tagIncest/TabooDoes Auntie Know Best? Ch. 01

Does Auntie Know Best? Ch. 01


Billy arrived home from college and walked into his living room. His mum & dad were sat in the living room with Auntie Sam, who was crying. His mum ushered him into the kitchen.

'Your Uncle Pete has been having an affair with his secretary. Sam needs to crash with us for a bit while she sorts things out. Do you mind moving into the spare room so she can have the basement? It'll only be for a while' she said.

'No, course mum. No problem. Is she ok?' Billy replied.

'Yeah, I think so. She's upset, but I think she just needs some time to get over the shock.' She replied.

Billy walked into the living room and looked at his auntie. She was 29 years old, only 10 years old than Billy. She had long red hair and big sparkly blue eyes. He always had a soft spot for Auntie Sam, I guess she was one of his first crush's.

'There's my favourite nephew! Come and give your Auntie Sam a hug!' Sam called to Billy as he sat on the sofa next to her.

'Hiya Auntie Sam. Mum said you are staying with us for a bit? Does that mean you're finally gonna let me take you out & parade you around?' Billy said cheekily.

'Oh Billy, you're sweet. But I'm not much fun to be around at the moment. Did your mum tell you what happened?' she said.

'Yeah, she told me. Want me to get him for you?' Billy said, smiling.

'You're my protector Billy aren't you. You always have been.' Sam said as he wrapped her arm around her, as she cuddled into him.

The next few days things were pretty chaotic around the house. Billy spent most of the time doing college coursework & trying to keep out of his mum & Sam's way while they reminisced about their youth & how evil all men were!

One day he was home alone, with his parents at work & Aunt Sam having to go back to her house to collect some things. Billy needed to collect one of his portfolio's from the basement, so he went down into the living room. When he reached up to the shelf to grab his folder, he noticed in the corner of the room a pair of Aunt Sam's boots. They were knee high, brown with a 3 inch chunky heel. He bent down & picked them up, nervously bringing them to his face so he could smell the leather. Fighting the urge to get his cock out and start wanking furiously, he took them up to his room as fast as his feet could carry him.

Once there, he lifted them to his face again. He could smell the leather, but as he pressed his face into the open shaft of the boot there was something else as well. There was a pungent musky smell that he deeply inhaled and it drove him mad. He couldn't resist anymore and started masturbating, rubbing his cock over the leather of one boot while inhaling the shaft of the other. It wasn't long before Billy shot his load all over his Aunt Sam's boots. Now realising that she could be home any minute, he quickly cleaned himself and the boots up and replaced them in the basement. Just as he came back up Aunt Sam walked through the front door.

'Hi Billy.' She said.

'Err, hi Aunt Sam. I just needed to collect one of my portfolio's for college from the basement. Hope you don't mind?' he replied.

'Not at all. It's not as though you're secretly going through my panties now is it!' she chuckled.

Billy laughed nervously as they went into the kitchen. After making them both a cup of tea, Billy tried to continue with his work but the thought of his Aunt Sam's feet & her boots was extremely distracting.

By the time the weekend arrived, Sam seemed to have settled down a bit. She came walking into the kitchen to find Billy with all his paperwork out, on the kitchen table.

'What are you up to Billy?' she said, walking into the kitchen.

'Not much' he replied 'I'm just finishing some coursework.'

'My god, you're all work aren't you! Do you ever leave it & get out?' she said.

'Well, I'm pretty much done. Just tidying things up. Besides, what is there to do? My mates are all off on a binge drinking weekend and it's really not my thing.' He replied.

'Well, I'm off shopping. I've still got Pete's credit card & I intend to give myself some retail therapy! You wanna come? She said.

'Oh, I'm not sure' Billy said.

Sam all of a sudden smooched up to him and grabbed his hand. 'You're not going to let me out all by myself are you? Not while I'm so low still & vulnerable?' As she said this, she teasingly ran her nails along the palm of his hand. Shivers shot through Billy's whole body, as he realised he'd get the chance to spend some quality time alone with his sexy auntie.

