tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 20

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 20


Thanks to everyone for reading this series and for providing feedback. This is the final chapter in the series.


Benjamin awoke with a sharp pain pulsing in his temple. One glass of wine should not have given me a hangover. I must be getting old. Footsteps on the stairs sounded like a pile driver. Benjamin turned towards the bottom of the staircase to see who was approaching, but he could not get a good view of it from the living room couch. As he climbed off the couch, he noticed the blanket that was wrapped around him. Who gave me a blanket?

The thumping on the stairs stopped and the front door creaked open. Benjamin could make out Patrick's lower half as the man reached pass the front door to collect the morning mail. Yes. That guy must be a jogger. His backside is more pronounced than his wife's. The thought of Patrick's wife forced Benjamin to keep his lust in check. Francis was the barrier between Benjamin's steel and Patrick's mounds, yet if it wasn't for Francis's womb, the couple would never have invited Benjamin into their home in the first place.

Patrick jumped a bit as he put the mail on the dining room table. "Oh. You're up." He walked through the dining room to Benjamin's side. "How did you sleep? Was the blanket warm enough."

Of couse, Benjamin though, Francis wouldn't have bothered covering me. Benjamin put an arm around Patrick. "The blanket was fine. Thanks."

Patrick leaned against Benjamin's chest. The sheltering feeling of Benjamin's muscular arm and built pecs relaxed away last night's unpleasantness with Francis. "You smell a bit musky," Patrick sighed.

Benjamin stepped back, partly in response to Patrick's comment and partly to prevent his growing member from brushing against Patrick's thigh. "Sorry. I haven't showered yet."

Patrick's normally pale cheeks turned bright pink. "I wasn't complaining, just noticing."

Benjamin parried Patrick's affection with an ice tone. "Do you notice men often?"

"I don't notice anyone often. Francis manages our social life."

Benjamin started to fold the blanket. "Francis manages quite a bit."

Patrick took the blanket from his guest. "You have to fold it in thirds so it fits in the closet."

"I imagine that it's a very full closet," Benjamin remarked through gritted teeth.

Oblivious to Benjamin's emotions, Patrick finished folding the blanket and put it away. Then he cleared the dirty dish that Francis had left on the dining room table after diner. The place settings for Patrick and Benjamin remain unused. As he washed the dish in the kitchen sink, he asked, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Benjamin gathered the utensils and glass that Francis had used the night before, then he joined his host in the kitchen. "I like eggs."

Patrick washed each item as Benjamin handed it to him. "Eggs with bacon?"

"Sure." Benjamin fetched his wine glass from the living room.

"How much did you drink last night?" Patrick asked as he finished washing.

"Just a glass of wine." Wine that tasted funny. "Why?"

"You looked a bit flushed when I came home last night."

"Who knows?" Benjamin shrugged. Francis does, he thought with inner certainty.

Patrick dropped the mater and gestured towards the refrigerator. "The bacon is in the meet tray. The eggs are on the bottom shelf." He started heating some cooking oil in a frying pan. Patrick and Benjamin cooperated on breakfast much as they had worked together on diner the night before. Soon they were enjoying their eggs at the dining room table. Benjamin couldn't help noticing how comfortable it was for just the two of them to share a meal without Francis. Feelings for Patrick surfaced, feelings that went beyond lust.

"So what's the schedule for the sperm donation?" Benjamin asked as he finished the last of this meal.

"It will take a couple of months to arrange everything. You need to get blood tests, and we need to make an appointment with the fertility clinic," Patrick explained.

"Why don't I plan to come back during Thanksgiving to make the donation? November should give us enough time to set things up."

"November?" Patrick questioned. Then he realized, "Oh, you mean American Thanksgiving. It will take some getting used to those differences now that we'll have a Yankee in the family."

That last word startled Benjamin. "I thought you just wanted sperm."

"Right, sorry," Patrick backed off. "I don't know what I was thinking. It just sort of spilled out. Like I said, socializing isn't my strong point."

"No problem," Benjamin accepted. He certainly doesn't have much of a wall against others. Benjamin got up and retrieved his coat from the front closet. "Give my best to your wife. I'll be back in November." Once outside, Benjamin realized he forgot something. He stuck his head make into Patrick's home. "By the way, thanks for breakfast."

Patrick was clearing the table when he heard Benjamin's gratitude. "Don't mention it. It's on the house."


