Diggin' It


Brenda and Melissa were sitting side by side, kissing and teasing each other's folds when he jogged up to them. They both giggled as he ran up to them with his erection bobbing.

"Can I do it?" Brenda asked as he sat down on the blanket.

"You can get that taste of my pussy you wanted while she's at it," Melissa suggested.

Skyler handed over the dildo and moved into position beside the blonde as she reclined. Brenda was the quicker, and buried the dildo before his tongue could reach Melissa's clit.

"Mmm. This is the kind of history I like," Melissa moaned as her friend fucked her.

The pair had apparently done this before, because Brenda left him plenty of room to tongue Melissa's hairy pussy. He only tasted the latex every so often, and even then it was flavored with the blonde's creamy juices. Excited by the prospect of filling her full of cum, he tongued her with every ounce of speed and skill he could muster.

Melissa writhed and moaned beneath him as he watched the dildo plunge in and out. He kept up the pressure, and the fingers that settled on the back of his head soon tightened into his hair.

"You're getting close," Brenda guessed as she pumped her friend with the ivory phallus.

"Uh. Uh. Uh huh!"

"Do it."

Skyler latched onto her clit with his lips, sucking hard and rolling it with his tongue at the same time. Melissa let out a long ohh and then suddenly lurched. She wailed to the stars above, fingers fisting in his hair as she climaxed.

The blonde was still jerking and making breathless sounds of pleasure when Brenda pulled the dildo free. "I can't wait any longer," the brunette declared, and lay back to part her legs.

Skyler moved in on the opposite side from the hand she was using to masturbate and put his tongue to work. With one woman still in the throes of orgasm next to him, he pushed another toward that same state of ecstasy.

As her friend had before her, one of Brenda's hands settled on the back of his head, holding him against her. Her hand pumped fast for a brief time, but then slowed as the awkward angle made it difficult. Noticing it, Skyler was about to move and take over when Melissa slipped in next to them.

The still-shaky blonde took the dildo, and Skyler returned to Brenda's sweet pussy. As he lapped and probed her bud, he had to admit that it was exciting to watch a piece of history coming back into its own, over a century later. He'd dug it up, and now it was buried in a much nicer place.

Brenda erupted with a screech only a couple of minutes later. Melissa didn't slow the pace of her pumping hand, so Skyler kept licking. He pulled up the brunette's hood, exposing the sensitive nub to his tongue, which drew out a quavering wail.

It only took a few seconds of that for Brenda to forcefully push them both away and clamp her thighs together. She curled up into a ball, rocked by pulses of orgasmic energy and aftershocks while Skyler watched Melissa suck the dildo clean.

After putting the antique toy down on one corner of the blanket and covering it with the edge, Melissa scooted over next to Skyler and took his cock in hand. She caressed her trembling friend's body while her other hand stroked his erection.

"Are you ready to fuck me and fill me full of cum?"

"Oh, fuck yes," he said as he throbbed in her grasp.

The blonde dropped onto her back and snapped her legs apart. "Then give it to me."

Brenda moaned and found the energy to roll over and watch as Skyler knee-walked up to her friend. Melissa reached down to guide his cock into her wet heat, and once again said, "Give it to me," as soon as the swollen head touched her folds.

His cock sank easily into her saturated sex and settled for only a moment before he withdrew to thrust again.

"My clit. Please." Melissa said to her friend as her abundant breasts quivered from his powerful thrusts.

The brunette sat up and scooted close, going one better by not only rubbing the blonde's clit, but also sucking a turgid nipple between her lips.

Caught up in the excitement, Skyler pounded his cock home hard and fast. Loud claps sounded every time their flesh collided, sending shockwaves through the blonde's free breast. Brenda's fingers were a blur between her friend's legs, and she moaned around the nipple between her lips. Melissa caressed the brunette's body as sounds of pleasure bubbled from her lips.

