tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 5

Dickin' Down the Designing...Ch. 5

byStardog Champion©

Six years of being under the thumb of those four white women as well as the over 30 years of being under the thumb of Southern white culture , as a whole, all came rushing back to Anthony Bouviee as he pushed Julia's naked legs apart with his hands, watching with intense concentration as her flowering pink folds came into full view through the dense patch of jet black pubic hair sprinkled with just a touch of gray. Anthony smiled broadly when the first whiff of Julia's pungent pussy filled his senses.

"God Damn..I can almost taste it," Anthony whispered to himself as he started to stroke his cock, getting it to maximum hardness by coating it with Julia's own secretions that he had dipped out of her cunt , with his own fingers, moments earlier.

"After all this time," Anthony gently hissed down to Julia," that prim and proper cunt of yours is mine!"

Pressing Julia's knees apart as far as he could, Anthony dropped his full weight directly down on the insides of Julia's spread legs until the fifty year old woman's vaginal lips flexed apart just enough for him to slip his rock solid piece of chisled black marble into her fiery womb.

Feeling his boss's soupy wetness surround his cockhead immediately, Anthony felt a tingling vibration ripple up and down his spine.

After a few moments of bathing in his conquest, Anthony pushed forward with all his might, hurling his black dick down the same vaginal path his friend Anrtwan had only minutes earlier. Feeling his friend's spewed cum bubble and swirl around his cock as he plowed it deeper inside Julia's cunt, Anthony felt the mixture of fluids start to froth as he churned away.

"OHHH... YEEAAHH," Anthony beamed, feeling his pubic bone slam into Julia's, causing the older woman to spew out a vocal and protracted gasp that resonated across the smooth black skin of his face and neck.

"Like that Julia... HUH... Like all these black dicks grinding away inside of you?" Anthony blurted down to the quivering woman who had been kind enough to give him a job after he was released from prison, years earlier.

Julia didn't verbally answer Anthony's inquisition, but the way her whole body convulsed and shook, Anthony knew he was making an impact from the physical assault he and Antwan had put her through.

Realizing that he had waited over half a decade to do exactly what he was doing now, Anthony inherently understood that his impending orgasm would be difficult to contain. Feeling the syrupy grip of Julia's pussy swish and swirl his cock as if it was trapped inside of a washing machine under is brutal, choppy assault, Anthony turned his gaze briefly away from Julia's writhing face to take a quick peek at the sexual carnage surrounding him. Looking at Mary Jo, Charleene, and Suzanne in various states of sexual gratification around him, Anthony committed each of the woman's' expressions to memory before he finally busted a nut inside Julia Sugarbaker's pristine white snatch.

As he pumped away between Julia's butterfly spread legs with all the abandon of a child that finally got to go to Disneyworld, Anthony curiously panned his head around to see what his four friends were up to with the other three women scattered around the room.

Anthony watched as Dewayne gathered himself before taking a few steps towards Mary Jo laying to the right. Anthony's eyes widened as Dewayne reached down and started to tug at the petite brunette's clothes, until the prone woman's entire torso started to come into full naked view.

Watching as Dewayne's insistent black hands dug at Mary Jo's shell, Anthony smiled brightened with lurid anticipation as Mary Jo Shively's feminine body came into view.

Anthony continued to drill Julia furiously as he watched with baited breath, Dewayne cast aside Mary Jo's top and effortlessly rip her soft lacy bra off, allowing the woman's soft jiggly white tit flesh to spill free.

Seeing Mary Jo's breasts completely revealed for his unhindered view, Anthony's cock throbbed and flexed even more intensly, causing it to feel like hot fleshy steel as it bore through Julia's gaping cunt.

After having stripped Mary Jo bare, Dewayne picked up the tiny woman easily into his arms and proceeded to carry her over to the center of the room. It wasn't until Anthony saw the determined gleam in Dewayne's eyes that he got the first inkling of what the four inmates had planned next for the four women of Sugarbakers.

Twisting his head sideways just a little more, Anthony could see his friend Charles tower above Suzanne out of the corner of his eye. Anthony watched as the largest and most muscular of the ex-cons rubbed his cock into the cum that was glazing the skin of Suzanne's back , as if his dick was a paint brush roller, smoothing out a coat of milk colored gloss. When Charles looked up to see what Dewayne had started to do with Mary Jo, the hulking excon's expression brightened, clearly understanding that the next stage in their game of sexual chess was about to get underway.

