tagFetishDisciplining Mom Ch. 08

Disciplining Mom Ch. 08


[Readers will benefit from reading the earlier chapters to understand the characters but especially should read the immediately preceding Chapter 07 in which the current part of the story begins. Those offended by bodily functions should read no further.]


Karen's mother Marian was very tired after her initial session with Karen's new friend Deb, whom Karen had asked to spend this weekend training Marian to be a reliable submissive to Karen. Marian, of course, was 50 years old and was only in this humiliating position because when abandoned by her husband, she came to Karen pleading to be taken in.

Karen, a small woman who deeply resented the brutal bringing up she had experienced when at home with her mother, had achieved some success in life with a good job as a corporate analyst and a comfortable living space with her great friend Emily. Emily had not only succeeded in developing a fine start-up company but had inherited a large fortune when her parents had passed away in an air accident.

Emily was the youngest of three sisters and her two older sisters, Linda and Leslie, lived with her, having not been so successful in marriage (Linda) or work (Leslie). Karen, who enjoyed her bi relationship with Emily, had been asked by Emily to train her sisters who now lived with them as subs.

As a small lady, Karen was aware of her physical limitations but her dominant personality had been brought out by her friendship with Emily, and her confidence had grown apace. Both Emily and she had boyfriends, but both also enjoyed their times in the commodious bed they shared in the spacious apartment.

Marian had been sent with Deb's loyal submissive, Marge, to sleep with Marge in her bedroom for the evening. Marian knew that Marge would be friendly and helpful but was Deb's lover and great friend first. As the two women prepared for bed, Marge thoughtfully applied some more cream to the tramlines on Marian's bottom occasioned by Deb's fierce caning.

"That was intended, my dear, to give you a feeling for how Deb disciplines," Marge said sympathetically.

"Well, I certainly intend to behave as she wishes to avoid much more of that," Marian replied.

"Did the large dildo hurt a lot?" Marge continued, in her kindly tone.

"Oh, God," Marian began to whimper, "I've not had something that huge in my rear ever!"

Marge smiled but queried, "So I gather that means that you're not an anal virgin, Marian?"

Marian's face reddened as her experience with anal sex came into the conversation.

"I really can have no secrets anymore," she said sadly, "but yes, my husband did violate my back passage. Oh this is so humiliating—I do wish I hadn't had to come live with my daughter but I suppose I'm stuck with the bed I made."

"It's a good idea to accept your situation even if it hasn't been something you sought," Marge suggested.

As the two women slid beneath the covers of Marge's amply-sized bed, Marge quietly asked if Marian would enjoy her intimate attentions.

Marian did not naturally enjoy feminine affection but under the circumstances, she decided quickly that this was a good response to the pain and humiliation she had endured so she murmured affirmatively to her bed-mate.

Marge reached over and calmly slipped Marian's pajama bottoms down and off and then unbuttoned her top. She herself was already naked and a large-framed woman herself, she took the slighter and older Marian in her arms and softly massaged Marian's tired torso.

Soon her fingers were teasing Marian between her legs, probing past Marian's puffy labia right into her warm vagina. Marge decided to leave Marian's rear opening alone, since Deb's huge dildo had obviously made that passage sore. Soon Marian began to move her hips and buck and writhe as Marge now proceeded to gently caress Marian's rising clit and bring the older woman to a shattering orgasm.

"Oh, my," Marian gushed, "that was sooo nice and I do wish I could do something just as nice for you."

Marge said nothing but softly took Marian's hand and lying flat on her stomach, placed Marian's fingers at Marge's own anal opening. Marian got the message and gently began to probe the larger woman's most private place by inserting first one and then two fingers into the slippery passage.

Responding immediately by rotating her hips in rhythm, Marge came off remarkably quickly, giggling as she told Marian how sensitive her anus was. Sated by orgasms, both women drifted off to a needed sleep.


Marian was awakened by the sight of Deb standing next to the bed dressed for work. The blonde dominatrix had a crisp white blouse and navy skirt on, with seamed pale hose and lovely burgundy pumps.

"Marian," Deb said in her drawl, "you need to change your attitude if you wish to be happy."

The surprised Marian stared blankly, still coming out of her reverie.

