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Doctor Who: Amy, Captured


The button was pressed...

Amy Pond awoke, not with a start, but gently, as if awakening from a long nap. For a minute, she was groggy as the curtain of sleep fell away and the comfortable warmth around her cradled her still addled mind. It wasn't long, however, before she realized that something was terribly wrong.

The room was unfamiliar. In her travels with the Doctor, Amy had become accustomed to unfamiliar rooms, but the fact that she had not exited the TARDIS to get to this one was cause for concern. And since neither the Doctor nor Rory was anywhere to be seen, the concerns just kept piling up.

She was also bound. As her head wheeled wildly, fiery red hair flailing, she saw that she was shackled to a large cross-shaped device. Her legs were together, bound in the same solid metal ring, and her arms were splayed wide, contained in two sturdy manacles. The whole set up was suspended three feet off the ground.

She was facing a window, the thick glass displaying a panoply of stars winking gently against the cold void of space. The left corner of the window was playing host to a white planetary mass, just barely visible if Amy craned her head through its limited range of movement.

'She's awake, sir,' came a voice from beyond Amy's sight. It was female, and ice tinkled on every syllable.

'Excellent, Mara. It's good to see the system works,' Came a second, male voice. 'It cost enough, anyway.

'The connection is stable, sir,' Came yet a third voice, another girl. 'We are ready.'

'Shimizu, you're a genius.'

'What's going on here?' Amy called out, trying to keep her fear out of her voice.

'Talking already?' Said the male voice. 'That's ahead of schedule. Rotate her.'

There was the click of a switch being pressed, and Amy found the motors that suspended her prison whirring to life. She turned, her captors eventually visible to her.

At either side of the large, steel-grey room, the pair of women worked at computer consoles, the purpose of which Amy could only guess at. One was a tall, attractive blonde with ice-blue eyes that glanced contemptuously at Amy, when they deigned to look her way at all. She was wearing a black button-down shirt and pants that were just tight enough to accentuate her dancer's curves and contrasted beautifully with her pale skin.

The other was a tiny Japanese woman with constantly moving dark eyes and a pair of dark red lips that were twisted into a wry smile. Everything about her expression belied a sense of vague amusement at the scene that was playing out around her. She was wearing a much more colorful outfit; a pink t-shirt with a happy cartoon banana on it and jeans so tight they must have been painted onto her graceful, well-muscled legs.

But it was the man between them that demanded Amy's attention.

He was seated in a futuristic looking chair and glared up at the bound Amy with a combination of anticipation and intense coldness that sent a chill down her spine. He slouched low in his seat, but if he were to stand tall he would have been almost six-feet of wiry muscle and unbearably hip clothing. His short black hair was spiked in an impossibly complicated hairstyle, and he split into a wide grin as Amy watched him.

'Hello, Miss Pond. So nice that we could finally meet in person.' He said in a voice that was altogether too friendly. 'I am Sander Hackett, but please, call me Sander.'

'Why am I here?' Amy asked, again straining to sound relaxed. 'Where is this place? Where's the Doctor?'

'So many questions...' Sander shook his head. 'Well, you're here to help me fulfill a certain endeavor that has been taking up much of my time for the past thirteen years. As to where we are... We're currently on an asteroid in orbit around Carcer, the moon of the planet Vesperia. The year is 3375, by the way. I gather it can be very confusing, traveling through time. And yes, I did pluck you from the TARDIS.'

'How do you know all this? And... could you let me down?' Amy added, hopefully. Panic was rising through her, but she couldn't become a slave to it. This Sander guy said he needed her help; maybe he could be receptive to requests.

'Oh, I couldn't do that,' Sander laughed. 'Not yet, anyway. You're very important to me, Miss Pond. Amy, I suppose. We'll be seeing a lot of each other, now that I think about it. You see, Amy, you're here to help me get my revenge on the Doctor.'

'Oh, hell,' Amy murmured. This didn't sound good...

'He will find me, you know.' She said aloud. 'He always does.'

'I love it when you talk. Your accent is simply charming,' Sander smiled. 'And no, the Doctor will not be coming to your rescue. I took you from the TARDIS with a little temporal displacement device that myself and my assistants here have been working on for some time. Completely untraceable, you know. I made sure. And do you see that camera over there?' Sander pointed to a lens jutting from one of the walls. 'That's transmitting straight to the TARDIS. With a delay, of course, so that we can edit any footage that may compromise our location. After all, it wouldn't be revenge unless he saw it.'

