tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeputy Duffy's Christmas Tale

Deputy Duffy's Christmas Tale

bydeputy duffy©

A lone snowflake fell from the December Vermont sky. In just two weeks time, Santa would be making his rounds to little boys and girls everywhere. If the fable were true, Daisy and Felicia (the Johnson girls,) as they were known, would be getting coal in their stockings this year.

Their mother Beth had seemingly had enough of her daughters’ floundering ways. It had been nearly six months since they graduated high school and they still didn’t have jobs, nor were they seriously looking. Beth had always preached college, and their futures, but they seemed content on living large, off of their parent’s bank account that their parents had worked so hard to build.

Beth decided that she had finally had enough of the charity cases that her 18 and 19-year-old daughters had become, while reading her last credit card statement.

“You do what I say or else!” Beth warned her daughters after another lengthy spiel about responsibility. She had also just informed them that they would do something for Christmas this year that would raise money for the (Feed the Hunger Program,) that was near and dear to her heart. The proud Bank President knew all weren't as fortunate, as her family, and she felt like it was time her daughters learned that.

After their mother departed, the girls sat on the living room couch, sulking. They were more than a little perturbed at their mother’s sudden request. They couldn’t believe that their mother wanted them to be elves, for a Christmas special, at some record store. They also felt that their mother was serious in her threat to cut them off, if they did not.

Back in his record store office, Bob Stanley hung up the phone with glee. He had just finished his conversation with Beth, who finished it, by confirming that her daughters were indeed on their way.

“Oh this is gunna be one fine Christmas after all,” Bob said, an evil Grinch-like smile on his face. Mr. Stanley was their next door neighbor and had been watching the Johnson girls grow up for the last ten years, from a far. Watching them blossom into womanhood and Bob couldn’t wait to see just how much they blossomed, up close.

The girls, dressed in sweatshirts and jeans, keys in hand, made their way to the parents SUV, which they seemingly claimed as their own, as always arguing about whom was driving.

“I still can’t believe she’s making us do this!” Daisy, the younger of the duo, moaned, winning the driving argument.

“No shit, Fucking Elves, for some Cock-Sucking Santa, like we’re little fucking kids!” The older Felicia, who had a mouth on her, that would make a sailor blush, barked out. She was also a little pissed that her sister was driving her SUV.

As they drove, Daisy reminded Felicia about the last time they were in Bob’s Record Store, which was hosting the Christmas special. Felicia however remembered all to well the outfits the sales girls had to wear, no more than white short skirts with white bikini tops, and high heels.

“Oh yah and remember their fucking tops?” Felicia cried.

Daisy just nodded, she remembered that they all had the store owner’s name on them (Bobs,) which Daisy thought was funny at the time, because of what you get if you add an extra O. What she didn’t find funny was that their tops were made of a fine thin material, and all their nipples could clearly be seen. It was no wonder Bob’s Records was one of the leading sellers of CD‘s, in a shrinking market.

Pulling into the parking lot, it was tough for Daisy to find a space, as Bob’s was packed yet again. Finally finding one out back, they brushed their blonde hair and touched up their make up, before walking into the store. They just shook their heads at the two sales girls behind the counter, and the ones wondering about. Daisy wondered how they could stand the stares from the mostly teenage boys, who flooded the store. While Felicia just called them all whores, under her breath.

A busty blonde sales girl named Wendy, greeted them and led them to Bob’s office, at the back of the store. Bob, who was talking on the phone, waved them in as his eye’s lit up. The girls made their way in, and stood awkwardly, in front of his desk, as there weren't any chairs to sit in.

While Bob chatted away, their eyes scanned the room, it seemed to be a combination locker room, work office. There were lockers to the right and a bathroom to the left, complete with an open shower area and two stalls. There were also two sinks with matching makeup mirrors.

“Hi girls glad you could make it,” Bob said hanging up the phone. “Your mom said you were to be elves for my Christmas special, no?”

The girls just nodded, as they were still getting adjusted to the strange environment, as his office wasn’t what they expected.

“Ah very good, you should make fine elves,” Bob said trying to contain his libido. “And then maybe you come work for me. Your mom says you need jobs, no?”

This time only Daisy offered a nod.

“That’s good I’m always looking for some Hotties like yourselves.” Bob teased. “Good for business yah see.”