"You need to learn to appreciate your daughter and be grateful for what she is doing for you," Deb said rather forthrightly. "And if she is choosing to instill some discipline in you, you need to be grateful for that.

"I need to leave for a meeting this morning but will be back here at noon," Deb informed her. "I have placed Marge in charge of you and as a training step, she will have you wear a nice bunch of nettles in your panties today. I find that by stimulating your pussy that way, it will focus you on the lesson you need to learn."

Marian looked dumb and was actually shocked to hear how she would now be punished. She was too stunned and afraid to protest.

Deb continued, "And I will also have Marge change the nettles each hour. You will learn that I take my responsibility seriously. You will do what she tells you. Am I understood?"

Marian managed to pipe up finally with a quick "Yes, Ma'am."

Deb left abruptly and Marge came in without a smile.

"All right, Marian," she began. "You heard what Miss Deborah said. Lower your pajama bottoms for me."

Marian did what the large woman directed and was handed a pair of tight little girl panties with cute little ducks on them. She winced but stepped into them and began to pull them up, realizing that they would be very tight.

"Leave them at the bottom of your bottom, Marian," Marge ordered.

Then she put on some plastic gloves, reached into a jar and pulled out a fresh bunch of green nettles which she inserted into the crotch of the little panties. Then she tugged the undies up Marian's bottom and front until they were more than snug around her, covering not much more than her vulva and anus.

"You need to just relax, Marian," Margie said mildly, "because you will soon start to feel the sting and it will hurt. Now come over here and get across my lap."

"Marge," Marian said with an unbelieving look, "are you going to spank me?"

"Yes," Marge replied as Marian lay across Marge's ample lap. "When Miss Deborah leaves me instructions, I have to follow them to the letter."

With that, the large woman started spanking Marian's bottom with her big palm. Marian felt the sting in her crotch as the spanks released the juice from the hairs of the nettle leaves that would irritate Marian's most delicate tissues around and even inside her pussy. It already felt like a fiery spike was being inserted into her vagina with sparks dropping on her sensitive inner lips.

Marge pulled down Marian's tight little panties and began to spank Karen's mom on her already reddened bottom cheeks. Marge thought that Marian had a cute little bottom so in between some of the spanks, she teased Marian's blinking little anal rosette and let her finger gently penetrate the rear opening. The slow stimulation turned Marian on and as put out as she was by this woman's putting a finger in her most private place, she realized that the stimulation eased the sting of the nettles.

Marge probed Marian's anus with her finger until Marian began to respond, ashamed that the finger in her rectum was turning her on wildly. Marge of course was accustomed to receiving anal stimulation from Deb and recalled how often she was required to use her oral talents on Deb's cute little anus.

As Marian passed over the edge and went into orgasm from Marge's stimulating finger in her ass, Marge patted her on the bottom, and on her head and softly told her that she was a good person and just needed to adjust to her new situation.

"You need to understand, Marian, that unless you have an independent income which I gather you don't," Marge began, "you need to be very grateful to your daughter for taking you in. Yes, she is demanding that you submit to her but isn't it a small price to pay for your being cared for? And I'm sure there's some possibility of stimulation like you have experienced here, along with the discipline. I know that if you made Karen realize how much you love her and feel grateful to her, she might ease upon you if you make her happy. Offer to do for her what Deb and even I make you do this weekend. Lick her tight little cunt and let her use you as her little toilet. Isn't it a small price to pay for you are getting?"

For the first time in ages, Marian began to move beyond her deep resentment of what Karen had made her do in return for being kept and fed and supported. She now started to understand that she had raised a daughter who was a very accomplished professional woman, despite Marian's having mistreated her as a girl. Paybacks were hell, as Marian knew from her own life experiences.

"Yes, Marge," Marian said weakly as she felt Marge's ministrations in her anus and then some more hard spanks on her already sore bottom. "You've already made me realize that I do owe Karen a lot and that I could do much better by showing her how I appreciate her."

Marian couldn't believe she was saying this about the daughter she had up to now regarded as an especially cruel uncaring bitch. But seeing how Marge loved Deb, although Deb undoubtedly treated her far less mercifully than even Karen had Marian, Marian began to rethink her situation.

