her passions on Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo's, she had little left to spend on fucking. I would consider myself lucky if I got even one night of 10 minutes screw per week. She was always a "non participator". She would lie down like a dead fish as the deed was done. It was so humiliating that I stopped trying long ago...

Until one day my sweet, perky daughter of 5'3 came to my room with her equally perky but large titties.

I was busy jerking off to the porn playing on our bedroom TV. As usual, my wife was knocked off on sleeping pills and generally happy that she didn't have to participate in the deed.

There stood my daughter, near the door; her wavy red hair, so much like her mothers, loose behind her. She was only wearing a fishnet top like a whore with all her assets for everyone to see, and the shortest of short shorts on her legs. Her one hip was jutting out while her hand was on the other; the bright red nails looking marvelous along the paleness of her skin and the blackness of her fishnet. Her equally bright lips were curved into a come hither smile.

'I heard the moaning inside the TV, Daddy; and I heard the sound of you trying to get off,' she pointed at my uncovered crotch.

My jaw dropped, and I quickly fumbled for a pillow, trying to hide my erection. 'Baby,' I said breathless and embarrassed. 'What are you doing here? Its way past your bed time,' I foolishly looked at the clock. 'Today's a school night, shouldn't you be --' but whatever I meant to say, stopped dead in my throat as my daughter stalked seductively towards me, slightly shaking her hips. I was mesmerized by the gently sway of her huge knockers. Her nipples were pink and erect against the cheap fishnet.

'Daddy, you don't have to worry about me,' she said as she clambered on the bed. Her mother's body rocked slightly at the displacement of the mattress, but still she didn't awake. Angela gently pried the pillow from my hand and threw it on her mothers face.

I quickly removed it incase she suffocated.

It seems in the momentary time I was distracted, my daughter had placed herself so that she was standing above me right on the bed; her each feet on either side of me. My cock was still hard and pointing straight at her snatch; the veins in them jutting out angrily. A single pearl drop pre-cum oozing out.

Angela momentarily swallowed at the sight of my ripe manhood underneath her.

I too was in for a little surprise. The short shorts she was wearing was crotchless, so that the place where was pussy was had no fabric. I got a brief glimpse of her trimmed red bush glistening on the light before she lowered it straight into her father's waiting prick. I threw my head back, rolling my eyes at the back of my head as my cock was engulfed by a warm, wet and squishy pussy.

Angela placed her hands on my shoulders before adjusting the angle of her tender snatch. She wiggled her plump ass a fair few times before slowly walking her cunt down my pole. Her trail of slime completely engulfed me a second before her pussy did. As she bottomed out, she sat still for a crucial few seconds, my balls resting like cushions underneath her ass. I blew my load then and there, straight inside my daughter's unprotected cunt!

I was so embarrassed, I almost pushed her off.

'Daddy, no,' my daughter said pleadingly, sweetly kissing the sides of my embarrassed, hot cheeks.

I was almost in tears. I didn't know what to say. 'Baby, what am I doing? Or for that matter, what are you doing?'

'Loving you, Daddy,' she said quietly, tenderly. 'Loving you the way that woman,' she spat, 'was supposed to love you. There's nothing wrong in that.'

'Baby, no,' I tried to push her off again, but she held on for dear life.

'I won't let go, Daddy,' she said stubbornly. 'I love you,' she insisted, searching my eyes.

I was too embarrassed to even look at her.

She tenderly cupped my cheeks in her hands before tilting my head up to meet her smiling, amber eyes, so much like my own. 'I love you, Daddy, but not in a way a daughter loves her father,' she lifted herself half off of my limp dick, and gently brushed a few strands of brown hair away from my eyes. 'But in a way a woman loves a man.'

My floppy man-meat was about to slide off her slippery cunt with when she rammed back down. Instantly, my boner was half back. My daughter hugged me tightly so that her tits and fishnet rubbed coarsely against my bare chest. However, it's the weight and feel of her DD's mashed up tightly against me that got my boner back to full.

