Doctor Who: Amy, Captured


Amy whimpered as Sander slid his knife into the waistband of her panties, slicing through the delicate material like it wasn't there. It was the work of but a moment to finish disrobing the helpless girl.

'So pretty...' Sander murmured. 'Spread her.'

Mara skipped away with predatory glee and tapped at a few more buttons. The metal of the shackle around Amy's leg went liquid and split into two as her legs were slowly impelled apart, revealing her pussy to the three captors and the camera beyond them. Fresh tears came to Amy's eyes as she realized that she was not only being exposed to these three strangers, but to the Doctor and Rory also.

Amy's pussy was neat, her dappling of orange hair trimmed back so that it hung neatly over her sweet pink slit. Her outer lips had petalled and spread as her captors had molested her, and if Sander craned his neck downwards he could just see her clit popped slightly from its hood.

When she was naked like this, Amy Pond was truly a work of art, positively statuesque. Sander had seen much of the universe in his lifetime, and had previously thought that there was no god. A naked Amy Pond, however, presented a strong case for some form of intelligent design, at least. Sander looked at what he had wrought; this unbelievable girl, spread naked and helpless before him like a buffet table of carnal delights, his two assistants staring at Amy with expressions Sander could only characterize as "hungry," and, best of all, the unseen audience unable to stop the violation from continuing.

Silently, Sander reached for his fly. His zipper descended, and he fished out his hungry cock, already erect at a solid seven inches. This was the moment he had been waiting for; the point of no return.

Amy struggled against her shackles as Sander approached, her moans becoming more plaintive and strident as he pressed the head of his cock against her vulnerable opening. Mara let out a manic little giggle as Sander stood, the tip of his penis pressed into her moist folds, his head held high. He reached out, over the delectable peaks and valleys of Amy's body, and pulled the gag from her mouth. It was good that the camera should hear her crying out as he fucked her.

'No, no, no, please no,' Amy gabbled rapidly as her sore jaw was allowed to close. 'Don't do this to me...'

'If you play with the Doctor, you get hurt,' Sander said, acid positively dripping from his voice. 'You're just another victim of his obsession with fixing those he deems to be broken. Like my wife. Like Mara's girlfriend, or Shimizu's wife, and countless others that died in the rebellion. But look on the bright side, dear Amy Pond: at least you'll live through this.'

Sander stood motionless, savoring the moment, listening to Amy's sweetly deep breathing, looking into her liquid brown eyes as they pleaded with him. Then he pushed forward.

His dick slid smoothly into Amy's wet depths. He was slightly surprised to find that she was a little wet already; her body having reacted to being touched by the three strangers. She gave a long whimper as Sander penetrated her, shaking her head from side to side.

'Please stop...' She sobbed.

He began to screw her slowly, drawing the length of his cock in and out, scraping against her most sensitive places. Despite all his talk of revenge, Sander found Amy almost unbearably hot, and it was difficult not to just go to town on her and fuck her as hard as he wanted. But that could come later. There was so much that lay in their collective future; Sander, his assistants and their precious captive. Now was the time to take it slowly, get to know the ins and outs of Amy's body, and then use them against her to make her cum.

Sander grinned inwardly.

Outwardly, his lust-filled eyes bored deep into Amy's as he kept the fingers of one hand threaded into her hair, forcing her to look at him. Occasionally his thumb would press against her lips, trying to slip into her mouth. She guarded against this new intrusion, but it was no use against the vastly better positioned Sander, who would slip past her succulent lips to press against the silken wetness of her tongue. She would attempt to repel him with tiny "Mmm!" sounds, but the idea had been planted in Sander's mind. He would enjoy seeing what other uses her mouth could be put to in the future.

At every stroke, the slight curvature of Sander's cock would brush against a spot deep inside Amy's pussy that sent bolts of fiery pleasure up her spine. She fought against it, setting her jaw and tightening the muscles in her legs to avoid reacting to the blooming ecstasy. But a particularly deep thrust betrayed all that; the head of Sander's cock rubbed deep inside her, and Amy moaned involuntarily, her hips bucking to meet Sander's.

There was a moment of stunned silence as the three jailers glanced at one another and tried unsuccessfully to stifle fits of giggling, 'Well, well...' Sander grinned.

His free hand slipped down between Amy's legs. She tried to turn her hips away from his encroaching fingers, to no avail. His thumb found her clit, and pressed down, hard. Amy screamed.

'Ooh, I like that sound,' Mara laughed. Sander nodded in agreement, and the game was on.