Grunting with effort, Skyler kept up the relentless pace. His teeth clenched tight as a wicked itch built in the head of his cock. He focused his will, doing everything in his power to hold off an eruption while continuing to rock the blonde's body.

Brenda released her friend's nipple to say, "Come for us."

"Yeah," Skyler growled in agreement.

Melissa whimpered, "S-so c-close."

"Do it. Come all over that cock and make it come inside you."

That made the blonde suck in a sharp gasp that then emerged as, "Oh yes!"

"Make him fill you full so I can lick it all up."

"Fuck. Not much longer," Skyler warned as his balls tightened.

"He's going to fill you up. Come with him."

"Oh! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh god!" Melissa cried out as her features tightened. Her muscles also contracted, and her fingers turned into claws on Brenda's back.

"Are you going to come?" Brenda asked in a rush, and then pinched the blonde's nipples hard.

Melissa screamed her answer, her voice broken by his cock ravishing her body. "Y-y-yes!"

That was the moment when Skyler lost the battle. He drove his cock into her clinging embrace and let out a roar as his cream erupted.

Brenda said, "Oh yeah. He's coming. Can you feel it?"

He certainly felt it when her walls contracted around him in orgasm. Melissa screamed as sweet oblivion wracked her body, her back arching up from the blanket, and her toes curling.

Skyler growled as he pulsed in her tight embrace, flooding her with spurt after spurt of hot cum. He grew light-headed from the intensity of his climax, in disbelief of how hard his cream was spraying into her.

"That's it. Give it to her. Fill her up," the brunette encouraged him.

"Fuck. Still coming," Skyler spat out as a contraction of her canal set him off again.

His knees grew weak, and it was all he could do to remain upright despite clinging to her legs for support. When the cum finally ceased pumping up his shaft into her, he was too sensitive to endure the tight squeeze any longer. A loud cry burst from his lips as he jerked free and sat down hard.

Brenda barely gave his cock time to clear Melissa's nether lips before diving in. Fighting to keep his eyes open, he watched the brunette stab her tongue into her friend's gaped canal, lapping up the cum already seeking escape. Still well within the grip of her orgasm, Melissa thrashed and screamed the whole while.

Skyler gave in to his heavy eyelids when Brenda sat up, allowing Melissa to roll over onto her side, still gasping for air.

"Mmm. You taste so good together. That was a lot of cum. I hope you saved some for me. I'm not missing my chance to get a hot load inside me and have her lick it all up."

Skyler popped his eyes open at that revelation and saw Brenda hovering over him, squeezing her breasts and wearing a crooked grin.

"Oh boy."


Skyler awakened to the sound of his phone ringing on the table next to the bed. Still bleary-eyed and confused, he had to wriggle out from under arms and legs of the two naked Milfs on either side of him to reach his phone.

"Hello," he answered.

"Everything okay, Skyler? You didn't call last night," his mother said.

He shook the remaining sleep fog out of his head and responded, "Sorry about that. I was dead tired by the time I finished last night."

What he'd finished to make him so exhausted, he left unsaid. Melissa and Brenda stretched, yawning as they awakened from the sound of his voice.

"Okay. Here's your father. Don't keep him too long."

As soon as his father took the phone, the older man asked, "Any other promising spots?"

"A lot. I found the place where the house stood. Found a couple of spots that may be more caches. Think there may have been a skirmish or two fought here. The owner says we can have more time if we need it, too."

"That's great. I can tell from the pictures you sent me already that we'll make money off this dig. If you find more, it could be a good payday for us."

His bedmates kicked the covers off, and Brenda whispered into his ear. "It's still Nude Day. Rules are rules."

Keeping it together, Skyler responded to his father, "I'll do my best."

"I need to get off here. Keep at it. Knew this would be a real hot spot."

"I'll let you go, but I'll keep you posted. Yep, I'm in a honey hole, all right."

Hands slipped between his legs from either side, and it was all he could do to keep from laughing when Melissa held up two fingers.

A chuckling groan rumbled in his chest as he stood corrected.


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