My name is Margaret. I am 24 years old, I live in the south of England and I am married to a wonderful man. I was brought up in a conservative family and I was a virgin when I got married. I did not really think that I was unworldly, but my knowledge of sex in marriage did not prepare me for the reality. I knew that couples enjoyed doing other things than straightforward intercourse. For example I had heard of oral sex. I thought that meant that I might be expected to kiss my husband's penis and I expected to to be alright with that.

Before we married, my husband and I discussed what sort of relationship we would have. He is ten years older than me, a very successful businessman and a large, strong, authoritative man. I expected a husband to be like my father has always been. The head of his household who is loving, caring and decisive. That is exactly what I got and before the ceremony I had agreed that ours would be a disciplined marriage. My husband explained that I would be punished if I failed to follow his rules and to keep the relationship clear in my mind I would receive a 'maintenance' spanking of 20 strokes of his hand on my bare bottom each week. The severity of any punishments would be dependent on the nature of my failing or disobedience, but there were to be clear rules. The instrument of punishment would be the hand, a leather flogger, his belt or a light cane. Punishment would most often be applied to my bottom, but in more serious circumstances, other permissible areas would be the breasts, thighs and vagina. Although I had been punished by my father on my bottom, I was rather taken aback by this and must have shown so by blushing, because at this point my husband explained that an adult woman should expect things to be different in the intimacies of marriage than the punishment of a daughter by her father. Of course this is right and when he went on to explain that the punishments would never in any circumstances draw blood or leave permanent marks I was reassured. I was happy to agree to these rules for marriage and even excited at the prospect.

On our honeymoon my husband was gentle with me. Our love making was passionate and exciting. He gave me tremendous pleasure and introduced me to the extreme joy of multiple orgasms produced by his hands, tongue and penis. Once I was able to accommodate his large member inside me without discomfort, he told me that it was time to begin our journey of development of our lovemaking into the complete surrender of a wife to the pleasure of her husband. Exactly 7 days after our marriage the first Saturday had arrived for my maintenance. After a delightful lunch in our hotel we returned to our room where he told me to take of my clothes and take a shower. Dried and glowing with expectation and nervousness I returned to the bedroom where my naked husband gestured to me to take my position over his knees. He kissed me gently on the neck and the next thing I knew was a terrible stinging pain in my left buttock. I screamed and kicked out my feet in reflex action. I heard a harsh "keep still and quiet" before a second stroke hit me equally hard on my right buttock.

I bit my lip and held myself rigid until on the sixth stroke I could contain it no longer and I cried out as my tears dropped from my face. As the next stroke came down I put my hand in the way and stopped it from fully completing its blow.

He stopped and in a calm voice he told me to get off his knee and kneel before him. I did as instructed and my husband said. "For interfering in your maintenance you will receive two punishment strokes with my belt on your bottom. You punishment is lenient as this is your first spanking, but future transgressions will be dealt with more severely."

He told me to place myself in a kneeling position with my bottom in the air and my forehead on the floor in the position that my father had told him I knew. With my tears blurring my vision, I did as I was told while he took his belt from the trousers on the bed. The two lashes on my sore bottom hurt beyond description.

During my childhood my father had spanked me with his hand and even caned me when I had been especially naughty, but I now realised that my womanly duties would be much harder to bear.

I was then made to get back onto my husband's knee and receive the remaining four strokes of his hand. This I did without further sound or movement.

At the end of the maintenance my husband kissed me passionately and held me in a loving embrace. He told me that he loved me dearly and he believed that our marriage would be wonderful. Feelings of love swept over me in wave after wave as the fierce stinging in my bottom turned to heat and glow. I could feel that he was very aroused. He told me to kneel again and as I did so his hugely erect member seemed to fill the whole of my tearful vision. He told me to clasp my hands behind me and open my mouth. Taking a handful of my hair he positioned my head and drew my open mouth onto his penis until it filled my mouth fully.

My husband gently explained to me that on this first occasion I should suck and lick his penis until he removed it. I was to use my mouth to stimulate him as much as I could. I must minister to his member as if I were worshipping it with all the devotion that I could raise. My aim was to be to love the presence of it in my mouth as much as I loved to kiss his mouth. I must desire to meet every possible want of the penis with my mouth as I desired to have it work my vagina to orgasm. He said that in the future he would ejaculate into my mouth and that my throat would receive it in the same way as my vagina, but on this first occasion I could just suck and lick.

My mouth was stretched and my jaw ached as I worked feverishly to carry out these orders. All the time my mind was racing with the thoughts of what was to come. Could this really be possible? How could this huge thing get into my throat, and how could I possibly have it spurt into my mouth? Were these things normal and could I cope with them?

While I worked my mouth as best I could my husband started to move my head back a forth a little from the hold he had on my hair. Soon he was groaning. He pulled my head away, threw me face down onto the bed and entered my vagina from behind. We both climaxed violently and the coolness of his belly against by scorching bottom was pure heaven.