"Now you must be ready to comply with everything Deb tells you and to expect that she will engage in things that will cause you some immediate pain," Marge went on.

"Can you give me an idea of what's in store?" Marian asked with a small grin.

Marge laughed and then without smiling, said, "She will test you. You will feel deep shame, for example, when she makes you hold your labia apart and you see her with her small whip and understand that, yes, she is going to whip your open pussy."

Marian blanched but Marge added, "After that happens, you will begin to understand that Karen is likely to ease up on you if Deb gives you a good report. Isn't it worth having her spank your pussy if it means you may not have to wear that awful belt Maria made for you?"

"Oh, God, yes, Marge," Marian gushed. "You really understand what I'm going through. Can I ask how you endure, because I know you love Deb, but she does seem both lovely and very, very severe?"

"I find that our mutual affection underlies everything," Marge answered Marian's question with clear sincerity. "And I, for one, know that there's some major part of me that needs what I get from her: all of it."


True to her word, Deb reappeared in her apartment promptly at noon. She took Marge off into their bedroom where she queried her about how Marian had been behaving.

"She's learning to respect her daughter some more, I think," Marge suggested, knowing that Deb would have to see for herself how well Marian's training was proceeding.

"Well, darling," Deb said with a smile, "I'm going to come down on her some so she doesn't start thinking that she's pulled anything over just by cozying up to you."

"Oh, Deb," Marge rejoined, respectfully, "I know you need to size her up today for yourself, but I do think she's trainable. She's starting to understand where her best interest lies."

Deb kissed Marge sweetly on her lips and then led her loyal sub out of the room and into the living room, where Marian was sitting in just her bra and panties, the latter having been lowered hourly all morning by Marge to fill the crotch with fresh nettles. Marian was red-faced from crying from the constant irritation the nettles were causing to her most sensitive spots: her vulva and anus.

"Well, Miss Marian," Deb said with only the slightest element of condescension, "I hope the little stinging in your crotch has focused your attitude on learning to accept your new position in your family."

"Yes, Miss Deborah," Marian responded, "I've been learning a lot here, and I do have to thank Marge for looking after me so thoroughly."

"Has she changed your panties and nettles as I directed?" Deb asked.

"Oh, yes, Miss Deborah," Marian replied, "my poor puss is on fire, as is my...rear area," she managed to stammer, resisting saying anus or asshole.

"We'll have to take a little look," Deb said in a motherly way. "Drop those panties, missy."

Marian was shocked for a moment but had learned enough to follow the order and lower her panties to her knees.

"Hold those pussy lips apart for me," Deb intoned, knowing that the shameful order would humiliate Marian all the more.

But Marian was learning to do what she had to do to avoid more punishment, so she reached down and trembling, held her small labia apart, disclosing a dark interior, more brownish than pink.

Taking her down yet another peg, Deb grinned and told her that she had "an old lady's cunt," referring to the dark coloring of Marian's vulva and vaginal opening. "But that won't keep me from disciplining you there," Deb went on, "because I've found that that generally is needed to teach you to mind your mistress."

With that, Deb picked up the small soft whip and gently began to lash Marian's open vulva. Even the easy slaps registered deep in Marian's core, as even Karen had not focused so centrally on her most intimate and sensitive place to inflict punishment.

After several strokes, Marian began to whimper and Deb chuckled as she continued the fusillade, saying, "Your naughty cunt needs some training, Marian, and that's just what you'll get here. I want you to go back to Karen grateful that she cares for you, houses and feeds you, and in return, you will neither sass nor bad-mouth her but you will show her our appreciation."

Then Deb lifted her own lovely navy-blue suit skirt, and slowly lowered her gorgeous pale blue hicut panties, disclosing a well-trimmed blonde bush. She held her own tidy labia open and motioned to Marian with her finger to get her face between Deb's legs and to lick Deb's waiting pussy to orgasm.

Marian was now so enthralled by the sight of Deb's attractive vulva and bush that she dove between the domme's well-toned thighs and began to lick her pussy, focusing on the labia and insinuating her tongue into Deb's vaginal opening.

Deb responded with some murmurs of pleasure and slowly reclined to sit on the edge of the couch, holding Marian's head between her legs and keeping her tongue fixated on Deb's now-wet pussy. Deb began to move her hips in rhythm as Marian increased the tempo of her oral attentions.