'Why are you doing this?' Amy said. Her wrists were beginning to go numb. There was very little below her to support her weight, and she was taking an uncomfortable portion of it on her wrists and shoulders.

Sander's eyes grew dark, and his face twisted under the weight of a new animosity. He stalked from his chair over to the prostrate Amy, running his hand down the side of her face. She jerked away from his touch.

'I'll tell you. You have a right to know why this is happening to you, especially later. To know that this is his fault.'

Sander turned his back to Amy, and gestured to the blonde, 'Mara!' he exclaimed. Mara tapped in a number of commands. A segment of the floor in front of Amy drew back, and light poured out, arranging itself into a holographic display. The words "Hackett Industries" floated before Amy in large, black font.

'I used to rule Vesperia, the planet below us. The government of Earth funds the initial colonization of worlds like it, but they hand off the infrastructure of them to private organizations. I was the CEO of Hackett Industries, still am, I suppose, for what good it does me, and Vesperia was given to my company to run as we saw fit. Hackett Industries was a military contractor; we made combat robots and army drones. With that kind of firepower at my disposal, there was no force on the whole planet that could refuse my will. Vesperia was mine, its cities were mine, everything was mine.'

'Sounds lovely for everyone else,' Amy snapped, without thinking. It probably wasn't smart to antagonize this man, but she couldn't help it.

'Your accent is becoming less inherently charming, Amy. Any further outbursts will be punished. Vesperia had an indigenous population in the form of the Vespers, a humanoid race that, in time, became assimilated into the expansion efforts.'

'You turned the natives into slaves.' Amy said icily.

'Shimizu, punish her.'

The Japanese woman tapped at her console. There was a loud thumping noise as a small charge of electricity raced through Amy, making her cry out in pain. Stars danced before her eyes.

'Mild pain reaction achieved. The estimates were good, sir.' The Japanese woman, Shimizu, said.

'Excellent.' Sander turned to Amy, his face glowing eerily in the holographic light. 'That was probably a nice dramatic shot for the Doctor, too, wherever he is. He's probably furiously tracing our signal as we speak. Unfortunately for you the signal is being bounced randomly across time and space. I've had a long time to observe the Doctor at work and prepare for this day. He will never find us.'

'Why do you hate him so much?' Amy groaned, still a little dazed.

'He came to Vesperia, you know. Thirteen years ago. Probably longer, by his reckoning.' Sander gestured to Shimizu, who pressed some more buttons. The image on the projector changed, 'That was what he looked like at the time. He's changed his face twice, since then. Even so, he felt he needed to stop me and free the people under my command, human and Vesper alike. I was unprepared.'

On screen, the Doctor was standing before an immense computer. On screen, the words "System Failure" flashed in warning.

'He disabled my robots, left me defenseless. I hadn't considered human soldiers. They have a pesky habit of wanting to get paid. I fled Vesperia as an exile. The Doctor cost me everything I had.'

'So, what?' Amy said, her temper getting the better of her again. Her pretty features twisted with anger, 'You were a petty dictator and the Doctor removed you from power? You don't like it, so you kidnap me?'

'The Doctor took everything from me; my land, my money, my power...'

'No more than you deserved.' Amy retorted.

'My wife.'

Amy gasped, her eyes widening. The images on screen had changed into a violent riot on the streets of a vast city. Vesperia was burning.

'I got away because I was at home,' Sander said in a hollow voice. 'Elsa was out shopping. Normally the drones would have protected her, but they went down when the Doctor was "saving" everyone. My wife became a prime target for the angry mob. They tore her apart.'

Sander's fists clenched, teeth grinding together. The holographic display switched off, and the room suddenly seemed to be bereft of any light.

'My wife died, and I became a monster. A Genocide. Because at the same time the humans of Vesperia were toppling my establishment, they were killing what was left of the Vespers.'

'What?!' Amy exclaimed, shocked.

'Oh yes!' Sander said in an eerie calm. 'They were still human, my subjects. They still hated the Other enough to want to be alone of Vesperia. The Vespers were just barely tolerated because my drones were protecting them! They were valuable, but apparently only to me! I get blamed for my own reign, and for the genocidal rampage that followed my disposal. In the records of history, the name of Sander Hackett is reviled.'

