tagNonHumanDeadly Sins Ch. 04: Lust

Deadly Sins Ch. 04: Lust


Author's Note:

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"See that corner over there? Works perfect for me. You can just pull over and let me out and I'll be on my way." Rayn offered the suggestion, praying her captor would take heed.

But, no such luck for her. Thane just continued to drive, rewriting every traffic law known to mankind as he went, all the while ignoring her request. Except...that was definitely the unmistakable sound of acceleration right in front of said corner. Guess she now knew what he thought of the idea.

And that was fine with her. Thane apparently had a grievance against that particular intersection; just meant she would have to try again with another. And if the next still didn't suit his fancy, she would try yet again with a different one and gladly continue on so forth if that's how he really wanted to play at it.

Thane would find her to be a more than willing participant in any game of his because she was going to make damn certain victory was hers. Columbus had thousands of intersections and she would be getting out of his vehicle on one of them.

Staring out the glass of the rear passenger window, Rayn watched with disinterest as the rising sun set the sky ablaze with a colorful palette of vibrant oranges and blazing reds. Normally she would enjoy such a lovely view, but today was shaping up to be anything but normal. Besides, she was too confused to take pleasure in something so mundane in comparison to the man she was currently taking the possible ride of a life with.

Her lips were still raw, swollen, from Thane's vehement kiss after he'd declared her his. But now that Thane, fiery Thane, was gone, leaving unbalanced Thane in his place.

It was this second of disorienting incidences of about-face which fueled her bemusement. One minute he'd been a passionate, steamy, demanding lothario...the next just plain scary as hell.

"This corner right here works just as good." More with the damn acceleration.

This was the Thane from her nightmare, the Thane she'd had the misfortune of meeting two times too many now. This was the Thane from the club who'd threatened to hurt someone-her-if she didn't get away from him. Of course, in line with his alter ego's persona, this was also the Thane who'd bellowed at her to keep her hands to herself when she'd slipped out of the Navigator behind him to lay a hand on his arm. The force of his reaction stupefied her.

Gathering her wits quickly, and never one to be outdone, instead of the gentle rebuff she'd been prepared to dish, Rayn had bellowed twice as loud she wasn't going any damn where with him. His prompt response had been, "You don't have a fucking choice, princess."

Rayn would've told him in very explicit, colorful detail what part of her body he could kiss with his foul mouth, but after facing her to glare fire lit daggers, he'd lifted his hand to roughly drag it through his hair and the words caught on her tongue. Then dissolved.

Jesus, he was beautiful. All refined sumptuousness with his clean shaven jaw, fresh black long sleeve button down shirt intimately molded to each and every muscle of his chest and sporting black slacks perfectly tailored to accentuate his tapered waist and powerful build.

His dark locks were loose, the soft, luxurious curtain pushed back off his forehead. And for the second time, Rayn imagined threading her fingers through the waves; imagined having the inkiness draped across her chest, hundreds of ends tickling her nipples into hard nubs.

Imagined the contrast of midnight against coffee as he knelt between her open legs, his mouth fastened securely to her clit and his eyes fixated upon hers as he pleasured her.

Rayn's fantasy kicked into high gear as she noticed his action also caused his shirt to ride up. Greedily, her eyes had trailed down his face to the fine fabric which covered his chest to finally stop at his waist...where she got a good ass peek at what was shoved into his waistband.

While she was certain there was something in those designer slacks she would have liked to have a very personal meeting with under drastically different circumstances, his weapon-that weapon-wasn't what she'd been thinking of. His gun was big, deadly. The same one used on Dominic though to what end she still didn't completely know.

And, at that very moment, Rayn hadn't been able to help but wonder if the glimpse hadn't been intentional. An unspoken threat.

If push came to shove, she wasn't positively convinced Thane wouldn't shoot her too, so Rayn had squashed her misplaced desire and shut her mouth. Although he was staring right at her, she'd absurdly hoped he wouldn't notice as she'd begun to slowly edge away. Or, at the very least, not say anything.

But cooperation definitely wasn't his strong suit. Affixing her with a disconcerting stare more jade than its earlier emerald, he'd softly ordered, "Get in the truck. I'm not going to ask twice."

