tagIncest/TabooDaughter-in-Law Ch. 2

Daughter-in-Law Ch. 2


The next morning Frank woke up late and went downstairs to find Diane sitting on the table drinking tea. Frank poured himself some tea and sat down in front of Diane.

"I think we need to talk Frank", she said while looking up. Frank couldn't believe how beautiful she looked as her crystal blue eyes stared at him. She was wearing a white cotton top that was showing a hint of her niples.

"What happened last night was a mistake and we can never talk about it again. I love Mike too much and we cant let him know what happened", she said as she brushed her honey blond hair behind her ear with her hand.

"That’s probably for the best", Frank replied.

"I going to go out with some friends tonight for dinner", Diane said while getting up. Frank couldn't keep his eyes off her wet lips as she spoke. If only he had made her suck his cock with her beautiful full lips last night. He tried to think what it would be like to have her lips going up and down on his cock, while he is stroking her honey blond hair. Frank moved his attention to Diane’s body as she put her mug in the sink. She was wearing a black 3/4 pants which showed off the outline of her hot butt cheeks, instantly getting Frank to think back to last night when his cock was sliding in and out of her tight butt hole.

It was getting late as Frank decided to catch up with two of his old mates. It had been well over a month since frank last played cards, and the temptation was too much, so he invited his two mates over. Frank needed to have another fuck, and since Diane would probably never let him touch her again, he decided that he'll try to win some money off his mates tonight, then he'll be able to pay for a prostitute.

At around 7pm, Frank heard a knock on the door. He opened the door to see his two mates, Jim and Tony standing there, a slab of beer next to them. Jim was 50 years old and was the same build as Frank. Tony was rather short and chubby, and a complete pot head. There would be a joint in his mouth 24/7, now was no exception. "Come in", Frank said as they headed to the dinner table.

They had been playing for over an hour now. All three men where high from the pot, and there were empty beer cans all over the floor.

"Boy I wish we had a slut serving us tonight", Tony said while dealing the next hand. Just then Diane came down the stairs, immediately grabbing the attention of the three men. She had on a white dress that came down to her knees. The dress was skin tight, giving a great outline of her lovely body. She was wearing a red lipstick, which also made her lips look wet and inviting. The horny men’s eyes roamed down her lovely body from head to toe, stopping at the silver high heels she was wearing. Diane sensed all the eyes on her so she quickly went into the kitchen.

"Who was that", Tony said with a stunned look.

"That’s my sons wife", Frank replied.

"I wouldn't mind getting in her panties", Jim said while picking up his cards. Frank got an instant hardon at the sight of Diane in her dress. He knew he had to fuck her again, even if she said no.

"Maybe there is a way we can arrange that Jim", Frank said while getting up and walking into the kitchen.

He walked into the kitchen to see Diane standing in front of a counter reading a magazine.

"Oh, Frank, um my friends should be over soon."

"Well since your waiting, I have a favor to ask you", Frank said staring into her sexy blue eyes.

"What sort of favor", Diane replied with a slightly scared look.

"Well my friends are taking a lot of money of me, so I need to win some back. I has hoping you could come over and help me."

"I don't like gambling and my friends should be over soon anyway."

"Well how about you help me until they come over."

"What do I have to do", Diane replied.

"All you have to do is get them to loose their concentration".


"By flirting with them." Those words shocked Diane as she was now even more scared then ever.

"I can't Frank, I married to your son."

"That’s right, and if Mike finds out what happened between us two, your marrige is finished."

"Please don't make me do this Frank", Diane pleaded. Her innocent look gave frank all the power and encouragement he needed.

"Well its up to you, either you come and help me win some money until your friends get here, or I tell mike what happened", Frank said as he left the kitchen, looking at Diane wipe a tear from her eye. Frank went back and sat down at the table.

About five minutes later Diane came out carrying a couple of cans of beer. Jim and Tony couldn't keep their eyes off Diane as she bent over to put the cans on the table.

"Well guys, Diane has decided to keep us company until her friends get here", Frank said with a smile. Jim and Tony were shocked.

"Why don’t you come over and hold my cards", Jim said grabbing hold of her hand and slowly pulling her over. Diane relutantly picked up his cards as Jim took hold of her hips and sat her down on his lap. Diane could feel the bulge in Jim’s pants get bigger. She smelt Jim’s alcohol breath as he whispered in her ear what card to put down. Jim started to slowly rub diane's thighs through her dress. Diane was starting to have second thoughts as she looked up at the clock. Just a couple more mintues she thougth as Jim started to rub lower down her leg. Jim was smelling her lovely hair as he rubbed the inside of Diane’s thighs.

Diane's hands were shaking as frank put the joint in Diane’s mouth. Diane knew that her friends should be on the way, so she didn't try to resist. Jim was now incredibly horny as he kissed Diane’s neck, while his hand moved further up Diane’s leg.

"Please stop", Diane whispered to Jim. Diane was given the joint again as Jim kissed his way down Diane’s neck onto her shoulders. Diane was starting to get aroused as Jim used his tongue to slide her dress strap off her shoulders, while still rubbing the inside off her thighs. Diane closed her eyes and slowly started to grind her butt into Jim’s large bulge. Frank and Tony could sense that the joint had caused her to start to enjoy this. Jim pushed her dress up her leg, giving everyone a great view of her red Satan bikini. Jim went in for the kill as he used his hands to rub her pussy mound through her bikini bottoms.

"OOhh god...nnoo.stop.", Diane moaned out as she dropped Jim’s cards. Tony couldn't take it any more as he got up and walked over to Diane and Jim. Jim used his other hand to caress Diane’s flat belly as Tony started to kiss Diane on the lips.

