tagBDSMDenial Ch. 01

Denial Ch. 01


Dedicated to my one and only, my beloved Master who inspires so much in me in all ways.

After a pleasant dinner of hot, homemade soup and biscuits on a cold, winter night she rose from the table and took their bowls into the kitchen. As she came back to the table to take the soup pot he reached over and caressed her ass.

"Good dinner, baby. You've never made that soup before. Where did you find the recipe?" he smiled up at her as he rubbed her plump ass cheek.

"I found it on the internet. I felt like trying something new. Did you like the lentils?"

"Yes, that was good. I've never had lentil soup before. What was that green stuff?" he laughed.

"Red Swiss chard," she giggled as he gave her a funny look. "Well, the leaf is green but the stems and veins are red. The ingredients seemed kind of strange when I first read the recipe, but sounded good. I thought it came out well for a first try," she smiled down at him as he squeezed her cheek then softly slapped it.

"Well, it looked kind of strange when you lifted the lid and served it up. The bits of ham were a nice touch. It was really good. Thank you sweetie." He stood up and stretched. "I've got to review a report I'm writing for work. But I don't think I'll be too long." He kissed her cheek then made his way to his office. She sighed as she watched him go then turned to the kitchen to clean up the dishes and soup pot.

She went to the TV room but found nothing of interest on the tube. She let it drone on as she grabbed her book and snuggled into the couch to read. It was a historical novel, which she was very interested in, but after several pages, her mind wandered to him sitting in the other room, clicking away on his keyboard. She thought of his wonderful fingers, tapping away on the keys, wishing those fingers were caressing her body. As she tried to read her fingers absentmindedly stroked across her nipples through her tee shirt. She was braless and her nipples instantly rose to attention. She unconsciously squirmed a little, feeling a warmth grow between her thighs.

She sighed and set the book face down beside her and picked up the remote control to surf the channels again. Flipping through various shows she went from the weather channel to the home improvement channels to the cooking channels. She felt restless and nothing on the TV seemed to alleviate her distraction. She got up from the couch and stretched then went into the kitchen opening the refrigerator door. As the cold air spilled out across her she felt a tingle in her hard little nubs and she rubbed her palm across them. She kept a bag of Dove dark chocolate pieces in the bottom drawer and grabbed two, standing in the cold air she unwrapped one and popped it into her mouth. As it began to melt on her tongue she closed the refrigerator and went back to the TV room and slumped down onto the couch.

She sat and stared at the TV screen watching two chefs battling it out on some cooking contest and enjoyed the bittersweet taste of the dark chocolate envelope her taste buds. The sweet confection was so creamy and rich causing her to think of his cum filling her mouth. She smiled to herself, feeling naughty, feeling horny. She wanted him. They'd been so busy from work and so tired the last couple of days that at night they'd merely cuddled and kissed before falling asleep. But tonight she was hungry for more, yearning for his hot touch and sweet control over her body. She unwrapped the second chocolate and slid it into her mouth biting down hard into its silky, hard smoothness. Her hand wandered down to her crotch and she rubbed herself through her satin pajama pants. Not wearing panties she could feel the wetness had already begun to seep through the thin material and she couldn't help reaching inside her pants and rubbing her swelling clit with her fingertip. She thought of his cock in her mouth surrounded by the bittersweet chocolate and smiled.

Only thinking of her growing need for him she turned off the TV and strolled to his office pausing at the doorway to watch him for a moment. She liked watching him when he was unaware. He was bent slightly forward engrossed in his report. He was so sweet, handsome, her cuddly man. He was one to work hard, rarely distracted from his objection and although playing was never thought less of, when he was determined to work that is what came first. He liked getting it out of the way to enjoy himself without distraction later. She admired his dedicated concentration. But she really wanted him, needed him, and she was not at all distracted from her own goal.

