tagRomanceDavid and Abi

David and Abi


(Many thanks to orvette1 for his help in editing this story for me and for the very helpful tips.)

It was raining, not heavily by our usual standards; it was the wind that helped it along just enough to make people not even bother with the hope that an umbrella would protect them. Instead seeking refuge in a building they hadn't even thought to be in. David's choices were limited to one, the diner. Being a stranger in a city sometimes makes there choices for you. Sadly for him it seemed everyone else in the city had the same notion, by the time he got through the door the place was packed. The staff was rushing to cope with the new surge in business gratefully received from the rain.

David quickly counted his options as two, stand around and be served a take out, or rescue the lady. All the tables were now full, except one. A lady sat at a table for two. A big heavy set man was leaning on the back of the chair just about to pull it away from the table. He was going to sit on it, despite some rather loud and choicely worded comments from the lady. Even David had noticed the way the man was looking at the lady. Moving angles slightly, so he could have a look down the top of her dress. With a sigh he thought it best to rescue the lady regardless of his options.

He walked over to the table and also put his hand on the back of the chair, stopping it from moving any further away from the table; he looked squarely at the heavy set man. David could smell alcohol on his breath he had clearly not shaved in a few days and looked like he had lived in the clothes he wore. The man looked directly at David; who also made it clear with his look that he didn't like the competition for the seat or the lady.

David looked at the lady, but kept a very close eye on the man. "I'm sorry I'm late darling, there was some late negotiations on my UFC match tomorrow, my opponent's manager got worried when he found out I put my last opponent in hospital."

His grip was now tighter on the chair as he looked at the man, "well that's so kind of you, thank you."

The heavy set man paused, thought about his options, one screaming lady, and a man who had just put someone in hospital or stand by the counter, with his options dwindling by the second, his grip on the seat diminished and he walked to the counter.

David sat, looked at the relieved woman and smiled. "Judging by the look on your face, I assume he's gone."

The lady nodded and looked at him, he felt a little unnerved by her penetrating stare now, so he felt it best he say something. "Ok first I'm not a UFC fighter; I noticed the billboard just down the road so I figured he may have seen it as well. Secondly I'm here to get out of the rain and a coffee nothing more. I will read my papers and you do what you wish to, we don't even have to speak to each other."

She continued to look at him, then smiled, crossed her legs and said. "I gather by your accent your not from around here, British maybe?"

It was David's turn to smile, "Yes I started off life in England, been around a bit since then though."

Feeling more at ease now she said. "So Limey what brings you here?"

David smiled. "Gosh now there's a term I haven't heard in many years. Do you Americans still call us Brits that?"

At that moment the waitress arrived so he ordered a coffee and looked at the lady, the lady spent the next five minutes asking for a coffee, with low fat this and de-cafe that, served at this temperature with a chocolate covered whatever. David smiled to himself, what ever happened to just plain old coffee? It seems to have been murdered by society now. The waitress departed and they both looked closer at it other.

David smiled, "Please let's not go down the Limey route I would have to start calling you Yank and that's when things get rather silly don't you think? Call me David."

The woman held out her hand, "Abi."

Shaking her hand and also noticing the very firm grip for a woman, David said "Well Abi I did promise to leave you alone, so I'll shut up now."

David then reached into his pocket pulled out an envelope and started to read the contents. Abi was very quiet, his coffee and her creation arrived and he sat and sipped his way through his. David got the feeling he was being stared at, this made him look at Abi. She just sat leaning back against the chair, staring at him, her creation now cold on the table. He looked at her a quizzical look on his face.

"Forgive me for staring at you, I think you're odd." She said.

"Well I have been called worse so I'm sure I can live with that."

"Perhaps I should have said you're a contradiction. Do you mind if I try something on you?" She asked.

