tagErotic HorrorDevil's Eve: The Confession

Devil's Eve: The Confession


Lucy entered St. Michael's and saw Father Anthony kneeling at the base of a magnificent cross hanging in the back of the large dimly lit church. She hurried to meet him, her steps echoing loudly through the empty building. The young priest looked over his shoulder, saw lucy approaching and stood up.

"Father please, I need to to tell you what happened to me last night."

"Not here Lucy."

Father Anthony headed toward the confessional with Lucy close behind. The confessional was tiny and free of any decoration. It had a separation that split the room in two for those that lacked the courage to confess face to face. Lucy opted to sit directly in front of father Anthony for this was more of an appeal for help than a true confession.

"Lucy, did I hear you correctly over the phone? Do you believe you were possessed by a demon last night?"

"No, the Devil. I'm sure I was posessed by the Devil."

Lucy's words frightened Anthony. He knew Lucy, she was a beloved teacher, a role model, an honest person. She would never joke about something like this.

"The Devil himself? Are you sure it wasn't a nightmare?"

"No father, It was him. He appeared to me while I was praying. I tried to run but I couldn't. He showed me awful things. He... He made me do awful things."

"Did he hurt you? Did you hurt yourself?"

"No but... He made me... He tricked me... I think had sex with him."

"He raped you? I have never heard of possession that invo..."

"It wasn't rape. I mean, at the time I wanted to, I wanted him. But I didn't want to. I couldn't stop myself. I wanted to fuck him, he came in me. I was so scared and angry. It felt so good. I feel like my body wasn't mine. I'm just so confused. I don't know what I'm thinking. I... I need help father. I can't get these thoughts out of my head."

"Calm down Lucy. What did he show you? What did he make you do?"

"He somehow made the television show me that Adrian was cheating on me with a young woman last night. It looked so real, it had to be real."

"Has Adrian been cheating?"

"I don't know Father, I don't think so but..."

"Are you sure you saw what you saw?"

"Yes. Father, I need to show you something."

Lucy stood up and lifted her thin floral summer dress above her waist.

"Lucy, what are you doing? Stop! Put your dress down!"

"He marked me Father."

She held her dress up with one hand and pulled her panties down with the other exposing a patch of short brown pubic hair and a vivid red upside down cross. Father Anthony leaned forward in his chair and stared in amazement at the inverted crucifix. It bulged outward and seemed to be illuminated from within.

"He placed it there. It feels... It feels strange if I touch it."

Lucy let go of her panties and grabbed Father Anthony's hand. She guided his hesitant fingers to the demonic symbol.

"Lucy no, I cant..."

They both gasped deeply when Anthony's fingertips met Lucy's marked skin. Lucy held his hand in place and felt her juices slowly begin to lubricate her pink lips below. Anthony felt his cock harden and quickly pulled his hand away. He stood up and stumbled backwards knocking his chair over.

"You felt that too father?" Lucy moaned.

"What was that? I felt a... A bedeviling urge to...

"To fuck her," a deep mystical voice whispered in Anthony's ear.

Anthony quickly turned to his left and then to his right. He noticed Lucy leaning back on the wall with her hand in her panties furiously rubbing her clitoris. Everything seemed hazy now, slowed down, his breaths getting heavy, his heart rate slowing. He felt as if he was moving under water. He moved his hands to his pant's zipper and pulled it down. He extracted his erect cock and slowly began to stroke it. Anthony looked down at his hands being guided by a puppeteers string, forcing him to desecrate the house God.

The Devil appeared to Anthony beside lucy. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and leaned in to kiss her passionately propelling his serpent's tongue deep into her mouth. He slowly removed his lips from his young slave and fiendishly ripped her clothes off. Satan turned Lucy around and bent her over. He guided her hands onto the wall and pushed down on her lower back causing her ass to stick out giving Anthony a full view of her anal ring and cunt.

"She really likes it like this Anthony." The Devil grinned, raised his hands and willed Anthony forward bringing him into Lucy. Anthony felt his cock brush against Lucy's young slick pussy. The sensation was almost too much for him to bear.

"See what you've been missing Anthony," Lucifer snickered.

Anthony thrusted forward into Lucy's vagina but felt a force guide his cock up making it collide with her tiny asshole. He tried again, and again he felt a force blocking Lucy's mound and guiding his dick back to her anus.

"Father Anthony! You want to put it in my ass? Mmmmm I love it in my ass," Lucy moaned.

Anthony processed Lucy's enchanted words and placed his hands on her fleshy hips.

"Yes Priest, put it in her ass. He really was generous giving you three places to put your cocks Anthony. I myself think this was a nice touch. Of course he gave the Angels no such luxuries. But you, you he gave three places to take pleasure, bravo Lord." Lucifer looked up and mockingly clapped his hands.

The bewitched Priest used his cock to rub his parishioners vaginal fluids on her tight anal muscle. He placed the head of his dick against Lucy's clenched hole. Father Anthony gently applied pressure until Lucy relaxed allowing him to glide up her ass. Lucy pushed back on Anthony's dick until her ass was completely engorged.

"Fuck her Priest. She's all yours now. Ravish this beautiful creature."

Anthony thrust in and out diabolically causing Lucy to scream in pleasure. He felt her completely relax allowing him to enter entirely. He then felt her tighten up making him want to thrust harder and harder until she needed to loosen up again. This continued for several minutes until Father Anthony was too weak to hold his orgasm back any longer. He pulled his dick out and Lucy got on her knees and opened her mouth.

"Give my regards to the Almighty next time you talk to him Priest," Lucifer said as he released Anthony and Lucy from his control, returned their bodies to them and descended back to his hellish kingdom.

Lucy felt Father Anthony's cock shooting cum all over her face and in her mouth. Anthony finished, slowly backed away from Lucy and placed his hands over his mouth.

"Father, what have we done? My ass feels so sore. You... You sodomized me. You came on my face."

Lucy grabbed her ripped dress and used it to wipe the cum off her face.

"But... I had no control... You wanted it, I wanted it. we must pray my child. I fear we have encountered a great evil. We have defiled the house of God."

A single tear rolled down Lucy's cheek. Anthony wiped it away and instructed Lucy to kneel with him and pray.


This is a continuation of my previous story Devil's Eve.

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