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Hey everyone. I'm at it again, and this time, the story was finished before I posted chapter 1.



So, here's the problem. It's a Friday night and I'm sitting in the apartment I share with my brother trying to pretend like I'm not staring at my phone willing it to ring. My brother keeps walking past the couch and shaking his head. Apparently, he can still read me like a book.

"He's not gonna call."

"I'm not waiting for a call." I picked up the remote as if trying to convince myself too.

"Come out with me and Gavin tonight." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not gonna be the third wheel while you and Gavin try and pick up chicks. It's absolutely revolting how girls fawn over the two of you."

My brother laughed. "We'll tone it down for you."

"Not a chance, Romeo."

He shrugged and grabbed his coat off the back of the couch. "Well don't stare at that phone too long. I'm sure its gotta be bad for your eyes."

I stuck my tongue out at him. "Don't get any diseases tonight. They still haven't found a cure for herpes, you know."

My brother laughed and tossed his half eaten apple at me. "All this moping, you need to eat something."

Taking a bite out of his apple, I watched as he walked out the door, presumably to have another night to remember.

My brother and I are more different than we are alike, and I think that's why we get along so well. He's 24 and I'm 22. Growing up, we were as close as a brother with an annoying little sister could be. I tagged after him and he resented me for it. Now, we seem to have come to a reasonable understanding and it seems to work for us, but that's about where the similarities end.

If you weren't paying attention, and didn't know Brenden and I were related, you probably wouldn't think we are siblings. I'm more light skinned than him, taking after our British mother and he's darker like our dad. I'm so much lighter than Brenden and my dad; I've lovingly adopted the nickname Red – short for redbone. Everyone calls me that, and I don't think everyone knows where it comes from, but I like it nonetheless. Hardly anyone calls me Isabelle anymore. Most would think I'm called that because I'm always blushing.

Brenden is hovering near six feet and I'm 5'6 on a good day. He has dark brown hair he never combs and light green eyes perpetually scanning for fresh meat to seduce. He wasn't always a knockout. But when junior year in high school hit and he lost his ganglyness, he realized the power he had over women and never looked back. He's tall and lean with a swimmer's body and he knows how attractive he is.

Me on the other hand, I'm ordinary and I know it. Not a big deal, I work with what I've got. I've got long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I finally ditched my glasses and switched to contacts which my brother says makes a world of difference but I don't see it.

Do I consider myself fat? No. Chubby? Not really. Do other people consider me fat? I don't wanna think about it, but playing sports all my life and chasing my brother around the basketball court and baseball diamond has kept me fit so I guess that's all that matters.

I'm not forgettable, but I'm not drop dead gorgeous, which is why when Wilson Butler took interest in me I couldn't believe it. He was someone I thought would have totally been out of my league so when he made the first move, it shocked the hell out of me. He seemed like he was into girly-girl types, which is why I was so surprised when he asked me out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no butch, but I'm a guy's girl. I drink beer (which I can drink a lot of), and I love sports. I can take an engine apart, clean it and put it back together. Thanks to always hanging around my brother and his friends, I never felt the need to befriend anyone else, so as a result all my friends are guys. I have a few girl friends, but they aren't nearly as close to me as Brenden and Gavin are, which is totally cool with me.

I'm used to being the best friend to guys, not the girlfriend, which is why when a guy like Wilson Butler wanted me, I fell head over heels, and I fell hard. The problem with falling hard for a boy is that the infatuation you feel will make you do and believe crazy things. Like right now I'm sitting in my living room willing my phone to ring.

Should I be sitting here like this? No because I know better. I know he's not going to call, and I know I shouldn't want him to, but c'mon, its Wilson Butler. The best part about me sitting here like a fool is that I know how dumb I look and I know I shouldn't even forgive him for how badly he hurt me. But 'infatuation' is a crazy thing.

I never use the L-word.

So, mustering up the little amount of self-respect that I have left, I grab my wallet and keys off the hall table, shove my phone in my pocket and leave the apartment with my tail between my legs.