David was intrigued now, so he put the contents back into its envelope and then back into his pocket. He decided to bide his time so he caught the eye of a waitress walking by with a coffee pot in hand and she poured more coffee into his cup. He had taken his time; David felt the urge to tease Abi by making her wait before she could start whatever it was she wanted to say. It was fun for David, the rain had stopped now and the diner had all but emptied, pretty soon she would grow bored of him and leave so he could get on with life. He sipped his coffee and again turned his attention back to her.

She smiled at him, "That doesn't work you know, I know what your doing. You can only hold off the inevitable for so long. Ok let me see, I would put you at thirty two or thirty five tops, you're six feet tall, I would say you're a good 180 to190 pounds, but none of it looks like fat. Your eyes give little away about you, so I'm thinking you're of some kind of military guy."

David sat and stared, saying. "That's rather good, do you mind if I give it a try?"

Abi shrugged her shoulders and crossed her arms, still leaning against the back of her chair; she called the waitress over and took another five minutes to order herself another and totally different coffee creation. It was David's turn to smile; he had started to like this game and this lady and now she was making him wait. Abi eventually turned her attention back to him.

"Ok your name isn't Abi but I can live with that, after all were only ships passing on a very rain soaked afternoon. You were married but you've been divorced within the last two months perhaps and you have at least one child. I would say soaking wet you would weigh 130, age, thirty two tops. As a profession I would have to say lawyer and I would have to add somewhere in there ex army brat.

Abi just sat and stared at David, for what seemed an age eventually saying. "You forgot my height."

They both laughed. The waitress had now arrived with her new creation. Conversation between them was easy from then on. Time slipped by so quickly and it took the waitress standing over them to realize they were the only ones left in the diner and the diner was getting ready to close. They had chatted for almost two hours and not even noticed. David stood and as Abi did the same he held out his hand, both shook hands.

"I would like to thank you for a very pleasant afternoon," Said David.

"What are you doing this evening? I find you interesting." Was Abi's response.

David smiled, "I'm on a stopover tonight I leave here tomorrow morning so I hadn't thought of doing much."

Abi grabbed her bag, opened it and began to move the contents around; finally her hand came out again with a card, which she then handed to David. "Give that to the cab driver, he will know the place, seven thirty and don't be late."

Without even looking at the card David said. "What about dress?"

"Well I will be wearing one; it may be advisable for you to be in smart casual." Abi smiled and left the diner.

David watched through the diner's window as she hailed a cab and disappeared. 'Interesting' thought David. The walk back to his hotel only seemed to take a few minutes. As he stood at reception desk he was told there were a couple of messages, one of which wrecked any plans he had for that evening. David pulled out the card Abi had given him, he had hoped it was her business card so he could at least call and explain he had to leave within an hour. Abi had given him a card from an Italian restaurant.

Faced with an ever decreasing group of options he went upstairs to pack, the gentleman in him still nagged at him for standing Abi up. Now packed, he grabbed a pen and paper he wrote a note of apology tucked it into an envelope. Checked out and gave the address of the restaurant to the cab driver. The restaurant had barely opened there doors when David got there. Finding the owner was easy; the restaurant was one of those family run places. He explained that he had a date here at seven thirty but had to leave town.

The owner was a little sceptical since he didn't even know the woman's name, other than her first name. It was when David told him her name was Abi did a flicker of recognition cross his face. The owner took the envelope and the hundred pushed into his hand. It was four months before David was back in the city. The thought of standing Abi up had played on his mind for sometime. He knew he could not find her in a city of hundreds of thousands, so he decided to play a hunch. David booked back into the same hotel. Then he booked a table at the Italian restaurant. He had been sitting at the bar of the restaurant for fifteen minutes when there was a tap on his shoulder.

"I did mention our dinner date was for that night and not four months later didn't I?"

David turned in his seat; Abi was stood there, a vision in her dress. Her brown hair in a pony tail, her dark dress hung on her shoulders, he followed the material trying not to stare at her breasts and hourglass figure, when this woman picked a dress, she could sure pick a dress!

David smiled, "I really need to check my diary more often."

