tagBDSMDawn: A Tale of Submission

Dawn: A Tale of Submission


As I sat quietly in the motel room awaiting the arrival of a woman I never met that would leave here as my slave, my mind was racing. It was a large comfortable room considering that the hotel was very different from the larger five star locations I was used to. I was here to take possession of a slave girl.

It had the better part of two years since I let the last one, Latisha go. Latisha's mother had passed away and she was to take in her siblings and raise them. She wept terribly as she told me this. She did not want to leave but felt our lifestyle would not be good for the younger children to be exposed to. I reluctantly agreed and sent her on her way with enough money. I thought of Latisha often and hoped she was okay. I missed her a great deal. Oddly enough, when I first met her, she was working very hard at being a domme.

Given our nation's history, very few black women are submissive. She had been an excellent slave girl and a very rare gem. Her being black made her rarer still. Nonetheless, Latisha's submissiveness was real and heartfelt. And though I missed her so very much, I had forbidden her to contact me, telling her to make a total break from her old life. Some times A master can become as fond of a slave girl as she can to a kind master.

And now it was time for a new slave. I knew almost nothing about her. What the hell was I thinking? Men such as myself rarely took on slaves without knowing them but I was making an exception this one time. To be completely honest, I was perhaps a wee bit desperate. I had been without a slave far too long by my own reckoning. Perhaps I'm too damned picky. Picky? Here I sat thinking myself picky and taking on a slave sight unseen. Her former master, William had three such slaves and had given the third one to me. He had told me that she was the latest addition to his chain and things had not been working out as well as he had hoped. He told me that she was prone to extreme jealousy. I quietly envied and admired his having three girls that waited on and served his every wish while I had none at this time. This was rather silly of me. I had owned slaves before but it had been a while and never more than one at a time.

"You'd being doing me an enormous favor." he had told me. "She disrupts my life and continually annoys Bridgette and Carla. Take her off my hands and I'll repay the favor one day." Annie, my new slave to be, apparently did not play well with the others.

William told me that she was thirty-nine years old. That surprised me as I knew he liked his girls younger. He also told me that the girl was short and a bit on the plump side and that; she had blue eyes and black hair. I asked him to tell me more about the problems he'd been having with her. He did not elaborate but I am a patient man. I would ask the girl when she arrived. As I sat there wondering what kind of trouble I had just acquired, there came from the door a soft knock. I waited a brief moment before speaking. "Come! It's not locked." I said. I watched silently as the door opened and she entered closing there door behind her. She set down a small purse on the table by the door.

Annie stood there at the door looking at me though she kept her head down. She was what I'd consider well above average in looks. In fact, I thought she was quite beautiful. I guessed her height at less than five feet but the stiletto heels she was wearing made that difficult to tell. I judged her a few pounds over what many would consider desirable. Although, she had the slightest bit of a belly, she looked nice to me. The black dress she wore clung to her body, revealing every curve. The neckline plunged very low leaving the tops of her breasts showing along with a very alluring cleavage and it was short enough for me to see the lace tops of her stockings. I could plainly see her nipples pushing out against the fabric of the dress. I guessed her breast size at possibly 36C. Perhaps a little smaller but as short as she was, they would still appear to be large. Her hair was thick, yet silky and extremely long, stopping a bit below the hem of the short dress she wore. It was braided neatly and it was black. So black, that it seemed to have blue highlights. I knew that her eyes were blue as William had given me a full description but, the way she held her head, I could not yet see them. She looked to be terrified by me. As if she might bolt, back out the door if I even spoke.

I beckoned her forward to me. She dawdled for only a moment and then slowly walked closer stopping about ten feet from me.

"My former master tells me that I am your property now. She spoke so softly I could just hear her. I found it odd that she didn't seem terribly upset about having been given away.

She spoke again, "I have come to submit myself to you. You are to be my new master." She then moved closer until she was but a couple of feet from me and started to kneel before me.

