tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDirty Black Summer Ch. 02

Dirty Black Summer Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

Back in the safety and seclusion of my mountain retreat later that afternoon, Summer and I sat back and drank a few beers to unwind, allowing the adrenaline and endorphins racing through our systems to subside somewhat.

"I think we succeeded in getting inside his head a little," I told Summer.

"Yeah...no question about that," she exhaled. "Now what's this mysterious part three of your plan all about?"

"You mentioned when Larry gets down on his luck that he usually resorts to either some hard booze or maybe other women to help him get his mojo back," I replied in steady but calculating tone.

"I thought we'd try to appeal to his masculinity, especially since we just torpedoed it twice this afternoon...maybe throw him a little ego boost in the form of this," I continued, this time reaching over to the desk beside me and flipping on my computer.

Scanning through a few documents until I found the one I was looking for, I clicked on the picture of a steely, blue eyed blonde with flawless skin that I'd saved. Summer scowled at me, putting her beer down as she stifled a sarcastic chuckle.

"Let me get this straight...your idea is to punish my Husband by offering him up a young blonde slut for his troubles? He can get plenty of those on his own!" Summer shook her head.

"Sort of...but none of them are quite like Trina," I coyly replied, watching Summer try to make some sense of what I was hinting at as she downed the rest of her beer.

"So let me get my head around this," Summer tilted her gaze in my direction and hypothesized. "You're gonna use her to entice my Husband into an affair so we'll have something to take before the judge?"

"Nah," I chuckled. "I'm sure you already have all the evidence you need if you simply wanted to prove your Husband's serial infidelity...what Trina is going to provide is something we'll probably never have to put before a judge."

This time I could see Summer lean forward in her seat to take an even closer look at Trina's picture on the monitor.

"Do you know her?" she asked.

"Sort of...met her through a case I was working on about a year ago," I replied, attempting not to give too much information about Trina away until the time was right.

At some point Summer's phone rang and she cut the thing back to vibrate. It was Larry and she checked the message once he left it. It was the first of several messages he would leave over the next few hours, his tone ranging from initial rage to growing befuddlement and confusion, each one drunker and more disjointed than the call before.

Slowly becoming drained as the adrenaline dissolved from her system, Summer settled down on the sofa and turned on the tv. In the meantime, I took a seat in front of the computer and went to a couple of the personal sites Summer said Larry frequented.

"He doesn't have a picture up at any that I know of, at least he has a little discretion, but do a search for the area and look under 34 year old men and I'm sure I can pick his profile out," Summer said from the sofa.

"Here's one...34 year old Black male...blah blah blah...looking for no strings attached fun...race unimportant...blah blah blah...very discreet...well endowed so you'll have to be able to handle 10 inches...blah...blah blah," I read from the screen.

"Yeah...that's him," Summer leaned over my shoulder and confirmed.

"And he must not be able to use a ruler...he's only 8 and a half inches," she cracked.

"Oh...only 8 and a half...gotcha," I laughed, wondering why on Earth would a man with that much cock want to embellish even further.

"He just puts his entire ego into his masculinity," was the only rationale answer I could come up with. And if that was the case, what we were about to do would take him right out at the knees.

Once Summer had ID'ed Larry's profile, I clicked on the 'create a new profile" icon and posted a brief one with Trina's picture and a very brief description of what she wanted. After doing that, I quickly shot an email off to Larry's profile telling him Trina might be interested in a possible hookup.

With the bait set, all we had left to do was wait.

It wasn't long before I looked over and saw Summer had curled herself up on the sofa and had dozed off.

"Get some rest, we're gonna need it," I thought to myself, tempted to go over and slide down beside her on the sofa to catch a quick cat nap myself, but my cell phone rang.

Answering it quickly so it wouldn't disturb Summer, it was Trina telling me she was on her way.

I noticed during the hour or so Summer was asleep, her cell phone strangely didn't vibrate at all on the coffee table, as if Larry had either passed out from his drinking or found another distraction to keep him occupied. Just as that thought crossed my mind, a ping of new mail sounded in the inbox I'd created for Trina.

"Is that what I think it is," Summer asked before stretching her arms and letting out a huge yawn from the couch.

"Good Morning," I turned and chided. "I think it might be...Yep...he sent Trina a reply."