“Yah, but were not interested!” Felicia quickly snapped, as she hated pet names, but more it was the way he was looking at them. Like he always did. Seemingly undressing them with his eyes. Felicia just gave him the dirtiest of looks as she thought. “Like we would ever be interested in a middle aged, slightly balding, penisaly challenged man.”

“Not interested in a job eh,” Bob moaned. “Did I mention the job starts at 15 bucks an hour?”

“Really?” Daisy snapped, her sister quickly elbowing her. “Hey!”

“Well think about it,” Bob said just as the office door opened. “You’re late Amber.”

The girls turned to see a young woman enter the office, they quickly noticed she was tall and blonde, which seemed to be the profile around here. The girls watched and gasped, when the woman moved in front of a locker and started to unbutton her blouse.

“What’s she doing?” Daisy whispered to Bob.

“Changing for work,” Bob said, rather matter-of-factly.

“Right fucking here?” Felicia chirped.

“Yah, this is the only office, so we all share it.” Bob said, a quick sly smile escaping.

“But doesn’t she see us?” Daisy again whispered.

“Yah, but this is where I interview all my girls,” Bob said, shrugging his shoulders. “They get used to it.”

“But you, you’re a guy!” Felicia spat.

“Oh Wow and your mother said you weren't that good in the sciences!” Bob said rather smartly.

“What she doing now?” Daisy asked, as the woman passed behind them, and before Felicia could respond to Bob’s quip.

“Showering, all the girls do that, like’em smelling good when they’re at work, plus the wet look is in right now,” Bob said proudly.

“Yah but,” Daisy moaned, the woman seemingly oblivious to their stares.

“Yah but I need yah to fill out these forms, for the elves gig.” Bob said, interrupting Daisy.

“What are these Fucking for?” Felicia shot.

“Insurance purposes, and watch that tongue!” Bob snapped.

Pens in hand, the girls started to fill out the paper work. Felicia couldn’t help but notice that Bob had turned his attention to the showering girl, who had shut off the water and was now soaping her body from head to toe.

“Oh, ah just checking out her boob job, paid for it myself,” Bob mumbled when Felicia flashed him a dirty look when their eyes met. “Back to your paperwork.”

“Daisy, handing her paperwork to Bob whispered, “oh man what’s she doing now?”

“Body oil, keeps yah skin soft, smells good too. Each girl even likes to pick out her own scent.” Bob said with pride, as he watched the woman’s seductive actions.

The woman, her body glowing, moved over to the make up table. Six eye balls moving with her until Bob gave the girls, who were both still amazed at what they were witnessing, more paperwork to fill out. For the charity, he explained.

The blonde woman moved back over to her locker and began putting on her uniform, as the girls finished up their paperwork.

“Girls this is Amber,” Bob said, introducing the women when she finished.

“Nice to meet yah. You here for a job interview?” The glowing, wet slicked back haired, Amber asked.

“No, for the Christmas special charity thing,” Felicia nervously snapped.

“Oh that, oh well, but my you two ought to raise a few bucks,” Amber said looking over the girls, before turning to Bob. “Sorry I’m late boss, my car battery died.”

“Yah that happens,” Bob moaned, which surprised Daisy, who was thinking of how understanding of a boss he was.

“Do you want to take your punishment now or later?” Bob asked.

“Ah I guess now, lets get it over with,” Amber mumbled after giving it some thought, while the girls just looked on perplexed. Daisy had a strange feeling she might be wrong about Bob’s bossing skills.

“Ok, then assume the punishment position,” Bob barked out, as he rose from his seat. Daisy knew she was wrong now.

The girls watched in stunned silence, as Amber moved over to the side of Bob’s desk and flipped up her tight skirt around her waist. Their eye’s widened, as she leaned forward, placing her elbows on the desk, resting her chin in her hands, all while her back arched. A small gasp slipped from Daisy’s lips at the woman’s lewd position, while Felicia stood hand on mouth, heart racing.

“No need to be frightened girls, but call me old fashion but I believe Corporal Punishment works the best.” Bob said, as he moved behind Amber. “A little lickin for this kitten and she might be on time, next time.”

The girls looked at each other as if their ears were playing tricks on them, and then their eyes as they watched Bob slowly pull Amber’s panties down to her knees, even though she was wearing a small thong.

“Ready Amber?” Bob said moving to her side, while he patted her naked ass cheek. Amber instinctively responded by arching her back even more, just before Bob’s hand came slicing through the air, landing on its target with a stinging slap, which caused all three of the girls to shudder. Bob’s hand lingered on Amber’s left ass check as he softened the stinging blow, with soft circles. Four more blows followed in quick secession, as the girls watched helplessly.