"Stop!" I said sharply. She froze, and then stood again, looking confused. "First, I have a couple of questions for you. Then you may submit yourself to me." I stood before her and reached to her chin lifting it a little. "Look me in the eye Annie. You wish to become mine? Do you really understand what it means to be a slave? Do you truly wish to belong to me, to serve me in all ways, to be my slave?"

Her eyes were a very light shade of blue that I've never seen before. "Yes Master. I wish it with all my heart. I know what is to be a slave Master. I love being a slave. I only wish to serve you in any and every way"

"Why girl? You do not even know me." Her eyes were even bluer than I first thought. I can only describe them as a ghostly blue. They were quite a contrast to the blackest hair I ever recall seeing.

"My former master, William told me that you are a good man and a fair master. He said I would be happy serving you." Carla and Bridgette told me a lot about you Master. I know Master William told you about our situation. I was his third girl and was largely disregarded by him. I wanted to serve him but, Carla and Bridgette were always there in the way. Master, it is extremely difficult for a slave to serve and please her master when she is third on the chain. I know he cares for them a lot and I felt like there was no love or caring for me. I also know that this is no excuse for the way I behaved." I nodded and she continued. "Master" she said "It is my deepest wish to serve a good master. Being a slave makes me feel good about myself and in a world that frowns on such things, that makes women like me rare. It is sometimes hard to explain. In my heart of hearts I long to serve. To do anything I can to please my man and make him happy. To please him any way I can and to be pleasing in all things." She smiled shyly at me "I want to serve you, Master. I want to be yours."

I nodded again. "Do you have any questions before we begin?" Annie shook her head and started to kneel again.

"No, not yet" I ordered her.

"But Master." She said quietly. "Why not Master? Have I displeased you?"

"Be patient little one. There is one other thing." I told the nervous girl standing before me.

"Yes Master?" I could see that patience was not her strong suit

"Before I put my collar around your neck and make you my slave girl, I must see what I am getting. What kind of a man would take possession of a slave without making sure he's not receiving damaged goods?" I looked deeply into her eyes once again.

"Strip!" I commanded her. "Remove all of you clothing. Do it now! Do not ask questions!" I saw her blush a little and spotted what might be the slightest start of a smile tug at her lips.

"Yes Master." Annie whispered. She slipped the dress off of her shoulders and eased it to her waste. The bra she wore underneath did not cover her breasts but, merely supported them. The areola and nipples were in plain sight. They were the color of caramel and the nipples stuck out nearly half an inch. I found them especially appealing. The bra, if one could call it that, hooked in the front. She removed it and dropped it in a chair next to where she was standing.

Her breath caught then, for sitting on the chair was a large black leather paddle and next to it, a matching flogger. I snatched the bra from atop the flogger and tossed it at her. "Put it on the bed girl! You need to pay more attention to your actions and be more aware of you surroundings." You're not getting off to a good start.

"No Master." She mumbled. She picked up the bra and put it on the closest of the two double beds in the room. I sat down and watched as she continued. Annie then slid the dress down over her hips and let it drop to the floor. I noticed that she had no panties...and no hair. Her pussy was plainly visible and I could even make out her hooded clitoris sticking out a little. The lips as far as I could tell were quite dark compared to her natural skin tone and appeared to be a bit swollen as if she was sexually excited. . It looked so smooth that I wondered if there had ever been any hair at all between her legs. Her curvy body was exquisite to look upon. It carried its thirty-nine years better than a woman at least ten years younger. She shook out the dress, folded it and placed it on the bed next to the bra.

"Turn around." I told her speaking quietly yet firmly. "Slowly!" As she turned slowly and gracefully, I got the feeling that perhaps she might be showing off a bit. She was exceptionally attractive and knew she was. Being nearly naked in front of a strange man did not seem to bother her at all. Her skin was lightly tanned and smooth. William had said she was chubby but, while she did seem a little heavier than she ought to, she had a very definite waste-line and looked damn good to me. The belly was not all that noticeable. She faced me again and bent over to remove her shoes. Annie smiled sensuously, running her hands slowly down her legs, to her feet.