Pulling his dick away from Suzanne's arched back and letting it dangle freely, Charles began completely undressing Suzanne as well.

Turning his attention back to Julia beneath him, Anthony bristled giddily seeing his female boss shake her head from side to side under the blinding torrent of his pent up sexual aggression he was unleashing.

Anthony could clearly feel the soupy wetness being culled from the depths of Julia's pussy bubble up and coat his swinging black, hairy balls as he relentlessly pounded his cock in and out of her.

Placing both fists down firmly to each side of Julia's curly black hair for support, Anthony lowered his weight down onto Julia as if he was doing the first stage of a push up. Letting his thick lips come to rest right above Julia's sighing mouth, Anthony timed the movements of Julia's mouth unti he was finally able to lock his lips right on top of hers. Once his mouth enveloped Julia's , Anthony began kissing the older white woman fervantly, snaking his tongue between his own lips and then finally into Julia's gasping gullet.

With his chest directly on top of hers, Anthony could vividly hear Julia's heartbeat skip more rapidly with each passing second. Not even taking into account that the woman he was fucking might be on the verge of cumming as well, Anthony did a double take when Julia desperatly wrapped her legs around the back of his calves, holding him in a death grip as her billowing orgasmic shriek pierced his eardrum.

"GGGEEEZZZZZZZZZ," Julia hollared at the top of her lungs, with her mouth directly at the side of Anthony's head. Julia's makeup messily smeared onto Anthony's skin as she profusly sweated on his cheek and brow, grinding her teeth together at the same time, trying to keep herself from exploding after finally realizing and then quenching her longed denied cravings.

Tucking his head against Julia's writhing clavicle, Anthony swooned from the combination of Julia's sizzling cunt choking his cock to death along with the ringing din in his eardrum from the protracted scream the woman was belting out right beside his head.

"She's cumming," Anthony told himself incrediously. "She's actually fuckin' cumming."

The combination of pyshical sensations being wrought on his body combined with the sheer amazement of getting something you never thought you would until Anthony couldn't control his lust any longer, shooting his rich white burning cum as far up into Julia Sugarbaker's womb as any man ever had.

With his face contorting savgely, a few trickles of Anthony's lust induced tears trickled onto Julia's collarbone. Anthony continued grinding his hips in a harsh, impaling rythem until it looked as if he and his 50 year old boss had became one sole being.

Feeling Julia's cunt quickly fill and start to bubble over with his thick ejaculate, Anthony continued thrusting into the woman beneath him until he could feel the cum inside of Julia start to flicker out onto his skin in fizzling little bubbles, under his seemingly non stop assault.

Having expended so much sexual energy, Anthony felt an immediate sense of drain and exhaustion overtake him as his rapid pumping motions disapatted.

Lifting his clenched fists off the floor, Anthony swung is body to the side with every ounce of energy he had left and then collapased beside the famished woman he had just so brutally taken.

Anthony could see out of the corner of his eye Julia raise gently off the floor and wince mightily when his cock pulled out of her cream filled cunt, causing a sucking, slurping sound to resonate across the entire living room, bringing a slight laugh and coy smile to the other four men in the room.

"Finally got yourself some... huh," Anthony heard one of the other men shout down to him from across the office. Anthony simply smiled to himself as a uproar of laughter filtered through the air.

Once Anthony was able to catch his breath at Julia's side, he was better able to take stock of what he had just accomplished. As he stared down at his half deflated black penis resting on the top of his thigh, Anthony smiled from the way the lighting glistened off the white sticky paste that now enveloped it.

Looking to the right of his cock ,as if the peehole of his phallus was pointing out the direction, Anthony licked his lips at the sight of Julia's pouting pussy, still gaping open as it leaked out the various emmissions that had been released and stirred up inside of it.

Allowing his gaze to steadily drift up Julia's prone torso, all the way up to his boss's seemingly hypnotized face, Anthony took a moment to save Julia's content but exhausted expression to memory as the other four men beckoned Anthony to deliver his conquest over to the center of the room where their long thought out plan was coming together nicely.


