tagNonHumanDeadly Sins Ch. 01: Lust

Deadly Sins Ch. 01: Lust


Lust. Lechery. Excessive thoughts of a sexual nature. Intense or unbridled sexual desire. Lasciviousness.


"Who the hell is she, T? Better question, what the hell is she?"

Standing in the alley behind Orgasm, Thane Wulff contemplated his Beta's questions. He took one last pull of his hand rolled before dropping the butt to the tarred pavement and grinding it under his boot. "The hell if I know."

Cael's discomfort with hearing the answer was evident in the uneasy shifting of his weight from foot to foot. Neither man was used to dealing with the unknown, dealing with things out of their control. "I'm not overreacting though, right? You felt it?"

Yeah, Thane had felt it all right. Intuition in the form of a sharp twist settling in his gut the moment the woman had stepped foot inside his club. His wolf had been restless ever since. "Unfortunately, my brother, yes."

"So...what do we do?"

Thane sighed. Leave it to his Beta to ask the good goddamned questions of a lifetime. "What else can we do? We take her."

"Then what?"

"Whatever's necessary."

Up to, and including, killing her.

Else he had a feeling shit was going to go terribly wrong.


Rayn Holland sat at a table in a dark, smoky corner. Her only company was her half consumed apple martini and two purses, one which belonged to her best friend and the other to her younger sister.

What a way to spend a Friday evening. On purse duty. She would much rather be home parked in front of her LCD watching a Monk or Law and Order marathon with a bowl of kettle corn in her right hand and a liter of Pepsi in the left.

Why had she agreed to this torture? She'd already known this was how the evening was going to end. It always did whenever she accompanied her free spirited best friend and sexually liberated sister anywhere at the same time.

Separate, she could deal with them. Together, they were an unbearable menace. Hell, not even the threat of eternal damnation was enough to put a damper on their fun.

Rayn shuddered, thinking of the time they'd all gone on The Gospel Celebration Cruise. It was a wonder the other cruisers hadn't demanded the captain lock the two in the bowels of the boat with nothing to eat and drink but consecrated bread and wine.

Then again, it had been hard for the other cruisers to say anything. They'd all been thoroughly engrossed...otherwise.

Taking a sip of her martini, Rayn looked around. The club teemed with men dressed in leather and half naked women in micro-minis.

Bad asses and bitches. And a few butches in leather thrown in for good measure.

A couple at the table next to her going at it pretty hot and heavy quickly found themselves joined by a third female. Rayn averted her gaze, not understanding the attraction of these places to Nicki and Alexis. This so was not her cup of tea.

Rayn caught sight of her sister careening wildly towards her and jumped back in her chair just as Nicki used their table as a landing pad. Pissed she'd almost had a rib cracked by the marbled tabletop, Rayn snapped, "Watch where you're going, Nik."

"My bad." A giggle slipped pass her lips.

Rayn groaned. They'd only been in the club twenty minutes and apparently Nicki had already managed to convince one or more men to contribute to her lifelong goal of perpetual intoxication. This was going to be a long night. "Why don't we leave. Go out and catch a midnight matinee or something. Where's Lexi?"

"Leave?" The expression on Nicki's light cocoa features was bewildered. "What for? We just got here." As a new song blared through the speakers of the upscale club, she snapped her fingers and swayed her hips to the tune. She was almost on beat. But not quite. "I love this song!"

"You love every song when you're inebriated, Nicki."

"And you love being a buzz kill, Rayn. Guess we're even. Now loosen up. The night is young and there's way more fun to be had."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Rayn griped under her breathe.

Alexis appeared at that moment, the beads of sweat dotting her forehead and the light sheen of dampness coating her bare shoulders a testament to her love of gyrating with unknown men, and the occasional woman, on the dance floor. A Cheshire grin in place, she grabbed her purse. "I'm out of here, ladies."

"Where-" Rayn stopped short as a blond Adonis walked up behind Alexis and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Never mind. I don't want to know."

"Toodles." Alexis winked then waggled her fingers as she was led away.

Turning her attention back to her sister, Rayn asked, "Can we-"

"I'll be right back," Nicki cut her off.

"Where are you going?"

"To find me one of those. No way I'm letting Lexi have all the fun tonight."

Shaking her head, Rayn watched her sister depart. Maybe she would be back home in time to catch her Monk marathon after all.