They both smiled and were now at ease, both hugged each other like it was the most natural thing to do. Then sat at the bar for a while catching up, the owner came over and told them both there table was ready. It was as they were eating that Abi asked how he knew she would come.

"I left you too many clues for you not to." Was David's answer.

Abi was intrigued now and stopped eating, inviting him to explain.

David signalled a waiter and asked for another coffee, then asked for some more garlic bread, that's when Abi kicked his shin. He knew he had to stop teasing her now and explain, so he told Abi how he had written the note on the hotel stationary. She only needed to call to confirm he had checked out. So it stood to reason that it wouldn't take her long to find out he had checked back in when he had booked a table at the restaurant. David also suspected that the owner was closer to Abi than he let on when he first tried to get the note to her four months ago.

It was Abi turn to laugh. Resigning herself to the knowledge that this game between them could well continue at a later date and that intrigued Abi, just as David intrigued her now. She liked him; his charm was a mixture of honesty and innocents. He didn't try to impress her and she was comfortable with that. Abi found herself liking him, now all she struggled with was just how much.

The divorce had been a bitter and very acrimonious one on her ex-husbands behalf. She would have been happy with a quick divorce but he just couldn't let go. He wanted her to fight for everything; even though he was the one she caught having the affair. The one thing they never fought over was Samantha there daughter and that hurt both Abi and Sammi more than anything. He simply wanted nothing from either of the women in his life, other than what he could count in the bank.

"So what made you think I would turn up tonight, after you stood me up?" Abi said.

"You're an ex army brat, your used to people you care about leaving you at short notice for months at a time."

He suddenly realized he had made such a dreadful mistake, the look in Abi's eyes only confirmed it. He could have easily have stopped what happened next, but to do so would have added salt to an already open wound for Abi. She stood and emptied her drink over him and left. David sighed as the last of her drink left his head and covered his clothes; a waitress appeared with a towel. He paid the bill along with a hefty tip for his troubles, the cab driver even got in on the act, moaning that all he had got in his cab so far this evening was drunks. The cab driver brightened up slightly when David paid doubled the fare as he got out.

Standing in the shower finally washing the last bit of alcohol off his body, "well that went really well." In the future David old boy, learn to keep your mouth shut a little more often.' He thought to himself. He didn't hear it until he turned the shower off; someone was banging on his door. He quickly dried himself off with a towel, wrapped it around his waist and opened the door. Abi barged in her face red with anger. As she paced his room David closed the door and leaned up against it, watching her from a safe distance.

"You're a god damn Limey bastard do you know that?" She looked directly at him for the first time. "And put a robe on while I'm yelling at you."

Abi continued to pace the room, the redness almost gone now but she refused to look him in the eyes. David still leaned against the door, arms now crossed.

"How dare you talk to me like that, what gives you the right to talk to me like that, your four months? Yes four fucking months late for our date and you dare to talk to me like that?"

Her cheeks went red as she stood and looked at him, "will you please put a robe on."

"No, you're in my room. I wear what I like and will stay as I am thank you." Was David's reply

Abi looked like she was considering her options, and then walked towards the door, David moved away to give her room. He heard her gasp, instinctively David turned to face her. The look in her eyes was one of sadness, every ounce of anger had seeped from her body now, and she slowly lifted her arm to touch David who then took a step back. Abi was now freed from her trance like state and lowered her arm. The silence now between them was too much for Abi to bear any longer.

"Tomorrow night same time same place, mess with me again and your history." Said a sad and very tired Abi.

She left his room without looking back. Abi made it as far as the elevator before she broke down; there was so much anger and frustration burning inside her. Any other man she would have walked away and never had a second thought, why was she ready to give him a second chance after he had attacked the only part of her life she shielded from everyone around her. When she looked at David now, she saw so much pain in him. He had forgotten for a split second when he opened the door for her.