'Ok then, I'll come and protect you.' He said.

'Great!' she said and kissed him on the cheek. 'Let me go get changed, won't be a tick.'

Billy got dressed into some jeans and a shirt. He thought he'd better make some attempt to look half decent. As he waiting in the living room, he started getting nervously excited just as Sam walked into the living room.

'Wow, I've just realised how grown up my little nephew is!' she said as she looked at him.

'Well you're not looking too bad yourself!' he replied. Looking her up and down, she was wearing a knee length floral skirt with a crop t-shirt. Completing her outfit were a pair of black leather cowboy boots.

'Nice boots' Billy commented, trying not to look as though he was drooling all over her.

'Thanks Billy. I love them too.' She cooed back, with a big beaming smile.

As they walked through the mall, in and out of shops, Billy could see that her heart wasn't in it. They were in a well known clothes store when Billy saw a lovely black dress.

'Auntie Sam? This would look great on you.' He said.

'Really?' she replied 'isn't it a bit "young" for me?'

'God, no. Not at all. I think it would suit you down to the ground! What size are you? 10? 12?' Billy said.

'Oh Billy, bless you. I'm a 14 & you know I am!' she said cheekily. 'Shall I try it on?'

'Yeah, go on! I reckon it'll look great!' Billy said.

Sam picked out a 14 and headed off to the changing rooms. Billy lingered outside with the rest of the men who were waiting for their wives & girlfriends.

'Well? What do you think!' Sam said, doing a little twirl as she stepped outside.

Billy saw that it looked fantastic. The dress was well fitting & showed all her curves in the right places.

'Wow, that's hot! You look amazing!' Billy said.

'Really? You're not just saying that to make your old Aunt happy?' she replied.

'Old? Aunt Sam you're not old! And yes, you look gorgeous!' Billy said.

She put her arms around his neck & kissed him on the cheek.

'Thank you Billy.' She said.

'What for Aunt Sam?' Billy asked?

'For putting a smile on my face. It's been a while you know, since someone has paid me a straight from the heart compliment.' She answered.

'Well, it's true. And you're worth it.' Billy replied. As he said that, he felt her nails scrape across his neck tenderly, again sending shivers through his body making him shake.

'Are you ok?' she asked.

'Yes, yes. I'm fine.' Billy stammered, trying hard not to let on to his Aunt the affect she was having on him.

After paying for the dress & leaving the store, they returned to the main concourse on the mall. Walking along, they passed a shoe store.

'Ooh, let's look in here.' Sam said.

Walking around they browsed lots of different shoes. Sam picked up a few different pairs of heels, before putting them back. As they walked along a shelf containing lots of different pairs of boots, Billy couldn't help but be mesmerised by them.

'What about these? Wouldn't they look nice with my new dress?' Sam said as she picked a pair of shiny black leather knee high boots.

'Err, yes. They're nice.' Billy stammered in his reply.

'don't you think they would look nice on me though? You don't sound too sure Billy?' Sam said.

'Oh yes, I think they would Aunt Sam. They would.' Billy replied, nervously. In his mind he had already pictured his sexy aunt wearing these boots and it was driving him wild.

Sam chose a size 7 pair & sat down on a bench. She removed her cowboy boots, passing them to the waiting Billy to hold. Then she placed one foot into a boot and shivered as her foot slid into position. She tugged the leather shaft snugly around her leg and pulled the zipper up to her knee. She then repeated the process on the other boot. She then proudly stuck one booted foot out towards Billy.

'Well? What do you think?' she said.

Billy struggled to string two words together and just mumbled.

'Billy? Are you ok?' Sam asked.

'Yes, sorry, they're lovely. Really nice.' He stammered.

She wiggled a foot around and then stood. Standing with her back to him, she looked around and lifted one leg behind her at the knee.

'Are you sure the heel's not too high?' she cooed.

'Nno, no, it's perfect.' He drooled.