"You're not enjoying yourself nearly as much as your friends, princess," a warm, seductive voice breathed in her ear. "How can I rectify the situation?"


The woman whirled in her seat and Thane's breath was knocked from his lungs. Since returning from the alley, he'd been watching from afar, putting his plan in motion to separate her from her friends.

But he'd been so focused on trying to figure out what the fucking deal was with the powerful aura surrounding her, he'd completely missed her breathtaking beauty.

Her mocha complexion was flawless and the layers of her shoulder length hair artfully framed a heart shaped face. Her hazels were intoxicating and beautiful, flecked with specks of green.

Thane reeled under the force of his wolf's reaction: he wanted her. Like he had never wanted another female. Hell, he never had wanted another female. His wolf usually remained impartial whenever the fairer sex was involved.

Even during the heat of sex.

But he couldn't have her. At least not here, in front of everyone. Plus, Thane didn't even know what the hell she was.

But his wolf was too far gone to listen to reason.

Orgasm had been a firm nightlife fixture in downtown Columbus Ohio for years. The bar was frequented by as many humans as it was supernaturals, therefore revealing his dual nature would be no good. That is, unless his goal was to drive his business towards a premature death. Which would quickly be followed by authorities coming to arrest him because humans loved to study, poke and prod at the alien. Validating the existence of a shape shifter would be akin to the holy grail of supernatural discoveries.

Which meant an increased risk of exposure for his entire pack. And as Alpha, Thane could never risk the chance. Ever.

So unless he wanted his beast to burst forth, Thane needed to keep a safe distance. He forced himself to take a step back, his wolf instantly chafing at the reins.

Mine, the beast snarled. Mine.

"Who are you?" the beauty asked, her tone soft and melodious. She was completely unaware of the intense battle which waged within him.

And of the way she'd just exasperated his wolf's agitation tenfold.

Yours. "Thane Wulff."

Fuck it, Thane thought. He wasn't a fool. He was fighting a losing battle here and he was about two seconds from finding himself rowing up shit's creek without a paddle. His beast was too strong, too demanding.

He just needed to stave him off long enough to usher her to his office where they would have a modicum of privacy. Once away from prying eyes he was going to allow his beast to find out who and what she was. Inside and out. Over and over and over again.

"And what makes you think you have the power to rectify my problem?" she asked.

"Come with me. I'll show you."

"Can't. Have to stay here and wait for my sister to return." She swept a hand across the table with a wry smile. "Purse duty."

"Is that all that's preventing you?"

"What can I say? Guess I'm the best purse watcher here."

"Guarantee I'll find one better," Thane whispered, yanking his cell from his ass pocket. Thank God for Cael, he answered on the first ring. "Tell Cullen I need him. Asap."

He turned back to the beauty. "Anything else I can take care of for you?"

Eyes wide, she protested, "Mr. Wulff, I can't-"

"Thane," he interrupted.


"Call me Thane."

"Okay, Thane. There's something you should really know." Her mouth pursed in defiance. "Replacement purse watcher or not, I'm not going anywhere with you."


Rayn couldn't believe the man in front of her. The unbelievably sexy, mouthwatering man in front of her.

Whatever. Sexiness did not give him a pass. Who cared all six feet five inches of him was sinfully divine? And captivating? She sure didn't.

And where did he get off thinking she was going anywhere with him? She didn't even know him!

But she could. All she had to do was reach around his neck to loosen his long black locks from the elastic restraint which held them in place. With them free she could run her fingers through the length, staring at his lips as he talked about his past, present and future.

But those perfectly sculpted lips should really be put to better use. Such as trailing kisses from her neck down to her bosom and navel. Then lower.

And what about...

Enough, Rayn chided herself, blushing. She so wasn't going there with her next thought. Because none of it was going to happen. None of it. No way, no how.

Rayn was the responsible one of the trio. She was the one who woke early on Saturday mornings to call Nicki and Alexis to make sure they were both home safe in their respective beds after their wild nights of passion.

She was not the one who needed the phone call.

"Look what I found!"

Rayn jolted on hearing the screeched exclamation. She'd been so intent on Mr. Sexy she'd missed her sister's approach. With extreme effort, Rayn dragged her gaze to see what had Nicki so damn excited.

