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Daughter Taboo


Mark and Tammy were out on the town one hot August night. After quite a few drinks, they staggered back to Tammy's house which was only a half block away from the bar.

Mark and Tammy worked together for years and had been together off and on for a couple of years. Both had separate homes and were far from the commitment stage. It's not that they didn't love one another, it was more of a convenience. Friends with benefits.

Although both were considerably drunk, they still managed to have sex before Tammy passed out. She had been known for this in the past.

It was 2:30AM when Mark needed to use the bathroom. He wandered down to the end of the hall to relieve himself. On the way back to Tammy's bedroom, he noticed that the door was cracked to her daughter's room.

Tammy had three daughters, all just as beautiful as her. All petite, blond and gorgeous.

Mark peeked in the TV lit room and saw her daughter, Billie Jo laying there totally naked. It was so hot in the house and the only air conditioner was in the living room.

Mark was still naked and his cock began to get hard just watching her there sleeping. He had to get a closer look.

He had known Billie Jo for Quite a few years now and watched her blossom into a very beautiful young woman.

She was her Mother's daughter all right, five foot two, blond, but only eighteen.

Mark opened the door slowly trying so carefully not to make a sound. He walked to the foot of her bed, slowly watching Billie Jo lay there on her back. Her legs were slightly parted exposing her neatly trimmed little pussy. Her puffy breasts seemed to heave up and down with every breath that she took. hey were also perfect. 34B with the puffiest nipples.

Mark started unconsciously stroking his hard cock just thinking about how good she would taste. He thought about teasing her little labia as it seemed to glisten from the light of the TV.

Mark froze as Billie Jo changed positions, spreading her legs even wider. He could now see her perfect lips. Her little pussy was just aching to be licked.

Mark gasp as he realized he was that starting to cum. He shook as he shot his load on Billie Jo and on her bed. Realizing what he had done, Mark tried to make a quick exit down the hall.

He crawled back in bed with Tammy and laid there thinking of that young pussy just down the hall. Eventually, Mark managed to fall asleep.

In the morning, Tammy and Mark got up around 10:00AM. Tammy went to fix breakfast, but there was no coffee, and she was low on eggs. She also expected her oldest daughter to stop by after dinner with her kids.

Tammy jumped in the shower quickly and got dressed for town.

Tammy said she'd be back as soon as he could and departed for the grocery store on the other side of town.

Mark kicked back in front of the TV when Billie Jo walked into the living room. She stood right in front of him, wearing only a short night shirt which barely covered her.

"Was I good last night? I watched you masturbate," Billie Jo said. "You taste good too."

Mark turned red with embarrassment.

"I masturbated after you left."

Billie Jo raised her shirt exposing herself, "Do you want me?" she asked.

Mark grabbed Billie Jo and threw her on the couch. He quickly pulled her to the edge and spread her legs wide. Those pretty lips were now just inches from him. He gently parted her lips with his tongue and teased her little clit.

"Mmmm," Billie Jo moaned.

As Mark continued to lick her ckit, he slid his right index finger gently inside. Billie Jo slid towards him forcing his finger in deeper.

She tasted better than he imagined and her smell filled the air.

Mark pulled her to the floor and removed her nightshirt. Her nipples were erect as he nibbled and sucked hard taking as much as he could in her mouth. He kissed her passionately as he guided his hard cock in Billie Jo's tight wet pussy.

Billie Jo screamed as Mark took her all the way, then pounded her wildly. "Oh... oh my.. yeeessssss...."

Mark heard Tammy's car door slam and knew that she was on her way in with the groceries, but he couldn't stop.

As the screen door opened, Mark put his hands over Billie Jo's mouth to try and keep her quiet.

The door screeched several times as Tammy carried in load after load.

The excitement of fucking this hot teen while her mother was in the next room was just too much for Mark.

Billie Jo grabbed Mark's long hair and tightened her legs around him as she felt his hot cum squirt deep inside. She squeezed her muscles around his cock and gasped as Mark kept her mouth covered.

Mark slipped out of her moistness and threw his pants on just before Tammy yelled, "Over easy?"

Billie Jo giggled and ran quietly back to her bedroom.

"Sounds good," Mark said as he yelled from the living room. "Just give me a second to run through the shower."

"What did you do while I was gone,"

"Just fucked around," Mark said.

On the way to the shower, Mark stopped by Billie Jo's room. "You naughty little girl. I think I'm going to have to punish you later tonight.

Billie Jo touched her pussy, then licked her fingers, "Promise?"

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