She came up from behind him, pushing her full, soft breasts against the back of his neck and leaned down wrapping her arms around his big shoulders and rubbed his upper chest with her hands. He grinned and tilted his head back and up and they kissed deeply, passionately. He raised his hand back to her breast and squeezed it hard then teased her erect nipple with his fingers.

"Take off your clothes," he whispered huskily. He swiveled around in his chair and relaxed to watch her. She smiled seductively and crossed her arms down in front of her grasping the hem of her tee shirt then slowly raised it up over her belly, past her luscious full breasts, then over her shoulders and head and tossed her shirt on the desk. She eased her hands under her tits and raised them up as if offering them to him. Instead she leaned her face down and licked one nipple and sucked it in showing off for him. He smiled at her coquettish display. She knew how much that excited him and she was trying so hard to entice him into playing with her. Then she sucked her other nipple for a moment and proceeded to pull her pants down slowly bending before him so he could see her big breasts hanging provocatively for him. She pulled her feet free of the pants then stood up straight smiling at him. "Turn around and bend forward from your waist."

As she did so he reached out and gently grabbed her hips pulling her backward closer to him. He delicately ran his fingers from the base of her spine over her ass cheeks and down her thighs. She shivered and squirmed wishing to feel his fingers dip into her hot, wet slit. He laughed softly to see her hungry response but did not reward her with what she desired. Instead he slapped her ass and delighted in her gasp. He slapped her again and watched her full round cheek jiggle in response. He continued to spank her turning her ass pink and feeling the heat from her skin against his stinging palm.

"You're a bad girl, coming in here and distracting me like this. You know I have work to do. You deserve to be spanked and spanked hard!" he growled as he swatted her harder several more times. She rested her hands on her knees to be able to hold up against his spanking and groaned with the painful pleasure spreading across her ass cheeks. The rosy lips of her wet pussy were too inviting and he leaned toward her and began to lick her soft skin, lapping up her juices. "You taste so wonderful my lovely slut. You are such a brat, though," he whispered. He purposely avoided her clit as the tip of his tongue swirled in the dripping folds of her sweet pussy. Then he pulled back and whacked her ass hard and pushed her away causing her to stumble forward and stand up. "Go to bed. I'll be there in a while. I need to finish this report and you're not helping. Are you looking for trouble?" he grinned at her.

"No, Sir," she lied as she smiled and looked down at the floor in false shame.

"Bullshit. But I like you wanting me, you cheeky slut. Go to bed and warm up the sheets for me." He turned away from her back to the computer and resumed working. She stood there for a moment, frowning and wondered why she had failed to pull him away from his work. Then in a disgruntled huff she pulled her shirt from his desk, grabbed up her pants and left him to his report.

She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth, washed her face, then climbed into bed in frustration. Her bottom was a little sore but not so bad that she could not lay on her back. She played with her tits, rolling and pinching her nipples and squeezed her legs together wishing he was there. She tossed and turned for a while and glanced at the clock was surprised to notice it had been at least an hour since she'd left him. It was nearly midnight when she finally gave into her boredom and fell asleep. At 12:30 he wrapped things up, satisfied with the report, and turned off the computer. He went to the TV room and turned off the light then headed to the bedroom. He stood by the bed and gazed at her body, her pale skin seemed to glow in the soft light of the bedside lamp. The sheets were tangled around her legs and her round, full breasts were so beautiful they way they laid against her chest with her nipples erect from the cool air. It was apparent she had been restless. Poor baby, he thought. He undressed and eased into bed next to her. She rolled over and woke up, gazing at him with a sleepy, sexy expression. She smiled as his hand captured one of her breasts and he pulled her to him so he could suck her dark pink nub. Then he squeezed both of her tits together so he could suck and bite on both of her nipples.

"You horny little slut, what's got into you, tonight?" he moaned against her breasts.

"I was hoping you would get into me tonight. I want you," she sighed happily.

