tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Short-Shorts

Daughter's Short-Shorts


Dancing together on the dance floor, kissing softly, knowledgeable hands were caressing Sharon's ass. That sexy, round, delicious ass. In those scrumptious, yummy short-shorts.

Nineteen year-old Sharon was one of the most delicious baby-doll blondes, with clear blue eyes, a peaches and cream complexion and a smile that lit up a room. She had an engaging personality, instantly liked by almost everyone. Perfect cupcake tits, a firm, smooth tummy, nice legs tapering into smooth calves. But her best feature, bar none, was that sexy, delectable bubble-butt. Sharon knew it too, she loved to wear tight minis – and sexy, short-shorts.

Sharon loved to flaunt her body, the seemingly-innocent 19-year old liked to show off her assets. She wore tight tops and halters, often going braless, showing off her cotton-candy nipples. Sharon favored thongs and wore them under her tight little minis and short-shorts, but naughtily let everyone see she was wearing one. Recently, Shauna had pierced her navel and there was a piercing that was a gift from her mother.

The very same mother who was dancing with now in the Gay Nightclub they'd been frequenting for the last year. The horny mother who was kissing her in a very un-motherly fashion, while all the jealous clientele looked on. The mother who was Sharon's lesbian lover, as Sharon was hers.

"Want to go home, baby girl?" Kari whispered in her daughter's ear as they swayed along with the music. To emphasize her own horniness, she slid her hands down the tiny short-shorts her daughter wore and snapped the thong playfully. Sharon squealed with delight.

"Not just yet, you naughty mommy!" Sharon giggled, teasing her mother. She looked into Kari's rich, brown eyes, full of love and desire and leaned in again, sliding her lips against her mother's for another intense, desire-filled kiss. The heat between the two women was palpable.

Kari was still beautiful as she approached her 40th birthday. Taller than her daughter at nearly 5'10" tall, the former Beauty Queen had long, auburn hair that she wore curly, nearly down to her waist. Her breasts were full and firm, not a hint of sag. She was a sun worshipper and her soft skin was a golden brown color nearly all the time and she didn't have any tan lines. Kari worked out meticulously to keep her figure and flat tummy. She went frequently for a Brazilian wax to keep herself smooth, which her delicious daughter-lover seemed to appreciate. Kari's legs were long and sleek, tonight she was in a black silk dress, also braless with a plunging neckline, black patterned stockings and stilettos Sharon had bought for her as a gift. Any man would be mad with desire to sleep with her, but she only had eyes for her incestuous daughter / lover.

Kari had no intentions of ever becoming Sharon's lover. A bit over a year ago, when this had all started, she'd been divorced from Sharon's father for about 10 years. Emily supposed that Max was all right in bed,, but there had to be more to sex than Max's meager fumblings and thrustings. A considerate lover would have seen to it that his partner enjoyed lovemaking, but Max had never seemed to give a damn about her feelings – in or out of bed.

She had met Max when she'd was still on the Beauty circuit and been immediately impressed by his body, especially his six-pack. One night, Kari had snuck away from the chaperone, met him in a nearby motel and fucked his brains out. Writhing atop him, sucking his cock, letting him fuck her like a doggie-bitch in heat, Max had been very surprised at the wanton nature of the seemingly-innocent Teen Queen.

Recognizing a good thing when he had it, and not wanting to lose her to another stud – who probably would have been much better fucks, Kari supposed – he had proposed and she had accepted, falling into the life of wife and mother easily, having her beautiful Sharon early on. She adored her daughter, she was a refuge in her dull marriage – and subsequent divorce from – boring, useless Max.

Kari noticed at this time that Sharon had seemed not to be dating anymore. As her daughter was beautiful, sexy and flirty, this baffled her mother. A tease is what Kari would have labelled her daughter, favoring her little minis and skimpy shorts, not afraid to flaunt what she had. Boys should have been panting after her, especially when she wore those snug, short-shorts that Kari looked so very on Sharon. When she wore those kind of shorts, coupled with her tiny halter, Kari thought the perfect words for Sharon were "eye candy."

Kari decided she needed to confront Sharon about this situation, as a concerned parent. When Sharon got home from her part-time job at the Video store, she was wearing her hottest black leather shorts and a matching crepe-style top. Sharon sat down on their couch and crossed her legs, bouncing her high heel-clad foot.

"What's up Mom?" Sharon said with a bright smile. When Sharon flashed that kind of smile, it became even harder to figure out why her sexy daughter wasn't dating.

"I'm a bit concerned about you, darling" her mother said in a soft, dulcet tone. "I noticed you haven't been going out on any dates lately. I don't understand, you're such a sweetheart, I would think there are tons of boys interested in you. Is everything all right?"

"Of course, Mom." The way Sharon said it and the tone she took left Kari totally unconvinced.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room, for a few minutes, Kari was finding it almost unbearable. Finally, to break the silence, Sharon spoke again. "Well Mom, to be honest, I don't really care much for men." Sharon said, biting her bottom lip.