Mary Jo was the first to be lined up completely naked on the floor, flat on her stomach with her head resting on her curled forearm, giving her the appearence that she was content as a cat taking a nap.

Turning his head, Anthony could then see Charles clumsily carrying Suzanne over to position her beside Mary Jo. Despite the fact that Charles was by far the strongest of the four men, even he was struggling to get the heavy set woman the 15 or so feet it took to set her down beside her waiting coworker.

Eventhough his body was sore and exhausted, Anthony couldn't help but laugh at the unreal sight of Suzanne's naked flesh jiggling and wiggling like jelly as Charles hurried her over to the center of the room to set her down beside Mary Jo, stacking the womens' bodies side by side on their bellies, just like logs.

The first thing Anthony noticed when Mary Jo and Suzanne were sat down beside one another was the clear size contrast of the two. Mary Jo's girlish, almost teenagerish ass was sitting beside Suzanne's huge rounded and fleshy hips that appeared to be the size of two alabastor watermelons.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Anthony turned his attention to his right where Derrick was still standing above Charleene at her work desk, steadily undressing the tall blonde woman.

Anthony sat there and stared directly into Charleene's blank eyes as Derrick briskly ripped and tugged at her expensive dress clothes, clearly discerning a look of stunned acceptence exuding from Charleene's forward gaze.

She almost seemed numb to the orgasmic sexual mayhem that swirled around the Sugarbaker office as Derrick worked the buttons clasps and zippers of her own clothing free. The look of detachment in Charleene's blue eyes only heightened when Derrick began pulling her blouse down her arms.

Lifting her arms slightly to allow Derrick free reign in stripping her, Anthony tinged internaly as he concentrated on the brilliant sight of the drying and caking result of Derrick's orgasm clouding Charleene's cheeks, chin, nose and lips. As Charleene's lacy brassiere came into view, Anthony felt as if he was an anxious school boy, finally getting to see a grown woman naked for the first time as Derrick slowly revelead Charleene's bare womanly essence.

Derrick coyly groaned as he pulled Charleene's office chair backwards, easing the statuesque dirty blonde away from her desk so he could more easily undress her. Digging both his hands underneath Charleene's shoulder blades, Derrick forced the woman to stand up in front of him.

Observing the way Charleene's nearly 6 foot tall body numbly wobbled in place in her high heels, Anthony's well fucked dick suddenly started buzzing back to life as Derrick continued peeling away the layers of clothing. Looking down to his growing cock, Anthony once again started playing with the greasy phallic mass as more and more of Charleene's flawless white skin came into view.

Derrick patiently rubbed is black hands across Charleene's entire body, squeezing her breasts through her bra, sliding his palm over top of Charleene's soft belly and then across the delicate features of her face. Sensing Anthony was watching voyeuristically from across the room, Derrick gave his prison buddy a good show until it was time to stop playing around.

Looking away briefly, Derrick saw Anthony's eyes widen substancially when he finally ripped apart the rear clasps of the towering woman's bra and softly pulled the straps free from her shoulders.

Anthony simply couldn't fathom what he was seeing when Charleene's huge tits spilled free from their restraints. Looking like two pale white footballs with huge pink nipples at the end, the small town country girl's breasts drooped down, almost to her belly, dancing side by side as Derrick hungrily pawed at the heavy mounds from behind.

Too numb to move, all Anthony could do when Derrick forced Charleene back down into her chair was breathlessly gasp as his former prison buddy started pulling Charleene's panties and hose down her long white legs.

Seeing Charleene stripped bare and then prominaded over to where Mary Jo and Suzanne were already lined up, Anthony could see the distant twinkle of forebodding recognition in Charleene's eyes as she gazed down at her two co-workers already spread out on the carpet, inherantly understanding that she was next.

As Derrick bent down and deposited Charleene's large but mostly limp body down right to Suzanne's left, Anthony gazed over at the battered heap of sexual fulfillment beside him and knew that it was up to him to get Julia's naked body over to the center of the room to complete the line.

Watching as Derrick stepped away from the line of women, Anthony got a clear view of just how much taller Charleene was than the other two women beside of her on the floor.