Compliantly, she had done exactly as commanded. Confident Thane was manic depressive, Rayn possessed no interest in testing his patience levels any further for fear of discovering first hand whether or not he was on medication.

If he wasn't...he could very easily kill and dispose of her during one of his delusional highs, then convince himself it had all been a hallucination when he hit his next low.

"What about that parking lot over there?" The huge Navigator sailed by, not slowing an ounce. "Or that one. Or even this one right here. Or-"

"Jesus Christ," he finally breathed, the words low and hard. They were the first verbal signs he'd shown her requests weren't falling on deaf ears. The vehicle halted abruptly in the middle of the street as he hit the brakes.

Dare she believe...

"You really wanna get away from me that bad?"

"If I say yes, are you going to let me go?"

"Of course." He nodded his head in accession, his cold emeralds meeting her gaze in the rearview. "Seems the gentlemanly thing to do."

And he was about as much of a gentleman as she was the Queen of England. Seeking clarification, Rayn added, "And not come after me?"

"Can't make that promise." A menacing smile touched his lips. "But I am giving you five seconds to get out. Five. Seconds. Starting now. One."

"And I'm going to take them...right after you give me your word you won't pursue me."

"No. You're now down two seconds. Willing to waste any more precious time haggling with me?"

He was serious. Rayn knew he wasn't going to debate with her and once he reached five that was it, her chance at escape would be gone.

Eyes widening, she looked down at herself. All she had on was a t-shirt, a pair of shoes not even adorning her feet. She could go straight away, leaving her belongings behind, but at most it was a frosty ten degrees outside.

And she wouldn't last ten minutes before the onset of hypothermia.

Pushing herself to her feet, Rayn leaned forward, close enough for Thane's dark spiciness to suffuse her nose and cause her to momentarily falter on a tantalizing inhale. The brief hesitation proved to be all the window he needed; as she finally remembered she was in the middle of a great escape and made a grab at the duffle sitting on the front passenger seat, her hand wrapping around the handles, he called, "Five."

The vehicle lurched forward, toppling her on top of the armrest. Rayn struggled to right herself, seething in anger. "Let. Me. Out."

"I gave you your time. Now we're back on mine."

"You shorted me a couple seconds, asshole. Those seconds are all I need to get away from you and you know it. Stop this vehicle now!"

"Those seconds were meaningless, princess, and you know it. And I know you know it. I suggest you take this as a learning experience. Next time you'll be prepared to make a move at the first sign of opportunity knocking."

Flopping onto the seat, bringing the bag with her, Rayn yanked open the zipper. "Save your slice of wisdom for someone who needs it, you arrogant ass son of a bitch."

"Such a lovely opinion you have of me." His crack of laughter sounding loud, Thane blew through yet another traffic light. "And truer than you know."

And this was the man who wanted to claim her as his? Hell-to-the-no!

It was hard enough trying to understand the goals and objectives of a man with one personality much less a man who possessed two. Plus, serious mental issues were nowhere on her list of one hundred and one must haves in a man. Boiled down to twice the work for half the gain rather than twice the fun for half the price.

Rayn rifled through the items Thane had thrown into the bag, planning to capitalize on his advice to move as soon as opportunity knocked. She would get dressed and if he slowed to below forty-five miles per hour she was going to move right on out the door.

The hell with waiting for opportunity to come find your door. Sometimes you had to make your own and place them in the most favorable locale. Even when faced with solid walls of concrete. Even when faced with barriers of pure muscle weighing a good two-hundred and sixty pounds.

Her duffle contained a couple pair of jeans, a few sweaters, underwear, socks and a pair of tennis shoes. All in all, pretty efficient for a man who had been moving rather quickly and Rayn was thankful for Thane's insight. His thoughtfulness would aid in her getaway.

Extracting a pair of the jeans, Rayn shimmied them up her legs and over her hips.

"What are you up to, Rayn?"

"Laying framework." Forgoing socks, she thrust her feet into her Nikes, simultaneously risking another glance at Thane in the mirror.