He started on a daily programme of oral training as soon as we returned home from the honeymoon. Each day after dinner in the evening, I removed all my clothes and knelt before him in his chair. I was instructed to undo his clothing and take his soft penis into my mouth. I then kissed, licked and sucked it until it became erect. At this stage my husband took my head and told me to clasp my hands behind my back. He moved my mouth up and down on him, telling me to continue using my tongue and sucking. He explained that he was going to push into my throat and when I felt the head of his penis there I must make a swallowing action to allow it to enter easily. He told me that I would gag at first, but with repeated effort I would be able to receive him fully. He tried two or three times on that first occasion, but my throat reacted violently each time causing me to cough and choke and bringing tears to my eyes.

After about thirty minutes of this training, in which there were long periods of me being allowed to suck gently without my throat being tested, he said that he was ready to ejaculate. Not knowing at all what to expect I froze until my husband said "you may as well get used to the taste right away" and I knew that he was going to do it in my mouth. Even so, it was a great shock a few seconds later to feel his penis pulsating and for my mouth to be flooded with semen as he held my head firmly in place. I coughed and some of it splashed out from around my lips and onto his clothing.

My husband lifted my head away. After telling me to look up with my mouth open so that he could see, he commanded me to swallow. I did so although I found it very difficult that first time. My mouth seemed full of stickiness and it would not go down easily.

I was punished for soiling my husband's clothing, but he was not excessive due to my inexperience. After this lesson my husband provided me with a bendable rubber penis which I was to practice putting into my throat until I could do it without being sick. I practised each day while he was at work and with him in the evenings. Over the coming weeks I slowly managed to take him fully into my throat and to swallow his semen fully whether he chose to do it in my mouth or throat. The objective, as explained to me, was to make my mouth as readily usable for intercourse as my vagina and I am proud to say that we have achieved that objective. My husband now ejaculates into my mouth or throat at least once every day and he sometimes chooses for our intercourse to be entirely into my mouth, when he thrusts with just as much vigour as he might at the other end. However, this did not come easily or quickly and my failings during training resulted in a considerable number of punishments. During this period my chastisement was extended beyond my bottom. On three occasions my sensitive inner thighs were beaten with the flogger or belt and once the flogger was used on my breasts.

My breast flogging was not really as painful as some of my other punishments, but I was frightened before it happened and rather worried whether it might cause any injury to me. I should not have had that worry because my husband assured me before our marriage that I would never be caused permanent injury and I know that he is knowledgeable and would never break his word. I must have more trust. The day following the breast flogging I had very clear stripes across them which were slightly raised. I wore a low topped tee shirt throughout the day as I did my work around the house. Seeing the stripes each time I passed a mirror gave me a little thrill. That day I really felt that I was owned by my husband and it made me feel safe and warm. When my husband came home from work I met him at the door as usual and kissed him. He then kissed the exposed part of each of my breasts before saying "if you wish to display yourself, do so properly. Remove your clothing now and remain naked until your marks are gone." I had to stay nude for three days. It is fortunate that my work is to keep the house and I had nearly enough shopping to get away without having to go out. Our house is quite well shielded from the outside world but even so I jumped each time the post came and kept well away from the windows. I ran out of some fresh vegetables which earned me a punishment. I had hoped that it might go unnoticed, but my husband is very particular and regular about his food requirements and that was hopeless really.

Six months into our marriage I had come to really treasure the feel of my husband's penis in my mouth. I would lie in his lap for hours sometimes gently sucking and licking him. Occasionally he would ejaculate as a result of my efforts and I would swallow his semen. It was no longer difficult because I salivate in anticipation as soon as I feel his erection enlarging that little bit more and his penis beginning to pulse. The depth of my communion with my husband is very profound as I swallow his ejaculate. Not only does he feed me by earning our living, he does it directly from his own body. He is my provider in every way and I adore it. When he first told me to worship his penis I did not know what he meant or how to do it. Now I understand his wisdom. I worship it every day and it comforts me and provides for me. I spend every moment trying to make my oral massage more pleasurable and more satisfying for my husband. I yearn to give him the pleasure of orgasm as often and as gratifyingly as any woman ever could. He must never desire another mouth more than mine.

This last emotion was reinforced for me one evening when we entertained a couple at our house. The man was a friend of my husband from his club. They have known each other since university. He is married to a woman who was also at university with both of them. She is very beautiful with grace and poise although being the same age as my husband she is, of course, older than me. My husband has not been married before, but I know that he has had women friends before me and will have had sexual experience. We have never discussed such things, and before this woman was in my house I had never given it much thought other than to be pleased that my husband was so skilled and authoritative in our love making.

As we had dinner and relaxed over drinks I became aware of the intimacy between my husband and these three people. It was very likely that she would have been his sexual partner at some time. Was it straightforward intercourse, or has his penis been in her mouth? Had he done things with her that he had not done with me? Did she please him as much as I did; or better! By the time we went to bed I was feeling insecure and I have to admit that I was disliking her. I threw myself into our lovemaking, begging my husband to take me however he pleased. With inhibitions lowered by alcohol he responded powerfully and I am embarrassed as I think that the slaps and squeals must have been heard in our guest bedroom.