Benjamin drove pass the border into Canada late Thanksgiving morning. November in Montreal was much colder than in New York City. There was a dusting of snow on the grown. He hoped his future kid would be up to the cold weather. He knew that Patrick would keep him updated over the years. The two of them spoke over the phone almost every night since his Labor Day visit. Benjamin's mobile phone started to ring as he parked the car in the fertility clinic's parking deck. It was his best client. Benjamin answered the call. "What is it Mark?"

Mark was a bit surprised at Benjamin's annoyed tone. "Sorry. Did I interrupt family plans for the holiday?"

"Not exactly."

Back in New York City, a smirk came on Mark's face. "Were you on your way to a cum dump?"

"Not exactly."

Confusion replaced that smirk. "So what did I interrupt?"

"It's complicated," Benjamin explained.

"In all the time I've known you, I've never heard you use that phrase."

"People change."

"Never mind. You're entitled to a personal life. I just need you in the Montreal office for an hour today."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"Wow. You've never said that before either," Mark noted. "Look, I need it done by 8 pm tonight. We're expecting a surge in traffic on the website after that."

"Who spends Thanksgiving on a porn site?"

"Well, the holiday sales start Thursday night now. With wives out of the house shopping ..."

Benjamin chuckled. "If I was married, I think I would be able to outcompete a sale on sweaters."

"If you were married," Mark echoed with skepticism. "Who are you and what did you do with Benjamin?"

"Fuck you. I'll be at the office at 6 this evening. A dear friend is waiting for me. Bye."

Patrick and Francis were waiting for Benjamin in the lobby of the fertility clinic when he reached the door. Patrick gave him a warm hug. Francis gave him a cordial one. "The clinic is running late," Francis reported. "We're treating you to lunch. They should be ready for us when we get back."

"There's no such thing ..." Benjamin began.

Patrick silenced the protest by placing a finger on Benjamin's lips. "Then we're taking you out for a late breakfast. There's precedent for that."

Patrick's finger lingered just long enough to make Benjamin's heart pound harder. Benjamin remembered the wonderful breakfast he shared with Patrick on his last visit. But that breakfast was with you alone. Benjamin's shoulder's dropped in acquiescence Is 'bottom whipped' a word?

At the restaurant, Patrick ordered a tuna melt for lunch. Francis ordered steak. Benjamin ordered a short stack of pancakes. Francis was beaming as they waited for their orders to arrive. "I can't thank you enough for doing this," she told Benjamin. "I've been looking forward to being a mother ever since Patrick gave me the news in September. We've even started painting the nursery. This couldn't have happened without your sperm."

Benjamin gave Francis an icy stare. "Your behavior during my last visit made it clear how much you wanted it. I have phrased your desire a bit differently. It's clear that you want my seed, and I gathered at the time that you wanted something close to it."

Oblivious to the reference, Patrick clasped Benjamin's hand. "Regardless of the past, we're happy that you are helping us create a future." Patrick's smile melted Benjamin's stare. Idle chit chat and Patrick's charm brought the conversation to an amicable tone all around. By the time the food arrived, Benjamin was reluctant to release Patrick's hand. The mood as they ate was practically celebratory. At the end of the meal, Benjamin brought out his mobile to take a picture of his friends.

"You certainly don't skimp on technology," Francis observed.

"I'm in the field. I've got to be familiar with the latest gadgets," Benjamin replied. Then he proceeded to show off all the features and apps on his toy. " I can do everything from editing photos to uploading videos with this thing. Now pose for me so I can take your picture." Patrick and Francis sat shoulder to shoulder while Benjamin photographed them and saved the picture.

"I want a copy," Patrick said.

"Sure thing." Benjamin emailed the picture to his friend from his phone. Then he noticed the time on the touch screen. "We better hurry. The clinic is probably ready for us now."

At the clinic, Patrick and Francis remained in the waiting room while a nurse brought Benjamin to the donation room where he was supposed to produce his sperm donation. The room had a stark medical decor and a table full of straight porn magazines. Benjamin flipped through the selection. The women in the photo spreads were the wrong gender for him, and the men were far from attractive. It's as if straight porn producers look for unappealing men to make sure that their readers don't have a stray gay thought during masturbation sessions.