Angela moaned as my 2 ½ inch width filled her hole. The time it had been shrunk, her pussy had reverted back to its safe dimension; however, as soon as I got my width back I filled her up, almost too much... I swear I could feel her pussy muscles stretching uncomfortable.

Angela slightly winced in pain.

'Are you okay, baby?' I was suddenly full of concern.

'Yes, Daddy,' she reassured me with a dazzling smile. My heart skipped. 'It's just that your cock got so wide and long suddenly, that I was taken aback. But it's nothing that I can't handle,' she reassured me again, this time with a wink.

'Baby, what are you doing?'

'I told you --'

'No, not that; what are you doing with a slimy old geezer like me?'

'Daddy, you are not old, you're only 42,' she reasoned with my cock throbbing inside her.

I marveled at the tightness of her warm pussy sheathing me. 'But baby, you could have any dick you ever wanted; surely I'm old compared to your other 18 year olds?'

Angela sighed. 'Daddy, you know I'm a slut and I've made no qualms about it. I love sex as much as the next guy and I think it's about time we girls came out of the closet and admitted it. What I don't like are old fashioned attitudes. Dad,' she looked deep into my eyes, her warm pussy juices trickling down my balls. 'You are a handsome, desirable man, and I want you to admit it. Just because you're not as young as the other guys I usually fuck doesn't mean that your value has diminished. Look,' she pointed down at her snatch. 'This pussy has fucked many a cocks in its lifetime. Why, just today, I fucked my swim team coach in his mid 20's, and two of the neighborhood boys a few of hours ago; I'm sure you've heard!'

'That I have, baby,' I said thoughtfully, recounting my daughters fuck cries just a couple of hours ago. Angela made no secret about her sexual exploits. She would regularly bring guys back home and fuck them senseless, not bothering to muffle her fuck cries. Why, many a times she would even keep her door ajar and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen multiple guys fucking my daughter's holes all at once. Those nights as I would jerk off, I would imagine myself fucking her instead of watching porn. Her regular were at least two guys, but sometimes, there were more. The most I had seen were 12 guys together, each taking turns in drilling my daughter's mouth and pussy; utilizing her like a well used cum bucket...

That night, I had jerked off under the blanket the whole time following my daughters dusk-till-dawn sexathon, all the while my wife was out cold on her meds.

I also made no qualms about my daughter's sexual habit. As a liberal myself, I had given her the right to do anything she pleases when she turned 18. As long it didn't harm her or others it was fine by my books. It's what every sane minded parent should do if they wanted a healthy relationship with their children.

'And I can tell that your cock feels just as wonderful as theirs, if not even better,' Angela continued. 'A part of me does wonder if I had not been craving for your cock the whole time, Daddy,' she said after some thought.

My heart skipped straight into her massive DD's squashed against me.

Angela must've felt it for she placed one of my hands above her left tit.

'Feel it, Daddy; feel my heart pounding for you. Mold it, Daddy; mold that tit of my mine that was oh so craving for its fathers touch! Here,' she place my other hand on her other tit. 'Mold both my titties, Daddy, and feel the love that my heart has to offer!'

I did as I was told; I molded and pinched my daughter's breasts and nipples while she moaned. All this while, her hot pussy was still sheathed around me as my prick throbbed inside her.

Angela began to sway her hips. While still sitting on my lap, she mad a circular movement which provided a nice little stimulus for my cock; I distinctly felt more blood pump down there and I throbbed harder inside her.

Angela gasped. 'Dad, your cock feels HOT!'

'Baby, I'm going insane!' I yelled. 'Forgive me!' And with that, I grabbed her ass tightly and rolled us both over so that she was pinned underneath me on the bed, just beside her mother. I was hovering on top of her, still inside her. Lust overtook all my senseless and I tore her fishnet apart so that it clung to her body in tattered remains before diving my head straight for her forbidden breasts. I nursed from them like a hungry, new born baby; except I was her father and it was my seed that had produced her.

