The Birthday

We needed a warm trip just for us. It had been too long since we had one. We travel frequently, but not usually for ourselves and not usually to warm places. We tried Pearl the year before, but it was a bit too quiet the week we were there. This was our first time at Desire.

I am a finance professional. Dawn is an aspiring actress. We are somewhat open to adventures but also slightly reserved. I'm a bit of a shy personality although, Dawn is less so. We have been together nearly 25 years and are still very much in love. We support each other's goals and dreams and normally find ways to do what the other needs or wants. And we work at keeping the spark alive. It's not difficult for me since she has a body that most girls half her age would want.

Her boobs are not large but perfectly shaped. Her legs and butt are exactly what I think legs and butts should look like. It's difficult for me to decide what her best feature is. I like them all. And the best part is that she is comfortable showing off her body. Maybe it's the actress in her. Anyway, it works out well since I'm very comfortable looking at it. But I'll get back to the trip...

A couple of days after we arrived, Dawn was approached by Amanda, a nice looking and slightly younger woman with an unusual request. She wanted to give Drew, her husband, a unique birthday present. Amanda asked if she could flirt with me and eventually pick me up in the disco that night. She would then take me back to her room and do me while her husband watched from their patio. Dawn could either watch from the patio or wait for us at the disco. It would be fulfilling one of Drew's longtime dreams of watching Amanda with someone else.

Dawn thought it would be fun for me to do. I would normally be too nervous to have someone watch but the idea of performing for Dawn was appealing. I thought it would be great to show off for her, just like Amanda would be doing for Drew. So I agreed as long as Dawn would watch from the patio as well. Drew told us she would be safe since he only wanted to watch Amanda.

Dawn told Drew that his approach to the planned show was comforting. Dawn and I had tried swinging several years before but she didn't enjoy it very much. Still, I had the same longtime dream as Drew, of watching my wife doing another man or even two, so I understood very well what Amanda wanted to accomplish.

We had become casually acquainted with Amanda and Drew for the past couple of days but hadn't spent much time with them. They were a decent looking couple and they both seemed nice and respectful. Amanda was a petite girl with nice breasts slightly larger than Dawn's and a slightly larger butt as well. Her firm body suggested frequent exercise (we found out later that she was a yoga instructor). Her short blonde hair with a blue streak gave her a much younger look than her age. Drew was built much like me with blondish hair and blue eyes. Both had laid back personalities.

We didn't see them the rest of the day. I was to meet Drew before dinner to get some instructions on how Amanda liked to be touched and kissed as well as what kind of action he wanted to see. When we actually met, he gave me only some general guidelines and told me that he and Amanda had made all the specific plans for the evening. She would be in charge. That made it easier on me so I was happy to play along.

Dawn and I dressed for dinner. I put on the not-so-imaginative black dress pants and button up shirt with black loafers. Dawn was, however, more spectacular in her outfit. It was a designer top made of crochet material, which is basically knots held together by leather straps across the back to make a halter top, the kind a goth girl might wear. She wore a pair of sheer black and white stripped leggings and a pair Italian boots that came up to her knees. She was a knockout in that outfit. The top was cut low enough to show the tops of her perfect boobs. It also allows me the occasional grope.

At dinner Drew and Amanda walked by our table, offering only a casual hello. The play had begun. Dawn and I kept mostly to ourselves as we finished dinner and made our way to the disco. We found seats near the bar and had our drinks along with a couple of dances. The view down Dawn's top was setting the mood, for me at least, as I got in a couple of quick kisses on her nipples.

Amanda came up beside me and we made small talk while she ordered some drinks. The bar was a little crowded so she stood so close to me that her breasts were rubbing my arm every time she moved. Before long, she asked me to dance while Drew stayed next to Dawn. Amanda wore a small bathing suit top under a barely buttoned thin white dress shirt with short shorts and high heels. Drew was dressed much like me in our relaxed versions of business casual.