A tall, handsome tanned man stood by her, one arm draped comfortably around her shoulders. He inclined his head to Thane. "Wulff."

Oh no. A sense of dread niggled in the back of Rayn's mind. This was-

"Thanks, Cullen. I owe you."

The purse watcher.

Little did Thane know his friend wasn't going to be doing any purse watching tonight. Because he, Nicki and Nicki's purse were without a doubt all going to soon disappear.

"Pleasure's all mine," the man replied, looking down at Nicki, licking his lips.

Nicki stared at Thane. "Whoa. Look at what you found, Rayn."

Yep, look at what she'd found. A sexy, determined, sexy, strong, sexy man.

This night wasn't going to be long, it was going to be horrendously long.


After Cullen guided Rayn's sister away, Thane leaned close to Rayn. Lilac coated his nostrils, fueling the irresistibly compelling temptation to bury his face in her neck. "Rayn."

She jumped and a second scent gently wafted up to mix with the first. "Yes?"

Thane's cock slammed into the back of his zipper. Arousal. She was as aroused as he. No better time than the present to showcase his gentlemanly attributes, right?

He would relieve her little problem, then it would be her turn to relieve him. And his wolf.

Voice thick, he murmured, "Your name. It's pretty. Different."

Nervous laughter escaped her throat. "You got me there. Pretty different. Two words that have always been synonymous with me."

Cupping her chin in his palm, Thane tilted her head until her eyes locked onto his. "Come."

Indecision flitted in the hazels, she was no fool. She knew what he wanted, knew if she followed she would be giving it to him. "I don't think-"

"Good plan. Don't think. Follow what your body is telling you, not your mind."

Arousal crept into her eyes before she closed them. When she next looked at him it was with steely resolve. "No."

His wolf growled with the need to make her submit. Sucking one of her lobes into his mouth, Thane nipped her ear. "I'm going to have you, princess. Tonight. I'm trying to maintain a level of decency by offering you privacy. But if you don't require it..."

Shocked, she protested, "We can't do that in public."

"Then you better get your ass moving."

"What if I refuse?"

A slow smile lifted the corners of Thane's lips. Time for lesson one in submission.

He would not be refused.

Nudging her legs apart, Thane ignored her efforts to stop his actions, palming her sex. Her core was so hot it seared him. "How long has it been, princess? One year? Two?"

"None..." she trailed off, neck falling back as he traced the outline of her lips through the soft fabric of her panties. "None of-"

Her ass arched as he located her clit, applying pressure. "What was that?"

"Of your...of...your..." She gave up trying to speak, grinding herself against his fingers.

"Still think you can refuse me?" he taunted.

Her delicate features betrayed her absolute rapture and Thane succumbed to the need to heighten her pleasure, moving her panties to the side and easing two fingers into her cunt while keeping his thumb centered over her clit. Warm, wet folds welcomed the two digits.

Placing his free hand on the table behind her, Thane used the leverage to steady himself, the sweet smell of pussy nearly driving him to his knees.

Not that he had a problem with being on his knees. Actually, that sounded like a damn good next step.

"That's it, baby," he coaxed as her breathing became shallow. Moving his thumb around in a lazy circular motion, he simultaneously increased the pace of his fingers.

Thane slipped in a third, sensing her impending orgasm. He twisted his fingers in and out, covering her mouth with his to muffle screams of pleasure as her cunt clenched tight in rhythmic spasms.

He slowed his tempo as the time between contractions increased, but didn't stop moving his fingers until minutes after her last had passed. Removing his glistening digits, he sucked them into his mouth, savoring her taste. "Rayn, I'm about to lose all control here. So unless you truly are into PDA of the highest order, I suggest you follow me."

When she opened her mouth, Thane fixed her with a hard stare. Wordlessly, her mouth shut and she nodded her head in agreement.

Clamping her arm in an iron grasp, he half guided, half ushered her to the elevator. The doors opened before he could jab the up button, his Beta stepping out. "I was just coming-"

"No one is to disturb me for the next hour. No one," Thane commanded, pushing Rayn into the interior. "Now get lost."


Despite his earlier reservations, Cael replied with his trademark touch of amusement, "Got it. No one disturbs you. Not even if this place is going up in flames. Not even if the fire department needs to get upstairs to you two so they can douse-"

"Fuck off, Cael." Thane stepped into the car.