It wasn't hard to spot the two of them in the bar. They were surrounded by friends from college and girls watching them play pool. Half the group was watching my brother and Gavin play pool and the other half was watching a game of Beer Pong. Smiling at the shameless way the girls were looking at Gavin and my brother, I walked up to my brother, took his beer out of his hand, and took a long swig.

"Finally decided to stop moping?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

I narrowed my eyes at him as I took another swig of his beer. He shook his head at me as he signaled the bartender to bring another round.

"Heard about your problem," Gavin said as he came up behind me and poked me with his pool stick. I punched him in the arm. My heart fluttered as I set my sights on Gavin. I tired to remain calm, but he looked good enough to eat. His dark brown hair was on the longer side – a way he never wore it because I told him how much I loved it that way.

A thick dark brown lock fell over his brilliantly light brown eyes and his kissable lips spread into a wide grin. I was afraid I was drooling as I stood there taking him in - faded jeans and a dark red button down shirt, the hue seemingly giving his milky skin a radiant glow. In three words, he looked amazing.

"Want us to kick his ass?" Gavin asked as he set the pool stick on the table and flashed me his million-dollar smile.

I rolled my eyes. As one of my best friends, I know Gavin all too well – which is why I'm still trying to resist the charm he doesn't know I'm succumbing to. I'll be damned if I start fawning over him like all his other pop-tarts do.

"I already asked her that, and you know what she told me," Brenden chimed in before I could respond. "She said no because it might be awkward if they ever got back together."

Gavin's eyebrows shot up. "Are you serious, Red?" Gavin's face darkened. Gavin and Brenden have very strong feelings about Wilson.

Brenden doesn't like Wilson and that fine, but Gavin absolutely hates him and his hatred grew when we started dating. I like to pretend its because a hottie like Wilson scooped me up and he was jealous, but I know that's highly unlikely. 'I've got my reasons,' is always the answer I get when I ask him about it.

"I told you, Butler did a number on her." My brother's words brought me back to the present.

"I don't burn bridges until I'm absolutely sure I'm never gonna cross them again, that's all."

Gavin still had a look of astonishment on his face when the bartender walked over and set beers and a round of shots on the table.

A woman I've never met before walked up behind Gavin and snaked her arms around his waist. Watching me, see rose up on her toes to plant a kiss on Gavin's neck – such an intimate gesture – she must be the flavor of the week. Turning from them, I watched Brenden as he laid his pool stick on the table, and picked up a shot and handed it to me as everyone else crowded around to get theirs.

"Fuck 'em," my brother cheersed.

"Fuck 'em," everyone yelled in unison.

I'm sure they all knew the story by now, and I'm sure they all really meant that.

The So-Co and lime shot went down smooth, and I wanted another. "I wanna get fucked up tonight."

Brenden grabbed me by the shoulders and handed me a beer. "That's my girl."

Two rounds of pool and four rounds of Beer Pong and I was still going strong. I had just won the fourth round of pong with one of my brother's friends when my partner and I decided to take a bathroom break and give someone else a chance to play.

By some miracle, I managed to the bathroom without pissing all over myself or toppling over. Trying to touch the least amount of the stall door as possible, I squeezed out the stall and stopped in front of the mirror. As I washed my hands and swept my hair up into a messy bun, I could feel someone staring at me. Looking at the reflection in the mirror, some girl was looking at me like she'd just seen a ghost. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place her.

"What?" I finally asked.

The girl said nothing as she fled from the bathroom. That's so gross. People should at least make an effort to wash their hands.

I finished playing with my hair and left the bathroom trying to figure out where I knew that girl from. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Gavin motioning me back to the ping-pong table. I started to walk towards him, when something else grabbed my attention off to his left.

It couldn't be. It looked like the girl from the bathroom was talking to – no, it was just my mind playing tricks on me. That didn't stop my feet from propelling me forward. The closer I got, the more positive I was that the alcohol had to be making me delirious.

I felt my stomach tighten when I caught a glimpse of the blonde from the bathroom. Suddenly, I remembered where I knew her from. I didn't have to confirm it because she did it for me.

Just barely over the noise of the music and the sound of pool balls clacking together, I heard the blond. "Wilson, I saw her in the bathroom. I think we should get out of here before she realizes who I am. If she's here, her brother and all his friends can't be far behind."