"Nooo..", Diane moaned out as she tried to resist. But Tony grabbed hold of her mouth and started to kiss her again, full on the lips. This time diane kissed him back. Jim could feel Diane getting wet as he kept rubbing her mound. He then moved his hands inside her bikini, making skin contact with her hot and wet pussy. he stuck his index finger inside Diane's wet pussy lips as he strated to finger fuck her.

"Mmmm...", Diane moaned out as Tony kept kissing her, while Jim fingered her pussy harder. Diane’s body was grinding onto Jim’s bulge with the same rhythm as Jim’s hands. Tony moved his hands inside Diane’s dress and grabbed hold of breast, giving it a light squeeze. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Frank quickly got up to answer it. Diane tried to get up but she was too aroused to get away.

"High, is Diane ready", a women in her late 20's said.

"Um.. no, she actually isn't feeling too well and is in bed. She said she wont be able to go out tonight", Frank replied quickly.

"Oh...Well ok. She seemed fine early. So I guess I’ll take to her in the morni..."

"Ok then", Frank said, then quickly shutting the door, before she could finish.

Tony picked up Diane and carried her upstairs and dropped her onto her bed. Diane tried to get up but Tony just pushed her back down and got between her legs. He pushed her dress up to her hip and ripped her red bikini off. Her neatly trimmed pussy was wet as Tony used his tongue to lick around her pussy lips. Frank and Jim both quickly undressed, and moved to either side of Diane. Jim pulled the top of her dress down to her stomach, revealing her firm breast.

"Ooohh ggoodd...oohh", Diane kept moaning as Jim grabbed hold of her breasts and assaulted her nipples with his mouth. Tony's tongue was now inside diane's hot pussy, licking her crazy.

"OOhh god....OOhh please ssttoopp", Diane yelled.

This was the moment Frank had waited for as he knelt on top of Diane’s head and tried to feed his erect cock into her mouth. She turned her head but Frank grabbed hold of her face and pushed harder. Diane was lost in the moment as she opened her mouth and started to suck franks cock. Tony quickly took off his pants, and positioned his cock at Diane’s tight pussy. His cock was not really long, but it was as fat as his forearm. Diane was now moving up and down on Frank cock as Tony pushed his cock slowly inside Diane. She could not believe the feeling of having a cock more the twice as big as her husband enter her tight pussy.

Frank looked down as he saw Diane’s beautiful face go up and down on his cock. her eyes closed, as her beautiful red lips sucked his cock. Diane froze as Tony rammed all the way inside Diane. Her eyes opened up as she stared straight into franks eyes with a look of pure lust. This sight of seeing his cock go in and out of his daughter in law's mouth was too much for frank as he forced his cock all the way inside Diane’s mouth and shot his load deep down her throat. As he pulled his cock out of her mouth, Tony started to increase his pace.

"Oh god, oh fuck", Diane screamed out. Jim placed his dick in between Diane’s two breasts and started to tit fuck her.

"OOhh god...fuck me...oooohhh fuck me", Diane yelled as both men built up a fast rhythm. Tony put her legs over his shoulders as her fucked her tight pussy, stretching her walls to the limit. Frank lied down next to her, watching Tony assault her pussy with her high heels pointing to the roof.

"Don't cum in me...OOhh god..Nnoooo.", Diane moaned.

"OOhh fuck me you filthy animals", Diane yelled out.
Both men had built up a sweat as Jim kept mauling and fucking her tits. Each time he'd trust in, the tip of his cock would hit her chin.

"Your one tight bitch, one tight bitch who needs to be filled up", Tony yelled as he trust into her one last time.

"Nnnooo", Diane yelled. But it was no use as Tony shot load after load into her pussy. diane froze as Tony pumped every last drop. He pulled out and clasped onto the floor as Jim got up and quickly took his position between Diane’s legs. His cock must have been at least 12 inches long, but not as fat as Tony’s. In one quick thrust, he pushed his whole cock into Diane’s sore pussy.

"Man you are tight", Jim said as he slowly pumped into her cum filled cunt. Jim’s cock was reaching places never explored before. Diane wrapped her legs around Jim’s back as Jim grabbed hold of Diane’s breasts and pumped into her. Frank grabbed Diane’s hand and placed it on his cock, trying to get it back up. Diane was now screaming with pleasure as she started to move her hand up and down frank cock.

"You slut...you like this don't you...I have never had a slut as hot and tight as you", Jim said as he too started to shoot his cum into Diane’s pussy, filling her up with his seed.

Diane had now gotten frank fully erect. As Jim pulled out, Frank replaced him, building up a steady rhythm. Frank rolled over as Diane sat upright on franks cock. she was now fucking him crazy. Frank grabbed hold of her tits as diane humped franks cock.

"I’ve always wanted a grandson", Frank said as he shot his load into Diane’s pussy. Diane's tight pussy squeezed out all of Franks cum. Diane could not believe what had just happened. She just fucked her father in law and his two friends all who where twice her age. The thought of being pregnant to one of these filthy men made her sick as she got up. She pulled her dress up, pulling the straps over her shoulders. She didn't bother pulling the dress down to cover up her abused pussy as she walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

"That’s one hot daughter in law in got there Frank", Tony said while putting on his clothes. Both the men left, leaving Frank to think how much better his hot daughter in law is compared to a hooker. He got up and walked towards his room with a smile on his face.

Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback for part one. Second parts to stories are usally not as good as part one's. So send me feedback with your thoughts on this story. I will reply to those with e-mail addresses.

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