tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Husband 01

Dear Husband 01


Dear Husband,

I write this note out of anger and frustration. Anger because of all these years that I have been married to you; I gave up all my dreams just so you could have yours. But not once have you truly understood the toll it took on my soul.

We (technically you but I began to like it) started out sexual adventurous. We are now to sex about once every 2 or 3 months. It's not just because I am not interested, it's because you don't give me anything to be interested in.

So I had an affair. Didn't really hid it, but it happened. Now over a year later, I have stayed away from that person. I went back to the hell of my boring life and yet you still accuse me of having an affair with someone else.

So I guess the cat is out of the bag. Want to know who I am having an affair with?

MYSELF! Bet you didn't see that one coming. But it's true. While you're at work and the kids are at school, I not only get my wifely duties done in the house, but I take some time for myself. My original toys having long been disposed of by YOU. You replaced a few. Well they are getting more use than you thought.

Today I had an affair with the long swirly glass dildo. I was mad because I went to bed last night completely naked. An open invitation to have sex, but was dismissed. So here I am with my pants down to my knees, my shirt pushed up and my bra tugged only to reveal my tits.

I close and lock the closet door. Turning to crawl on the floor to once again find the glass dildo. It's so completely dark but that's ok. Someone could be watching. Anyone. They see me crawling, begging to be fucked wanting nothing but the pure bliss of being ridden hard and fast and rough.

My right hand found the glass and kneeling on the floor I pressed the cool glass against my hot wet core. Oh! Let me tell you. It was bliss. I was kneeling there, deeply embedded with this glass and I gasp. I fight the urge to move and just sit there my imagination kicking into full speed.

'That's right. Don't move. Just sit there and take it.' This voice whispers darkly in my ear. I can almost feel a man behind me. Dark promise. 'Now lean forward'

I lean forward to almost doggie style, my left elbow barely holding me up. My left hand tweaking my nipples hard as my right hand begins slowly to thrust in and out. I can hear the wetness as it slides. A small groan escapes.

'Yes, I knew you would like that.' The voice says as the glass warms by my heat it thrusts in and out faster and faster. My breath stolen from me. I can feel a hand on my right shoulder encouraging me to lie on my side. And then it begins.

Faster and faster the glass is slammed in my molten core. I can't help but to cry out "Fuck me. Please just fuck me. Don't stop!"

But no one is there to answer. Only the glass going faster and deeper. A hard twist to my nipple and the beginnings of an orgasm hits. No, it's too early, but I can't stop.

The glass claims me deeper and harder. "Aaaaggghhhhh... noooooo..." my body trembling as the glass is deeply embedded in my core. My legs trembling, my nipple sore from the hard tweaking I had given it. But that voice whispers in my ear 'yes slave, this is what you want... take it'.

My back arching as my thumb finds my clit. The assault of the nipple, the sweet soft and delicate clit and the harsh glass taking me deep, I struggle to continue.

"yes... fuck me please... nooo..." my hand covered in my juices, the thumb pressing harder into my clit I can orgasm building to the edge of climax. I can hear that whisper urging me to go over the edge.

"Yes.... PLEASE!" I cry out desperately trying to hold onto the orgasm so that I can fully climax. I have been so frustrated I can't stop. It goes deeper, faster, claiming me more and more. I can feel his hand tugging my pants down all the way and just slamming deep into me.

With that final image in my head my back arches as I cry out in the wave of pleasure. But my hand seems to have a mind of its own. Pushing me further and further into this orgasm it continues its ministrations drawing the orgasm out.

"Yessssss...... aaagghhhhhhhh....... Pleaseeeee...." Before I final just collapse. Completely used and taken by a single glass toy. But you know something. For now on, this glass toy will have a name. He will be forever called Alex.

Alex slides out of my hot wet core covered in my juices. I lie back on the floor and pant. This is what you missed. My hand still playing lightly with my nipple. I look at the time and want to cry. I wanted more but I have responsibilities. With a soft sigh my hand finds the hot glass and with that we make our way to the bathroom.

This is my affair with Alex. And it's not even with another man it is merely a glass dildo. Turn me down and I will find a way.

Your loving but sexually frustrated wife...


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