"Oh, you do? Show me," he said as he guided her hand to his semi-erect cock. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and slowly stroked him. He bit into her breast and she gasped with pleasure. Then she pulled free from his grasp and wriggled down to his crotch to lick his growing dick. He laid back and relaxed as she kissed and licked his shaft, pulling his head into her hot mouth. He moaned with sweet pleasure feeling her suck on his thick knob. "Such a sweet cock slut," he whispered and rested his hand on the top of her head, stroking her soft hair. She sucked harder, sliding up and down on his thick staff, swirling her tongue around his head. Suddenly he pulled on her hair causing her to squeal in pain and pulled her up to him, face to face. He passionately kissed her then pushed her onto her back. He leaned down and sucked hard on her tits holding her hands above her head.

"My little wanton bitch! What do you want? You want me to fuck you?" his voice was husky with lust.

"Oh yes, please!" she moaned and squirmed against his body trying to raise her hips up for him. He moved down and settled between her thighs, kissing and licking her soft, pale flesh. "Oh, please, suck my pussy!"

"Whose pussy? Who do you belong to?"

"Your pussy! I belong to you!"

"Yes, you belong to me, slut. Don't forget yourself." He bit into her thigh and she yelped and jerked her leg away spreading her thighs wider. His hands reached under her ass and he pressed his lips to her soft, bare pussy, kissing and biting her. He loved listening to her moan and feel her move her hips up and down. "You were very bad tonight, trying to distract me from work. You really deserve punishment not pleasure."

"But Master, you already spanked me for bothering you in your office! Please, just love me now!" she whimpered. His hot tongue licked between her pussy lips and she shivered with fierce need.

"Do you know how difficult it was for me to concentrate after I sent you to bed? Why do you think it took me so long to finish?" He stretched one arm up her torso and grabbed one of her tits with his hand, tightly squeezing her nipple until she cringed and cried out. Then he pulled away from her sopping cunt and rose up on his knees and slapped her breasts. She grunted in surprise as her eyes widened looking up at him. He felt her raise her hips in a heated invitation to his hard cock jutting out at her.

"Please, fuck me, Master, please!" she begged him. She raised her hands as if to grab his swollen cock but he grabbed her wrists and pulled them over her head. She groaned in frustration, closing her eyes and turning her head away.

"No" he said softly. Yet he rubbed the head of his dick against her slick lips. He loved feeling how ready she was for him. But it was all in vain.

"Yes! Please! You know you want to! Please?" she whimpered, still not looking at him.

"No," he calmly replied feigning lost interest. "It's late and I'm tired. We both have to get up early for work tomorrow." He released her hands and lay down on his back beside her. His cock did ache and he did want to fuck her. But he also loved teasing her with denial. She rubbed her pussy up against his leg with an agitated need. Her hands rubbed his chest, her fingers pinched his small, hard nipples and moved down to his hot, thick cock trying to stroke him into relenting to her desire. But he remained steadfast in his denial of her, fueling her frustration. Somewhat reluctantly he pushed her hand away and rolled to his side with his back to her. He really did want to fuck her; he was hot to come hard inside her tight cunt. But the thrill of forcing her to wait was slightly more exciting then allowing her fulfillment.

"Go to sleep, baby. I love you. Tomorrow is Friday and we'll have the whole weekend to play. And believe me you're going to need your rest my love." He sighed and closed his eyes and licked his lips still able to taste her sweet juices. He heard her sigh heavily in aggravation and he almost laughed but contained himself with a broad smile as he mentally calmed his hard dick to soften against his thigh. It was difficult, he was horny for her, but he wanted to push her patience. He knew the reward would be well worth it for both of them.

She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. He listened as she turned the water on and splashed around and he imagined she was dousing her hot pussy with the cold water. Then he heard the water shut off and the door open. She came back to bed and did not even lie close to him, instead lying with her back to him. He knew she was probably pouting. He supposed he was being mean, but she would get plenty, if not more, than she wanted over the weekend. He had some fun in mind…

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