With a skill that surprised Mara and Shimizu, Sander began to tease Amy mercilessly. His fucking slowed even further, taking his strokes longer and as deep as he could into her swollen depths. Every movement inside Amy was a blaze of sexual agony, and the muscles of her thighs clenched uselessly. Her litany of moans and whimpers grew louder, music to her captor's ears. And through it all, Sander kept up a gentle, fluttering stroking of her enflamed clitoris.

'No... No- Uh! No more!' Amy moaned breathlessly. 'I can't take it!'

'No more what, Amy?' Shimizu asked impassively.

Amy clenched her teeth and closed her eyes as the incessant stroking and fucking continued, 'No more of... Of this, Ahh! I need... I need- Oh!'

Mara smiled and leaned in close to Amy's ear, 'You need what, slut?'

'You know!' Amy cried, and then cried out again as Sander pressed hard on her tender button.

'I'm afraid I don't, Amy,' Sander grunted. 'You'd better say it, if you need it.'

Mara gave a little giggle, clearly immensely entertained by this exercise. Shimizu followed suit.

'Oh, fine!' Amy yelled. 'I need to cum! Is that what you wanted, you sick fucks!'

'That's great, Amy. Your body is much more receptive than I would have hoped, given the circumstances,' Sander smiled kindly. 'But you're going to have to beg for it, if you want to cum.'

'I don't want to cum,' Amy hissed. 'I don't want you fucking me at all. I need to, and you're not letting me. I won't beg for you to keep raping me.'

'That's fine,' Sander shrugged. 'But I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing until you do beg. I can go all day, it's up to you to tell me what you want, sweetheart.'

She held on for a few minutes more, her muscles drawn tight as bowstrings and her teeth clenched to prevent herself from moaning. It got to the point that Sander didn't know how long he would be able to hold out himself. But just before he let himself go, fresh tears sprang to Amy's eyes, and she screamed in frustration.

'Ah! Fine! I'm begging! Let me cum! Please, please, please let me cum, you fuckers! I'll do anything!' She screamed.

'Well, since you asked so nicely...' Sander laughed as her cheeks burned with shame below him. He gripped her clit roughly between thumb and forefinger and flicked it hard, driving his cock into her with everything he had. She shrieked as the floodgates opened, her hips bucking and thrashing wildly as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Her screams rattled the window as she was consumed body and soul by the most intense orgasm of her young life. It was like someone had poured hot lava into her clit. She was lost in it, and was only dimly aware when Sander came too, unloading shot after shot of his seed deep inside her. She didn't think it was possible, but her cheeks flushed even hotter.

She came down slowly, breathing deeply and rapidly, her muscles slowly relaxing as she slumped back against the table. Sander slipped out of her as Mara and Shimizu cheered and high-fived each other. Their glee was infectious, and Sander found himself grinning from ear to ear.

'Oh... You bastards...' Amy whispered weakly, her eyes closing as tears rolled down her cheeks.

'Aww, wasn't that fun, pet?' Sander cooed in her ear, licking a tear from her cheek. 'Did we get it, Mara?'

'Yes, sir. We now have a perfectly viable map of Amy Pond's brain in a sexually aroused state.'

'Perfect!' Sander clapped his hands together. 'Combine that with the template for anger, fear and the baseline that we already have, and...'

'We can begin fabrication immediately,' Shimizu said, tapping away at a keyboard.

'Fabrication?' Amy asked, her orgasm-addled brain still struggling to keep up. 'Fabricate what?'

'Why spoil the surprise, pet?' Sander smiled. 'We'll be back when our new toy is finished, so just lie back and get some rest.'

Sander's hand trailed down her naked form as his cum began to drip in tiny rivulets from her abused pussy.

'Come on, ladies. Let's leave our new friend to sleep.' Sander motioned to his assistants, and the three of them slipped out of the room, the two girls whispering to each other in excited tones.

Amy was about to yell out when a nozzle descended from above her and sprayed her with a chemical smelling gas. The last thing she saw was a light above the door changing to display "locked," before the darkness descended and sleep took her again.


To be continued...

Author's Note: Well, there you have it, the first chapter. If you liked it, then please leave a comment to let me know. Better yet, if you have any suggestions or requests for trials for poor Amy to go through, then let your freak flag fly and give a comment too. It's a big universe that Amy has found herself adrift in: Anything could happen! This is my first shot at erotic fiction, and I couldn't have picked a more appealing heroine to start with than the lovely Karen Gillan, but I could sure use any pointers you guys have. Thanks!

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