Doctor's Exam Has Its Benefits


When I saw Dr. Kim I was mildly surprised. The last we saw her she was dressed extremely conservative almost like a schoolmarm. But today she exuded sexuality dressed in a tight fitting dress that came to mid-thigh and revealed more than a bit of cleavage. Her hair was now blonde and piled atop her head in a very fashionable cut. Both Carrie and I took a double take before complementing her on her appearance.

"I've branched out my practice since the last time I saw you and am now a certified marriage counselor and sex therapist." She explained. "This new sex therapy role has let me become more in-touch with my own sexuality and that's why you see such an outward change."

Pleased that her new career seemed to be exactly what we were looking for we started to describe why we were there. Dr. Kim listened while we explained our fantasy sex life and how it had recently started to take a turn toward reality. We didn't feel comfortable enough to give graphic details and Dr. Kim sensing this said we could only get out of this session as much as we put in to it. She encouraged us to first describe one of our favorite fantasies.

Carrie surprised me by taking the lead and told her of our mutual delight in threesome scenarios. Dr. Kim said that was normal for many couples but she kept pressing us to describe in detail our fantasy. Feeling more at ease we described our last session with Suzanne. Just talking out loud to Dr. Kim about this fantasy got me aroused and my cock started getting hard. Looking at Carrie I could see her nipples had become erect and her face was flushed. Obviously we both still got great enjoyment from this story.

Dr. Kim could see our arousal and it appeared to be having an effect on her as well. She continued to pry additional details and asked us to embellish the story as we spoke. This would enable her to understand our psyche she said. So we pressed on and told her about the reality video ending with me fucking Suzanne and how it was the best sex Carrie and I had ever had.

"Fucking Suzanne – is that what you want Carrie?" Dr. Kim asked.

"I'm not sure. When I'm into the fantasy I really feel like it would be the best sex ever. But after I cum I start to lose my confidence and think it may not be a good idea."

"I think both of you are very sexual beings and this fantasy turned partial reality has been very good for your relationship. I think if you continue to approach this slowly and with good communication you're sure to be able to handle the consequences. I suggest we do some role playing here in the office and see if that helps you." Dr. Kim then stood up and came over to Carrie. Gently she took her hands and had her stand up.

"Now Carrie I want you to pretend that I'm Suzanne. Look me in the eyes and tell me what you want to do to me." Carrie was somewhat taken aback but she was still aroused from earlier so she said, "I saw the video when you made love to my husband and I can't get your beautiful body out of my mind. I want to see you naked, caress your breasts and make love to you while my husband fucks me."

Hearing Carrie say this was monumental for my dick – I was rock hard. Then Dr. Kim took it to the next level and said, "Show me how you would go about doing this." Carrie now was starting to flush even more and her lips moved toward Dr. Kim's until she had started to very sensually kiss her. Dr. Kim responded by putting her hands behind Carrie's ass and pulled her into herself. As they started grinding against each other their hands moved up and started to remove the others clothing. Slowly, the zipper on Dr. Kim's dress was pulled down to her ass. She shrugged the dress off of her shoulders and let it pool around her shoes. Standing in matching bra and panties Dr. Kim pulled my wife's blouse over her head and pulled her skirt to the floor.

Carrie hadn't worn any underwear so there she stood naked in front of both of us. Dr. Kim looked at her body and said she was beautiful – and Carrie seemed to look at Dr. Kim for the first time and marveled at her 38D breasts, flat abs and toned legs. Carrie told her to strip completely and looked at me with unbridled lust and said that goes for you too.

Within seconds we were all naked. Dr. Kim was truly beautiful and Carrie wasted no time in getting on her knees to taste her first pussy. As she spread her legs Carrie slipped two fingers into her cunt and started sucking on her clit. She stopped long enough to tell me to start fucking her now. I slipped immediately onto the floor and took Carrie by the hips. I rammed my cock up to the hilt in one savage thrust. She let out a yell and then went right back to eating pussy.

I couldn't hold on very long and felt my orgasm quickly approaching. Normally I can last a few minutes but this scene was so hot and the fantasy so real I came immediately. Groaning aloud and pumping like a piston I emptied my load into Carrie's cunt. Dr. Kim came from Carrie's ministrations at that same time. Unfortunately, I was too quick to satisfy Carrie. She looked up at Dr. Kim and pleaded with her eyes. Dr. Kim replaced Carrie on the floor and started licking her pussy.

Carrie's eyes rolled back and she started to shutter as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. She held Dr. Kim's head to her clit for multiple orgasms finally releasing her when she was spent. Exhausted, we all collapsed into our chairs.

Dr. Kim said, "Well I think we can safely say you will have no trouble doing this again. I just hope I'm there when you do."

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