Oh boy, Rayn thought, watching the doors to the elevator slide shut. Little car, big man.

Big problem.

Unsure of appropriate conversation before an anonymous sexual encounter, Rayn settled on asking, "You own this place?"

"Yep." The car moved halfway up the shaft then ceased. Thane had engaged the emergency stop switch. Advancing, he said, "Sorry, princess, can't wait."

If her back hadn't already been flat against the wall, Rayn would have backed away. Thane looked more the part of a predatory animal than a man and he was scaring the living shit out of her.

And turning her on at the same time.

He stopped just one short foot from her. Then dropped to his knees. "Hold on to the rails for support."

Figuring it would be useless to argue, Rayn did as ordered.

Leaning close, his warm breath tickled her belly through her halter top. His hands reached under her skirt and tugged on her panties until they were around her ankles. "Step out."

Lips brushed the inside of her thighs as she lifted first her left, then right leg. "You got a good grip on the rails?"

At her nod, Thane pushed her skirt up over her hips and hoisted her legs over his shoulder. Digging his nails into the soft flesh of her ass, he dragged his tongue in a slow, sensuous swipe back to front of Rayn's most sensitive area.

What the hell? Rayn cried out at the rough, ragged texture of his tongue. It was painful.

But it also felt good. So very good.

It was the ultimate combination of both, Rayn realized. Dear God, she'd never felt anything like it.

Thane plunged his tongue in her hole, filling her deep. Electric shocks traveled up her spine as Rayn felt movement inside of her, felt the desperate quest of Thane licking her walls, bathing her insides. Helpless, she begged for more.

When he removed his organ, the resulting emptiness was staggering. "You ready to come, Rayn?"

Rayn bobbed her head up and down, unable to form a coherent response verbally.

"Then come you shall, princess," he promised. "In my mouth. I want your sweet taste on my lips, my tongue, down my throat."

Oh, how she wanted this. But she didn't dare let herself have it, did she? If she gave in, Rayn knew some detrimental part of her would be forfeited to him for eternity.

Rayn's body jerked as Thane latched onto her clit.

The cool metal of the rails in her palms was a direct contrast to the all consuming heat which flowed through her veins, spreading to every part of her body. Rayn held on to the feel of the smoothness, scared to relinquish it because it would also mean relinquishing herself to the powerful orgasm Thane was doing his damndest to conjure up from the depths of her soul.

"You're fighting me, princess. I like a good fight." Warm, moist air blew against her clit. "But I never lose."

He drew her swollen bud into his mouth again, steadily increasing suction until it became too much for Rayn to handle. Relinquishing her hold on the rail, she grabbed onto Thane's head.

Not giving a damn that he was the only thing preventing them both from falling, Rayn ground against his mouth in search of the oblivion his expert ministrations promised. As she bucked uncontrollably, evil laughter floated up to her ears.

"Come for me," the command was guttural, raw.

And Rayn's body reacted to the order, the first wave enveloping her. Moaning, she pressed his face tighter to her sex, Thane gently suckling her clit to completion and lapping all of her escaped juices.

For a long while, Thane stayed where he was, not moving. Then he slowly lowered her legs to the floor and shifted over to the furthest corner of the elevator. If she wasn't mistaken Rayn would swear he was trying to get as far from her as possible.

His head dropped to his chest and he spoke so low, Rayn couldn't hear what he was saying.

She waited for him to repeat himself, tensing in suspicion. When he didn't speak again, Rayn stepped closer, calling out, "Thane? Thane? Damn you, answer me!"

"Get away from me," his voice rumbled.

"Asshole!" Rayn railed. "I told you no, you took what you wanted regardless and now you sit there passing judgment? Don't forget to save a little for yourself!"

"You have to leave."

"Gladly. I didn't want to be here-"

"I'm not going to be able to control myself for very much longer, princess. You better take heed, shut your mouth and leave." His head snapped up and green eyes glowed at her with soul searing intensity. "Now!"

"You bas-"

"Go!" he roared, head lolling back against the elevator wall. Trembles coursed down his form with the massive effort he was exerting. "Before I hurt someone."

Before I hurt someone. The word's echoing in her mind Rayn straightened her clothes then repeatedly pushed the button for the first floor. As soon as the doors opened, she shot one last look at Thane.

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