Dear Karen Pt. 02



Dear Karen,

We have come a long way in a few weeks. A few days into our new arrangement I went into the bathroom and BJ was standing in front of the commode taking a leak. I told him I wanted him to stop, which he did as he gave me an incredulous look. I told him to put the seat down and to sit. After he was sitting, I told him to pee his heart out but not to ever raise that seat again unless he was cleaning the toilet. I stood there and watched him pee with the hint of a smile on my face at the thought that I would never have to put that toilet seat down again.

While he was sitting there, I told him that when he took his morning shower I wanted him to get rid of all his unsightly body hair. He asked me what hair in particular and I told him all of it. I told him that I wanted his entire body to be slick as a baby's butt, except his head hair. Without any argument BJ simply nodded and said OK. I told him that he would look much sexier shaved and that I wanted him to stay that way. I also told him to wash his hair and that he needed to use some conditioner on it. In the past, he had kept his long hair tied back in a ponytail. I told him to stop tying it back and that from now on I wanted him to put a little time into keeping his hair looking nice.

I stayed and supervised his bath to make sure he did a good job of shaving and washing his hair. After his shower was complete and he had dried off, I told him that since he and I were similar in size that I was sure my clothes would fit him. I told him that my clothing would look and feel much nicer than the drab rags he usually wore. I took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. I opened the chest-of-drawers and tossed a nice pair of panties and a matching camisole on the bed and told him to start with those. I then went into the closet and looked through my dresses and found one that was attractive but functional that I thought would be nice for working around the house. I also grabbed a pair of low-heeled sandals from a rack in the closet and took them into the bedroom. BJ was standing beside the bed wearing the panties and camisole. I told him he looked sexy and that I had a few more things for him to wear. I handed him the dress and sandals. BJ slipped into the dress and then sat down on the dressing bench at the end of the bed and put on the shoes. I told him to get up and turn around. He complied and I thought he looked great.

Karen, I could hardly believe the transformation. BJ began trying things from my wardrobe and became in short order a pretty snazzy dresser. Perhaps that artistic eye that he has been cultivating has finally found a use. He has done a great job of keeping up the house and is becoming ever more adept at cooking. He has ordered several cookbooks and has been studying them and experimenting with a range of gourmet dishes. The only downside to this has been that since I have put him in drag he calls me to stop by the grocery and pick-up things he needs for cooking. I decided that I didn't have the time for this and besides he was the homemaker and the homemaker should be doing the shopping. I decided to take things up a notch.

One evening as soon as we finished eating, I told him that I had a surprise for him. I got my purse and told him to come with me. He hesitated for a moment and I told him I have an outing planned and you're not going to spoil it so come along. I turned and stared out of the condo. I didn't look back but I heard him behind me so I knew he was following. When we got to the elevator I turned and looked at him. He was very uncomfortable since this was the first time he had been out of the house wearing a dress. I told him to relax and just pretend he was back in the condo and everything would go smoothly. The elevator came and we went down to the parking garage. We only saw one other person as we walked to my car and he hardly gave us a second look. We got in the car and I drove us out of the parking deck.

I had arranged with my beautician of some several years to give us an after-hours, private appointment. When we got to the shopping mall where her shop was located, I drove down into the delivery area under the building and parked in a space reserved for her shop. We got out of the car and rang the service bell. Denise came and let us in and led us to the working area of her shop. I told Denise that this was my sissy husband, BJ, who wanted to learn how to be the best woman that he could be. I thought BJ would curl up and die on the spot and the blush on his face was so bright it almost lit up the room. Denise turned and looked BJ over and told him that he had a pretty good start and that she was anxious to help him meet his goal. We stayed with Denise for several hours as she styled his hair to look more feminine. She also gave him a manicure and did his nails up in a very nice color. After that Denise spent some time demonstrating make-up techniques, having BJ try them and finally a lesson on selecting proper clothing colors and make-up colors for his skin tone.

When Denise was finished, I was very pleased with the look she had created. BJ looked absolutely smashing. Denise had worked wonders on his eyebrows. She had nicely accented his eyes with shadow and liner. His lashes were now darkened and clearly visible. There was just a hint of blush on his cheeks and his lipstick color was perfect. I told him that I thought we should all go take a walk around the mall as a confidence building exercise. Denise said first she wanted to coach him a little on feminine movement, which she did along with some practice and critiques. We then took an uneventful walk through the mall and by the end of it BJ was moving and acting just like one of the girls.

After we got back to the shop, Denise let us out the back and told BJ to please call her if he had any questions. As BJ started for the car, Denise told me that she was so jealous of me for having such a compliant and beautiful sissy husband. She said the only thing left was to put some curves on him. She said to come by and she would take me to a shop where I could get some special padded briefs that would put a butt on BJ and get some very realistic prosthetic breasts for him. I thanked her and pressed a generous tip into her hand and told her I would be back soon. She told me anytime and that it had been fun.

We pulled out of the mall and headed for home. I told BJ that he really looked gorgeous and that if he had been alone in the mall he'd probably have had guys hitting on him. He grinned and looked pleased with the compliment. Before we got home, I pulled into a grocery and told BJ to go in and pick out a nice wine to celebrate with. He asked me if I was coming and I told me that I wasn't and that this was his solo outing in his new persona. I handed him my purse to carry since he hadn't brought one himself. I told him to just relax and act as if he had done this hundreds of times and no one would give him a second look. He got out of the car straightened his dress a little and strode off across the parking lot and into the store. He looked very natural and everything went without a hitch. After he returned and got back into the car, I told him from now on that he would take care of the shopping as well. He nodded in agreement and we drove back to the condo. Once in side we had a couple of glasses of the wine BJ had picked out and called it an evening.



To be continued...

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