Kari was a bit shocked, but Sharon remained totally calm. She kept swinging her leg, which was extremely distracting, but Kari let her daughter continue with her explanation.

"My feelings towards men have nothing to do with Daddy, Mom, I know why you and he split. He was a dud in the bedroom, he was cold emotionally. I know that there are lots of nice men out there, but it doesn't matter to me, I just don't find men sexually appealing."

Being a modern parent, Kari was surprised, but she wasn't upset. Her brown eyes looking into her daughter's dazzling blue eyes, Kari asked "So darling, are you saying you're attracted to women?"

Again, Sharon bit her lip, looked up at her mother, and nodded.

"Have you had – experiences – with women?" Sharon nodded once more.

"Is there a woman you're attracted to right now?"

When Kari asked her daughter that question, it caused Sharon to stop swinging her leg and her adorable face turned beet-red. In a tiny little voice, Sharon replied "Yes".

"Wellll .....? "

"Mom, it's you."

This piece of news DID come as a shock to Kari . To the core. She had never fantasized about women, not even when she was on the Beauty circuit, surrounded by stunning examples of sexy womanhood. Kari's heart was pounding, there was an undeniable sexiness to Sharon, she was one of the sexiest things Kari had ever seen. Whenever Sharon wore a sexy outfit, Kari had to admit, if she was being honest with herself, she paid rapt attention.

"I know there's nothing we can do about it, you being my mother and all ... "

"Who says we can't do anything about it?" Kari heard that voice coming from somewhere, almost far-off, then realized it was her own voice. Sharon was staring at her, wide-eyed. Kari gathered up all the courage she possessed and spoke to her daughter earnestly.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Kari smiled and touched her daughter's knee. "Baby, society might say you're wrong, but who would know? I've lived my entire life by society's rules and look what it's gotten me! I have no one, you have no one. I'm flattered that such a sexy girl thinks I am so sexy, and ... "

"Mom, you think I'm sexy?"

"Yes baby, very."

That was all it took, the dam was now broken. A beaming Sharon stood up from the couch, took her mother's hand and Kari stood up. Both women trembling, they kissed – it was a sensual kiss, full of love and desire and forbidden passions.

"I think we should take this upstairs --- Mom!' Sharon said, putting extra emphasis on the last word. Sharon led the way, feeling her mother's eyes on her ass. She turned back and smiled seductively at her parent. "You like my tush, Mom?"

Kari reached out and pinched her daughter's gorgeous, tight, little butt. "I love your ass baby, especially when you wear those tight, yummy short-shorts." It was as if all of Kari's innermost secrets were coming out tonight.

Sharon grinned, when they reached the top of the stairs, she wanted to know "Your bedroom or mine?"

"Mine. I still have that nice double bed. It's been kind of lonely the last few years. I guess that's about to change" Kari said, winking at Sharon.

Sharon nodded, letting her mother lead the way in. She looked at Kari's body, her mom didn't have a bad ass herself. In fact, ALL of Kari was still delicious, Sharon wondered why she hadn't been on the dating scene either? Sharon didn't care, for she was about to realize her most-forbidden fantasy.

"Let's strip and have some fun, baby!" Kari purred.

Kari made a little show out of getting out of her own white dress and top, revealing a lacy, pink Victoria's Secret bra and matching thong. It looked so sexy against her mother's tanned skin, Sharon was compelled to reach out and touch Kari's soft skin. "I bought you that for your birthday" Sharon grinned as she saw her mother sit down on the bed.

Kari watched admiringly as Sharon got out of her short-shorts and top, pirouetting a bit, wiggling her ass provocatively at her mother. She was about to take off her heels, but Kari stopped her. "Leave them on, baby. I like heels. And you look very sexy in them!" Sharon grinned as she joined her mother on the bed, pushing her down with an impish grin.

"Trust me Mommy, I'll take good care of you." Sharon leaned over her mother's prone body and began kissing her soft skin, noticing the goosebumps rise quickly. She could smell a subtle scent of arousal wafting from Kari and kissed her tummy, downward and slid the tiny pink thong off her mother. There was her prize, a sweet, yummy pussy, already glistening wet with desire. Kari was turned on already, it was a tremendous compliment to the horny teen.

Sharon stroked her mother's cunt gently, hearing a soft moan escape Kari's lips, then she began to lick. Flattening her tongue against the sweet pussy, Sharon began to fervently eat pussy. She teased, she sucked, she nibbled at the hot clit and ran her hands all over Kari's aroused body as she did so. Impatient with want, Kari removed her bra. Sharon got the hint, moved up and kissed Kari's cocoa-brown nipples, stroked the tanned flesh. Then, with a pixie-grin, she began working down, down, down and gave her mother her first taste of cunnilingus, eating her for all she was worth. Sharon was a seeming natural at lezzie-loving and Kari orgasmed within mere minutes.