"Display!" I barked the command loudly. It appeared as if her body responded even before her brain heard and processed my order. She immediately stood straight, her feet at shoulders width. The hands shot up her fingers were interlaced behind her neck. Her elbows pushed back and her breasts were thrust out. Her head was turned to her right, the face raised high yet, the eyes looking to the floor. The more I looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to become. William is a fool, I thought, for letting this little beauty go. I knew Bridgette and Carla, and to me, they were quite ordinary compared to the girl that stood before me. I said "Tell me slave, why did William truly give you away? You're just as lovely as the other two, if not more. Why you and not one of them?" The question was clearly unexpected. Annie turned her face to look at me. She started to speak, hesitated a moment, started to speak again but, said nothing. She tried to meet my eyes but, could not.

I decided it was time to be very firm with her "Answer the question slut!" I snapped at her. I'm normally not vulgar but, at times, it can be a great attention getter. At the word slut, I could just hear a tiny whimper in her throat and a look of longing flashed in her eyes. Then I realized that such talk excited her. I mentally filed that away for future use. I reached onto the other chair and picked up the flogger and placed it on the arm of my chair. She watched me, her face showing a mixture of apprehension and anticipation.

"Must I wait all night for an answer?" I growled at her.

"N-n-no Master...I'm sorry M-m-master." She spoke softly. "The truth is M-master is that they are much younger than I am. They are both in their early 20's while I am almost 40. Master William seems to prefer his slaves young. And...and....." Her voice changed a bit then, sounding a little bitter and resentful and something else....the tiniest hint of a southern accent. "....and they both have them big ol' fake titties."

In a flash, I was on my feet, flogger in hand glaring down at her. I shouted into her face "What the hell did you just say?!" I was furious to say the least. She leaned back and cringed but, I noticed that she remained in the display position.

"F-f-forgive me master!" she begged. "I'm s-sorry if I said s-s-something wrong." I looked at her. "Wrong?" I shouted again. "Wrong....you can't be serious. How dare you speak to me like that, using language like that? Just who in the hell do you think you are?"

I finally broke though. Annie dropped the display position, and went to her hands and knees at my feet. "Forgive me Master, I'm sorry Master. Forgive me Master, I'm sorry Master" she whimpered softly. The hesitant stuttering was gone. "Please, please forgive me."

"You will never use the word tit or any variation of that word again!" I said calmly. My temper has always been quick but, rarely lasts for more than a few seconds. "Nor the word cunt. I dislike that one as well. And...while we are on the subject of language, there are other things you need to learn. There are other words you may not use. You will refer to yourself always in the third person. In other words, you may not use the words I, me, my or mine. Those words are no longer in your vocabulary. The words I and me denote identity. A slave has none, other than what is permitted by her master. The words my and mine denote ownership. A slave owns nothing! Are we clear on that?" She lifted her head just high enough to glance at me.

"Yes Master. As you wish Master." she said returning her gaze to the floor.

"It was also the way you said it. I do not permit slaves to show that kind of attitude for any reason. Do you understand that as well?"

"Yes Master. Annie understands and adores your firmness."

"Resume display slave!" said I. Annie leapt back to her feet and stood as she was before awaiting the examination she knew she was about to receive. I started to walk around her slowly. I caught the sent of vanilla body spray on her and leaned in closer to savor her smell. She sensed my closeness and her breathing quickened noticeably. I grasped her long braid and moved it over her shoulder so that it draped itself over her left breast. This gave me an unobstructed view of her back and her nice round ass. I leaned in close again and ran my hand slowly down her back along the spine.

A soft barely audible moan escaped past her lips. She was breathing even faster. I then run my fingertips over an ass cheek very gently. "Oh Master." She whispered. I stepped back and with a quick swing brought the flogger down on her ass. The loud sound of the flogger meeting bare flesh echoed off the mostly bare walls. Annie let out a little squeal and managed to say "Oh Master...please! I truly am sorry I offended you." I assaulted her round bottom three more times in rapid succession. Her ass was starting to turn a light shade of pink. Tears began to run down Annie's cheeks. "Please, please...I am so very sorry Master. Please master, "punish me if you feel the need but, I still beg your collar. I want to belong to you Master."