Clicking on the email from Larry, I read it out loud to his Wife.

"Hell Yes, I'm interested in getting together...have a few pics if you want...just don't like sharing them with the general public. Do you have any others than just a head shot...with a face as pretty as yours, I can only imagine what the rest of you is like. I really think we can make some magic together...get back at me soon Baby...you wont be disappointed...Larry."

"We'll get Trina to send him a reply back when she gets here...wish I had my cam hooked up...we could have really had some fun with him tonight," I told Summer, my entire body itching now for Trina to arrive.

It was a few minutes after 8 that evening when I saw the first traces of headlights heading up my drive-way. Looking out the window, I recognized Trina's car. I watched as the leggy blonde stepped out and made her way up the walk, the echo of her high heels clicking on the concrete as she approached.

Just before I opened the door, I made a quick glance over to Summer and could see the curiosity and anticipation in her eyes. Waving Trina in, once again I stole a peek over at Summer, and felt the slightest internal laugh sweep through me seeing her brown eyes widen when she saw Trina for the first time.

"Summer...meet my friend Trina...Trina...meet my friend Summer," I made the introductions.

For a couple of seconds it appeared someone had pulled Summer's plug as she stared with gawking paralysis at Trina. It took a couple of tries before Summer was finally able to extend her hand, which Trina politely shook then smiled a genuine smile back at the breathless black woman standing in front of her. I imagined Trina had grown quite accustomed to those types of reactions when meeting someone for the first time over the years, even the first time I had the pleasure to meet her, but she always seemed to handle the awkward situation with political aplomb.

It had been a little over a year since I'd first encountered Trina Stevens. I'd been hired by a woman, in much the similar situation as Summer, who had an inkling her Husband was cheating, and was ready to ask for a divorce. The long strands of blonde hair and lipstick on the man's business shirts had been the woman's first clue, and after I hired one of my PIs the tail the man for a few days, it didn't take long to nail him to the wall. The thing that came to a shock by everyone involved, most notably his Wife, was that the guy wasn't having an affair with a woman per se, but a transgendered individual by the name of, you guessed it, Trina.

Needless to say, the Wife in the case could have asked for the Moon and got it from her soon to be EX (and she did), in return for us not making the particulars of his affair public knowledge.

I made it a point to apologize to Trina for dragging her into the entire fiasco and found her to be a very sweet and intelligent person. Being a divorce lawyer, the businessman in me also saw the potential opportunity in having someone of Trina's talents, who was plugged into the area's nightlife, in case I ever needed her expertise or services on future cases.

Turning my gaze back to Summer as she continued to subtly try sizing Trina up, I chuckled to myself seeing the barely five foot tall black woman crane her neck up and down as she stared at the six foot plus tall in high heels, Amazon-like Goddess smiling back at her.

"Let's get over to the computer," I cleared my throat, breaking the jittery silence growing in the room. "I gave you some background on the phone earlier today Trina. I set up a profile for you at one of the personals sites Summer said her Husband frequented, his name is Larry by the way. It didn't take long and we already have a response from him in your inbox...we were just waiting for you to get here to send him a reply and start working your magic."

Stepping aside, I allowed Trina to walk by and watched as she elegantly took a seat in front of the computer. Sensing the anxiety seeping from Summer's pores, I winked in her direction and nodded my head towards the kitchen.

"Summer and I are gonna go and mix everyone a few drinks," I told Trina.

"Make mine a vodka on the rocks," Trina replied as she logged into the dummy profile I'd created.

Once in the kitchen, Summer seemed to shiver all over as she locked gazes with me.

"So...you're plan is to fix him...err...her...up with Larry...he might be drunk...but I don't think he's that drunk," Summer hissed incredulously.

"You're a lot more sober than he will be...could you tell the difference?" I asked her.

Summer just shook her head and used her trembling hands to help me fix the drinks, the perverse genius and potential danger of the plan sparkling equally in her uncertain eyes.

"So how do you know her...err...him?" she guiltily asked.