"Your turn – lover!" Sharon teased, again emphasizing the latter word. It got to Kari, the illicit nature of all this, she wanted nothing more than to see Sharon's face contorted in blissful orgasm. Kari took a different turn, holding Sharon close, kissing her cotton-candy nipples, her tummy, running her fingers through Sharon's long, blonde hair. When it was Kari's turn to eat pussy, she flipped her sexy young daughter over, facing the front of the bed and ate Sharon out from behind, enjoying her first feast of cunt. Kari also got to kiss and lick that delicious, delectable ass, the one that had teased her oh-so-many times in those too-sexy, short-shorts.

Mother and daughter spent the whole night together, and every night after that. Sharon only used her own bedroom if they had company, most nights were spent entwined in each other's arms. "Sixty-nine" became their favorite number. Sharon began insisting that her beautiful mother should dress more provocatively. "You're a hottie Mom, if you've got it, flaunt it!" From then on, Kari got lots of offers to date, but accepted none of them. No one could thrill her the way her kinky little daughter could. Sharon continued teasing her mother, wearing the tightest, sexiest clothing she could find. Nearly always, minis or short-shorts. Sometimes, she even skipped the thongs.

When Sharon was in an extremely teasing mood, she would torment her mother, wearing ALL of her clothing with no underwear, a subtle perfume, stilettos and a sheer top. She would dance around the room, teasing and kissing, but not quite letting Kari reach her. When they finally got to the bedroom, both women were hungry for each other, devouring each other's cunts fiercely.

Sharon and Kari found that they both were attracted to other women, although neither one had taken another lover quite yet. They didn't need to, for now, they were content with each other. Sexy, steamy nights in bed kept them satiated for now. Sharon found a Gay Nightclub they were comfortable visiting, where they could be anonymous girlfriends. Kari and Sharon and became regulars. Oddly, Sharon liked the older women patrons, while Kari adored the young cuties. They had a small circle of new friends at the Club and Friday was "their" night.

"How about it Mommy, do you feel like being naughty?" Sharon whispered in Kari's ear, knowing that her mother was now just like her, perverted and up for anything.

"Mmm-hmm --- just what did you have in mind?"

"Follow me."

Her rounded ass swaying in Kari's favorite pair of black leather short-shorts, Sharon led her mother to the elaborate Powder Room located in the corner of the Club. Kari sat down on the plush leather couch while Sharon locked the door behind them. Eagerly, Sharon yanked off Kari's top and mini-skirt, burying her face in her mother's dripping cunt. Her hands caressed her mother's tanned thighs as she ate pussy, Kari's moans fueling her onward.

"Oooh, you naughty lezzie-bitch, you know what momma likes! Sharon baby, keep eating my cunt. Like that, oohhh yesss, there baby, you nasty little slut, that's the spot!" Kari's yelps and screams were music to her daughter's ears, she loved making her beautiful mother squeal and writhe. Dancing with Sharon so intimately had aroused the ex-Beauty Queen to a fever-pitch and she came easily, flooding her daughter's licking face.

Sharon moved away from Kari quickly and wriggled out of her tight short-shorts, revealing her new clit piercing, another gift from her lezzie-loving mom. Kari herself wasn't quite that bold yet, but she had let Sharon convince her to have her belly-button pierced with a cute little unicorn adorning it. Every time Kari licked Sharon's piercing, the girl howled in orgasm, so Kari was considering it. Sharon straddled her face and Kari buried her face in the pussy she adored.

"Oh dammit Mom, you're the fucking best! Such a good pussy-eater, who knew my Mom would be such a hot, lezzie bitch? Eat it, eat it, ohhhh Mom, EAT MY CUNTTTT!!" Sharon howled.

Her daughter's nectar was sweet and Kari relished every drop of it. She craved it, licking Sharon was one of her favorite treats. They had some lovely sex toys in their collection, including a strap-on that Sharon adored having Kari screw her with, but Kari loved touching, kissing and massaging Sharon more than anything on earth. Toys were a nice bonus, but skin-to-skin was the nicest sensation of all.

"Ohhh Mommy, you're such a naughty little whore!" Sharon screeched as she came on her mother's licking tongue. Kari thrilled at her offspring's perverse compliment, she loved unleashing her new wild side with Sharon, she hoped that they would never stop.

Their lusts temporarily satiated, the two women got re-dressed, teasing each other, fondling a bit. Sharon put on her tight shorts and Kari ran her manicured fingernails against her daughter's slim, silky legs. They kissed, one last time and Sharon unlocked the door. Standing there was their favorite bartender, pretty redheaded Janice. She grinned naughtily as she passed the incestuous pair.

Face flushed, Kari went outside with Sharon and got in the car. "Do you think she knew what we were doing in there?" Kari asked Sharon, mildly embarrassed, still stroking Sharon's legs in those tight, black leather short-shorts Kari adored so much.

Sharon chuckled loudly. "Oh Mother, sure she did! My goodness, who do you think taught ME?" she said to her now-shocked mom.

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