Abi was caught unaware and gave herself away. She looked upward at the elevator ceiling, a silent prayer leaving her lips. Was it time to trust a man as damaged as she believed she was? She needed to talk to Daddy, if anyone could answer that question it was him. The next day was a long one for David, he had a couple of things that he needed to do but even at a stretch they wouldn't last more than a few hours.

He found himself looking at his watch more and more often as the day slowly edged itself into the evening. David had pondered what he was feeling, he liked Abi. She was as sharp as a whip, and a sense of humour to back it up. He thought back to the diner, he genuinely liked her ability to be just good company. He wanted to get to know her better, how much better time would tell; just spending time with her was fun enough at the moment.

For the final time that evening he looked at his watch and smiled, grabbing his coat he headed for the door, just as the phone rang. At one point he thought about not answering it, he knew that wasn't an option. Abi got to the restaurant first, she wanted to square things with her grandfather over the argument last night, and they both chatted for a few minutes and hugged. Abi had just sat down at the table when she looked through the window, a cab pulled up and David got out, but the cab didn't leave. A dread filled her now, 'he can't do this to me again.' She thought.

David was an angry man and he truly wished he had not now taken that call. He walked into the restaurant, Abi smile was now losing its place on her face when she saw him enter. David walked over to there table, he leaned on it, their faces mere inches apart.

"How dare you stick your nose into my affairs, when I want you to know something I will tell you. You damned Yanks are all the same." David turned on his heel and left.

The owner watched David leave, and then he walked up behind the woman.

"Are you sure he isn't Italian Abigail?" Asked her grandfather who now stood behind her, his hands gently stroking her shoulders.

"No grandpa, he is English and it looks like he found out daddy got a look at his service record. Oh grandpa what am I going to do?"

David was a very angry man when he got back to the hotel, he told reception that he would be leaving in the morning. Took the stairs rather than the elevator to his floor in the hope of relieving some of the tension that had built up in him, he even slammed the door. He was already half packed when he heard banging on the door. He opened it and Abi barged in, paced the middle of the room as she had done yesterday. David closed the door and again leaned against it.

"Take your clothes off."


"You heard me; I said take your clothes off." Repeated Abi.

"I will not."

Suddenly Abi stopped in the middle of the room, at first it was the look of intenseness that struck him. He then watched as she fought some foe in her mind. Then as though finally making a decision, her hands went to her shoulders and pulled the straps of her dress away from her shoulders. Gently lowered it over her bra-less breasts and stopped at her waist. Abi then removed her hands from the straps of her dress and pushed her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and continued to lower the dress down her body. Once past her hips she decided to let gravity take over and let go, her hands now by her side. Her cheeks, neck and breasts giving away her bodies desire to continue.

David's mouth was open; Abi was stood in the middle of his room in stockings, and heels. He had never seen such an erotic sight in his life. Her breasts were a wonder, gravity had tried and failed, although they sagged just a little, as she has just shown she could wear a dress without the need for a bra. Her nipples were the darkest he had seen on a woman and as he stared at them they just got more erect, her waist curved in nicely and the flatness of her stomach highlighting the magic of motherhood, by giving Abi just a few faint lines of childbirth.

Her hips were a delight and David watched as she placed both her hands on them. It was obvious that she shaved but he noticed she liked to style her pubic hair; it was cut short and in what seems to be known as a landing strip. Then there were those legs. Oh my goodness, how could a woman have those legs and cover them up each day every day, there should be a law. David was jolted back from his thoughts.

"Well? I said take your clothes off, I've shown you mine, now show me yours."

"Why are you doing this?" Asked David

"That depends on the answer you want to hear, the biological or the chemical." Was her only answer.

David was intrigued now, he was also very attracted to Abi and her standing there like this had his resolve slipping away. "Give me both."

Abi sighed she had hoped she wouldn't have to say much else other than being naked in front of him. But he had asked so she had nowhere to go but be open with him and tell him the truth. She just wished she didn't have to do it standing naked in front of him.

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