While Amanda and I danced a fast tune, she whispered to me that she thought her bathing suit top might be untied and asked me to have a feel to see if it was still covering her boobs. It was covering them but just hanging there. She didn't bother retying it. We rejoined Dawn and Drew for another drink until Amanda pulled me out for a slow dance. During the dance she pulled the bathing suit top over her head, leaving only the thin white shirt which was now unbuttoned. As she tucked her top into my pocket, she quickly unbuttoned my shirt and began rubbing her boobs on my chest. I suspect Dawn had told her that was one of my favorite attention getting moves. Since we were dancing closely, I thought nobody could see.

After that dance she asked if the two of us could go someplace quieter for a few minutes. I told Dawn that Amanda needed my help with something and we would be back before too long, if she didn't mind. She said Drew would keep her company while we were gone and to take our time. Amanda grabbed my hand and said to hurry before anyone got suspicious. She asked me to stop by my room and leave my shirt and shoes while she gets a couple of drinks from the outside bar. I caught up to her at the bar in just my dress pants. As she handed me the drink she said that if I would kiss her, she would take her shirt off and walk to her room topless (more advice from Dawn I think). I gave her a nice long slow kiss that she seemed to enjoy. I took the shirt from her shoulders as I gently kissed each breast.

I told Amanda we should go before someone calls security on us. I carried the drinks and her shirt as I followed her to her room. Along the way I would stop to kiss her on the neck so Dawn and Drew would have time to get into place. But it was taking them longer than it should. They must have stopped for drinks when they saw us stopping.

As we entered her room I noticed the towels draped over the lamps to produce a sexy atmosphere while still having the right amount of light for our audience. They must have spent some time arranging just the right atmosphere. With that lighting we couldn't see outside so it was like we were alone. Finally, we heard the patio furniture moving around so we knew Drew and Dawn were ready.

Amanda pushed me down onto the bed and straddled me. She pushed my arms over my head as she moved her body and mouth all over me. She kept her shorts and shoes on as she pulled my pants and underwear off. Amanda stood me up and started blowing me, but took breaks to tell me how much she was enjoying my body. I made her keep her shoes on as I took her shorts off and went down on her. I had only been eating her for a few minutes before she exploded in a very vocal orgasm.

I was sure she was exaggerating for Drew's benefit but the soundtrack added to the fun. It also gave me an idea for later. I laid down on my back with my head toward the patio to give the audience a good view of Amanda sucking me. She sat up and guided my dick into her almost in slow motion while looking toward the door. As she rode me she kept telling me how good it felt and how horny she was. I made sure she sat up cowgirl style to give Drew the wonderful view of her breasts bouncing as she rode me. It's always my favorite view of Dawn. I then turned us away from the door to give our admirers the back view.

As part of the program, we then moved to the missionary position both toward the door and away from the door for effect. I told her to fuck me like she would normally fuck Drew in that position, both with and without her shoes on. That way, Drew could see the full range of her talents. The plan was to finish doggy style. But I thought we should have more of a grand finale.

I stood Amanda up, and told her to put on the shoes and model for me. I saw a pair of jeweled handcuffs on the dresser. I told her to put her hands behind her back and put the cuffs on her. After making her model some more, I moved her face down onto the bed with her knees on the floor. She was then to tell me what she wanted. "Please fuck me doggy style," was the answer.

"OK," I said. "But first..." I switched off the lights and opened the sliding door to the patio. That left only the screen door between the two of us and Dawn and Drew on the patio. I whispered to her that she should make Drew only hear what was happening. I wanted to engage his imagination as an added treat.

I entered Amanda from behind and alternately held her butt and her hands. Within a short time our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We still could not see out, but I was certain Drew and Dawn could make out what was going on in the room.

With the screen door open, Amanda continued her noisy reactions to the pumping. And there was more noise from the patio as well. I guessed they were moving around to get good views. It was then I came with a loud moan. It felt like I was cumming for 10 minutes.

In a couple of minutes I turned the lights on and freed Amanda from the cuffs. We looked toward the door and said we hoped they enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed giving it to them. I gathered my clothes. It was time to go meet Dawn. Besides, Drew probably had some catching up to do.

Amanda told me as I was leaving that all those comments she made were true. She had not been acting, just being a little less reserved for Drew's benefit.