Finally, Deb erupted into a major orgasm and even squirted some female juices right into Marian's face. Marian was surprised but kept licking until Deb's hand pushed her away.

Deb looked up from her reverie and said only, "You did well, missy."

Marian thus was taken aback when her domme then directed her to sit next to her on the couch, with panties still down and again holding her labia apart.

Deb stood, took the small soft whip, and now inflicted three very hard strokes right between Marian's labia, causing Marian to scream from the horror of being hit in that place and the severe pain she was feeling from the punishing strokes to her open cunt.

"Are you going to cooperate with your daughter and not resist her orders from now on?" Deb asked Marian, with firmness in her voice. "I wouldn't want to be you if Karen finds that you have not learned what she expects you to get from this weekend's tuition and decides that you need to be sent back here again. You will learn that I do not take kindly to having to recover my reputation by re-training a sub."

"Oh, Miss Deborah," Marian said with a little cry, "I've learned ever so much from you and from Marge this weekend. I really do feel bad that I treated my daughter the way I did when she was growing up. She's been more than fair in caring for me when no one else would. I hope to re-pay her by acknowledging her status as my superior and by doing what she orders."

"So if she makes you wear that nasty little belt, you won't whine, right?" Deb said harshly, as if Marian had not even spoken.

This reached Marian's deepest level of resentment but she gritted her teeth and said, "Yes, Miss Deborah, if Miss Karen decides that the belt is needed to train me to behave as I should as her sub, I will accept that and any other punishment or training she decides I will benefit from receiving."

Deb liked what she was hearing, so to drive the lesson home, she told Marian to get up on the couch on her back and hold her legs up.

"This is the well-known diaper position," Deb said with a smile. "I'm sure Miss Karen has had you assume it when necessary."

"Yes, Miss Deborah, she has," Marian answered.

Deb now picked up her favorite thin cane and began to inflict some stinging strokes on Marian's exposed bottom cheeks. The cane strokes were also intended to drive home to Marian the possibility that Deb might decide to lower or raise her aim so as to hit Marian's exposed anus and vulva with the thin cane. Deb of course realized that this was one of the great advantages of the diaper position: it gave the punisher the opportunity to make the sub recognize that punishment could be increased exponentially just by an adjustment of less than one inch in the selected target.

Marge prepared a light lunch for all three once Deb had concluded the caning. Marian was treated as a friend now, sitting at the table and enjoying Marge's excellent repast.

"As you might expect, Miss Deborah and Marge," Marian confessed, "I was not happy when Miss Karen told me I was being sent to you for training. And your training did cause me pain. But I really have learned from this experience to appreciate how well off I really am and I intend to make Miss Karen much more pleased with me from now on."

Deb nodded and smiled at hearing Marian offer her confession with apparent sincerity. She now ordered Marian to stand, and asked Marge to unhook Marian's bra and to lower and remove her panties.

Marian was still fearful and was even more on edge as Marge led her back to the bathroom, where some of the greatest humiliations had been visited upon Marian the previous evening.

Marge motioned to her to lie down on her back in the tub.

"Uh oh," Marian thought, "I'm back in the toilet."

Deb appeared and as if she were going to use the toilet in her office's ladies room, calmly stepped into the tub, placed her feet on either side of Marian's reclined torso, pulled her fancy panties down to her knees and squatted over Marian's face. Mere inches above Marian's face, the blonde domme held the squat position for a few seconds and then released a powerful hot jet of pee aimed right at Marian's mouth.

Marian had learned that she was expected to receive and swallow Deb's urine, so she did just that. The pee was not as salty as it had been the last time and Marian was only hoping that there wouldn't be any bowel movement as a follow-on.

Deb quietly told Marian to lift her head and clean Deb's dripping snatch with her tongue.

Marian did what she was told and liked the taste of her domme's piss mixed with her feminine juices. After she had licked Deb's split nice and clean, she spontaneously kissed Deb on her petite lower lips.

"Thank you, missy," Deb responded, "and yes, I'm pleased with your performance and will give your daughter a positive report. Now don't you dare make a liar of me or you will be a very very sorry girl."

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