Finally Bob pulled up Amber’s panties, but not before he checked out his handy work, which left Amber’s left ass check with a soft pink glow. “Off you go, have a good shift.”

“Thank you Boss,” Amber mumbled, pulling down her skirt, as she walked past the other girls, head hung low.

“What the fuck was that?” Felicia whispered into her sister’s ear. “And what the fuck are those,” she said this time a little louder, her eyes spotting the two video cameras behind them, hung high, in the far corners.

“Those,” Bob said hearing her last question. “Those are surveillance cameras, as we count money in this office. Wanna see?”

Bob rolled his chair over and opened the doors to the large cabinet next to his desk. He loved showing off his security system that he spent so much on and spent so much time watching

“See there you are,” Bob teased, pointing to the screens.

“Wow,” was all Daisy could moan to her sister, as she spotted the bank of TV monitors.

Bob explained that two of the screens were of his office and there were six for the store’s interior and two for the exterior. What surprised Daisy the most was the fact that the monitors weren’t in black in white, but in living color.

What surprised Felicia the most was the stunning display that they just witnessed was captured all on tape. What Bob didn’t tell the girls was that there were two hidden camera’s, one in the top of a locker, and the other in the wall clock that hung over his desk.

“But the girls frigging change in here as well!” Felicia snapped, as she couldn’t hold it in anymore. “You tape them changing?”

“Yah, it helps prevent thievery, if the money is right at the end of the night, and if nothing happens, we just tape over the tapes.” Bob said, of which only the five first words were true.

“But still, I mean they shower too. Like that blonde chick just did!” Felicia barked. “And then that spanking thing.”

“It’s like I said before, plus no one sees the tapes if there isn’t a problem, but me,” Bob said knowing he was going to hell anyways, so what was one more lie. In truth, Bob had made a pretty penny selling his little tapes in the far east, were there is quite the market for voyeur tapes of American women. Of course he kept a copy for himself and his buddies to enjoy, but selfishly kept the two hidden camera tapes all to himself.

“So you have, like, seen ever girl that has ever worked here, you know?” Daisy embarrassingly tried to ask.

“Naked, yah I guess so, at one time or another,” Bob said proudly. “And almost every girl that has applied here as well.”

“What the?” Both girls managed.

“Yah it’s part of the job interview, I have to see how they look in my uniform, as I have a reputation to uphold.” Bob said patting himself on the back.

“So you have them, what change in front of you?” Felicia hissed.

“You make it sound dirty; it’s like I said, this is the only office that’s all,” Bob said a little flustered.

“Yah but still, that’s so...” Felecia started.

“It’s simple, my store, my rules, it not that big of a deal anyways,” Bob said, not really believing the last part of it himself.

“I just can’t believe they would do that, don’t they have any pride?” Felicia snapped.

“Pride? I am sure many of them are very proud of how they look,“ Bob said, but followed with. “Ok honestly, some just need a good job and I provide that and more.”

“Still,” Felicia moaned.

“Look this isn’t high school anymore Sweetie. This is the real world, and I think it’s time for you to grow up, and stop sucking on your Momma’s Tit!” Bob snapped.

“Fuck you, you perverted, fucking cock-sucking,”

“Stop it you ass!” Daisy cried, slapping the back of Felicia’s head, interrupting her tirade. “He’s right, grow up.”

“All right break it up, or get out,” Bob barked, ignoring Felicia's one fingered response.

“Look your Mother said you were up for this, but I think you two should go apply at McDonalds or something, this gig takes a set,” Bob hissed.

“We’re sorry really,” Daisy moaned. “I mean we really wanna help out the hungry.”

Bob figured it was best to stall a few minutes now, so he made a meaningless phone call, giving a few minutes to let Felicia's blood pressure cool.

“Are you both ready to continue?” Bob asked, after he talked to his dog Spot, on his home answering machine. It took a couple of minutes for both of the girls to finally agree.

“Ok but I know were going to have a Hissy fit again, but I have your elves costumes right here and I have to see if they fit and everything,” Bob said, sarcasm dripping off his words.

“Oh yah, well give them to us and we’ll call yah from home and let yah now,” Felicia answered rather wisely and Daisy quickly moaned. “Yah that sounds good.”

“Can’t, I have a couple of other girls coming in later, just in case,” he lied. “Now let’s just try these on.”