"I'll bet it's the best birthday present he's had in a long time," I said loud enough for Drew to hear.

"Best birthday ever!" is what we heard from the patio.

Time for the Reviews

I headed back to the outside bar to meet Dawn. I was there with a seat and drinks before she arrived. Immediately I noticed that she had changed clothes. She was wearing the dress she just go t in London and it was looking a bit wrinkled.

I asked how she liked the show and how I was as a showoff. She said the show was amazing and much hotter than she thought it was going to be. It stirred them both up. And I could have a promising future as an actor. Then she asked if we heard Drew and her. I said we heard the furniture moving around.

She put her arms around my neck and sat on my lap facing me.

"Guess what I did," she said as she kissed me.

"You changed clothes?"

"Well, yes but technically, I did something," she answered.

The obvious questions are about how you technically do something, and of course, what it was.

She explained, "It was so hot watching you two dance and flirt that I decided to become a character in the play. I put on the London dress and became Chantal, who works as an expensive escort. And Chantal can be a bit naughty at times.

Chantal got so horny watching you two that she attacked Drew. He tried to resist but he was as worked up as Chantal from what we were watching. As Chantal, I kissed him and started rubbing his dick. I took the top of my dress down and put his hands on my boobs.

He kissed them for a long time. I had to take his shirt off and rub them on him before he understood that he was getting fucked. I gave him a blow job while he was watching Amanda with you. He came in just a couple of minutes but then went down on me. He really enjoyed eating me while hearing Amanda and you go at it.

He got hard again quickly from all the action. I turned the furniture around so I could straddle him while we watched you two. It was incredibly sensual because I could watch you from a distance and feel the physical pleasure at the same time.

I'm sure I, uh Chantal that is, came many times. And when you handcuffed Amanda, Drew pinned my hands above my head on the recliner. He slipped his dick into me while we stayed as still as we could, listening to you two since we couldn't see.

Once our eyes adjusted he rolled me over and fucked me doggy style while you two were doing it doggy style. We thought you could surely hear us.

We both came again just as you two were tidying up. And I knew I had to rush over to meet you."

I asked, "He came in your mouth?"

"Yes, his first orgasm." Dawn said, "Chantal likes that."

"Chantal sounds fun."

I added, "It sounds hot. I hate I missed it. I think it's only fair then, that I get to watch you, or at least Chantal, tomorrow night."

Dawn said, "We'll see about that."

The Next Day

Drew and Amanda found us on the beach the next day and thanked us for a great experience. They wanted to return the favor by inviting us to a party they were having that night with two other couples. Their friends had a Jacuzzi suite with a large hot tub on the patio. Although nothing formal, this small group of friends had this get together during their vacation every year. We agreed to meet the group after dinner that night.

Dawn told us that she would be attending the party instead of Chantal. And we shouldn't expect her to be nearly as aggressive as Chantal. Drew replied that we were to be the guests of honor as their way of thanking us for his birthday gift. Nothing would be required but to just relax and enjoy the night.

Dressing for the evening, Dawn put on a white button up shirt with sheer strips in the fabric and a short skirt, fishnet stockings, and high heels with an ankle strap. I bought the shoes for her to celebrate what is probably an imaginary holiday, St. Bruce's Day. I read something somewhere about St. Bruce being the patron saint of threesomes. Since she really liked the shoes, I made up the occasion to get them for her.

She wore no bra, which even after 25 years together, is still a treat for me. Dawn always looks amazing in outfits like that.

Drew met us at the door as we arrived for the party. He welcomed us to the group as he introduced us to the other couples, Jack and Cathlene, along with Franco and Lucia. Jack and Cathlene were Canadian. He was slightly taller and thinner than me with green eyes and short brown conservative looking hair. She was about Dawn's size with darker skin and dark mid length hair. Franco and Lucia were Italian, both younger, with slightly dark skin and hair. Lucia had what I would call an average body and Franco was a bit smaller than average.

Drew told us that we should feel free to flirt all we like, he showed us around the suite. Amanda said we might want to enjoy the hot tub until the festivities started.