I pounded inside her long and hard, shoving my cock so far down into her pussy that I hit her cervix. Angela moaned every time I hit her there and her body spammed uncontrollably. With every ounce of my strength, I tore inside my daughter's pussy. In and out, in and out; harder and harder, faster and faster I fucked my daughter. I had been oh so gentle with my sweet princess up until now, but not any more. Now she was the woman that I loved, the woman whose pussy I would be drilling.

It was then we truly thought we had come full circle as my cock was inside my baby, spilling its seed in her tight, warm twat.

That first night, we fucked like animals. No matter how many times I spilled my seed inside her, it was never enough. Suffice to say that it wasn't just inside her that I was spilling my seed...

At Angela's insistence, I dislodged my cock from her and rode her chest; mashing my cock in between the soft, fleshy mounds of her breasts. I used her nipples as handles as I titty fucked her, and in the end I delivered a massive load of spunk right underneath her chin.

The number of times she sucked me off was also innumerable.

Not to mention the number of sex positions we had tried since then. You can point to any page of the Kama Sutra and sure enough, we had done it! At one point, we even used one of my wife's legs for headrest as we went on with our shenanigans!

It had been many, many days now since my daughter and I started fucking.

Our relationship with my wife had been going downhill as she was becoming more and more embroiled in her social life. We haven't been discovered yet, but every time Angela and I think about it, we get very, VERY excited...

Our desire for each other had gotten so strong that we simply cannot wait for my wife to take her meds any more. Any time she goes off to one of her shopping spree's, there comes Angela, rushing forward to undo her Daddy's fly and hum with my cock deep down her throat. I spill my seed then and there; I am not ashamed to admit it!

It was getting dicey; I knew it, Angela knew it; heck, even the family dog knew it, but we didn't care! We fucked like rabbits right on the marriage bed; the father and daughter pair -- us!

I was doing a deep drill inside my daughter's pussy one afternoon when my wife showed up early.

Her jaw nearly dropped to the floor seeing my daughter's legs high in the air with me deeply penetrating her tight wad.

'What the fuck is going on in here?' screamed the mother of my child.

'What does it look like, sweetheart?' I asked a little breathy, but otherwise calm as I pounded inside my daughter.

She dropped all of her shopping bags and practically ran out of there while Angela and I finished up at our own pace. We were so excited at being caught that we had to have another round and Angela made sure to scream as loud as she could. I also threw in a few "how good it felt to nail my own daughter" cries. I pounded into her with some hard strokes near the end that Angela's whole body rocked, nearly throwing me off her -- that's how strong her orgasm was at being found out by her mother.

I buried myself, balls deep, inside her and squirted load after load of steamy, hot jism. Her pussy grabbed hold of my cock tightly and milked me for every cent's worth; making sure that I coated her properly.

After I pulled out of my daughter with an almighty squelch, we kissed and touched each other before confronting the woman that Angela called mother, and I called wife.

We knew we would be found out eventually.

We didn't bother putting on any clothes, nor wiping ourselves down. Angela walked straight with her breasts jutting out proudly and my cum generously trickling down her fuck hole. My cock was coated in my daughter's juices and the fresh scent of sex wafted all around us.

Angela's mother was sitting on the couch, livid. 'YOU -!' she tried to scream.

'Don't bother, Mother,' Angela said calmly. 'You can save us all some breath by packing up and living. Now.'

My wife was spluttering. 'Wha --? What!'

'Tell her, Daddy.'

'Ahem,' I cleared my throat. 'That's right, dear; you're usefulness in the house has run out... Not that there ever was any need for it, now that I think about it. Hmmm...'

'But, but --'

'You do have all your clothes, and designer bags and what not. I'm sure you don't need anything else to fill the emptiness inside you,' Angela provided. 'We don't need you here any more either.'

'But, but; how can you say that? I'm your mother!'

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