Dear Glenda


Dear Glenda,

Hi. How are you? I don't know if you remember me or not, but I used to be your sister Eileen's husband, David. I'm not sure if my writing to you is welcome but I thought I'd give it a try.

Glenda, I remember all the good times we had. Like the time you and I were working on enlarging your grand mother's room and you were trying to knock out a wall stud or something like that, and the hammer slipped out of your hands, spun around the stud and landed close to my feet. I also remember the time you were trying to hit a nail in the floor and you would hit it once, miss it once and then hit it again. I remember drawing a target for you that didn't work, and I think I remember handing you a 2lb maul and you still missed the nail every other time. I also remember tasting the foods you cooked, those were some good meals.

Those aren't my only memories though. I remember having to crawl under the house to do some work on the plumbing that time you had to use the bathroom. You came into the bathroom and asked if I was working under the floor. I shouted back that I was and you apologized but you had to use the bathroom really bad. I lay there with my eyes closed and wished I could see you. Hearing you was sexy pee enough.

I never told you but I always enjoyed it when you left your swimming suit in the bathroom. Did you know that there was a small piece of your suit that had a few stitches missing in the crotch? I was able to slip my dick into the sleeve formed by the missing stitches and I jacked off many times into this sleeve. I always wondered if you ever went to put your suit on and noticed a wet spot.

Do you remember the time you had to come into the kitchen when I was in there and all you had on was your t-shirt? You had me turn around and face away and had my wife, your sister to keep an eye on me while you were bent over. I finally had to leave the room because it was so tempting to turn around and look. Of course you made it difficult for me on many other occasions too.

Like the day we were all sitting at the table, eating lunch. I commented on how exposed your chest was. I was trying to be a gentleman that day, like all of these other days, and not look at your breasts. Your shirt was unbuttoned about two buttons to many and I could look deep into the valley between your breasts. It didn't help that we were sitting directly across from each other. I just wanted to stare but your mother and grandmother were also sitting at the table too and I knew that if I looked more than a glance at a time I would get caught. Your breasts were so big and firm and I loved looking at them as often as I could, secretly hoping I'd get a better look.

Then there was that one night that Eileen forgot to get cat litter and I had to stop by after work. It was late that night and you were the only one still up. You came to the door and turned on the outside light so I could see. I saw alright! You were wearing a white nightgown and light color underpants. You were standing with the light behind you so I could see skin color but no real detail. I wanted so much to take you in my arms and kiss you. Then I wanted to lead you to the couch in the living room and make mad, passionate love to you.

I hope all of this hasn't shocked you to much. I think you knew most of this all along. You knew that I loved you and would have traded you for your sister any time. Moreover you never understood how your sister could want desperately to get married but only have sex with me twice a month if I was lucky so I knew you at least had a higher sex drive than her. To bad we never got a chance to see, touch, taste, hear and smell in the passion of sex. Maybe the future will see us together. Stranger things have happened before.

Love you.


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