I think that my husband sensed my ill ease because a few hours after our guests had left the next day he said that it was time for him to introduce me to a new form of intercourse for our lovemaking. Alternatively, her presence had caused him to remember something that he had done with her. If that was the case I would have to make sure that I did it well and that I gave him more pleasure from it than she could have done. What else could there be though? I would not have to wait too long to find out. I was instructed to bathe immediately after dinner and go to the bedroom.

My husband came into the bedroom and undressed. He told me to kneel and I sucked him to erection as he told me what was to happen. He said that he was going to penetrate my bottom. My mind was filled with turmoil as much as my mouth was filled with him. Of course I knew that homosexual men did something of the kind, but it had never occurred to me that women did it. He was very large. How could it possibly go in? Surely it would hurt a great deal. I was in no position to ask and any way I would not dare to question.

My husband drew my head away from him and told me to turn to the bed and kneel over the edge of it with my legs apart and my face on the bed. He began to rub something cold on my bottom hole and then slipped in a finger. It went in easily and as he moved it backwards and forwards it created a funny sensitive feeling. He put in a second finger and continued the rhythmic movement until he suddenly withdrew them and I felt the head of his penis pressed to me. He told me to relax and clasped my shoulders as he pushed against the sphincter muscle of my bottom. With a rush I opened and a few inches of him entered. I thought I would split and it was very painful. I cried out and he smacked my bottom. He started to move himself in and out of me and spanked me with both hands as he did so. After a little while the discomfort of the penetration decreased and my warmed up bottom lost some of its tension. He stopped spanking and rubbed my clitoris. Then he put his fingers inside my vagina to feel the movement of his penis. As he massaged my clitoris and vagina I relaxed more and more until I felt orgasm coming. Gradually I was overwhelmed and spasmed ecstatically. I felt him come deeper into me as I convulsed with a huge and wonderful orgasm. As my muscles clamped onto his fingers and penis deep inside me, he came to his orgasm too. I don't know whether I took him to his full length on that first occasion, but I felt incredibly stretched and I had diarrhoea a few hours later.

He took me in the bottom about once a week after that and I came to be able to receive him easily after a period of time. Once I had become accustomed to this form or intercourse he didn't need to use the lubricant any more. either I would moisten him well with saliva or he would use my vagina before entering my bottom so he became slippery with my juices. He explained to me that he would never go into my vagina after my bottom because that could cause infection. As with our other lovemaking, what was difficult and uncomfortable at first is now easy and pleasurable. If my husband takes me anally while we are face to face and kissing, the movement of his body against my clitoris can bring me to orgasm without my vagina having ever been entered.

Not long after my introduction to anal intercourse was the happiest time of my life when I became pregnant. By this time I was completely accustomed to my maintenance spankings which served to remind me of my role and my promises, but were not the painful experience they had been in the early days of our marriage. My husband explained that the routine would continue throughout the pregnancy, but as I became large he stopped taking me over his knee and allowed me to be spanked bending over and resting my hands on the bed. This worked very well. I took great care to avoid punishments as far as possible although a few were inevitable. Some were done quite safely on my bottom and I did have the belt and cane on my inner thighs. This was horribly painful, but presented no risk at all to me or the baby. We have a private doctor and the midwife was also arranged through this family practice used by my parents as well as us. This meant that I did not have to see a lot of different people during my pregnancy and we could rely on their discretion. Nevertheless, I did have marks sometimes when I was examined and although there was no mention of it I certainly felt self conscious.

In the late stages of my pregnancy, my husband stopped taking me vaginally, but I continued to take him in the mouth each day and he would have my bottom whenever he chose.

Close to the correct time I started to get contractions and I telephoned my husband, my mother and the doctor. It was arranged for my mother to take me into hospital where I was given a private room. My husband arrived in the late afternoon as soon as he was able to get away from his work. I was comfortable and we told him that I was not expected to deliver for some time, but I would be staying in hospital now until it happened. He asked my mother to leave us a lone for a few minutes and after ensuring that I was comfortable he had me take him in my mouth. I sucked him until he was hard and then he thrust into my throat. He ejaculated within a few minutes, much more quickly than he usually is, and I had a contraction just as he shot his semen into my throat. After calling in my mother, he then left us alone with instructions for the hospital to call him before the birth.

My beautiful son David was born in the early hours of the next morning in the presence of my husband. It was a straight forward birth without complication and I was able to leave hospital in time for my next maintenance session. We never missed a day of my husband using my mouth. That gave me great comfort. I would have been concerned for him if I had not been available for his needs.

After I had settled into motherhood and I was still nursing David, my husband drank from my breast one evening and after he had done that he said to me:

"Your maintenance is no longer adequate to keep our marriage in the condition that it requires. Our son is the most precious thing in our lives, but you are not putting as much care and attention into our home and meeting my requirements as you did before he was born. You must learn to keep up your wifely duties whatever new responsibilities and loves enter your life. There will not be any increase in your spanking because that was agreed before we married and anything more severe is reserved for punishment. However, your surrender, and commitment to serve me in every way required, will be reinforced by you serving as my urinal. Just as I have drunk from you, you will drink from me. In your case it will be once each week on completion of your maintenance spanking."

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