Only to discover him scowling at her intently. His jaw was clenched tight, a muscle ticking at the corner of his lusciously sculpted lips. Lips which were currently screwed into a very thin, unattractive line.

Tension radiated out from his very soul. Tension brought on, apparently, by her. What a nice confidence booster to know she was the cause to his unsettling effect.

"Don't do anything stupid, Rayn."


"Like something you'll live to regret."

His tone was so calm, Rayn couldn't believe she'd heard him correctly. Because if that didn't qualify as a threat, she didn't know what did.

"How 'bout you just keep minding the road." Pulling her t-shirt over her head, she bared her breasts. "And I'll mind me."

But before she could cover herself in one of the sweaters, she heard it. A sharp hiss. Thane's.

Now this could prove advantageous. Opportunity was here, but it wasn't knocking. It was an industrial grade bulldozer blaring its horn and ready to eradicate doors, walls and all other bothersome barriers, framework and all.

Emboldened with a wealth of sensuality, Rayn cupped a breast in each hand. She kneaded the mounds, pushing her size Ds up until her chin rested in their crevice.

"You like this?" she asked, lowering her voice to purr, "You want this?"

Flicking her tongue out, she laved her right nipple with moisture causing it to pucker into a tight knot. Issuing a moan she tried to convince herself was contrived, she lavished the left with just as much care. "If you want it, you have five seconds to come get it. One."

Continually switching between the two, Rayn felt the electrifying sensation tingling down her spine to take up residence between her legs in the form of an all too familiar ache. Her moans started coming more frequently and of their own accord. "Two."

When the Navigator came to a second stop, her ache transformed into a full blown agony. With severe effort, Rayn dropped her hands. She had meant only to excite Thane, not herself. If she wanted her plan to work, she had to keep her sense.

Because Thane was already out of the vehicle. And he was coming for her. Fast.

She jerked the sweater down over her head and as the door next to her popped open, her lips twisted upwards evilly. "Five."

Thane climbing inside, she shoved herself towards the opposite side of the vehicle. The door swung open as she made a desperate grab at the handle and her momentum caused her to tumble out, hurtling her towards the ground.

"Shit," she heard his voice from up above. "You okay, princess?"

Okay? She was perfect! And she couldn't think of a better way to answer his question than to show him. Actions always carried more meaning than words.

Rayn sprang to her feet, legs already pumping wildly to carry her far away. Although she didn't recognize the location, anywhere had to better than the inside of the Navigator. With Thane.

He had essentially abducted her. To do with her only God knew what.

And if she wanted absolute assurance she would live to see the next sunrise, then she had to get away from him. Else she ran the risk of suffering an unknown fate similar to that of Dominic.


Thane was dumbstruck, a little amused and a hell of a lot aroused. He couldn't believe what had just occurred. And, as much as he appreciated the sight, he couldn't believe he was currently being treated to a view of Rayn's appealingly round backside as she ran away from him and towards a huge brick structure.

His wolf demanded to come to the forefront and Thane let him, exercising the utmost care to not shift forms. Escaping prey was something his other half just could not sit idly by and watch. And he was already tired of fighting against that part of himself, trying to keep his two halves separated.

Thane surged out of the vehicle, the dawning morning now a completely different experience. Giving Rayn the head start that was only fair, he listened to the sound of cars traveling on streets he knew to be at least four to the east as this part of the city wasn't yet awake. The businesses here wouldn't open for another two hours or so.

The faint sounds of a conversation also drifted to his ears, though the particulars were lost to him and the parties involved nowhere near; their scents were weak, indistinct, and overpowered by the decay of trash from a nearby dumpster.

He had no doubt the offending dumpster belonged to the store he was in front of. And was more than likely around the corner Rayn had just rounded.

Thane sprinted after her. It was time to introduce a concept many an evil had grasped wholly before falling at his hand: Escape was impossible.

Reaching the rear edge of the building, Thane paused. Never failing, his senses sized up the situation, telling him everything he needed to know.

There was a hot spot to the right of him in the shadows of the building's overhang, just about the size of a body. A female body. The soft scent of lilacs wafted from the same direction.