Benjamin started to rub his trouser snake through his pants, but it was difficult for him to get into the mood. He needed a good looking bottom to focus his attention on the task at hand. Benjamin pulled out his organ and squeezed it into a semi. Then he remembered the picture on his mobile. Benjamin felt torn between guilt over his attraction for a married man and the desire to help his friends by producing a sperm donation.

Desire won the internal tug of war. Benjamin brought out his phone and opened the picture of Patrick and Francis. Gazing at it just intensified his dilemma. It was difficult to channel his lust for Patrick with Francis's face staring back at him. Benjamin cropped out Francis from the pic with a photo editing app. Only Patrick's smiling face filled the screen. Blood filled Benjamin's serpent until it was rock hard.

Benjamin stroked his thick Black rod as he focused on Patrick's Celtic features. He imagined Patrick's ginger hair brushing against his jawline. In his mind's eye, Benjamin pushed on Patrick's shoulders to bring the man's lips pass his bulky chest and ripped abs. Benjamin put the phone back in his pocket and tickled his shaft with his finger tips as he pictured Patrick's tongue causing the sensations. Benjamin closed his eyes and gripped his bone, wishing it was Patrick's perfect mouth doing the work. A quarter hour of simulating a blow job from Patrick brought the desired result. Benjamin shot a copious sperm donation into the donation cup.

After giving the sperm donation to a nurse, Benjamin sat in the clinic's waiting room. Francis and Patrick had moved to a side room where the doctor would insert the donation into Francis. Benjamin blushed at the realization that his swimmers were now impregnating another man's wife. It's completely medical, Benjamin assured himself. It's not as if I've having an affair with Francis. I don't even like women. Benjamin looked at the floor as guilt washed over him. I like Patrick. I want him more than anything.

A greeting from Patrick pulled Benjamin out of his thoughts, "Hey Benjamin. Francis is just getting some prenatal care directions from the doctor. I thought I would keep you company."

Benjamin had difficulty looking Patrick in the eyes. He settled for looking at Patrick's lips. The pink lips that he had just imagined wrapping around his dark dick. His cock stirred as his baser instincts urged him to try to make that fantasy come true. "I guess you won't be needing me after today."

"We'll know in a few days if Francis is pregnant. If so, we won't need another sperm donation, but we'll still want to stay in touch. We may be raising the kid, but you'll always be the genetic father. We might need to contact you about medical family history, allergies and stuff like that. Even temperament has a genetic component. You're input will be important for years."

"I didn't realize I was making such a long term commitment."

"If it's a problem ..."

"No, no. It's fine. I've got friends who became father's without getting married. I have some sense of what it's like. I guess that makes Francis my baby-mama now."

"So I'm what, the baby-daddy?"

"Um, I think that term applies more towards me. How about I be the dad, and you be the father?"

Patrick's good hearted laugh put Benjamin at ease. "OK. We're sort of charting new territory here. Not many kids grown up with 3 parents, at least not unless two of them get divorced."

That last word made Benjamin tense again. "I certainly hope that doesn't happen. You and Francis should stay married for a long time."

Patrick hugged Benjamin. "We plan on it."

Francis returned to the waiting room as Patrick was releasing Benjamin. She noticed the prominent erection Benjamin was sporting. "Did I interrupt something?"

"No," Benjamin swore as he readjusted his pants. "I have to get to the office for a last minute assignment. Call me when you know the results. I can always come back up to make another donation."

"Thanks. That's great to know," Patrick replied before Francis could voice any concerns.

Benjamin walked out of the clinic awkwardly. He felt as if everyone could see the bulge in his front. His erection subsided by the time he go to the Mark's Montreal office. It turned out that their regular guy ran into come compatibility issues when he tried to upgrade the server the day before. Mark knew that Benjamin would be in the area, and decided to dump the problem on him. As usual, Benjamin quickly competed the upgrade and had the website running with the newly added capacity. Benjamin chuckled as he thought of thousands of horny American husbands enjoying the site while their wives shopped for bargains. I'll never understand straight people.

Benjamin called Mark on his mobile to tell him the job was complete and the invoice would be in his email inbox soon. After the call, he noticed a dialogue box on screen. It asked if he wanted to save the changes to his picture of Francis and Patrick. Benjamin was tempted to just keep the cropped photo of Patrick, but decided against it. While wives can be divorced, a baby-mama stays a part of a man's life forever. With a sigh, Benjamin deleted the cropped photo and kept the image of both Patrick and Francis together.

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