"A case I was handed awhile back...woman thought her Husband was having an affair...he was but it was with Trina and not another woman...needless to say when he was busted he was pretty much at his Wife's mercy to capitulate to whatever demands she made in the divorce proceedings. I just sort of kept Trina's name and number around in case I thought her unique services might come in handy again...then you walked into my office with your situation and I thought I'd give Trina a call...sort of blackmail of a black male if I do say so myself," I said to Summer before taking a sip of my drink to make sure it was mixed just right.

I could still see a quizzical look of something gnawing at summer's insides, but I sensed it didn't pertain directly to our plan.

"So...Trina is...a man?" she finally let loose and asked.

"In a way but not exactly," I smiled and nodded.

"But you keep calling her she," Summer continued, having no clue where she was going with it.

"Because that's what Trina prefers," I nodded once again.

"Just think of her as having the best qualities of both," I snickered a few seconds later, which only added to the look of confusion on Summer's face.

"Let's get Trina's drink back out to her...she might have a long night ahead," I said before turning to leave the kitchen.

"Oh...I could hear you two talking about me," Trina smiled and giggled flirtatiously as she took the drink from my hand.

"Already have Larry on IM...he does seem pretty well tanked but he says he's up for anything," Trina said without turning her gaze away from the screen, the sound of her fingers striking the keys almost hypnotic as she methodically lured Summer's Husband into the trap.

Looking over at Summer, I could tell she was fighting a disconnect, knowing it was her Husband on the other end of the chat but still feeling all this was still some sort of twisted and surreal dream.

"Let's just go over and sit on the sofa, Summer...let Trina do her thing" I motioned for her to join me on the couch so we could nurse our drinks.

"Yep...He does seem pretty wasted...he can't string more than 3 or 4 words together," Trina laughed. "You two must have put him through quite a ringer earlier today?"

"You don't know the half of it," I raised my glass in a mocking toast to Trina's statement. "With as much as Summer says he drinks when he gets mad and depressed, you might want to try and make a date for later tonight before he passes completely out."

"No problem," Trina replied. "He's raring to go right now...been bugging me to send him my phone number...wants to talk to me first but he seemed cool when I told him I wasn't comfortable with giving out my digits yet. Says he wants me to send a few extra pics too...for motivational purposes."

"I typed back telling him the one on my profile was the only one I had at the moment but I'd be willing to let him see all he wanted when we got together in person," she added.

"Has he said whether or not he's married?" Summer couldn't help but ask with a definite twinge of dread.

"Yeah...I asked him...he said 'No Comment'...I told him that was cool...that we're all adults," Trina replied. "He also asked if I was an escort of hooker...I told him 'No...I just like to have fun for the sake of having fun'...that really seemed to perk him up when he realized he wasn't going to have to pay for anything."

"Oh...look," Trina spoke up a minute or so later. "He's sending me a couple of pictures...saying this is what I have to look forward to."

In true Larry Franklin, drunken machismo form, he sent Trina a couple of digital pics of himself in various stages of undress.

"Damn Summer...your Husband has a nice package," Trina gasped, leaning forward in the chair as she stared at the picture of Larry holding his erect penis with a leering glare on his face.

"I've seen a few bigger over the years but tonight's gonna be fun!" she added, licking her lips and shimmying in her seat in the process.

"Don't get your hopes up too much," Summer spoke up. "That picture is about five years old I think...he's put on a few pounds since then."

Still, I could detect just a trace of melancholy in Summer's voice, as if she knew she might never get to fuck that cock she was staring at on the computer screen again. For all the shit I was sure Larry Franklin had put Summer through, I could tell deep down she still loved him, or at least the sex had been pretty good.

Massaging Summer's left shoulder as I sat beside her, watching her gaze grow more intent as she stared over Trina's shoulder at the screen, I could sense just how conflicted the married black woman was. On one hand she had to sit there literally witnessing her Husband willingly being seduced into yet another affair over the internet, but you could also see the look of growing anticipation in Summer's posture knowing that a freight train of shock was headed Larry's way.

Scooting towards her ever so slightly, I eased my right hand down on her knee and began rubbing it under the hem of her skirt. I could see Summer's eyes grow wider when I began creeping my fingertips along the inside of her right thigh, but she didn't say a word or make any attempt to stop me.

Her gaze still focused on the job Trina was doing at the computer, I slowly circled my fingers upwards until I could feel the warmth radiating from her crotch. Angling my elbow enough to work my hand all the way forward, I flared my fingers apart and dipped them into Summer's moistened and bare snatch.