'How can that...' Amy began.

'You see, Amy? That is the truth of the aid the Doctor gives! He swans in, so full of mercy for those who can't help themselves. Then he fixes everything... And then he leaves. And the consequences of his actions fall on the shoulders of those he leaves behind. He never stays behind and watches. What he intends and what actually occurs are two different things, once he's flown away to the next adventure. I was just a pit stop on his way to something more important. His arrogance cost me everything, and the Vespers, too.'

Amy opened her mouth. She closed it again, trying to marshal her thoughts into a coherent sentence. 'You were still a dictator. You had to be stopped.'

'THAT DOESN'T MATTER!' Sander bellowed, his voice so loud that even Mara and Shimizu jumped. Amy shrank back against her restraints.

'He doesn't know what's best for everyone, The Doctor.' Sander spat. 'He's not god, he has no reason to act otherwise. But now we come to the really tricky part. Once I had resolved myself to revenge, how do I go about it? What could possibly hurt the Doctor as much as he hurt me? It's tricky, that. I can't just kill him. He would merely change his face. If I kill his companions, then he just moves on. He's lost countless friends, and he always moves on. I've been watching for some time: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble... The Doctor never travels alone, but once he changes his face he forgets all about them. Like they're nothing.'

Sander was pacing the floor incessantly now, his boots ringing out tinnily on the steel below.

'And then he changed again, and found you. Young and pretty, and recently married, to boot! The answer came to me then. Don't let him forget. Death just means that the memory can fade. Keep the Doctor keenly aware of the agonies that his friend is going through, but ensure that he is unable to stop it.'

Amy swallowed nervously. She hadn't thought that it was possible, but this situation had taken a turn for the worse.

'You should know that you will never be rescued. I intend to keep you forever. You're just another casualty of the Doctor and his wonderful charity.' Sander said.

'W-what are you going to do to me?' Amy stammered.

'You're so young, and beautiful,' Sander turned to look Amy in the eye. 'You're going to be my sex slave, Amy.'

'Like hell I am!' Amy shouted.

'Oh, I never expected you to like it, my dear. That's sort of the point. The Doctor strikes me as the kind of person who doesn't exactly value his own life. He cares more about others than himself, especially those he travels with. Originally I was just going to kill the Doctor's current companion, but when I saw that she looked as good as you do, I polled my associates here, and we unanimously decided that banging you would be more fun. I could hurt you- actually, I might anyway- I could kill you, and that would hurt the Doctor. But if I keep you as my pet, if I fuck you, well... That's something he's never encountered before, I'll bet. And he's still got your new husband on board the TARDIS with him, isn't that a nice bonus? They'll both watch every minute, as I use you, humiliate you, whatever. And the Doctor will blame himself, I'm sure.' Sander said bitterly. 'His type always do. But there will be no rescue for you, my pet. He won't be able to sacrifice himself to save you. He'll just have to watch on. That fucker will remember this, I swear it.'

'You're going to rape me? To get to the Doctor? You're insane! I won't let you!' As she said it, Amy realized how stupid it sounded, and how vulnerable her position was.

'Not just me,' Sander grinned manically. 'Mara and Shimizu, too. They both lost out in the Vesperian rebellion too. We have you all to ourselves. Such fun we'll have. Lower her, Mara.'

The cross whirred as Amy was slowly lowered to the ground, and then maneuvered into a horizontal position. Sander appeared above her.

'Why delay it any longer? Thirteen years is enough. I'll start by breaking you in, but I want you to remember whose fault this is. The Doctor started this.'

Sander produced a long silver knife and, without fanfare or ceremony, began to carefully drag it down the front of Amy's blue t-shirt. The fabric gave way easily, and with a slight tearing sound as the knife traveled down her collarbone, between her breasts and down her stomach. Sander moved the two halves of her shirt aside, and Mara and Shimizu joined him to admire her body.

Amy's stomach was smooth and taut with stress, the flawless, creamy skin aching to be touched. Unbidden, Shimizu reached out a hand to stroke her bare skin, but Sander slapped her hand back.

'She's mine first. You'll get your chance.'

'Please don't do this...' Amy moaned, closing her eyes in despair.

'Oh, Mara...' Sander sighed in exasperation. 'Gag her, will you?'