The girls watched as he put two small plastic bags, that held the elf uniforms, on his desk. Bob leaned back in his office chair and matched the girls’ poses, by folding his arms across his chest too, before he barked. “Now take off your clothes.”

“What?” The girls screamed simultaneously.

“You heard me!” Bob barked, snapping forward, slamming a fist into the table. “Get naked!”


“No buts, I have to personally make sure everything fits!” Bob barked louder then their pleas, as he was used to this part.

“C’mon Bob,” the girls moaned.

“And I have to check out the merchandise, I mean see how you look in them, your costume that is.” Bob said a bit flustered, as his mind already pictured them in the buff.

“C’mon lets get the fuck out of here Daisy,” Felicia snapped, as she tugged on her sister’s sweatshirt. “I’m sure when we tell mom about our scummy neighbor‘s request, she will understand.”

“You’re forgetting one thing,” Daisy said, turning to her sister, her voice trembling. “Mom was one of the elves last year.”

“Yah she was,” Bob said, his mind rushing back to when their very mother stood in their very steps. His golfing buddy and next door neighbors wife. The proud Ivory League Graduate, stripping to the skin. All in the name of charity, all in front of Bob’s hungry eyes. Bob almost shook with excitement, as he remembered the good fight she also put up before her fancy panties hit the floor. It’s also one of his favorite tapes to watch.

“But there’s no way she...” Felicia finally moaned. “I mean why would she send us if she knew?”

“Maybe she is trying to teach us a lesson or something?” Daisy moaned.

“Maybe she’s a cunt!” Felicia barely finished her vulgar comment when Daisy’s slap found its mark across her face.

“She’s our mom, you retard!” Daisy snapped and then grabbed one of the plastic bags that were on the desk, as a dazed Felicia rubbed her cheek.

“What the fuck are you doing?” A still stunned Felicia moaned, watching her sister through glassy eyes.

“Trying on the costume. What’s it look like?” Daisy mumbled, lifting her sweatshirt over her head, then tossing the other bag at Felicia. “Miss Gutter-Mouth is a Little Sissy after all.”

“No Sa,” Felicia mumbled, watching her sister slipping off her jeans next. Bob also watched, stone-faced, but oh how his insides turned.

Felicia slowly moved next to her sister, who was now standing in front of Bob’s desk. Dressed only in a white half-shirt and white cotton panties. Her hands on hips, while glaring at Felicia.

Felicia looked at Bob and then her sister and then at the monitors. Debating what to do and which way to turn. She also hid a little secret behind her tough exterior. Human eyes had never gazed upon her naked body, since she hit womanhood. Not male, not female, not even her sister, as they each had their own room.

Oh she had spent many a night staring at her new body‘s reflection though. Wondering why god had made her breasts so big? Her nipples so puffy? She also wondered why he would make her hips flare, her ass so prominent? Oh how she yearned to be little again, when things were easier, life simpler. So much so that she hid her womanly curves under large clothing, even trying to cheat Father-Time, by shaving off all of her light pubic hair.

“Felicia where did yah go?” Daisy said snapping her fingers, breaking Felicia's storybook like trance. “I mean help me out here.”

Felicia understood her sister’s plea, as they locked eyes. Taking a deep breath, she slowly unbuttoned her jeans. “Can’t yah just turn around or something,” Felicia said turning to Bob, who just crossed his arms, as he had waited too long to avert his eyes now.

With a frown, Felicia turned to face her sister again and pulled her sweatshirt over her head, her blue sports bra coming into view. “At least she’s family,” she thought. After removing her boots, she again faced her sister and slipped off her jeans.

“See that wasn’t so hard,” Daisy whispered, trying not to laugh at her sister’s large white, granny like panties.

“If you only knew?” Felicia thought, as she trembled with embarrassment. Bob, thinking how much he enjoyed his job, hid a wide smile, yet there was still work to be done.

Daisy emptied her bag onto Bob’s desk, examining her costume next. “Not much here,” she mumbled, her sister following suit.

“Oh I almost forgot,” Bob said, opening his desk draw. “Your panties.”

Bob rose from his seat and approached the girls, who were a little uneasy with his closeness now. He handed them each a small package.

“These are our panties?” Daisy moaned, at the small package.

“Yah can’t have yah wearing last year’s elf’s panties. Now can we?” Bob asked with a chuckle, as he leaned against the front of his desk, in-between the two girls.

“No way?” Felicia snapped, as she saw her sister hold them up first, before taking hers out.

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