"You don't understand Annie. This has nothing to do with you offending me." I told her firmly. She gave me an uncomprehending look and started to say something but, wisely remained silent. There was indeed hope for Annie. "Punishment will come later slave and you will be punished, you can count on that. This has to do with you becoming my slave...nothing more. I am about to place a collar around you neck." I gave her ass ten more hard strokes with the flogger. The pink on her backside was turning into a really nice light red. The girl was now weeping softly. "You would like to know why I'm beating you, wouldn't you." I hissed at Annie though clenched teeth.

"Yes Master. Please tell your slave why." She said through her tears, holding back sobs. I grasped her by the braid and led the lovely little slut to the chair I'd been sitting in. Forcing her to bend a bit forward. "Grab a hold of the arm-rests girl!" She did as she was commanded. I stepped around behind her; taking is the view of her lovely ass getting redder from the beating that she'd received. Without warning, I laid the flogger to her twenty more times rapidly and very hard. She wept openly now her small body raked by sobs.

"The answer to your question slut is simple. Just because I can. And I did it for sole purpose of establishing my authority over you. You have to know that I will beat you if it needs to be done. And, that is but a very small sample of what I can and will do to keep you in line. Now...you are ready to be collared and to be my little slave girl." "Now finish undressing and assume the position" I said pointing to a spot on the floor in front of the chair.

"Yes Master." Came the soft response.

I moved over the other bed reached into my over-night bag and took out a wooden box. I set it aside and walked to the refrigerator and looked inside. I smiled. It may not have been a top-flight hotel but, it did have a mini-bar of sorts and did stock some ice-cold beer....my brand even. I took one out, twisted off the cap and took a long drink. I stepped into the small bathroom and washed my hands and splashed a little water on my face then toweled off. A thought occurred to me then. I looked out the door to see my new girl, completely naked now kneeling in front of the chair. "Annie, get your ass in here now!"

As I waited, I picked up my beer, took another long pull on it and set it down just as Annie entered the bathroom. I quickly reached out grabbed hold of her braid and pulled her close to me. Tilting her head back to look at her face closely. Her little body was held firmly against mine as I inspected her to see how much make-up she had on. She leaned into me a little and I saw arms move up slowly to put them around me. I imperceptibly shook my head and her arms reluctantly dropped to her sides. There was very little make-up on her face. Just lipstick and a little eyeliner. "Wash your face slave! When I want you naked and I mean naked...nothing at all. You got that slut!"

"Yes, Master" she told me. The fear and apprehension were gone from eyes replaced with what looked like desire and longing. I shoved her to the sink, picked up my beer and left the bathroom I went to the chair, stopping to pick up the box I had left on the bed and sat down to wait for her return.

Moments later she came back into the room and knelt before no more than a foot and a half or so from me. Her position was perfect. She had apparently been taught how to do things properly. Her head was held high and her eyes cast down. Annie appeared to be looking at my booted feet. Her small body perfectly upright, her shoulders back and breasts thrust out as if purposely showing them off. She sat gingerly back on her heels and had spread her thighs far apart. Her hands were resting upon her thighs, palms up.

"Okay" I started out. "First of all, I am not like many Masters. When we are speaking, you will look directly at me." Annie started to speak but, I silenced her with a gesture. She was looking at me as I continued "You will speak freely within certain limitations that you will be taught. I demand total honesty. A lie of omission is still a lie. One lie....just one, and you will be uncollared and returned to William as you are now! If he wishes to simply throw you out, it won't be my concern. What he does with you will be his business alone." I paused for a moment and looked at her as if seeing her for the first time.

"What are you, girl?" Annie looked at me, momentarily confused then understanding came into her eyes and she answered.

"I am only a slave girl. A little slut to be used by her master in any way he chooses." I nodded, then she spoke again. "Master, you told me that I....your slave was to speak freely. May your little slut speak now Master?"

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