"She hasn't even been fucked yet... has she?" Dewayne asked from the corner of the room as he smoked a cigarette, refering to Charleene.

"Don't worry," several of the other guys chimed in. "We'll take care of that... Big Time!"

Once the line of three Sugarbaker associates was perfectly positioned, Anthony knew it was time to carry to founder of the company over to join her fellow employees. Grabbing Julia firmly by the shoulders, Anthony pulled the weakened woman up with him as he stood up, peeling away what clothes that were still loosly draped across her and dropping them silently to the floor.

Lugging the 50 year old naked woman's 140 pound body into his arms as if he was doing a half hearted ballroom dance with her, Anthony finally got Julia to the desired spot, before helping her down gently in line to join her three friends.

"You're never gonna forget this Julia," Anthony confidentally hissed into his boss's ear, his husky breath making Julia get goosebumps down her back as he laid her down in the center of the spacious living room.

He couldn't help but notice that much of the cum that he had just deposited inside of Julia's quim had dribbled to the rim of her cunt, leaking out and oozing down her thighs as he carried her across the room.

With Julia finally in place, on her belly beside Charleene, the five men looked around at the carnage in the room, taking in the surreal sight of thousands of dollars worth of fine womens' dresses, blouses and lingeree scattered acorss the room, looking as if a tornado had torn through an upscale suburban mall.

Scanning the room, each man filled with a perverted sense of pride and accomplishment as they gazed down at the four women lined up before them. All 5 took keen delight also in seeing just how diverse each of the four women were as they waited there, buns up and kneeling.

>From right to left, Mary Jo had the frame, size and diminsions of a young cheerleader. Suzanne had the body of a well fed socialite and a face that once graced the stages as a teenage pageant queen. Charleene was the definition of a corn fed farm girl that had grown up to be a sultry yet down home blonde Amazon. And then there was Julia, the eldest of the group by far, but was the epitomy of what Southern culture dictated that a woman be; elegant, stately, free thinking, courageous, bold and in this case, complety naked on the floor of her own business, waiting in stunned silence on her knees to be fucked up the ass while two mens' semem bubbled like hot oil inside of her raw and sizzling vagina.


"Got the wax?" Antwan bellowed across the room as he stood, ready to pounce, above the four kneeling women.

"Right here," Charles quickly exclaimed, reaching inside his discarded coat pocket and removing a brand new industrial sized bottle of KY Jelly.

Realizing that he needed a few minutes to catch his breath and to find something cold to drink, Anthony drifted towards the kitchen to pour himself a glass of ice water. Looking over his shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen, Anthony could see his four friends circling the room like a sex crazed wolfpack as they prepared to take their place behind the four lined up white women.

Doing the simple 4 asshole=4 dicks math in his head, Anthony knew that he would be out of the sexual loop for a few minutes so he decided to make himself useful and went to get a pitcher of ice water for everyone.

When he returned a few minutes later with the chilled water pitcher, Anthony saw that his four prison buddies had each straddled up behind one of the bent over Sugarbaker associates.

Each of the men had picked a different woman than they had fucked moments earlier to carry out the final part of their sadistic plan with. As they stood above their chosen prey, each gentleman preaped to swab globs of lubricating jelly over their jutting chocolate stalks, readying themselves for the small gesture of perceived revenge that had been building up inside of them for all those years society had kept them in prison.

The most muscular of the four excons, Charles, had taken his place behind the most dainty of the four women, Mary Jo. The tallest of the group as well as the most endowed, Derrick had positioned himself behind Suzanne's rotund rump. The shortest but most cocky, Antwan had eased up behind Charleene's inviting pale ass and finally, the ring leader of the group, Dewayne had chosen the end of the line behind the waiting ass of the owner of the establishment, Julia Sugarbaker.

"Anthony..get us some water first..then get over," Dewayne calmly ordered, without even turning around. "Help us get these four wenches up of their knees so we can get down to business."

Anthony looked up at the sound of Dewayne's insistant voice and was more than happy to oblige.

After rapidly filling the five water glasses, Anthony turned and briskly made his way towards the sweaty, naked line of feminine flesh.

Seeing his four freinds so confidentally crouched above their designated women, Anthony bristled with anticipation, tingling from head to toe, as he eased up to Mary Jo at the head of the line.

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