The festivities, she explained, began with a game of strip poker. The game would only last for five hands. In addition to the normal clothing removal, the winner of the hand would roll two dice, one with actions, and the other with body parts for those actions. The winner would receive the designated activity from the loser. The person winning the most after five hands would then receive whatever they liked from the member of their choosing. Drew would be the dealer for the night "so the game would be fair," he said.

The members of the group are not normally hard core swingers so the activities would go no further than anyone wanted. They had been told however, of Drew's birthday present last night and were impressed. They were also disappointed none of them were having birthdays.

The Game

Dawn and I do not play a lot of poker but she won the first hand, with Cathlene being the loser. Rolling the dice produced a "blow above the waist" command. The others removed their shirts and tops. Cathlene walked over to Dawn and began blowing softly around her neck and ears, working her way around to her lips, then down toward her waist as she unbuttoned the front of Dawn's shirt. This allowed the group a quick look at Dawn's boobs, which were responding nicely. They were of course, incredible looking. Cathlene buttoned the top and returned to her seat.

Hand number two Dawn won again. How unusual. Franco was the loser. The dice commanded him to "kiss lips." He walked around behind Dawn, leaned her back, and gave her a rather long French kiss. Dawn must have enjoyed it because her nipples were responding again.

Dawn won hand number three with Jack losing. Something is fishy. "Squeeze breasts" was the roll. Jack positioned himself behind Dawn, massaging her boobs as he kissed her neck and ears. He worked himself around to her front and gave her a proper kiss as he continued to feel her up.

Again, Dawn won hand number four, this time with only a jack. Everyone seemed to expect that. Apparently, they had all planned to lose the games. By now we were all down to our panties and briefs while Dawn was fully clothed. Lucia was the loser. How convenient. The dice commanded, "kiss breasts." Lucia walked over and unbuttoned Dawn's top and for 60 seconds kissed and sucked her boobs. They both seemed to enjoy it very much, judging from their breathing.

Hand number 5, we all knew Dawn would win. This must be what Drew meant by "guest of honor." Amanda was the loser. Rolling the dice resulted in a "kiss below the waist." By now rest of us were naked. Amanda lifted Dawn's skirt as she pulled down the stockings and panties. She pulled her to the edge of the seat, and positioned herself between Dawn's legs. After a kiss on the lips, she went down on Dawn enthusiastically for quite some time. Amanda knew what she was doing. She stopped before Dawn came but everyone was breathing heavily from the show.

The Prize

It was time for Dawn to decide her reward for "winning." She said besides her reward, there was a request from last night, which was a show for me. She asked if there would be any guys willing to help at some later time. All volunteered enthusiastically. She told them to, "Hold that thought."

Dawn came to me and kissed me passionately. She then whispered, "Isn't this fun?" I was sort of speechless but yes, it was fun. She continued around to Amanda rubbing all over her naked body while they whispered back and forth to each other. She was keeping us guessing as to who and what her reward would be.

She continued around the room rubbing all the bodies. As she came to Drew she planted a big kiss on him and announced, "Tonight, you get to do Dawn." She turned the lights down and asked someone to put on soft music. She said, as her tip to the dealer, her choice was for Drew to just do her normally in the way of his choosing. He shouldn't worry about the show, but just give her an enjoyable boink.

I took a seat on the couch where I was out of way but still had a great view. Amanda quickly paired up with Jack, and Franco with Lucia, as they got into the hot tub. Cathlene came to sit with me. Dawn told Drew that she didn't lose a hand so she was not undressing. If he wanted her clothes off then he would have to undress her. The two of them walked to the bed with him behind her kissing her neck.

Reaching the bed, Drew brought Dawn around in front of him where they started hugging and kissing. He took a seat with her standing. He rubbed her breasts as he unbuttoned her top, kissing all the way down as he removed it. He kept her there topless while he kissed all around her body. Drew continued undressing her slowly with her skirt, taking in the view of her, now that he could see what he was doing. He laid her down and removed her shoes and stockings. As he took off her panties he spread her legs and kneeled down, still taking in the entire view. He licked all the way up and down her pussy, slowly, quickly, firmly, and softly. It didn't take long before Dawn's first orgasm.

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