"Never put your panties back on, did you?" I whispered into Summer's ear.

"Never saw any reason to," she replied under her breath without taking her eyes off what Trina doing.

"Date's set," Trina said a few seconds later. "11 o'clock at the Hampton Inn downtown."

"At least he's springing for a nice place," I laughed. "That's perfect...gives us about 2 hours to get our shit together."

"I'm gonna go...ah...freshen up and leave you two to yourselves for a few minutes," Trina turned and smiled, seeing my hand underneath Summer's skirt and the 'hand in the cookie jar" look on my face.

I could see the look of embarrassment on Summer's face, but it was somehow diluted by the alcohol she'd put into her system, along with the realization that the line she'd seemed to have crossed had opened up an entirely new world for her. Even from the side, there was a strange twinkle in Summer's gaze that spoke to her being open to things she might have never comprehended when she'd walked into my office a few days earlier.

Squeezing my fingers around Summer's clit as we both watched Trina strut seductively down the hall before disappearing into the bathroom, I could feel Summer's head bounce against my shoulder as a soft yelp left her throat. Watching Summer's knees part as far as her skirt would allow, I could feel the sofa start to shift as she grinded her rear end hard into the cushions below.

Nibbling my teeth just below her right ear, I did my best to make Summer cum before Trina emerged from the bathroom. The squishing sound of Summer's sex filtering through the room as I darted and dug my fingers in and out of her womb, I listened to the low guttural moan leaving her lips as her heels started to rut against the front edge of the couch. Before I could finish her off however, the door of the bathroom swung open and Trina slowly made her way back up the hall.

The change in Trina's demeanor and aura was instantly noticeable. Even though she was still the same elegant, nearly 6 foot tall tangle of arms and legs that had walked into the bathroom, when she stepped out, Summer and I were struck by the ethereal air Trina carried herself with. Her gaze seemed more focused, and her posture more erect, as she walked up the hallway with a clear purpose.

My hand still wedged under Summer's skirt as she spread her feet out wide in front of her, it looked as if Trina had focused her laser-like stare directly on the married woman sitting beside me. Feeling the heat of Trina's glare, it was almost as if the scent of Summer's arousal wafting through the house had tripped something primal inside the blonde tranny and she was suddenly ready to pounce. The only tangible change I could see in Trina once she emerged from the bathroom, other than her demeanor, was a few touchups of make-up and a pair of black stockings she'd put on under her tight mini skirt.

I could feel Summer grow tense beside me when she realized she was the one in Trina's sights, and I knew her heartbeat had to be racing even faster than mine as the sound of Trina's high heels on the hardwood floor clicked a little louder with each passing step. There was also bulge protruding visibly from the front of Trina's skirt and I was sure Summer, on some level, knew what it was.

With graceful ease, Trina nudged the coffee table aside with her foot then stepped up to the front of sofa until she was towering above us both. Within a few seconds Trina bent her knees and lowered herself down on the floor, her face directly between Summer's parted legs.

"...May I?" Trina looked first at me then at Summer and asked.

"...Do...what...?" Summer stammered even though it was clear from the way her eyes flared wildly that she understood Trina's offer.

A visible tremor rolled down Summer's throat when Trina's hands came to rest on each of her knees. Pulling my hand away from Summer's crotch when it was clear what Trina's intensions were, I could feel the weight of her stare as I lifted my arm back towards me. Looking deep into Trina's eyes, I felt a strange paralysis shot through me, causing me to hold my hand right in front of her face. Within a few seconds, she'd opened her mouth and gently clamped her lips around the same fingers I'd just frigged Summer with. Lavishly rolling her tongue over my slick and sticky digits, I could see Trina gauging Summer's reaction with one eye, and mine with the other.

When she was finally ready to commit her full attention to Summer, Trina allowed my cleansed fingers to fall from her mouth just before she scooted her hands along the insides of each of Summer's thighs until the married black woman's vagina was completely exposed. A dense pelt of curly black pubes lined the rim of Summer's pussy, highlighted by the sparkling pink orchid of her labia flaring outward, the pulpy flesh almost appearing to breath with life as Trina smiled down at it.

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