Mara slipped aside, and Amy felt her moving above her head. Mara's strong hand gripped Amy's jaw, and a red ball gag was forced between her lips, and tied around the back of her head. Amy moaned through the gag, a sound that seemed to be entirely too pleasurable for the three standing around her.

'She sounds even sweeter now,' Shimizu observed with a cheeky smile.

'Very true,' Sander murmured. He made a few more cuts to Amy's sleeves, and was able to pull her shirt entirely free of her body. He discarded it into a trash bin.

'Won't be wearing anything but what we allow from now on,' Mara grinned toothily.

Amy's bra covered breasts rose and fell with every increasingly panicked breath. Sander savored the movement of them, admiring the elegant black lace of her bra before cutting through the material between the cups with a little "ta-da" sound. The bra, Amy's last protection against these madmen, fell away. She struggled uselessly against the thick steel shackles that kept her wrists in place.

Amy's breasts were perfect high-b cup numbers, remaining firm and round despite her horizontal position. Her little pink nipples grew erect in the artificially cold air, and Amy flushed with shame and turned her head away.

Sander's hand drifted out absently and came to rest of the bare skin of Amy's knee, sliding up the inside of her thigh almost dreamily. He removed it before his fingers traveled up her short denim skirt. His palm rounded the smooth curve of her hip, up past her belt and on to her stomach. His fingers tickled inside the perfect roundness of her navel causing her to squeal in pained laughter- to Sander's surprise, Amy was very ticklish- before traveling up her chest to scrape the underside of her breast.

Soon, his palm hovered over her stiff nipple, kneading and fondling the sensitive flesh. Tears welled in Amy's beautiful eyes as Sander showed every sign of relishing her predicament.

'You may join.' Sander said in a quiet voice. Mara and Shimizu gleefully joined in, their hands exploring her body in the same way Sander had, running up her perfect waist, legs and hips. The two girl's hands would only rarely contact her breasts, which seemed to be Sander's domain alone. He spent time caressing each perfect tit, toying with them in a variety of ways. His thumbs brushed against her nipples, playing with them and causing a flush of embarrassed heat to flow through Amy.

Her tears were running freely now as she was molested, tiny moans and breathless whimpers escaping her juicy red lips as they wrapped around the big ball gag. An insistent wet pressure had been added to her breasts the moment Amy squeezed her eyes closed. She looked down, and moaned in despair: on one side, Sander was sucking and licking her nipple. On the other, Shimizu was doing the same.

Amy's sobs increased in volume as an insistent heat and pressure began to build in the pit of her stomach. The weight of her wedding ring, still poised on her ring finger, seemed tremendous. If she craned her neck, she could see it glinting in the artificial glow. Sander had apparently thought of everything, doubtless he had left her wedding band on to humiliate and shame her even further.

Sander's hand had roamed to the buckle of her belt, the metal glinting coldly in the halogen light as Amy was slowly stripped down. Her belt was pulled off, joining her shirt and bra in the trash. Her skirt was cut away, powerless against the insistent blade of Sander's knife. Mara and Shimizu continued to caress her bare skin, goose bumps drawn in the wake of their touch.

For Sander's part, things were going very well. He had designed this initial scenario to be visually dramatic; the knife was probably unnecessary, but Sander could only imagine that it lent a certain danger and visual punch to the proceedings. After all, it wouldn't be right to bore the viewing audience.

He imagined the Doctor, trying furiously to stop what was happening, following the trail of dead-ends and false turns that Sander had built across the entirety of the universe. The technology was revolutionary, but it was amazing what a person could do given the correct motivation. Everything on this asteroid had been purpose built to thwart the Doctor and his TARDIS.

He watched as Amy's skirt parted under his knife, flung to the sides of the table by the broken elastic. Mara's surprisingly strong hands plucked the skirt out from under Amy's pert, perfect ass.

And there she was, clad only in thin black panties, looking just... wonderful. Sander stopped for a moment to admire his captive. His eyes traveled the entirety of her sweeping, elegant curves, down the pristine skin of her hourglass waist to her long, well-toned legs. Tied down as she was, splayed and vulnerable, Amy Pond looked positively breathtaking. Sander contemplated lifting her back up into the air again, to give the camera a better look at her, but decided against it.

'Well now,' Sander grinned, pointing at the camera. 'Care to smile for the Doctor, Amy? He's getting an eyeful, probably, but I'm only just getting started.'

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