I couldn't hear anything else now, as my eyes were focused on Wilson's moving lips. He was here with another person while I had been at home freaking out and hoping he'd call me. I didn't realize that my fists were clenched until my fingers started to ache.

I stared at the girl angry that Wilson would be interested in someone like her. She was petite with short blonde hair and large perky tits, and she was wearing a tight low-cut shirt to show them off. She had on four-inch heels, which only brought the top of her head up to about my nose. She was every guy's fantasy, and she was the complete opposite of me.

Wearing a white wife-beater and my favorite pair of jeans, I looked like a bum compared to her. My long wavy brown was swept up into a messy bun, and my favorite pair of black boots adorned my feet.

Purposefully I took a step forward. I didn't know what I was going to say, but that didn't matter. I was only about 10 steps away when I felt a rough hand tightly grab the back of my neck.

"Don't do it," Gavin whispered into my ear. His warm breath brought me back to reality as I realized we'd only ever been this close when we were fighting. I could smell his cologne and aftershave, and it was distracting me from what I wanted to do.

Shaking my head, I tried to take a step forward only to have Gavin snatch me back. I turned to tell him to let go of me, but the closeness of his face startled me. We'd only been this close one other time. His eyes were focused on mine and I could tell he was no were near as drunk as I was.

"You'll thank me in the morning. Now is not the time for this." I had nothing to say, so I turned and looked back at Wilson and the blonde who hadn't noticed me and Gavin yet.

"He is here, at my bar, with another person, and you don't think I should say something?" I could feel the tears starting to gather behind my eyes. I looked away from Gavin so he couldn't see. The last thing I needed was for him to witness my drunken meltdown.

"As reigning best friend, you need to trust me, it'll be better if you don't say anything at all." I raised my eyebrows. "You don't make a scene, it means you don't care. You don't care, do you?" he asked as he turned my neck so I was looking at him. "Do you?" he repeated when I didn't say anything. With his 6'4 frame hovering over me, it didn't feel like I had a choice.

"No," I said quietly.

"What? I couldn't hear you."

"No. I don't care."

"That's what I thought." I looked back at Wilson and the blonde. They were standing closer together now, his head dipping to meet her lips. That fucker was kissing that slut in my bar! My breathing quickened and I was extremely aware of the possibility I was going to hyperventilate.

"I thought you didn't care." I turned to Gavin and he was wearing that stupid grin again. I watched as something caught Gavin's attention over my head. He nodded in acknowledgment.

I tried to turn around to see what he was looking at but he held onto me tightly. Panic began shooting through my body as I felt his left hand sneak up the right side of my body. Honestly, the last time he and I were this close, it had disastrous results. I could feel the warmth of his hand heating my skin through my shirt as it slowly crept higher and higher. Gavin's paw landed on my right breast.

What?! White-hot panic shot through me. This definitely isn't 'best friend' behavior.

"What the hell are you doin?" My voice cracked as Gavin licked his lips. His cocky smile never faltered.

"Distracting you," he said as he palmed my tender breast. I was too surprised to moan in pleasure as the flat of his hand teased my nipple. Holding the side of my breast and pulling me closer with the hand in my hair, he ran lazy circles around my nipple with his thumb. My heart was beating in my throat and my head was swimming.

"Is it working?"

"Is what working?" I leaned closer to him hoping to get more of my painfully hard nipples in to his hand.

"The distraction." I moaned but didn't answer. I was focused on his fingers pinching my embarrassingly hard nipples, which were starting to send shocks into my pants.

The alcohol! It has to be the alcohol. Someone slipped me a Mickey when I wasn't looking, and now I'm hallucinating. It has to be the alcohol.

"If its not working, I could stop," he said smugly. I was about to protest when I felt the hand in my hair tilt my head back. I opened my mouth to ask him what the hell was wrong with him when he closed the gap between our faces. After a pause, his lips settled on mine.

It was a polite and sweet kiss at first his lips just touching mine. I wasn't sure what was more surprising, how good the kiss felt, or the fact that it was Gavin that was kissing me. Holy shit, Gavin is kissing me! I wanted to open my eyes to make sure it was really Gavin, but I didn't want to ruin the moment.