He could feel his hands getting very sweaty as he held her cowboy boots.

'If you approve then Billy, I think I'll take them' Sam said. 'Shall I wear them now Billy?'

'Err, it's up to you Aunt Sam.' Billy replied.

'And you're sure you like them?' Sam asked.

'Oh yes, I love them Aunt Sam. They've lovely.' Billy said in a dreamy sense.

'I'll keep them on then!' Sam said and she walked to the register. Grabbing a bag for her cowboy boots, she placed them in the bag with the receipt for her new boots.

'Shall we find somewhere to get a coffee Billy?' Sam said as they left the store.

'Sounds good to me Aunt Sam.' He replied, still in a daze with the images of his sexy booted Aunt in his head.

Grabbing his hand and tightly wrapping her fingers around his, she led him off down the concourse.

Billy sat sipping his coffee, trying desperately to avoid eye contact with his aunt, the aunt whom he'd had a crush on ever since he could remember, the aunt whom was sat directly opposite him wearing the sexiest pair of black leather knee high boots he had ever seen. The tension in the air was thick.

'Billy?' Sam said.

'Yes Aunt Sam?' Billy replied, without looking up.

'Can I ask you something? And I want the truth.' She said.

'Err, sure.' He replied nervously.

'Do you find me attractive? I mean, am I still attractive?' she said.

'Yes, you're lovely Aunt Sam.' Billy replied.

'No, I don't mean lovely. I meant attractive. Do YOU find me attractive?' she repeated.

'Err. Well. I'm not sure if this is right us having this conversation is it?' Billy stammered out.

'Well that depends. You've not once looked at me properly since we left that shoe shop. And you're acting very strange. In fact, when I think back to it, you've always been a little nervous around me haven't you Billy?' Sam said.

'Erm, well, I guess so.' Billy replied.

Sam lifted her right boot so that it her toe started to rub on Billy's leg, causing him to almost jump out of his seat.

'You see? The slightest little touch and you turn to mush!' she exclaimed.

'Aunt Sam, this is really embarrassing. Please can we not go there?' Billy pleaded.

'But Billy, it's nothing to be ashamed about? You're my favourite nephew, you know I've always had a soft spot for you! Remember all those times you came and stayed over at my house during the holidays, and we used to snuggle up on the sofa watching films and stuff?' she said.

Billy thought back to those times, and how he used to snuggle right in with her, resting his head on her chest, holding her tightly. She really was his first love.

'Yes I know Aunt Sam, and you're special to me -- more so than you know! But it's still kinda embarrassing.' Billy replied.

'Billy, look at me.' She said. 'I know that feeling you get. I got it with your uncle before he did the dirty on me. It's perfectly natural you know?'

He gazed into her sexy blue eyes, knowing full well that he was under her spell. His stomach was doing cartwheels inside him. She took hold of his hand, gently letting her nails tease his skin.

'I want you know' she said.

'Oh Aunt Sam. You already know. I love you.' He replied, his heart thundering ten to the dozen. 'I love you, I love the person you are, I love the way you make me feel.'

'Especially when I'm wearing my boots huh?' she said smiling.

'Oh Aunt Sam, it's not just that. Yes I love your boots, but it's you that makes them so sexy. So appealing. I can't help it, but when I look at you I go all funny.' He replied.

'I kinda guessed that! Do you remember when you used to see me, and I'd hug you or sit next to you and rub my legs and boots against you?' she said.

'Remember? It's all I could think about for weeks afterwards!' Billy replied.

'I did it Billy because it turned me on too!' Sam replied.

Billy let his hand wander down to touch the shaft of Sam's boot. As he stroked her leather softly, she lifted her leg to allow him a better feel.

'Aunt Sam, do you not think it weird I have a thing for you and your boots?' He sighed.

'Not at all sweetheart. Why do you think I wear them all the time? I do to!' she replied.

'Shall we go and find somewhere a little more private?' Sam said, smiling.

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