But before he could turn his head for a visual inspection, a minute movement in the corner of his eye forewarned him to duck. Seconds later a piece of lumber smacked harmlessly against the brick wall just above his head, pieces of chipped wood raining down on him.

Thane leaped forward, knocking Rayn off her feet. With a shriek, she released the two by four in surprise, letting it clatter noisily to the ground. Twisting their bodies mid-air, Thane maneuvered them so he took the brunt of the jolt when they landed on the ground at the base of the dumpster. His breath swooshed out of his lungs on contact, but the shock wasn't unexpected as he'd been prepared for it.

What he wasn't prepared for, however, was having Rayn's body sprawled on top of his, pressed intimately into him, chest to nether region.

"Careful, princess," he cautioned, as she moved around trying to sit up. Thane removed his Glock from his pants, laying it to one side, within arms reach, just as Rayn managed to get one knee on either side of his waist to straddle him. "Oh...shit."

"Why? Why didn't you just let me go?" Hazels bored into him, flashing with anger, rage...desire.

In a motion Thane presumed to be entirely involuntary, she began to rock her hips against his. Her body knew what it wanted and was determined to finish what she'd started in the Navigator. Even if her mind rebelled.

"Why?" she lamented, the grief in her voice for so much more than his pursuit.

It was in her eyes. She wanted him more than she had any other man. And though he could tell it killed her to be so out of control, it pleased him to no end.

Thane grinned inwardly as he realized he was as much of a trigger to her as she was to him. Her nature demanded a response to his nearness just as his did to her. For each day, each hour, each minute she got closer to the day which signified her twenty-fifth year on this earth and that second side of her became a little more prominent, that reaction to him that had been potent to begin with would intensify.

On her birthday, Rayn would experience her final transformation. Afterwards she would still look like herself and would still be herself for the most part, but she would also be something entirely different. And how and if her reaction to him would be affected lay far in uncharted territories.

History taught all sins eventually became aware of the change within themselves. While some embraced their newfound identity, reveling in the horror they created, others didn't. Invariably it was those who fought against their nature who caused the most damage.

It was how HIV/AIDS got its start in the nineteen fifties. A British printer in denial, using the Navy to travel the world to slate a growing form of lust he'd convinced himself was wanderlust and along the way experimenting with shit he didn't fully understand...the rest was history.

The Alpha at the time ended up giving the guy a reprieve. Instead of sending him to an early grave, the Alpha pronounced the Brit be allowed to live out his days in peace because although he'd introduced to the world the most abominable disease to date, he hadn't done it with ill will. Plus, by the time the pack discovered who and what he was, he was so bad off they knew he would soon be dead anyways.

And within that very month, the disease did manage to claim its first victim. The first of millions.

Thane wished he knew how much time remained for Rayn, but the present moment didn't seem appropriate to ask when her birthday was. Not when she was caught in the throes of passion that carried such an imminently critical and drastic aftermath. Hands wrapping around her waist, Thane stilled her motions. She whimpered in response and the sound cut through him like a dagger.

Fuck! As much as he knew he couldn't let this happen, shouldn't let this happen, he could never deny her when she was this close. That would be cruel as somebody forcibly preventing him from shifting.

"Shit, baby, you were almost there, weren't you."

Taking his words as permission, she placed her palms flat on his chest and began to rock again. Rasping groans worked their way up her throat and out into the open air as blood rushed to her face and her ample tits bounced up and down in rhythm with her motions.

Thane wanted to rip the sweater from her body and cup the fleshy mounds in his palm while guiding cocoa nipples he suspected were buttery soft into his mouth. Instead he tightened his hands, ceasing her motions again, before she could get too carried away.

"Please...fucking with...don't-"

Thane cut into her garbled protest by quickly moving her along the rigid length stretched up his stomach. The friction created was perceptible and they both started to breathe a little harder, rapidly forming white puffs escaped from parted lips a testament to their expanding ecstasy.

Attempting to resume control, Rayn tried to brush his hands away. But he would have none of that. He wanted control. Total control. He was going to be the only one to make her crest.

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