His lips were warm and soft, much softer than I'd imagined they'd be. As his tongue caressed me, my mouth open wider, and our lips shifted, he tasted sweet - of Southern Comfort and Lime. I could feel the heat of his body now, pressing obscenely into mine but I still wanted him closer. I slid my hands along his back feeling his corded muscles as he bent to kiss me. His grip on my hair was tightening in a possessive way as he pulled my head further back so he could capture more of my mouth.

After literally kissing my breath away, Gavin took my lower lip between his teeth as he ended the kiss. I wasn't sure if it was the kiss or the alcohol that made my knees weak as I unraveled my arms from around his waist. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by Gavin's heavy lidded eyes and cocky smile, which put me on edge.

I suddenly became aware of all the people standing around us. "Hope your date didn't see that."

"She's a big girl."

My mind was screaming for answers my mouth couldn't ask for, and I could have kicked myself right then and there. What the hell just happened? My cheeks were starting to burn with shame. After all these years, I was no different from any of the other girls Gavin set his sights on. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't let this happen, and here I was, a drunken harlot making out with him in a bar in front of my ex, and Gavin's date. But it was good.

I mentally groaned…Wilson must have seen the whole thing… I turned back to see, and Wilson looked as shocked as I felt; the blonde gawked. Gavin chose that moment to grab me by the back of the neck and gently lead me away.

"What the hell was that?" I asked breathlessly when we both got by the bar. His hand was still on my neck. I could feel the beginnings of hysteria starting to creep through me.

"Diversion tactic. You forgot about him and he forgot about the blonde he was with." He said matter of factly. His attitude was starting to get on my nerves.

"I didn't need you to rescue me."

Gavin smiled. "Wouldn't dream of it."

"Well I really, really, hope no one saw that because I wouldn't want to cock block you or anything." I said rather angrily as I remembered his date again and how pissed he got when our usually playful banter chased girls away. Girls were always skeptical of our relationship.

"Don't worry about it."

I don't know what he meant by that, usually he was furious if I did anything to drive a girl away. So, I settled for ordering another shot. Moving my neck out of his grasp, I shrugged, took my shot and downed the rest of my beer. I could feel his eyes boring into me, but I didn't know what to say. I was praying he wasn't going to mention the kiss that was still lingering on my lips. Just thinking about it, made me lick my lips hoping to taste him again.

"You know, you aren't half bad. I'd say you've improved since that bonfire." For just a second, I felt my heart sop. That bonfire was an unmentionable. I couldn't breathe. Gavin didn't have to specify which bonfire he was talking about; I remembered it all too well. The thought of that night could still keep me up at night.

"Shut up." I drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I think it's time you went back to your date."

He smiled his crooked smile, wrapped his arm around my shoulder and ordered two more shots. "Relax Red, I got everything I need right here." At least that's what I think I heard. After pausing a second and looking at him, I didn't bother asking him to repeat himself. I probably didn't really want to hear the answer anyway.

Gavin was being really touchy feely tonight, and my body stiffened under the weight of his arm. The bartender placed our shots on the bar on the opposite side of me, furthest away from Gavin. He could have easily leaned across me or walked around the other side of me, or better yet, waited for me to hand him his shot but true to Gavin, he did none of those things. Instead, he slid his arm off my shoulder and stepped behind me resting both hands on my hips. Maybe he really was drunk.

At first, I thought he was moving me out the way but the touch of his hands on my hips lingered, his strong fingers tightening and holding me still. He stepped forward and placed his feet between mine forcing me to spread my legs.

The air escaped my lungs as his pushed me into the bar with his hands and held me in place with his hips. We stood like this for what seemed like an eternity until in my drunken haze, I thought I felt something pressing into the crack of my ass.

The combination of the alcohol and not being able to see his face made me braver than I felt. I was about to ask him if there was a gun in his pocket when he pressed harder into my ass and began moving me in small circles around the increasing hardness of his cock. All thoughts of a quick quip were lost as the only thing that escaped my lips was a guttural moan.

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